Best Christmas balls in India for Christmas-Buyers Guide

Christmas is incomplete without decorating a Christmas tree. You can use different ornaments to decorate it, but nothing can beat the importance of Christmas balls. They enhance the decoration of a Christmas tree. They will give a colourful look to your tree and look beautiful on a Christmas tree. You can buy them from various places in different sizes and colours. You can also check our top 10 list to find suitable balls for your tree.

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Top 10 Best Christmas Balls in India

List of Christmas Balls

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1. Pop The Party Balls  Pop The Party Ball Ornaments
2. Apsambr Bauble Hanging Balls Apsambr Bauble Hanging
3. Evisha Small Christmas ball Evisha Small Christmas balls
5. Evisha Small Size Christmas ball Evisha Small Size Christmas balls
6. HOME REPUBLIC Christmas Decoration Ball  HOME REPUBLIC Christmas Decoration Ball 
7. ME & YOU Christmas Ball ME & YOU Christmas Balls
8. DZT1968 24Ct Christmas ball DZT1968 24Ct Christmas balls
9. Mahdiya Christmas ball Mahdiya Christmas balls
10. Urvi Creations Christmas Xmas Tree Decorations Urvi Creations Christmas Xmas Tree Decorations

Buyer’s guide for Christmas balls

  • Check the material of the Christmas ball, they must be soft.
  •  As they are used for decorative purposes, so, their finishing and painting must be good.
  • If you have a tall tree then go for big size balls otherwise you will require a large number of balls to fill the space.
  • Buy the balls according to the type of event you are buying them for.

List of Top 10 Best Christmas balls in India-Buyers Guide

1. Pop The Party Balls 

They are attractive, small balls for decorating your home. These are the best for people who like colorful decorations. These are lightweight balls that you can hang on your Christmas tree, wedding decorations, etc. you will get 6 pieces in a pack.

Pop The Party Balls 


  • The material is good and is long-lasting.
  • You can get many colors in these bells.


  • Some customers got damaged pieces.


2. Apsambr Bauble Hanging

These are beautiful colorful balls that have different designs. You will get 24 plastic hanging balls in a packet. The diameter of each ball is 1.57inches that is the perfect size to decorate a Christmas tree. The balls have shiny, glittery, and plain finishing and look like very luxurious glass balls.

Apsambr Bauble Hanging


  • The balls are very beautiful.
  • You can get any color according to your party theme.


  • Their price is a little high.


3. Evisha Small Christmas balls

This is a pack of 3 small, multicolor balls. The diameter of each ball is 30mm. The balls have bright golden hangings and are perfect as hanging decorations.

Evisha Small Christmas balls


  • You will get 3 different colors in a pack that will give you a variety for decoration.
  • The quality of the balls is very good.


  • Some balls are smaller according to the mentioned size.



These are 4.5 cm hanging balls for decorating your Christmas tree or roof hangings. In a 24-pieces packet, you will get 8 pieces of each different design.



  • The finishing and size of the balls are very good.
  • The quality seems very good.


  • The seller must check the balls’ designs in each packet.
  • Some customers got the balls I only 1 design.


5. Evisha Small Size Christmas balls

These are different balls of blue and silver combination with 4 different designs. These 16 balls are 35mm in diameter and have hooks for hanging. The colors and designs are so beautiful to enhance the look of your decoration.

Evisha Small Size Christmas balls


  • These balls are perfect for decorations for different occasions.
  • The quality is good and long-lasting.


  • The size of the balls is small.


6. HOME REPUBLIC Christmas Decoration Ball 

These are 1.8 inches, shiny, disco balls for the decoration of a Christmas party. The balls have shiny surfaces because they have small mirror pieces on the surface. The pack contains 6 balls that you can use for various occasions.

HOME REPUBLIC Christmas Decoration Ball


  • These are very pretty balls for festive, as well as adults party.


  • The price is high.


7. ME & YOU Christmas Ball

These are colorful and small decorative balls by Me & You. The balls have PVC material and the size of each ball is 12cm. The paint finishing of the balls is so attractive and has different designs. The balls as good quality and you can store them for the next party.

ME & YOU Christmas Balls


  • Their PVC material is very good.
  • You will get 3 packs at a reasonable price.


  • The size of the balls is small for a tall tree.
  • Some customers got the balls with different colors and defects.


8. DZT1968 24Ct Christmas balls

These are very beautiful, white balls perfect for cols Christmas night. The good thing about these balls is that their plastic material is not bad for the environment. The set contains 24 balls of good and durable material. The balls are very light so will not affect the branches of the Christmas tree.

DZT1968 24Ct Christmas balls


  • The balls are safe, even for the kids and pets.
  • The hooks of the balls are silver that complements with white color.


  • The balls should be a little large.


9. Mahdiya Christmas balls

It is a set of 24 mirror balls perfect for your decorations. The balls are 3cm in size that have small square mirror pieces arranged. These are old-style balls that were used in past parties. The balls will give a festive feel and will take you to the happy moments of the past.

Mahdiya Christmas balls


  • These beautiful balls are very reasonable in price.
  • The balls have hooks to hang them at different places.


  • If a piece of mirror falls down, it can be dangerous, especially for kids and pets.


10. Urvi Creations Christmas Xmas Tree Decorations

It is a set of 12 small balls that are made up of plastic. Urvi creation is a famous brand that makes good products for Christmas. The size of the balls is 20mm and is very cute to attract kids.

Urvi Creations Christmas Xmas Tree Decorations


  • The balls have many vibrant colors.
  • Their price is very reasonable.


  • The size must be revised.



Buy a good pack of Christmas balls and enhance the beauty of your Christmas tree. We have gathered various brands selling Christmas balls that you can consider.


What are Christmas balls called?

You can use different names for Christmas balls such as Christmas bubbles, bubbles, baubles, or Christmas bulbs.

What do the Christmas balls mean?

These are small, colorful balls especially for decorating Christmas trees.

How much cost is Christmas balls?

Different packages of Christmas balls have a different number of balls, sizes, and designs. So each brand sells them at different prices accordingly. But the least-expensive pack of Christmas balls starts from rupees 200.