Best Body Wash in India-Buyers Guide

There is no doubt that beauty products are one of the most demanded industrial products. From beauty soap and face wash to creams and body wash, as new products are coming, the industry is booming every year. Online shopping sites offer you thousands of brands and products with different kinds of features made specifically for one unique problem. The body wash is one of the most bought beauty items. The body wash is a quick refreshment during the bath that comes with an aromatic smell.

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Top 10 Best Body Wash in India-Buyers Guide

List of Body Washes

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1. Dove Deep Body Washes for Softer Skin Deep Body Wash for Softer Skin
2. NIVEA Men Shower Gel for Full Body Men Shower Gel for Full Body
3.  PEARS Eco-friendly, Natural Body washes Eco-friendly, Natural Body wash
4.  Men’s’ Charcoal Body Washes Men’s’ Charcoal Body Wash
5. Palmolive Gel Based Body Washes Gel Based Body Wash
6. Peppermint Oil Body Washes Peppermint Oil Body Wash
7. WOW Skin Science, Shea Butter, Foaming Body Washes Shea Butter, Foaming Body Wash
8. Hydrating Luxury Body Washes Hydrating Luxury Body Wash
9. Men Body Wash for De-tanning Men Body Wash for De-tanning
10. MARTIN refreshing Shower Gel for Men Refreshing Shower Gel for Men

Features of Body Wash

  • All beauty washes come with unique advantages and features.
  • Body washes show great results when being used with a loofah.
  • With loofah and the softness of body washes, you can get perfect exfoliated skin.
  • With their soothing effects, they help you to have a relaxing shower time, especially after a long day! Also, unlike soap bars that can make your skin very dry, body washes help to keep the skin hydrated for a longer time.
  • Also, body washes are travel-friendly, you will no longer have to carry those soggy soaps anymore.

Types of Body Washes

  • Body washes are a refreshment treat to your body and they all come in different types of fragrance and ingredients.
  • Somebody washes come in the form of gel, often called body gel.
  • These body gels come in mostly transparent colorful colors.
  • They use water as the main ingredient and after mixing, cleanse your body perfectly! Some shower gels come in the form of creams and they very much look like body lotions.
  • These shower creams nourish your body and offer perfect moisturization. Other bodies wash types are foam-based body washes and body scrubs.

Buyer’s guide for Body Wash

  1. Always check what ingredients your body washes have.
  2. Notice if your body washes have at least one of these moisturizing agents: Vitamin E, aloe vera, some kind of oil, or butter.
  3. Check if the product has any harmful chemical substance that might cause problems on sensitive skin.
  4. Always refer to reviews and recommendations from the comments, they can be a great help from experienced customers.

How to use Body Wash?

  1. Using bath accessories like loofah or washcloth can be a great help whenever you will need a good exfoliation.
  2. On the other hand, using gentle ways like hands is perfectly fine for skin to give a smoothing and glow effect.
  3. If you have run out of your bubble bath mix, you can always mix one to two caps of body washes in your bubble bath.
  4. Instead of direct contact, mix body washes or gel in some amount of water to avoid direct contact with chemicals with your skin.

List of Top 10 Best Body Washes in India-Buyers Guide

1. Dove Deep Body Wash for Softer Skin, 800 ml

Dove Deep Body wash for softener helps to nourish the skin deeply and gives a smoother skin. It is gentle on your skin and helps to maintain the skin’s hydration.

Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash


  1. It has a gentle formula.
  2. Offers a complete cleansing.
  3. It penetrates 3 deep layers.



  1. It is hard to lather up.
  2. A little different from soap foam.


2. NIVEA Men Shower Gel for Full Body, 500 ml

NIVEA Men Shower Gel is a men’s body wash. It is specially made to purify microparticles on the skin and can be used on the body, face as well as hair.

NIVEA Men Body Wash


  1. It deeply cleansed the skin and hair
  2. This offers a lasting freshness
  3. It provides deep skin-care



  1. Micro beds cause discomfort
  2. Might has poor packaging


3. PEARS Eco-friendly, Natural Body wash, 250 ml

Pears Naturale Ecp-friendly body wash offers the goodness of glycerin. This body wash is dermatologically tested, eco-friendly, and gives a soap-free, hydrated effect.

Pears Naturale Brightening Pomegranate Bodywash


  1. Offers a 100% natural pomegranate
  2. It has risen essential oil
  3. It gives a glowing effect



  1. Not usable for face
  2. Comes in a small quantity


4.  Men’s Charcoal Body Wash, 300 ml by Mamaearth

Mamaearth Charcoal wash has the goodness of mint and charcoal that offers very deep cleansing. Mint helps to soothe the skin and keeps it fresh all day.

Mamaearth Charcoal Body Wash


  1. It gives smooth and supple skin.
  2. This has oat amino acids.
  3. It has antibacterial properties



  1. A medium quality product
  2. It has a strong smell.


5. Palmolive Gel Based Body Wash, 750 ml Pump

Palmolive Luminous oil is one of the most natural oils that offers 100% natural fig oil with the goodness of white orchid extracts and gives a radiant skin glow.

Palmolive Luminous Oil Rejuvenating Body Wash


  1. It helps to tighten the pores
  2. It helps to enhance the skin
  3. Offers a mild fragrance



  1. The scent doesn’t last
  2. It’s a bit expensive


6. Peppermint Oil Body Wash, 275 ml by ST. D’VENCE’

It comes with the goodness of peppermint oil and gives a natural fragrance. It also helps to find bacterial infections.

ST. D'VENCÉ Tea Tree Body Wash


  1. It helps in blood circulation.
  2. Enriched with expensive ingredients.
  3. Fights fungal infection.



  1. Not usable on hair
  2. Has a non-lasting smell.


7. WOW Skin Science, Shea Butter, Foaming Body Wash, 250 ml

It comes with beautiful ingredients like shea butter and argan oil. It lathers up fast and leaves skin feeling clean, smooth, and soft.

WOW Skin Science Wild Aqua Foaming Body Wash


  1. Offers goodness of shea butter
  2. Helps to fade the scars
  3. It is rich in fatty acids



  1. Not usable for hair
  2. Has a very light smell


8. Hydrating Luxury Body Wash 300ml by THE LOVE CO.

It is a 100% vegan and paraben-free body wash that has a mesmerizing smell. It leaves the body with deep hydration and moisturization.

THE LOVE CO. Luxury Oudh Body Wash


  1. It nourishes dull skin
  2. Gives a rich and clean bath
  3. Offers natural & supple skin



  1. It has a light smell
  2. Has very little foam


9. BEARDO Men Body Wash for De-tanning, 200ml

This Beardo body wash comes with the goodness of coffee and aloe vera extracts to give a perfect de-tan look and keep the body nourished.

Beardo De-Tan Body Wash for Men


  1. Helps to renew the body
  2. Enriched with healing properties
  3. Easy to apply



  1. The pump is of medium quality
  2. Has less quantity


10. MARTIN refreshing Shower Gel for Men 500 ML by Lovne

This Martin bodywash comes with various scents of sandalwood, aloe vera, and coconut. Its ingredients help with a deep cleansing and lasting smell.

MARTIN Body Wash


  1. Contains beneficial skin oil.
  2. It has rich foam
  3. It leaves skin fresh



  1. Not usable for hair
  2. Not suitable for sensitiveness



Body washes are affordable and they are perfect to keep your skin hydrated for a longer time compared to any average bathing soap.


Which is the best body wash?

The one that has more natural ingredients like aloe vera or coconut oil is the best for the skin.

What is a body wash used for?

Body washes are used to keep skin smooth, hydrated, and fragrant.

What is the price of the body wash?

A typical price range for a body wash is Rs.200 to Rs.2000