Best Can Openers in India Buyers Guide

A can opener is a kitchen tool used for opening tin cans. It is made with solid material and consists of a sharp-edged cutting wheel. And it runs around the can, while simultaneously cutting the lid.

The first can opener was patented in the year 1855 in England. The earlier tin openers were variations of the knife – not as sophisticated as the one invented in 1855. The first one consists of the sharp rotating wheel, which was patented in the year 1870. Also, check the buyer’s guide for Soda Bottle Openers, Beer Openers, Cigarette holders, Bottle openers, wine openers, and Cigarette Lighters in India.

Another one was patented in the year 1924, which consisted of the second serrated wheel. The one from 1924 was an easy-to-use design, which continues to be produced today. It is a widely used model we see today.

Top 10 Best Can Openers in India

List of the can openers

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1. Joseph Joseph Plastic Compact Opener Joseph-Compact
2. Japanese Can Opener Ganji Kankiri Japanese-Kankiri
3. Victorinox Universal Swiss Made Opener with Handle Victorinox-Universal
4. EzLife 2 in 1 Stainless Steel Bottle Opener LOVEHOME-HANDLE
5. Victorinox Universal Tin Opener Universal-Can-Op
6. OXO Soft-Handled Opener with Good Grips OXO Opener
7. Cuisinart Electric Opener CCO-50BKN
8. OXO SteeL Open 58081 OXO-58081
9. Kuhn Rikon Master Opener with Auto Safety Kuhn-Rikon
10. EzLife 2 in 1 Bottlecap Opener with 100% Stainless Steel EzLife-Made-Stai

Buyers Guide – Can Opener

A can opener is the essential kitchen tool that brings lots of ease into a cook’s daily routine. If you are intending to buy it, various factors must be considered.

  • First of all, you have to decide whether you want a manual can opener or an electric can opener.
  • An electric tin opener is preferred over a manual one as it works faster.
  • The functionality must be considered.
  • The blades must be sharp enough to cut the lid of the can quickly.
  • The blades should cut the cans in a way that the lid and the cans are left with smoother edges.
  • Another important factor to consider is the design of the tin opener.
  • It should have a simple and safe design, which can be operated easily.
  • If you are investing in an expensive tin opener, you must buy a universal, sturdy, and durable design.
  • Avoid Plastic-body, instead, opt for a 100% stainless steel tin opener.
  • Also, it should be able to function properly for both right- and left-handed people.

Features of a Can Opener

Does it come with lots of useful features that distinguish top-quality ones compared to low-quality ones? Importantly these are made with good safety features.

  • Does it ideally provide smoother edges at the time of removing the can & lid?
  • Jagged edges can hurt the hands of the user.
  • It has flexible and good-quality wheels and blades that run smoothly across the top of the can?
  • Most of the openers feature the easy-twist mechanism.
  • It should be lightweight, so lifted and used with great convenience.
  • These are made with rust-resistant stainless steel.
  • Also, durable and made of top-quality material, which lasts long.

Types of Can Openers

There are mainly two types – manual and electric can openers.

Manual Can Openers

  • It uses the physical power of the hand to open the can.
  • It also requires a good amount of dexterity of the user for keeping the can in place while also rotating.
  • These are tricky to use.

Electric Can Openers

  • These are automatic that do the entire work for you.
  • It has a magnet that keeps the can in place.
  • The blade pierces the metal, and the gear rotates the can.
  • It does the heavy work for you.

How Does a Can Opener Works?

It is a device that cuts through the lid of a can and opens it. There are two types- Manual and electric. It circularly runs through the can and cut through it.

  1. Electric can openers work systematically.
  2. These open the can in an automated process.
  3. It is powered by an operating lever.
  4. The lever of the electric can opener is lifted and placed between the cutter and the feed gear.
  5. The can is held in place by the magnet that lies on top of the can.
  6. When It is pressed down, the switch is activated and turns on the motor.
  7. The power is passed to the gear, which turns the small feed gear and rotates the can.
  8. Thus, It cuts the lid.

List of Top 10 Best Can Openers in India Buyers Guide

1. Joseph Joseph Plastic Compact Can Opener:

This is created by twin brothers, Richard and Antony Joseph & not one of the conventional can cutters in the market. It is a compact and creatively-designed tin opener that also looks good.Joseph Joseph Plastic Compact Can Opener


  • It equipped with a large easy-twist mechanism
  • This is circular and saves a lot of space
  • It has an easy press lid release button that removes the opener from the can
  • Also, it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth


  • Users have complained that it is not a useful product

Joseph Opener

2. Japanese Can Opener Ganji Kankiri:

This is a Japanese can opener, which is most suitable for home and commercial use. It has a simple and safe design. The tool is compact and can be taken on camping trips and other outdoor activities.Japanese Can Opener Ganji Kankiri


  • It bends flexibly, allowing you to cut the can easily
  • This is durable so that it does not wear out easily
  • It is sturdy and lightweight.


  • Users have complained that the quality of the finish is poor

Japanese Can Opener

3. Victorinox Universal Swiss Made Can Opener with Handle:

This is a Swiss-made can or tin opener. This offers a lifetime guarantee against any defects in the workmanship or the material.Victorinox Universal Swiss Made CAN Opener


  • Its blades are made with top-quality stainless steel
  • This has unbreakable sturdy handles
  • It is safe and easy to use the product


  • It is not dishwasher safe

Victorinox Opener

4. EzLife 2 in 1 Stainless Steel Bottle Opener:

If you are an avid chef and tend to experiment with different cuisines in your kitchen, then the EzLife bottle opener best fits for you.EzLife 2 in 1 Bottle & Can Opener with Stainless Steel


  • It is made with top-quality material
  • This is rust-resistant
  • It has smoother edges that save your fingers from getting cut


  • Users have said that it did not last them more than a few months


5. Victorinox Universal Can Opener:

This is another fantastic-quality and easy-to-use opener by Victorinox. It has a simple and universal design.Victorinox Universal Can Opener


  • It has a stylish design
  • With this tool, you can cut any design can
  • It has sharp blades that let you cut the can easily


  • It is an expensive product

Victorinox Universa

6. OXO Soft-Handled Can Opener with Good Grips:

This is one of the best can openers on this list. It is made with top-quality stainless steel that gives it excellent shine and durability.OXO Soft-Handled Can Opener with Good Grips


  • It has big cushioned handles, which are anti-slip
  • This has an oversized knob that makes cutting the can an easy task
  • Also, this has a grip-locking system that keeps the can on the rim
  • It features a magnet, which lifts the lid off making the hands-free disposal of the lid possible


  • It is really expensive


7. Cuisinart Electric Can Opener CCO-50BKN:

This is an excellent-quality electric can opener, which equips you with the precision-cut blade power.Cuisinart Electric Can Opener CCO-50BKN


  • It has a magnetic lid holder &  removable activation lever
  • It comes with a press-and-release lever for opening any standard-sized cans
  • Also, it comes with a simple & easy to use design


  • Users have complained that it is a fragile

Cuisinart Opener

8. OXO SteeL Can Opener 58081:

Oxo offers another silver built-in can opener it makes opening a can super easy and quick.OXO SteeL Can Opener 58081


  • It is equipped with an oversized soft knob that makes it easy to turn the wheel
  • And its wheel has sharp cutting edges
  • It has a durable construction


  • It is an expensive product

OXO 58081 Opener

9. Kuhn Rikon Master Can Opener with Auto Safety:

This is another best one, which makes opening cans easy, faster, and safer. If you buy this, you no longer have to worry about cutting your hands.Kuhn Rikon Master Can Opener with Auto Safety


  • It gets automatically attached to the can lid
  • This is a multipurpose product, capable of opening pops, bottles, cans, and more
  • It never touches the contents of the can making it a hygienic product


  • You cannot see the progress of the cutting. Once done and lifted, then only you can see the cutting

Kuhn Rikon Inch

10. EzLife 2 in 1 Bottle & Can Opener with 100% Stainless Steel:

This is another amazing product offered by life. It is used as a can & bottle opener.EzLife 2 in 1 Stainless Steel Bottle Opener


  • It is made of the 100% genuine stainless steel that gives extra shine and lustre
  • This is lightweight
  • It is a rust-proof


  • Users have complained that it is not a durable product



Canned foods bring lots of ease and fun into the preparation of your daily meal. When you have a can opener, you can open a variety of preserved vegetables, fruits, or main dishes in a matter of seconds.

You can buy any of the above can openers to prepare healthy and hygienic food at home. All of the above products are high-quality and highly rated. So, you must remain assured of their quality and performance.


What are the types of can openers?

There are two types- manual and electric.

What is the price of a can opener?

On average, the price of a can opener ranges from Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000.