Best Breast Pads In India-Buyers Guide

Breast pads or Nipple pads are useful breastfeeding accessory that is effortless to use and ensures comfort. It soaks the milk that comes out in between the feeding time and prevents unprepared leakage. Breastfeeding is one of the most essential parts of nursing a newborn. The World Health Organization recommends mothers breastfeed their children up to the age of two. In this period, mothers face a lot of physical changes.

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Which can initially introduce a lot of difficulties if they are not prepared with the essentials. When it comes to breastfeeding, hyperlactation, or overflow of breast milk, often cause mothers a whole lot of discomfort. To manage this overflow of breast milk women tend to use nipple pads. However, Nipple pads need to be changed more than six times a day.

Top 10 Best Breast Pads in India


List of breast pads

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1. LuvLap Ultra Thin Disposable Breast Pads LuvLap-Dis
2. Mee Mee Maternity Breast Pads Mee-Ultra
3. NatureBond Breast Pads naturebond
4. Ahc Washable Breast Pads Washable
5. Trumom (USA) Honeycomb Breast Pads Trumom-Ant
6. Pigeon Breast Pads 60 Pcs Pigeon-Brea
7. Mee Mee Absorbent Breast Pads
8. U-Grow Ultra Thin Breast Pads U-Grow
9. Chicco Anti-Bacterial Absorb Pads Chicco-Anti
10. Morisons Baby Nursing Pads Baby-Dream

Buyers Guide – Breast Pads

Women want to avoid embarrassing situations and the discomfort of leaking milk during their nursing period. To handle the unprepared flow of breast milk, mothers use Nipple pads.

There are a lot of varieties of Nipple pads so the question arises, how does one choose the perfect one based on your requirements? Everyone has their priorities and needs.

If you are in the last stage of your pregnancy or have given birth recently you will need superior-quality breast pads. You can easily tuck a disposable nursing pad inside your bra and you are good to go.

Here are a few things you should consider before buying breast pads:

  • Decide on what type of pads you want to use.
  • If you want cost-effective ones, then go for reusable pads as they can be used many times by washing.
  • Disposal pads are one-time pads and are good for traveling.
  • Check the materials of the pads before buying them.
  • Observe the price, comfort level, absorbency, and how discreet they are.
  • Make sure they allow your breast to breathe.
  • Go for the one which fits you well and prevents side leakage.
  • Choose antibacterial pads.

Features to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Breast Pad

Breast pads are usually made of organic cotton fleece, cloth, and composite materials. They mostly come in circular shapes with some cotton fabric layers that are super absorbent.

  • Nipple pads are indispensable as no one wants to go through the inconvenience of leaking breast milk.
  • They are ultra-thin and manage to be concealed under the outfit.
  • These pads are specifically designed to provide mothers with comfort and hygiene.
  • The pads are skin-friendly and non-itchy and assure dryness.
  • Mothers use the pads between their bra and nipple to protect their clothing from random milk leakage.
  • It is usually used during the last stage of pregnancy and early weeks after giving birth.

Types of Breast Pads

It comes in different sizes, shapes, qualities, and other features. Many women find the variety accommodating as they can choose among different kinds of pads and get the most suitable one.

There are commonly five types of breast pads:

Disposable Nursing Pads

  • These are one-time-use pads.
  • Disposable nursing pads can be a good option while traveling as you don’t have to wash and clean them.
  • They offer you dryness and comfort.
  • These pads need to be changed often to prevent any bacterial infection.
  • The expense of these particular pads, in the long run, is high.

Reusable Nursing Pads

  • You can use these pads over and over again for a long time by washing them.
  • They are cost-efficiently and eco-friendly.

Silicone Nursing Pads

  • They work differently as they do not absorb, instead, they put in gentle pressure on the nipple to prevent leakage.
  • They are made from flexible silicone and their sticky surface clings directly to your breast which makes them wearable with or without a bra.

Hydrogen Pads

  • These are used for healing, soothing, and providing relief to sore nipples.
  • They are usually kept in the refrigerator to deaccelerate their decomposition.

Homemade Nursing Pads

  • Nursing pads can be made at home by cutting up disposable diapers or sanitary napkins.
  • You can sew some layers of cotton fabric and absorbent material together.
  • This way, you can make your nursing pads at home and ensure the health of your skin.

How to use Breast Pads?

These are quite easy to use. Mums should know how to use them correctly so that they can prevent irritation, leakage, and bacterial infection, and keep their breast healthy.

Following are a few things to consider for proper usage:

  1. Remove the sticker from your pad if you are using an adhesive one and place it over your nipples.
  2. Put on your bra.
  3. You can use both maternity ones or normal bras.
  4. It prevents the sliding of the pads and holds them in the right place.
  5. If you have a heavy overflow of breastmilk then you should use thicker pads.
  6. Though it can be seen through your clothes, it is completely fine to use.
  7. If you are using reusable pads then clean them carefully before using them again.
  8. Change your pad when you notice it is wet. This may prevent irritation, leakage, and bacterial infection.
  9. Be gentle while taking off adhesive pads so that you don’t harm your breast skin.
  10. If it sticks to your breast, then apply some moisturizer to take it off.
  11. Don’t pull it hard try to take it off as gently as possible.
  12. Before putting on a new pad, clean your breast with warm water, and pat it dry.

If you notice that your pads are sliding then take a moment and reposition them so that leakage can be prevented.

Also, if you are going out take some extra pads with you so that you can change whenever you need to.

List of Top 10 Breast Pad Brands in India-Buyers Guide

1. Luvlap Ultra-thin Disposable Pads

If you are looking for long-lasting disposable pads then you should give these Luvlap ultra-thin disposable pads a try. They are very thin, cotton soft, and made from breathable fabric.LuvLap Ultra Thin Disposable Breast Pads


  • Low chances of sliding as it comes with non-slip adhesive tapes
  • The pads offer super absorbency and last longer while preventing leakage
  • Tremendously comfortable


  • Thickness is not enough for heavy flow
  • The peripheral lining isn’t good


2. Mee Mee Premium Disposable Maternity Nursing Breast Pads

These are made of soft and skin-friendly cotton material. They are very hygienically packed with each pad wrapped in a sealed plastic cover. Controls ultimate leakage and keep you fresh and ready to take on the world.Mee Mee Maternity Breast Pads


  • The pads have a soft inner lining for maximum comfort
  • Lightweight pads
  • Super absorbent and keeps you fresh


  • May slide inside your bra
  • The adhesive on the pad is not strong enough


3. Nature Bond Natural Bamboo Nursing Pads

These are high-quality, washable nursing pads. Ideal for nursing mothers with sensitive skin. They are beautifully packaged and come in five different colors.NatureBond Breast Pads


  • The pads are reusable, easy to wash, and can be used in the long-run
  • They are super soft and comfortable
  • Absorbency is up to the mark


  • The pads take time to dry after wash
  • They seem bulky


4. Ahc Washable Maternity Nursing Breast Pads

These come with a soft inner fleece layer for maximum comfort. Good for overflow and is completely leakproof.Ahc Washable Breast Pads


  • The inner fleece layer is non-abrasive and soft against the nipples
  • Super absorbent and ensures leakage prevention
  • Easy to wash and dries fast after wash


  • Starts to smell after two weeks of usage
  • Can make you sweat


5. Trumom Premium Breast Pads

These are skin-friendly and made from natural elements. It prevents any bacterial infection.Trumom (USA) Honeycomb Breast Pads


  • Antibacterial and ensures the safety of the skin
  • Cost-effective and free from chemicals and bleach
  • Soft and moisturizing


  • Thickness is not enough
  • The quality of the fabric is not impressive


6. Pigeon Breast Pads Honeycomb

The honeycomb lining traps excess breast milk quickly and spreads evenly keeping its form and shape.Pigeon Breast Pads 60 Pcs


  • These pads absorb well
  • Also, these pads stay dry all-day
  • They have leak-proof backing


  • The adhesive doesn’t work well
  • Not very comfortable to wear


7. Mee Mee Maternity Breast pads

These pads are made of soft and breathable bamboo rayon fabric. They are reusable and last long.Mee Mee Absorbent Breast Pads


  • The pads are comfy to wear
  • These absorb well
  • They moisturize the skin and prevent leakage


  • The pads take time to dry after wash
  • They are small in size


8. U-Grow Disposable Breast pads

These breast pads are of high quality, ultra-soft, and comfortable. They are also non-irritant on sensitive skin. This is a highly recommended product.U-Grow Ultra Thin Breast Pads


  • Super absorbent and prevents dampness
  • Stays in position and give a cozy feeling
  • Good on sensitive skin


  • The adhesive is not up to the mark
  • Low leakproof quality


9. Chicco Antibacterial Absorb Nursing pads

These antibacterial pads ensure the breast remains dry and prevents bacterial infection.Chicco Anti-Bacterial Absorb Pads


  • Non-irritant to sensitive skin
  • Absorbs well and is comfortable to use
  • Prevents bacterial infection


  • Lack of adhesiveness
  • Thickness is medium


10. Morisons Baby Dreams Breast pads

These are washable nursing pads and come in multiple colors.Morisons Baby Nursing Pads


  • Comfortable
  • Good for light leakage


  • Absorbency is poor
  • Smells after use



Mothers need proper care. To be able to nurse the newborn properly, mothers should pay more attention to their own needs. Therefore, pregnant women and new mothers need to know everything about nursing pads.

Nursing a baby is time-consuming, leading to mothers getting very little time to themselves. To prevent discomfort and to take proper care of their breast health, mothers need to go for quality breast pads.


Why are breast pads used?

Breast pads are used to absorb the milk that comes out in between the feeding time. It can be embarrassing and unhygienic if Nipple pads are not used. The pads prevent leakage and bacterial infection.

Is it good to use breast pads?

Yes, it is good to use the pads to prevent leakage. However, you should be careful while choosing the product and get one that will ensure your breast health. Get yourself comfortable and hygienic Nipple pads to keep yourself fresh and healthy.

Breast pads are made up of which material?

Breast pads are usually made of organic cotton fleece, soft fabrics, and other composite materials.