Best Ceat Tyres in India-Buyers Guide

The Ceat tyres for bikes have premium quality rubber and tread designs. Also, the Ceat tyre comes with different shoulder blades, treads, and grooves. Some of these can fit both front and rear. However, there are tires for front or rear use. There are also various block designs and rubber volume. So, these can transfer better rubber mass and provide a stable driving experience. The Ceat tyre price depends on the size and type. There is the top ten list for the best tires from this brand. Also check the buyers guide for the Michelin Tyres, Tubeless tyres & Bike Tyres in India.

Top 10 Best Ceat Tyres in India

List of Ceat Tyres

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1. Ceat Milaze 90/100 Ceat-Milaze-Tubeless-Scooter
2. Secura Zoom F 90/90 Secura Zoom F 90/90
3. Zoom-Rad 140/60 Ceat Tyres Zoom-Rad 140/60 Ceat Tyres
4. Ceat F85 2.75 Ceat F85 2.75
5. Zoom Rad X1 Zoom Rad X1
6. Secura Zoom Plus Secura Zoom Plus
7. Secura Neo 90/100-10 Secura Neo 90/100-10
8. Milaze 3.00-18 52P Milaze 3.00-18 52P
9. Ceat Tyres F85 Ceat Tyres F85
10. Gripp X3 Tt 3.00-17 Gripp X3 Tt 3.00-17

Features of Ceat Tyres

  • The Ceat tyres come in many grooves and tread shapes.
  • Some have dep shoulder designs for the grooves, and some have continuous grooves.
  • Therefore, it increases the handling and stability of the vehicles.
  • There is a tubeless and tube Ceat tyre.
  • Thus, the Ceat tyre price depends accordingly.
  • There are also different block patterns and rubber mass for these tires.
  • Some can fit the front and some the rear.
  • Also, there are wheels that are installable for both ends.
  • So, you can choose from a higher NSD, connected blocks, narrow, or wide wheel.

Types of Ceat Tyres

  • There are different sizes for the rims and the width section of the Ceat tyres.
  • The Ceat tyre comes in both tubeless and tube types.
  • Therefore, the tubeless Ceat tyre price is higher than the tube tires.
  • These have more durability and life.
  • Also, the tires have many treads, grooves, and section blocks shapes.
  • Some have continuous groove shapes, and some have angular forms.
  • All of these wheels are best for wet or dry roads.
  • Most of the Ceat wheels have better driveability because of high-quality materials and designs.

Buyers guide for Ceat Tyres

  • The Ceat tyres with a circumferential groove offer better balance and handling.
  • So, you can steer with comfort and ride the bike on wet or dry roads.
  • There are also continuous grooves that run from the center to the shoulder.
  • Checking the compatibility of the Ceat tyre with your bike is vital.
  • Therefore, you can confirm first and buy after.
  • There is all the information available from the online store and manufacturer.
  • Also, the Ceat tyre price will be according to the quality and endurance.

How to use Ceat Tyres?

  • Some tires are for the rear and some for the front.
  • Also, there are Ceat tyres that are usable for both ends of the bike.
  • So, you can use and fit the Ceat tyre accordingly.
  • Most of these are compatible with Hero, Honda.
  • Yamaha, Mahindra, and other brands.
  • However, you can always confirm before purchasing the tire.
  • There are also tubeless tires and tires with tubes.
  • The tubeless ones are better if you can afford them.
  • They have better durability and puncture resistance.
  • You can use tires that have more width for high-speed bikes.

List of Top 10 Best Ceat Tyres in India-

Buyers Guide

1. Ceat Milaze 90/100

Ceat Milaze is a tubeless Ceat tyre for the scooter. The NSD is higher with joined blocks for better stability and grip.

Ceat Milaze 90/100


  • There is more rubber mass.
  • It has deeper shoulders.
  • The Ceat tyres have a long life.


  • You can use it for scooters.
  • It is pricey.


2. Secura Zoom F 90/90

You can use this tubeless tire for a bike. There are continuous grooves and better water drainage.

Secura Zoom F 90/90


  • It is compatible with Bajaj bikes.
  • There are endless grooves.
  • The tire drains water fast.


  • It is not for high-speed bikes.
  • The price is high.


3. Zoom-Rad 140/60 Ceat Tyres

Amazon recommends it. The tire has shoulder grooves with endless center mass.

Zoom-Rad 140/60 Ceat Tyres


  • The drive is vibration-free.
  • It is a radial tubeless tire.
  • The grooves are wider.


  • It is expensive.
  • The tire is compatible with some bikes.


4. Ceat F85 2.75

The tubed tire is compatible with Hero, Suzuki, and Yamaha bikes. There are cuts for the ribs for a comfortable drive.

Ceat F85 2.75


  • It transfers continuous rubber mass.
  • The drive is comfortable.
  • All materials are durable.


  • It has a tube.
  • There can be punctures.


5. Zoom Rad X1

Zoom Rad is a tubeless heavy bike tire for the rear. There is premium quality rubber with control and stability for high-speed bikes.

Zoom Rad X1


  • It is durable.
  • The materials have premium quality.
  • There is better high-speed stability.


  • It is expensive.
  • The tire is for heavy bikes.


6. Secura Zoom Plus

The tubeless Ceat tyre Zoom plus is for Hero and Honda bikes. It has an easy rolling ability with fast water drainage.

Secura Zoom Plus


  • The steering becomes easy.
  • It is stable.
  • There are endless grooves.


  • You cannot use it for heavy motorbikes.
  • It is a bit pricey.


7. Secura Neo 90/100-10

The tire is without a tube and has longer life. There is an improved sidewall with an enduring structure.

Secura Neo 90/100-10


  • It has a high quality.
  • The tire has endurance and long life.
  • There is better road contact.


  • The price is a bit high.
  • It is not compatible universally.


8. Milaze 3.00-18 52P

Milaze is compatible with TVS, Hero, Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha bikes. There is a tube with a stable and durable structure.

Milaze 3.00-18 52P


  • There is more rubber mass.
  • The tire is durable.
  • It provides better handling.


  • You cannot use it for heavy bikes.
  • The tire is not tubeless.


9. Ceat Tyres F85

You can use this tubeless tire for the front. The f85 Ceat tyre has a continuous center rib.

Ceat Tyres F85


  • It is compatible with many brands.
  • There is better mass transfer.
  • It provides a comfy ride.


  • You cannot fit it with heavy bikes.
  • The price is a bit high.


10. Gripp X3 Tt 3.00-17

The tube-type tire is compatible with Yamaha, Honda, and Bajaj bikes. It has angular treads. The tire provides maximum grip regardless of age. It fits the rear.

Gripp X3 Tt 3.00-17


  • It has a better road grip.
  • The water drains fast.
  • There are staggered blocks and treads.


  • You have to check its compatibility.
  • It has a tube.



The Ceat tyres have premium quality and durability. There is a Ceat tire for the heavy bikes and the standard ones. Also, these come in narrow or wide shapes. Therefore, you can buy according to your demand. There are tires with more stability and steering capability. Plus, there are tires that transfer better mass. Some of these have endless grooves and connected blocks. So, you can check the top ten list for the best ones. The Ceat tyre price will depend on its quality and durability.


Which are the best Ceat tyres?

The Secura Zoom, F85, Zoom Rad, Secura Neo, and Gripp X3 are high-quality tires. All Ceat tyres have the best road grips and durable materials.

Which is better MRF or Ceat Tyres?

The MRF and Ceat tires have similar durabilities and qualities. You can buy these with confidence.

What is the price of Ceat TYRE?       

The price of a Ceat tire depends on its tube or tubeless quality. Thus, the price is between 1,200 to 5,000 INR.