Best cheese powder online in India-Buyers Guide

It is the powder form of cheese that you can sprinkle on your food and enjoy. As different types of cheese are available, in the same way, cheese powders are also available but the most common is cheddar cheese powder. If you are a cheese lover person and want to add cheese to every food then it will be a good option for you. It is a ready-to-use powder that you can sprinkle and enjoy a cheesy taste. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best Cheddar Cheese, Corn Flours & Basmati Rice in India.

If you have visited any cinema, you might have seen cheese pop-corns there and maybe you are a fan of them too. Will, is not good if you can make them at home? You also can use your cheese powder on other foods and can make toppings, sauce, and dressings too.

Top 10 Best cheese powders in India

List of Cheese Powders

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1. Ajnala Cheddar Cheese Cheddar-Perfect-Pop-Corn Cheddar-Perfect-Pop-Corn
2. Desire Cheese Popcorn Seasoning Desire Cheese Popcorn Desire Cheese Popcorn
3. Dilkhush Cheddar Cheese Dilkhush Cheddar Cheese Powder Dilkhush Cheddar Cheese Powder
4. Artha Natural – Cheddar Cheese Artha Natural - Cheddar Artha Natural - Cheddar
5. Nature Vit Cheddar Cheese Nature Vit Cheddar Cheese Nature Vit Cheddar Cheese
6. Naturevibe Botanicals Cheddar Cheese Naturevibe Botanicals Cheddar
7. Urban Platter Cheddar Cheese Urban Platter Cheddar Cheese Urban Platter Cheddar Cheese
8. KOR Seasoning Cheese KOR Seasoning Cheese Powder
9. B Naturall Cheddar Cheese B Naturall Cheddar Cheese Powder
10. Holy Natural Cheddar Cheese Holy Natural Cheddar Cheese Powder Holy Natural Cheddar Cheese Powder

Types of cheese powders

Mild cheddar cheese powder

  • This cheddar is a well-known sort of cheddar that is utilized in a range of dishes and as bites.
  • In contrast to different sorts of cheddar, this kind of cheddar has less solid taste since it isn’t matured extremely long.
  • Gentle variants of cheddar can run in shading between a light yellow and orange, contingent upon the maturing and fermentation time.

Parmesan cheese powder

  • The parmesan powder is spray-dried and airy parmesan cheese perfect for soups, pizza, pasta, potatoes, and more.
  • You can sprinkle it on pizza, lasagne, mac-cheese pasta, and other dishes and bake it to get the best result.
  • You can replace this powder in recipes that call for shredded parmesan.
  • There are many other cheese powders including mozzarella powder, American powder, Asiago powder, Blue powder, Romano powder, swiss cheese powder, and powdered baker cheese.
  • We will not get into their details because they are not common.

How to use cheese powder?

  • Pick a recipe of your enjoying that calls for powdered cheddar.
  • Observe the particular kind of cheese.
  • Measure the cheese as indicated in the dish utilizing a dry scale.
  • Try not to utilize a fluid measurer as the estimation could be off somewhat.
  • Mix the cheese with any liquid ingredient in the dish. Blend the fluid completely so the powdered cheddar doesn’t shape knots.
  • This is particularly significant when the cheddar is the star of the dish, for example, in a macaroni and cheddar dish or a plunge.
  • On the off chance that you don’t blend completely, somebody may eat into a bunch of cheddar powder, which is unpleasant.
  • Close the powdered cheddar sack or holder firmly and store it in a dry region out of daylight.
  • Any place you store your flavors ought to be appropriate for putting away cheddar powder if it doesn’t get immediate daylight or get wet in any capacity.

List of Top 10 Best cheese powders in India-Buyers Guide

1. Ajnala Cheddar Cheese

It is cheddar powder by Ajnala that you love to have. This cheese powder is available in different weight packaging at different prices. You can use it with fries, nachos, and popcorn. It contains all-natural ingredients so is very good for health too. You cannot use the product in baking.

Ajnala Cheddar Cheese Powder


  • Its taste is very good and enhances the taste of foods.
  • It is a vegetarian product gained from American cheddar cheese.
  • You just have to sprinkle this cheese on your food and consume it without heating.


  • It should have a more cheesy taste.
  • Its cost is high.


2. Dunhill Desire Cheese Popcorn Seasoning

You can enjoy your favorite theatre cheese pop-corn at your home by adding this seasoning powder to your pop-corn. The cheese is processed to make it hygienic and poured in a bottle to keep it fresh. It is a totally natural cheese powder that doesn’t contain any preservatives. The bottle has a sprinkler too to evenly distribute the powder on your snack.

Dunhill Desire Cheese Popcorn Seasoning Powder


  • It is a blend of cheese, spices, and onion, and garlic powder that is a perfect seasoning for your pop-corn.
  • Its quality is very good.
  • It is a good option at a reasonable cheese powder price.


  • The powder can absorb moisture very easily and become cakey.
  • The spice level is a bit higher for the kids and the people who don’t like extra chili.


3. Dilkhush Cheddar Cheese

Another product that comes in our top list is Dilkush cheese powder. It is also a vegetarian product and contains natural cheddar cheese. You can use it on pop-corns, fries, nachos, or any snack you want to make it cheesy.

Dilkhush Cheddar Cheese Powder


  • Its quality and taste are very good than many other options available.
  • It is a preservatives-free cheddar powder.
  • The packing quality is very good that locks its aroma.


  • Some people don’t like its light cheese flavor.
  • The taste of spices is dominant over cheese.


4. Artha Natural – Cheddar Cheese Seasoning

It is a vegetarian cheddar cheese seasoning to add cheesy flavor to your snacks and fruits. Artha-natural is providing pure natural products without the addition of preservatives. They provide hygienic products because they care about their customer’s health. You can buy this product at a good cheese powder price.

Artha Natural - Cheddar Cheese Seasoning Powder


  • It is a ready-to-use powdered cheese that you can use for seasoning so many dishes.
  • You can buy a combination of cheese with your favorite spice and vegetable.
  • Their tomato cheese flavor is too good.


  • Some people didn’t like its flavor.


5. Nature Vit Cheddar Cheese

It is another best option for vegetarians to use cheese powder of American cheddar cheese. If you are fond of cheese and like cheesy fries and cheese-pop-corns, you can choose it. You cannot complain about its quality and you will also love its flavor.

Nature Vit Cheddar Cheese Powder


  • It is a perfect blend of cheddar cheese and spices.
  • It gives the exact theatre pop-corn tastes.


  • It is not suitable for pregnant women, so there might be some harmful substances.


6. Naturevibe Botanicals Cheddar Cheese

It is an organic, gluten-free, and healthy option of cheesy powder for you. You can add it to your snacks, pasta, bread, and pizza to enjoy an extra cheesy taste. This cheese will not change its taste on heating so you can use it for baking too.

Naturevibe Botanicals Cheddar Cheese Powder


  • Its cheesy flavor is well suitable for salads, dressings, and fries, etc.


  • The powder is very salty.
  • It also has some prominent flavors of turmeric.


7. Urban Platter Cheddar Cheese

Another cheese powder option on our list is this amazing product by the Urban Platter. It is a vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free product to fulfill your desire for cheese. It is a plant-based product that is free from harmful ingredients and MSGs.

Urban Platter Cheddar Cheese Powder


  • This cheese powder is available at a very reasonable cheese powder price.
  • Its taste is really good and is the best alternative to dairy cheese.


  • It is only suitable for specific snacks.


8. KOR Seasoning Cheese

This is also an amazing product that you should try on our recommendation. You will like the taste and quality of this powder. This powder can be used as a seasoning, on pop-corns, etc, and for baking too.

KOR Seasoning Cheese Powder


  • Its taste is so good.
  • You can use this cheese powder in instant cooking snacks to enjoy the taste.


  • The powder has some artificial color.


9. B Naturall Cheddar Cheese

This is another option of cheddar cheese powder that you can use in many foods. This Cheese has no additional colors, additives, and synthetics. This cheese will make your food more heavenly with its enticing kind of taste. You can utilize this Cheesy Powder on Popcorn simply by sprinkling it, on any chips, making cheddar sauce for nachos, on French fries, and in numerous titbits.

B Naturall Cheddar Cheese Powder


  • Its cheesy taste is prominent and very good.
  • You will also like the quality of this cheddar cheese powder.


  • If you are a spice lover then this cheese powder is not for you.


10. Holy Natural Cheddar Cheese (Seasoning)

This cheddar Cheese Seasoning Powder is produced using genuine Cheddar Cheese. Cheddar Seasoning powder adds a heavenly taste to your snacks. Sprinkle cheddar preparing powder overheated potatoes, fries, or French popcorn. Blend cheddar preparing powder with spread or sour cream to make cheddar sauces, soups, and, plunges.

Holy Natural Cheddar Cheese (Seasoning) Powder


  • It is a reasonable cheese powder.
  • You can use this seasoning in a variety of dishes to make them delicious.


  • Its quality is not very good.



If you are a cheese lover then you must have a cheese powder pack at your home because it will fulfill your cravings. Buy the best cheese powder and enjoy cheesy snacks and meals.


What is the cost of cheese powder?

Its price varies for every brand because the quality of each brand is different. You can buy a 100 grams pack for rupees 100 to 150.

Which cheese powder is good?

Read this article from the beginning, you will find many good options of cheese powder.

What is cheese powder made of?

A cheese powder contains cheese, some vegetable oil, calcium caseinate, maltodextrin, and whey.