Best Casio Keyboards in India Buyers Guide

Casio keyboard has proved to be standard equipment for musicians of all genres. This company offers various types of musical instruments. And it has managed to maintain a good reputation in the market for decades.

These musical instruments include electronic keyboards, pianos, workstations, and piano arrangers. In 1980, Casio introduced the first keyboard called Casiotone 201. Casio is a renowned company that has introduced top-notch quality musical instruments to the world.

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Today, these keyboards have gained popularity among music lovers for their compact design and reasonable price. Musicians find it easy to use these, which has helped increase the popularity of the Casio keyboards among hobbyists and professional musicians.

Top 11 Best Casio Keyboards in India

List of the Casio keyboards

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1. Casio SA-46 Musical with 32 Mini Casi-SA
2. Casio SA-78 Mini Keyboard with 44 Mini Keys Casio-SA-78
3. SA-77 Keyboard with 44 Mini Keys Casio-SA-77
4. CTK3200 Personal Keyboard with Touch Casi-CTK3200
5. CTK-1550 Standard Keyboard with 61 Keys Casio-CTK-1550
6. Casio CT-X9000IN Portable Keyboard Csio-CT-X9000IN
7. Casio SA-76 Mini Musical
8. Casio CTX700 Portable with Touch Casio-CTX700
9. CT-S200 Portable Keyboard with Casiotone Casio-CT-S200
10. CT-S100 Casiotone Portable Keyboard Caso-CT-S100

Buyers Guide – Casio Keyboard

There are many features that you must consider before buying a Casio keyboard. There are many series of Casio keyboards including the Standard, High-Grade, MINI, Casiotone, CT-X Line keyboards, and more.

Casio offers electrical musical keyboards in various price segments. You can buy the keyboard depending on your budget.

  • Casio Company has designed each keyboard with a purpose.
  • Casiotone is the most famous keyboard that has been used by various top musicians over the years.
  • Other series are also popular among hobbyists and professional musicians.
  • These keyboards also have various features you need to consider before buying.
  • Its features include expressive and rich sounds, portability and stylish design, a large number of voices and sounds, and intuitive controls.
  • These are the basic features of a Casio keyboard.
  • You can also opt for more advanced and digitalized options.
  • Casio keyboards also come with digital screens, editing functions, after-touch, 2-Channel MIDI recorder, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, sequencer, etc.
  • After examining all of the Casio keyboards and their features, you can choose the one that suits your style, personal taste, and music project requirements.

Features of a Casio Keyboard

Casio keyboards are packed with various great features. Casio keyboards were invented in the first place to allow everyone to enjoy the joy of playing music regardless of whether they are a novice or a professional.

Just consider the below features while choosing a Casio keyboard:

  • Casio keyboards look unique, sleek, and compact.
  • These keyboards also produce high-quality sound.
  • The keyboards produce the fullest, rich and rhythmical sounds.
  • Also, it offers a bunch of modern functions.
  • Musicians use the keyboards in various ways due to their excellent sound quality and sophisticated technology.
  • The Casio Company has brought changes in its latest models to match modern technological features.
  • As a result, Casio keyboards can be connected with the tutorial apps and Dance Music Mode*. So, musicians can use the Casio keyboards for composing their next hit.

Types of Casio Keyboards

Casio Musical Instruments Manufacturer Company makes use of digital instrument technology for constructing its keyboards.

Below are the various series of Casio keyboards:

Casiotone – Casio Keyboard

  • This keyboard series was introduced in the 1980s.
  • This series is suitable for beginners as well as professionals.

CT-X Line Keyboards

  • CT-X Line keyboards have the AiX sound source that accurately reproduces natural acoustic sound.


  • High-Grade is the keyboard for innovators.
  • The series offers an experimental field for committed sounds and song recordings.


  • Musicians can learn, discover, and explore music on this Casio keyboard.


  • These Casio keyboards have been invented for the mini (kids) musicians.

How Does a Casio keyboard Work?

There are various buttons on the keyboards, which let you set up the keyboard. Depending on your settings, you can play different songs on the keyboard.

Each keyboard has different features. So, the functions of different Casio keyboards differ from each other.

  1. There are step-up lessons on each Casio keyboard.
  2. The step-up lesson is a great starting point for beginners.
  3. To set up the keyboard for the step-up lesson, you first need to choose the song from the song bank button.
  4. Secondly, you must type in the number that corresponds to the chosen song.
  5. Then, you must press the “listen” to listen to the first phrase of the song.
  6. Afterward, you can press the “watch” button to see how to play the phrase on the keyboard.
  7. You can start slow, and follow the visual instructions appearing on the digital screen.
  8. This is how beginners can start playing tunes on the Casio keyboards.

List of Top 10 Casio Keyboards in India Buyers Guide

Depending on your skills and requirements, you can choose any of the abovementioned Casio keyboards. You can also choose the Casio keyboards according to their price ranges.

1. Casio SA-46 Musical Keyboard with 32 Mini Keys in Black & Green:

This is the best keyboard for children. It offers exceptional features that make your kids happier.Casio SA-46 Musical Keyboard with 32 Mini


  • Casio mini keyboard has 10 built-in songs.
  • It comes with 100 tones and 50 rhythms.
  • Also, it has 3.5 mm jack earphones.
  • So, your child can play and learn peacefully.


  • Some consumers have complained that it is too small in size.

Casio SA-46 Keyboard

2. Casio SA-78 Mini Keyboard with 44 Mini Keys:

This is another mini keyboard for kids. It comes in a stylish black and pink color combination.

Casio SA-78 Mini Keyboard with 44 Mini Keys


  • Casio SA-78 Keyboard comes with 5 onboard percussion pads.
  • The mini keyboard has an LCD visual guide.
  • It guides the kids in learning keyboards effectively.
  • This can be connected to headphones.
  • So, your child can enjoy playing the piano peacefully.


  • Some consumers have complained that its keys are loose.


3. Casio SA-77 Keyboard with 44 Mini Keys:

On birthdays or special occasions, SA-77 44 Mini Keys Keyboard would prove to be the most productive gift for your children.Casio SA-77 Keyboard with 44 Mini Keys


  • The SA-77 Casio Keyboard features 44 mini-sized keys.
  • It offers 10 built-in songs, 50 rhythms, and 100 tones.
  • The keyboard has interactive features that allow your child to learn intuitively and interactively.


  • Consumers have complained about the battery.


4. Casio CTK3200 Personal Keyboard with Touch Sensitive & 61-Keys:

This is a 61-keys keyboard that is elegant and sturdy. It produces high-quality sounds. This personal keyboard is suitable for beginners.

Casio CTK3200 Personal Keyboard with Touch


  • Casio CTK3200 Keyboard has 48-note polyphony and 61 dynamic touches.
  • It has 400 AHL keyboard voices and 150 rhythms.
  • Also, it offers a step-up learning system for beginners.


  • This is an expensive product.

Casio Sensitive Keyboard

5. Casio CTK-1550 Standard Keyboard with 61 Keys:

This is the best keyboard for beginners. This is a 61-key standard keyboard, equipped with powerful lesson functions and numerous amazing features.

Casio CTK-1550 Standard Keyboard with 61 Keys


  • Casio CTK-1550 Keyboard has a metronome function that enhances the musical capabilities of beginners.
  • It comes with the 2w + 2w speaker output.
  • Also, it has a free adaptor and AA batteries.


  • Some customers have complained that the keys do not function properly.


6. Casio CT-X9000IN Portable Keyboard with 61 Keys:

This is a portable keyboard that is suitable for beginners as well as professionals. The keyboard features 61 piano-styled keys.

Casio CT-X9000IN Portable Keyboard


  • Casio CT-X9000 Keyboard has an AiX sound source that offers multiple sound effects and DSPs.
  • There are 800 tones & 250 rhythms in it.
  • You can also find 43 Indian tones (out of 800 tones) and 39 Indian rhythms (out of 250 rhythms).
  • The keyboard has a MIDI port so, it can be connected to the Mac or PC.


  • Complaints have surfaced regarding the compatibility of tone with online rhythms.

Casio X9000IN-61

7. Casio SA-76 Mini Musical Keyboard with Free Adaptor for Kids:

This is an amazing mini-musical keyboard for children. Also, it features Indian songs and rhythms.

Casio SA-76 Mini Musical Keyboard


  • Casio SA-76 Keyboard has 44 mini-size keys.
  • Kids can benefit from the piano and organ button features.
  • Children can effectively learn to play the piano with 100 tunes, 50 rhythms, 3 Indian tones, and 5 Indian rhythms.


  • The keyboard does not have a free adaptor.

Casio 76H2 Keyboard

8. Casio CTX700 Portable Keyboard with Touch Sensitive & 61-Keys:

This is the best keyboard for learning. Students who have opted to pursue music as a career can learn and prepare for their exams on this keyboard.

Casio CTX700 Portable Keyboard with Touch


  • Casio CTX700 Keyboard features 61 touch-sensitive keys.
  • It is elegant, sturdy, and of top-notch quality.
  • Also, it is extremely easy to operate this keyboard.
  • Navigation through buttons and settings is an easy process for beginners.


  • The keyboard does not have a power supply adaptor.

Casio Sensitive

9. Casio CT-S200 Portable Keyboard with Casiotone & 61 Keys:

This is one of the most elegant, stylish, and premium-quality keyboards. Also, it can be operated on batteries.

Casio CT-S200 Portable Keyboard with Casiotone


  • Casio CT-S200 Keyboard is offered with a free power adaptor
  • This keyboard is suitable for beginners.
  • With its bigger LCD and intuitive controls, it is easy to operate this keyboard.


  • The keyboard does not come with a cover case.

Casio S200 Casiotone

10. Casio CT-S100 Casiotone Portable Keyboard with 61 Keys:

This is one of the best Casiotone 61-key keyboards for beginners. Also, this helps students in learning music effectively.Casio CT-S100 Casiotone Portable Keyboard


  • Casio CT-S100 Keyboard is a versatile music instrument, offering 122 tones, 61 rhythms with 11 Indian tones, and 11 Indian rhythms.
  • This keyboard offers step-up lessons as well.
  • Also, this has built-in speakers.


  • It is an expensive product for beginners.



Which Casio keyboard is best for beginners?

Casio CT-X9000IN 61-Key Portable Keyboard is the best one for beginners.

How can I learn the Casio keyboard?

You can learn to play the Casio keyboard at home through online tutorials. You can also learn from professionals or experts by taking a comprehensive introductory course on Casio keyboards. Such courses may be offered in your local college or university.

What is the price of the Casio keyboard in India?

The price of the Casio keyboards in India ranges from Rs9000 to 10,000.

Which is better Casio or Yamaha keyboard?

Casio develops keyboards and pianos, whereas Yamaha is only dedicated to the development of digital keyboards. Casio and Yamaha offer top-quality sounds, effects, and connectivity features.

However, Casio keyboards are available at more affordable prices than the Yamaha keyboards. So, if the price is an important factor then Casio keyboards are better than Yamaha keyboards.

Which is better piano or keyboard?

Pianos are better than the keyboards. Pianos offer better features, which can help you in becoming a professional in the field.

Is Casio a good brand?

Casio is a world-famous brand that offers top-quality keyboards and pianos. The Casio brand keyboards have been used by renowned artists and musicians.

Is Roland better than Yamaha?

Yamaha is better than Roland in every way. Only one feature of Roland is better than Yamaha, and that is the upright structure of the keyboards. Otherwise, Yamaha offers the best features for students. Students can learn beginner, intermediary and advanced lessons on the same Yamaha keyboard.

What keyboard do professional musicians use?

Yamaha MX88 is a keyboard that is used by professional musicians.