Best Cardamom Powder in India-Buyers Guide

Cardamom powder is only native to the Indian subcontinent and Indonesia. And cardamom is a spindle-shaped spice. This is made from the seeds of the true cardamom plant. Cardamoms have small seed ponds, which are triangular as well as have the shape of a spindle. This powder has a strong flavour, which gives a smoky and distinctive taste to the dish. As it is native to the Indian subcontinent, the powder is widely used in India. People use it in sweet dishes, milky creamy dishes, ice creams, teas, and hot masala drinks.

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Generally, people use cardamom whole. But, people have cardamom ground and dried. So, Elaichi powder is a famous Indian spice. Cardamom is a traditional flavour, poured in teas and coffees.

Top 10 Best Cardamom Powder or Elaichi powder Brands in India

List of cardamom powders

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1. Ganpatjee Green Elaichi Powder Ganpatjee
2. FarmOwn Green Elachi Powder FarmOwn
3. FarmOwn Green Cardamom FarmOwn-Green-Cardamom
4. Tassyam Premium Elaichi Powder 80g Premium-Elai
5. looms & weaves Cardamom Powder eed-Powde
6. Manushree Hari Elaichi Powder 50g laichi-Powd
7. JIWESH Green Cardamom Powder
8. Chukde Spices Hari Elaichi Powder Elaichi-Powde
9. My Village Cardamom Seed Powder My-Village
10. Wild Forest Green Cardamom Powder Wild-Forest

Buyers Guide – Cardamom Powder

There are many factors that you must consider before buying the cardamom powder:

Cardamom Powder:

  • Since you are willing to purchase the elaichi powder, you must not opt for whole cardamoms.
  • You should find it and purchase it.

Green Cardamom Powder:

  • You must purchase the green elaichi powder.
  • If the cardamom powder is brown or black, it will not have a fresh taste or aroma.
  • Green cardamom retains its freshness for almost a year.
  • So, you should check the colour of the elaichi powder.

Organic, Pure, and Fresh:

  • This should be made of fresh and pure green cardamoms.
  • It would be better if the whole green cardamoms are organically grown.

Airtight Jar:

  • Since Elaichi powder has strong flavour, taste, and aroma, it must come packed in a tight jar.
  • Otherwise, it will not retain its taste, aroma, and flavour.

Brand and Price:

  • The quality of the product depends on the brand.
  • It should be available at an affordable price.
  • The price range of the 50g elaichi powder is Rs. 600 INR to Rs. 700 INR.


  • It should come in the packaging, which is easy to use the product.
  • For instance, a glass bottle is the perfect packaging for It.

Features of Elaichi Powder-Cardamom Powder

There are many features of the cardamom powder:

Elaichi powder consists of cardamom seeds. However, there are some sellers. They grind the Elaichi powder along with the peel, which increases taste and flavour.

  • It has a strong aroma, which helps and boosts digestion.
  • It also has a strong flavour and taste.
  • This is why; a pinch of the Elaichi powder is enough for flavouring the dish.
  • Most of the manufacturers produce it from pure and organic produce.
  • Cardamom powder comes packed in tight jars and tight packaging.
  • This helps it retain its fragrance, taste, flavour as well as health benefits.

Types of Cardamom Powder

There are mainly three types of cardamom. These include white cardamom, black cardamom, and green cardamom.

The detail is given in the following:

White Cardamom:

  • These are green cardamom.
  • And these pods go through the bleaching process, which gives them a white colour.
  • It has a sweet taste and flavour.

Black Cardamom:

  • Very strong in taste and flavour, the black cardamom is famous for its smoky flavour.
  • Big cardamom, brown cardamom, Bengal cardamom, etc. are its other names.

Green Cardamom:

  • This is fresh and pure cardamom.
  • It is a spice, that is native to the Indian and Indonesian territories.
  • This is a famous ingredient in sweet dishes, curries, sour soups, teas, drinks, coffees, etc.
  • Also, it is used in a variety of dishes in India.

Uses of Cardamom Powder?

Cardamom powder has many uses. It is a famous ingredient of a great many dishes. You can also eat it raw to avail of its benefits daily.

If you eat 3-4 cardamoms every day, it will help in the digestion of the food, prevent bad breath, augment weight loss, and remove waste from the body.

  • It is a sweet spice, which gets combined with other foods and spices well.
  • It pairs well with chicken, legumes, red meat, lentils, all kinds of vegetables, rice, stews, marinades, curries, soups, etc.
  • Also, it goes well with spices such as cumin, cinnamon, bay leaves, etc.
  • You can pair it with these foods and spices to create your amazing recipe.
  • Its pinch is sprinkled in the dishes to increase their taste, aroma, and flavour.
  • In the Indian subcontinent, It is a famous flavour used in teas and coffees.

List of Top 10 Best Elaichi Powder or Cardamom Powders in India Buyers Guide

1. Ganpatjee Green Elaichi Powder, 25g:

This brand offers the best-quality Elaichi powder at an affordable rate.Ganpatjee Green Elaichi Powder


  • Ganpatjee is fresh and natural.
  • This is a hygienic product.
  • No unnatural colour or preservatives are added.


  • Users have complained that the aroma is not strong.


2. FarmOwn Cardamom Powder 100 Grams:

It is a 100% original and natural cardamom powder. It comes packed in a hygienic glass bottle.FarmOwn Green Cardamom Powder


  • Farmown elaichi powder is pure.
  • It has a strong flavour and aroma.
  • This is sold at a reasonable price.


  • Users have complained that the powder includes peel.


3. FarmOwn Green Cardamom Seed Powder:

This product contains the regular size green cardamom, which is fresh and pure.

FarmOwn Green Cardamom Seed Powder 50 Grams (1)


  • The green cardamoms have a natural aroma and taste.
  • This is a high-quality product.
  • The cardamoms are dried hygienically.


  • Users complained that the 20% cardamom was brown.


4. Tassyam Premium Elaichi Powder 80g:

Tassyam offers the top-quality elaichi powder. They are available at affordable rates.Tassyam Premium Elaichi Powder 80g


  • This is a vegetarian product.
  • Tassyam Elaichi powder has fair quality.
  • It has a natural fragrance.


  • Users complained that they received brown cardamom powder.


5. Looms & Weaves Seed Powder – 100 G:

This is an exceptional quality product, offering rich benefits for health.looms & weaves Cardamom Powder


  • This is paraben-free and gluten-free.
  • The product contains powder, availed from organic produce.
  • It has the packaging of food-grade material.


  • Users have said that it has average quality.

looms Cardamo

6. Manushree Hari Elaichi Powder:

Manushree offers a high-quality cardamom powder product.Manushree Hari Elaichi Powder 50g


  • This powder includes green cardamom seeds and pods.
  • It retains all the essential nutrients.
  • This is an excellent-quality elaichi powder.


  • Users have asserted that this is a useless product.


7. JIWESH Hari ELAICHI Powder 80 GMS:

The ground of the whole Elaichi powder has amazing taste, aroma, and flavour.JIWESH Green Cardamom Powder


  • With its jar, it is an easy-to-use product.
  • It is pure and natural.
  • Also, it has no gluten.


  • Users have complained that it is a poor-quality product.


8. Chukde Spices Hari Elaichi Powder 50g:

Chukde Elaichi Powder contains the royal flavour, aroma, and taste.Chukde Spices Hari Elaichi Powder


  • This has extracts of high-quality whole green powder.
  • It offers amazing health benefits.
  • Also, it is best for sour and savoury dishes.


  • It is an overpriced product.


9. My Village Cardamom Seed Powder:

My village offers a premium-quality elaichi powder.My Village Cardamom Seed Powder


  • This is an organic product.
  • Manufacturers process the product traditionally.
  • The powder has a strong aroma.


  • It has a wooden texture due to peel.


10. Wild Forest Green Cardamom Hari Elaichi Powder 50 gm:

Wild Forest sells pure, organic, and authentic hari elaichi products.Wild Forest Green Cardamom Powder


  • This is a fresh Elaichi powder.
  • It is a 100% vegetarian product.
  • This is perfect for use in Indian cuisine.


  • It has poor taste and aroma.



Cardamom powder is an Indian spice, which is a famous ingredient in sweet and spicy Indian dishes. Though it is a sweet spice, it goes well with the spicy Indian curries, stews, rice, and other recipes.

You can buy the best-quality Elaichi powder by going through our list. We have prepared a list of top-quality and excellent cardamom powder products.


What is cardamom powder good for?

Cardamom is good for digestive health.

What are the side effects of cardamom?

Extra dosage can result in headaches, heartburn, gas, liver problems, etc.

What happens if we eat cardamom daily?

If eaten daily, it resolves gastrointestinal issues, and bad breath, and improves mood.

Are people allergic to cardamom?

Yes. Some people can be allergic to cardamom.