Best Body Butter in India-Buyers Guide

Shea butter, coconut oil, and other vegetable-based oils and butter are common ingredients in body butter. It is distinguished by its thickness, which is more than that of body lotions and moisturizers. Body buttercream, whether used all over or only on problem areas like elbows and knees, is proven to be more effective at nourishing and rejuvenating dry skin. The body butter will be your best skincare friend during the winter months. If you’ve been using a light body lotion, now is a good time to switch to creamy butter.

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Top 10 Best Body Butter in India-Buyers Guide

List of Body Butters

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1. The mom’s co. natural buttercreams mom’s co. Love without compromise natural body butter
2. M caffeine Choco body buttercreams  M caffeine Choco body butter 
3. Wow Himalayan rose body buttercreams Wow Himalayan rose body butter
4. Urban Botanics nature care body buttercreams  Urban botanics nature care body butter
5. The body shop British rose buttercreams The body shop British rose body butter
6. Body cupid wild strawberry buttercreams Body cupid wild strawberry body butter
7. Dove body bounce body buttercreams Dove body bounce body butter
8. Plum body living body buttercreams  Plum body living body butter
9. Amazon solimo body buttercreams  Amazon solimo body butter 
10. The bath store strawberry body buttercreams The bath store strawberry body butter

Features of Body Butter

Body butter is a multi-purpose moisturizer. You can use it on your face, body, feet, or hands. This has numerous advantages, making it an excellent choice for your skin. It has a variety of benefits, including the following:

  • This hydrates and smoothens your skin.
  • Wrinkle reduction.
  • Sunburn, eczema, and rashes are all relieved by using this product.
  • Protects the skin by forming a barrier.
  • Vitamins and antioxidants help to nourish your skin.
  • This reduces and avoids stretch marks.

Types of Body Butter

Unlike a moisturizing lotion, which is either a gel-based or cream-based fluid, a body buttercream made with organic components usually has a semi-solid consistency at room temperature. There is a variety of body buttercream with excellent features. They are:

Shea Butter

  • Shea buttercream is made from the fruit of the karite or shea tree, which is typically found in central Africa.
  • This material is entirely natural and contains cinnamic-acid esters, which are proven to protect the skin from harmful UV rays while also smoothing it.

Almond Butter

  • The earthy almond nuts produce a natural butter residue that is high in vitamin E and omega 6 fatty acids, which are good for your skin.
  • These ingredients have excellent emollient properties, which help to heal dry, devastated areas while also increasing skin suppleness and reducing the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite, and dented folds and tissues.

Mango Butter

  • This is fortified with antioxidant vitamins C and A.
  • Dark spots, suntans, and discoloration are reduced by mango butter, revealing a more even skin tone.

Cocoa Butter

  • Cocoa butter is popular among people due to its therapeutic effects.
  • This rich, creamy combination is a godsend for a dry scalp, preventing dandruff and pollutants while also washing the skin tissues on the head and stimulating hair follicles for a strong, silky, and lustrous mane.

Kokum Butter

  • Kokum butter is an absolute cure for excessive dryness in the skin, thanks to its goodness of organic fatty acids, antioxidants, and a slick, easy-to-apply consistency.
  • This buttercream, made from the seeds of the sour kokum fruit, soothes irritated skin in eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea patients.

Buyer’s guide for Body Butter

Before you buy body butter for yourself you need to consider a few things:

  • To find out what is in it, read the label.
  • Body buttercream comes in a variety of formulations, including normal, dry, and oily skin.
  • Before purchasing body buttercream, consider the state of your skin. Choose a non-comedogenic butter, for example, if you have sensitive skin.
  • Think about how you live. Choose one with an SPF if you’ll be spending a lot of time outside.
  • Elbows, knees, hands, legs, neck, and feet benefit from body buttercream in the cold.

How to use Body Butter?

  • Applying buttercream after your regular shower or bath is the ideal method to utilize it. After you’ve finished showering, use a towel to pat your body dry. Keep a small amount of moisturizer on your skin and avoid fully drying it.
  • Then, directly on your skin, apply a generous scoop of buttercream and gently massage it in until it’s completely absorbed. If your skin feels dry during the day, add another layer on top.
  • Pay extra attention to your elbows, knees, hands, and feet when applying your buttercream. These regions are more susceptible to dryness, and butter will help to heal them.

List of Top 10 Best Body Butter Brands in India-Buyers Guide

1. The mom’s co. Love without compromise natural body butter

This Natural Buttercream is filled with Cocoa and Shea Butter, as well as hydrating oils, to help nourish and hydrate the skin deeply.

The mom’s co. Love without compromise natural body butter


  • Stretch marks from pregnancy are relieved by using this product.
  • Extremely Dry Skin is relieved with this product.
  • This is beneficial in the case of itchiness.


  • It contains some chemicals.
  • It may cause some irritation to sensitive skin.

mom’s co. Love without compromise natural body butter

2. Mcaffeine Choco body butter with caramel

The Choco Buttercream has been professionally tested and has been shown to improve skin hydration for up to 72 hours.

M caffeine Choco body butter with caramel


  • Rich and luscious aroma.
  • The price is quite reasonable.
  • Skin that is dry and drab revitalizes


  • It is a bit greasy.
  • It is not suitable for extra dry skin.

M caffeine Choco body butter

3. Wow Himalayan rose body butter

The exotic scented WOW Skin Science Himalayan Rose Buttercream will energize your dry skin and freshen up your senses.

Wow Himalayan rose body butter


  • This brightens your skin.
  • This contains rose essential oil.
  • It has aloe vera extract that retains moisture.


  • It has a very strong smell.
  • It does not have a butter consistency.


4. Urban Botanics nature care 4 in 1 body butter bioactive skincare

Only the finest natural ingredients are used to create this Body butter.

Urban botanics nature care 4 in 1 body butter


  • This is cruelty-free.
  • It cures stretch marks.
  • This penetrates deeply to nourish your skin.


  • This is a bit heavy on the skin.
  • It may feel a bit sticky.


5. The body shop British rose body butter

This velvety-soft moisturizer is beautifully iridescent and light to the touch with moisture content.

The body shop British rose body butter


  • Moisture for 24 hours straight.
  • It’s best for skin types that range from normal to dry.
  • It instantly transforms skin giving it a healthy shine.


  • The texture is a bit thin.
  • It is not long-lasting.


6. Body cupid wild strawberry body butter

Body buttercream is formulated to combat dehydration, dryness, and the indications of aging.

Body cupid wild strawberry body butter


  • It does not clog pores.
  • This is best for supple skin.
  • This is of premium quality.


  • It takes time to soak up.
  • Not very moisturizing.


7. Dove body love supple bounce body butter

This Dove body care contains a plant-based moisturizer that has been dermatologically tested and is safe for daily use.

Dove body love supple bounce body butter


  • This is paraben-free.
  • This gives elasticity to the skin.
  • This is very light.


  • This does not stay long on the skin.
  • This required to be applied in large portions.


8. Plum body living vanilla vibes body butter

A thick, yet light Plum body buttercream that goes on smoothly and keeps moisture locked in for hours.

Plum body living vanilla vibes body butter


  • It has a light vanilla fragrance.
  • This is vegan.
  • This is non-greasy.


  • The smell fades away soon.
  • It is a bit pricey.


9. Amazon solimo body butter chocolate for lasting moisture

Solimo Chocolate body buttercream is a daily skincare elixir that leaves skin feeling silky soft.

Amazon solimo body butter chocolate for lasting moisture


  • This rejuvenates your skin.
  • This is ideal for daily use.
  • It retains the moisture of your skin.


  • The skin moisture is not lingering.
  • This may be not fit for an extra dry skin condition.


10. The bath store strawberry sparkle body butter

This Body Buttercream not only moisturizes dry skin but also aids in the removal of dark spots and unwanted marks.

The bath store strawberry sparkle body butter


  • This lightens dark spots.
  • This revives your skin.
  • This repairs your aging signs.


  • The smell is not very pleasing.
  • It may irritate damaged skin.



Body butter is a good choice for women in the cold. Body butter not only has grown in popularity, but it also has various benefits beyond simply moisturizing your skin. It’s critical to choose a body butter that not only matches your skin type but also improves the texture and tone of your skin while hydrating your entire body. One liberal scoop of body butter slathered all over our bodies can increase the general health and nourishment of our skin.


What does body butter do?

Body butter is a great moisturizer for your face and body. It deeply nourishes and rejuvenates your skin leaving it smooth and soft.

Which is the best body butter?

The best body butter is Urban Botanics nature care 4 in 1. This is considered best as it contains all the natural ingredients and it nourishes your skin from within without any side effects.

What is the price of the body butter?

The body butter price starts from Rs. 90 and rises to Rs. 43,500 approx. The price varies due to the quality of the body butter.