Best Bottle Openers in India Buyers Guide

A bottle opener is a mechanical device that helps in opening a glass bottle. Maybe it’s a corkscrew that is used for removing the cork stoppers. From wine bottles or metal caps that are usually used in glass bottles. Common bottle openers are generally used for removing the metal caps from glass bottles. The cap of the glass bottle is pleated around the rim and the metal cap is affixed around the neck of the glass bottle. This has a specialized lever. Also, check the buyer’s guide for Soda Bottle Openers, Beer Openers, Cigarette holders, Bottle openers, wine openers, Can Openers, and Cigarette Lightersin India.

The lever is inserted beneath the opener and the top of the opener is used as a fulcrum that is pivoted. It is made of plastic or stainless steel.

Top 10 Best Bottle Openers in India

List of bottle openers

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1. Dynore Steel Opener Dynore-Stainless
2. DFS 2 in 1 Whisky Bottle Shaped Opener with Fridge Magnet DFS-Plastic
3. PRO365 Casino Opener for Poker, Bar & Soda in Credit Card Size PRO365®-Casino
4. Crystal Stainless Steel Can Opener MKA011 Crystal-Stainless
5. PRO365® Casino Poker Soda or Beer Opener in Card Size PRO365-Casino
6. Exciting Lives Key Style Bottle Opener Cool Bar Accessory Exciting-Lives-Key
7. Electomania® Sommelier Opener Stainless Steel Cork Foil Cutter
8. Generic Pack of 2 Stainless Steel Finger Ring Beer Opener Generic-Stainless
9. Fancy Shoppee Opener in Beer Glass Shape with Fridge Magnet Fancy-Shoppee
10. Trokopoka Metal Vintage Style Opener Pack of 3 Vintage-Bottle

Buyers Guide – Bottle Opener

There are many factors that you must consider before purchasing a bottle opener. They are given below:

The Shape of the Bottle Opener

  • There are various shapes of the openers available in the market.
  • They can be shaped like a credit card, keychain, beer bottle, or even shaped like a ring.
  • You can select a shape that interests you the most.

Body of the Bottle Opener

  • There are made of plastic or stainless steel material.
  • Depending upon your requirement, you can either choose a metal or plastic body.

Multipurpose or single-purpose Bottle Opener

  • There are simple as well as multifunctional.
  • All-in-one benefits users a lot.
  • Single-purpose ones serve basic expectations.


  • It should ideally be lightweight.
  • The users should be able to carry it from one place to another conveniently.

Sturdy and Powerful

  • It should be sturdy and powerful which would ensure quick popping up of the bottle cap.

Easy-to-use and Durable

  • It should have a simple-to-use mechanism and should also last long.

Features of a Bottle Opener

A bottle opener has a good many features. The lip or tooth of the opener should be sturdy and sharp. If the lip of the opener is not sharp, it fails at opening the bottle’s cap quickly.

  • The basic design of openers serves its purpose well.
  • But nowadays, there are multipurpose openers that are capable of opening wine bottles, beer bottles, soda bottles, and more.
  • There are also stylish and funkier designs in the market today.
  • They can be ring-shaped, ace-shaped, key-shaped, bottle-shaped, etc.
  • There are also different sizes of openers.
  • Also, these are available in medium, large or small sizes.
  • It can be a cool bar accessory that increases the enjoyment of having a drink.

Types of Bottle Openers

Traditional or Standard

  • This is an elongated, simple-designed, which is about the size of a credit card.

The Key-chain

  • It has a key chain also attached to it making it handy, lightweight, and easy to carry.

Wall-mounted Bottle Opener

  • This can be mounted on the wall, usually in bars or restaurants, or even at home.
  • You just need to put the opener and pop up the cap quickly.

Knife Bottle Opener

  • This knife design includes a bottle opener.

Credit-card Bottle Opener

  • This is a widely-used opener, which is shaped and designed like a credit card.

How to use a Bottle Opener?

The bottle opener has a simple design and is also quite simple to use.

  1. It has a lever, which works to remove the cap of a bottle.
  2. The levers are usually solid, rigid, and powerful objects and the opener also has a fulcrum.
  3. When the arm of the lever is longer, it requires lesser power to open the cap of the bottle.
  4. The lever is placed under the pleated metal of the cap, and the fulcrum is placed on top of the cap
  5. Then the lever moved up with intensity and force, and the cap of the bottle is removed successfully.

List of Top 10 Bottle Openers in India Buyers Guide

1. Dynore Bottle Opener:

This is a simple stainless-steel credit card opener. You can easily open bottles stylishly and easily.Dynore Bottle Opener


  • Dynore Bottle Opener is made of good-quality stainless steel
  • This is a medium-sized credit-card
  • It has a good matte finish


  • It is too bulky to hold

Dynore Bottle Opener

2. DFS 2 in 1 Whisky Bottle Shaped Opener with Fridge Magnet:

This has a funkier design. It is an elegant whisky bottle-shaped opener as well as a fridge magnet.DFS 2 in 1 Whisky Bottle Shaped Opener with Magnet


  • DFS Bottle Opener made with good-quality plastic that does not break apart easily
  • The bottle is easily held and used
  • It has a sharp bottle


  • Users have complained that the product does not stick to the fridge

DFS Shaped

3. PRO365 Casino Bottle Opener for Poker, Bar & Soda in Credit Card Size:

This is a standard opener used to open all sorts of bottles – beer bottles, soda bottles, etc. The card design was specifically created for poker players to enjoy their games.PRO365 Casino Bottle Opener for Poker, Bar & Soda


  • PRO365 Casino Bottle Opener made with heavy-duty magnetic steel
  • It is a credit-card-sized opener whose centre looks like a playing card
  • This is a lightweight opener


  • It is not very easy to use

PRO365 Bottle

4. Crystal Stainless Steel Can & Bottle Opener MKA011:

This is a simple, but reliable opener used mostly in households. It has an elegant design and is made with food-grade metal. Also, it features a handy can opener.Crystal Stainless Steel Can & Bottle Opener MKA011


  • Crystal Bottle Opener is durable and environment-friendly.
  • This is easy-to-use
  • It is a multipurpose opener and has a sturdy plastic handle


  • It is heavy

Crystal Bottle

5. PRO365® Casino Poker Soda or Beer Opener in Card Size:

This is a top-quality, metallic, ace-shaped opener. This has a crafted hole in the centre, which helps in opening various bottle types.PRO365® Casino Poker Soda or Beer or Bottle Opener


  • PRO365 Steel Opener is a slim opener that can fit in your pocket as well
  • This is made with precision tooling and performs well
  • It is a cool accessory to flaunt in front of your friends


  • Not very easy to use


6. Exciting Lives Key Style Bottle Opener Cool Bar Accessory:

This is one of the most stylish openers out there. It looks like a standard door key. When you open bottles with it, the viewer’s jaw will drop in amazement.Exciting Lives Key Style Bottle Opener Cool Bar Accessory


  • Exciting Lives Bottle Opener made with nickel-hardened steel material
  • This is a well-designed, sturdy, and cool bar accessory
  • Also, this works amazingly well


  • Users have said that they had to practice a lot before using it correctly

Exciting Opener

7. Electomania® Sommelier Knife Style Opener Stainless Steel & Foil Cutter Economy Choice for Waiters & Bartenders:

This is an economical choice for bartenders and waiters. It is an all-in-one product that features a foil cutter, corkscrew, wine opener as well as a bottle opener.Electomania® Sommelier Knife Style Bottle Opener Stainless


  • Electomania Bottle Opener comes with an ergonomic design and is made of carbon steel
  • This is double-hinged & used to open a wine bottle quickly
  • It blends the features of a corkscrew and a foil cutter
  • This is a lightweight and easy-to-carry product


  • Users have said that it is not sturdy

Electomania Bottle

8. Generic Pack of 2 Stainless Steel Finger Ring Beer Openers:

This is a stylish ring-shaped opener that is made in China. You can simply place your hand above a bottle, fit the cap and lift it quickly.Generic Pack of 2 Stainless Steel Finger Ring Beer Bottle Opener


  • An innovative design nicely fits into the ring finger
  • You pop up caps easily in an instant
  • Users can carry it easily anywhere


  • If you open too many bottles at a go, it will hurt your hands

Generic Opener

9. Fancy Shoppee Bottle Opener in Beer Glass Shape with Fridge Magnet:

It’s a fancy and stylish beer glass-shaped opener as well as a fridge magnet. It is a great accessory to add to your bar.Fancy Shoppee Bottle Opener in Beer Glass


  • Fancy Shoppee Bottle Opener is powerful enough to open bottle caps
  • You get a firm grip on the glass, which ensures you do not hurt your hands
  • This is a durable product


  • Users say it slips from the hand


10. Trokopoka Metal Vintage Style Opener Pack of 3:

This is a vintage-designed opener that has a rustic and old classic look. It adds elegance and classiness to the bar.Trokopoka Metal Vintage Style Bottle Opener Pack of 3


  • Trokopoka Bottle Opener made with good-quality stainless steel material
  • This has a simple design
  • It is an easy-to-use product


  • It is a basic product

Vintage Bottle Opener


It is not a hidden fact that we love funky or cute-looking openers as much as we love a cool drink. Here we have listed some of the best bottle openers. They are stylish, functional, yet cool, and modern-looking openers.

If you like cute little funny designs of openers, our top vote goes to the ‘Exciting Lives Key Opener – Cool Bar Accessory’.


What are the types of bottle openers?

There are different types of bottle openers. They include the standard simple design, key chain, wall-mounted, knife, and credit card.

What is the price of a bottle opener?

On an average basis, the price of the opener ranges from Rs 100 to 200.