Best Cardigan for Men in India-Buyers Guide

The cardigan for men comes in many colors and styles. So, you can remain fashionable and safe from cold weather. Also, these are pure cotton, acrylic, and wool fabrics that warm you in chilly areas. Therefore, you can buy the best sweaters online. There are front open styles, hoodies, V-neck, and shawl collar designs. You have a lot of choices for buying cardigans. Plus, there are regular fit sizes that suit all body types. You wear these casually or for formal and informal occasions. If you like, there are also some long sleeve cardigans. Also, check the buyers guide for the best Cardigan for Women,  Sports Jackets & sweatshirts for Men in India.

Top 10 Best Cardigans for men in India

List of Cardigans for Men

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1. Tinted Men’s Cardigan Tinted-TJ5401-Mens Tinted-TJ5401-Mens
2. Veirdo Cardigan Veirdo Cardigan Veirdo Cardigan
3. PAUSE Men’s PAUSE Men's PAUSE Men's
4. Rigo Men’s Rigo Men's Rigo Men's
5. Glito Shawl Collared Glito Shawl Collared Glito Shawl Collared
7. Marks & Spencer Marks & Spencer
8. Chill Winston Chill Winston Chill Winston
9. Fashion Sutra Fashion Sutra
10. Leotude Men’s Leotude Men's

Features of Cardigan

  • In cold winters, you can keep yourself warm wearing a cardigan for men.
  • These come in many designs and colors.
  • Also, there are cotton blends, wool blends, and acrylic fabrics.
  • So, you can warm yourself in chilly weather. Some have a long V-neck and an open front style.
  • Others have hoods, long sleeves, and regular-fit styles.
  • Plus, these garments are comfortable to wear. All of the colors are solid and will not fade.
  • People also prefer longline cut styles. Thus, you can also find these for cardigans.
  • Most of these have pockets and eye-catching designs.

Types of Cardigans

  • There are wool, cotton, and acrylic materials for the cardigan for men.
  • All kinds of styles are available with full sleeves.
  • Some of the cardigans have pure cotton blends for a comfortable wearing experience.
  • All colors and patterns are solid. Therefore, these will not fade.
  • Also, there are hooded jerseys that you can wear for chilly places.
  • These have longline cuts and lightweight knitting.
  • Some also have shawl collars to provide extra protection for the winters.
  • You can also use t-shirt designs for cardigans.

Buyers Guide for Cardigan

  • You will find a lot of variety for the cardigan for men.
  • There are many styles and designs for casual and formal wear.
  • Also, these come with hoodies and open-front styles.
  • When you decide to buy it, check your size.
  • You can take all measurements and compare them with the size chart.
  • Many stores provide a reference size chart for online buyers.
  • You can buy V-neck wool cardigans or full sleeve cotton ones.
  • Plus, these come in longline cuts, shawl collars, regular fits, and slim fits styles.
  • Hence, you can buy the one that suits you.

How to use a Cardigan

  • When you store the cardigan for men, store it at dry places.
  • Also, use plastic covers to pack it.
  • It will keep it safe from bugs and insects.
  • Washing these cotton and wool fabrics by hand is safe.
  • So, avoid washing these inside a washing machine.
  • You cannot use bleach when washing a cardigan.
  • Dry these away from direct sunlight in indoor clothes stand.
  • You can keep yourself warm during chilly weather.
  • These are comfortable to wear because of the regular fit sizes.
  • However, there are also slim-fit styles if you have a lean body.

List of Top 10 Best Cardigans for men in India-Buyers Guide

1. Tinted Men’s Cardigan

Tinted is a cotton blend cardigan for men with a coffee color. There is an open front with a longline cut design.

Tinted Men's Cardigan


  • The fabric is pure cotton.
  • It is soft and comfortable.
  • The front is open.


  • You cannot machine wash it.
  • It requires a gentle wash.


2. Veirdo Cardigan

The front is open, and the fabric is 100% cotton for this men’s cardigan. It is soft to touch. Also, it has full sleeves.

Veirdo Cardigan


  • There is high-quality cotton fabric.
  • It feels soft and comfy.
  • You can wear it casually or formally.


  • It requires washing by hand.
  • You cannot wash it using bleach.


3. PAUSE Men’s

PAUSE Men’s cardigan is a slim-fit with a collared neck. The sleeves are long, and it uses a premium design.



  • You can wear it for formal occasions.
  • It has premium quality.
  • There are eye-catching colors.


  • You can wash it in similar colors.
  • The bleach can damage it.


4. Rigo Men’s Cardigan

There is a round neck style with a regular fit for this cardigan for men. You can wear it at parties or casual events.

Rigo Men's


  • It has full sleeves.
  • The cotton blend fabric is soft.
  • You can wear it at formal events.


  • You have to machine wash it.
  • The length is till the waistline.


5. Glito Shawl Collared

The Glito cardigan has collars with a shawl design. There are multi-color patterns for style.

Glito Shawl Collared


  • It has fashionable collars with a shawl design.
  • The size is regular-fit.
  • There are full sleeves.


  • You cannot machine wash it.
  • There are no buttons.


6. DENIMHOLIC Cardigan

It is an open-neck cardigan that has cotton fabric. All colors are solid and will not fade.



  • It has full sleeves.
  • There is an open front.
  • There are pockets.


  • You cannot wash it using laundry machines.
  • The use of bleach can damage colors.


7. Marks & Spencer Cardigan for Men

The style of this cardigan for men is like a jumper with V-neck. It feels premium, and you can wear it for office or formally.

Marks & Spencer


  • The fabric is of premium quality.
  • It has a relaxed-fit design.
  • You can wear it formally.


  • It requires a machine wash.
  • You cannot use bleach when washing.


8. Chill Winston Cardigan for Men

It is made in India and uses a shrug-style design. The front is open, and the cardigan is comfortable to wear.

Chill Winston


  • The brand makes it in India.
  • You can wear it with comfort.
  • The cotton blend is of high quality.


  • It requires washing by hand.
  • You cannot machine wash it.


9. Fashion Sutra Cardigan for Men

It is a V-neck sweater that is sleeveless for men. There is a wool fabric for keeping warm in the winters.

Fashion Sutra


  • It is a V-neck sweater.
  • There are pockets.
  • The front is buttoned.


  • It is sleeveless.
  • You have to wash it gently.


10. Leotude Cardigan for Men

There is soft and lightweight cotton fabric for this men’s cardigan. Also, it has an attractive color scheme with an open front.

Leotude Men's


  • It is a lightweight fabric.
  • There is an open front.
  • You can casually wear it.


  • There are no buttons.
  • You have to wash it by hand.


The cardigan for men comes in an open-front style and round-neck designs. There are also full-sleeve uppers with shawl collars. Some of these are sleeveless sweaters for wearing at the office. You can also wear these for casual events. Most of these use cotton blends. However, there are also wool cardigans. Some have buttons for closing the front. Thus, you can buy the one for casual wear or office wear.


What are cardigans used for?

Men or women can wear cardigans to keep warm in the chilly weather.

Which are the best cardigans for men?

There are cotton and wool cardigans with round necks. Also, there are collared cardigans that are best.

What is the price of the cardigan?      

The price of a cardigan is between 400 INR to 1000 INR.