Best BMW Bicycles in India-Buyers Guide

A bicycle is a vehicle that you have to pedal manually to move. They contain two wheels and there is a seat that is attached to the body. In line with the seat, there is a steering handle to steer the bicycle. There are various brands that manufacture bicycles including BMW. BMW Stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke. It manufactures luxury motorcycles, bicycles, and vehicles, supplying all around the world. It is based in Germany. BMW bicycles are usually two-wheelers and are suitable for both, sprinting and cruising purposes. They are best for fitness freaks, for example, who prefer to exercise and travel by cycle instead of automated vehicles. Bicycles are also the favorite of athletes, cyclists, and kids.

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Top 7 Best BMW Bicycles in India-Buyers Guide

List of BMW Bicycles

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1. Safari Enterprise bike Safari Enterprise bike
2. Hitech B.M.W Bicycle Hitech B.M.W Bicycle
3. N&C creation bicycle N&C creation bicycle
4. Generic Mountain bike Generic Mountain bike
5. Generic folding mountain bike Generic folding mountain bike
6. Generic hitech foldable bike Generic hitech foldable bike
7. BMW mountain bike BMW mountain bike

Features of BMW Bicycle

  • Bicycles usually have similar and identical features.
  • The wheels are placed in line and attached to the metal frame.
  • The front wheel is attached to a metal fork, which is connected to the steering handle, and therefore can rotate to change directions.
  • The pedals are attached beside the seat and are attached to cranks and chain wheels, which transmit power as the rider pedals.
  • Some bicycles have gears and can change the speed, effort, and effectiveness of paddling.
  • Aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium, steel, etc usually make up the body of the bicycles.
  • There are also brake handles at the front of the steering handle.
  • Usually, there is a disc braking system on most bicycles.

Types of BMW Bicycle

  • Many types of bicycles exist. Cruise bikes are one type of cycle of BMW.
  • They usually have balloon tires and upright seating positions.
  • They usually move at a constant speed and are best for city traveling.
  • Folding bikes are also available.
  • You can fold them in a compact form so that it is easy to transport them from one place to another.
  • E-Bikes are another type of bicycle.
  • They have an electric motor either in the form of a throttle or to assist the rider’s pedal.
  • They are best for fast traveling at minimum time.
  • M-Bikes on the other hand are slightly upgraded version of the normal BMW bikes and offers unique designs and greater comfortability.

How to use BMW Bicycle?

  • It may take some time to learn how to ride bicycles.
  • Firstly, you must sit on the saddle or the seat and grab the handle to steer directions.
  • Next, rotate your feet on the pedal to increase speed.
  • The faster you rotate the pedal, the greater will be the speed.
  • In the case of E-bikes, you can just rotate the throttle or motor.
  • For the brake, you must pull the brake bars attached in front of the steering handle.
  • The quicker you pull, the more the intensity of the brake will be.
  • To change gears, there are buttons or levers available on the steering handle and you can increase or decrease gears accordingly to adjust your speed.

Buyer’s guide for BMW Bicycle

You must consider several factors when purchasing a bicycle.

  • Firstly, you must check the material of the bicycle body.
  • The harder the material, the more durable will be the bicycle.
  • Materials like steel, titanium, etc are guaranteed to be more durable.
  • Next, you must purchase the type of bicycle best suited for you.
  • For day-to-day traveling, cruiser bikes are the best option.
  • For greater speed and less effort, E-bikes are the best.
  • Next, check the other features such as gears, brakes, size, etc.
  • Also, you must make your buying decision according to your budget and affordability

List of Top 7 Best BMW Bicycles in India-Buyers Guide

1. Safari Enterprise bike

This is a foldable cycle and has a slim design and mac wheel features. It is a city bike and has a standard disc brake system

Safari Enterprise bike


  • They have impact absorbing tires and thus provide a comfortable ride experience
  • It is very durable since steel makes up the body of the bicycle.
  • They are foldable, making them portable and easy to manage


  • You need to assemble some parts before you can use the bike
  • It is suitable for children only and can run only on roads


2.  Hitech B.M.W Bicycle

This is a foldable bicycle and is perfect for children. They have the capability to run at high speeds and are suitable for school children

Hitech B.M.W Bicycle


  • It has a 1-year warranty
  • This has steel wheel rims and a lightweight steel frame to withstand any damage
  • It has a low maintenance


  • It is currently unavailable in the stores
  • It has single speed only feature


3. N&C creation bicycle

This is an adult bike and is perfect for sporty people who are looking to take their biking experience to another level. It is a perfect fit for racing purposes

N&C creation bicycle


  • This has 21 gears and therefore you it has a wide range of speed adjustments.
  • It has a carbon steel frame
  • It has a dual suspension and is very lightweight


  • It is suitable only for adults.
  • You need to assemble it first.


4. Generic Mountain bike

This is a 26-inch high bicycle and has a gear and disc brake system. It is even usable in uneven terrain.

Generic Mountain bike


  • High carbon steel is used to make the body, which is very durable.
  • It has shock absorbant features, providing you with a comfortable ride
  • It has magnesium tires


  • It is delivered in semi-assembled condition and you must assemble it before use.
  • It is currently unavailable in the market.


5. Generic folding mountain bike

This is similar to the previous bicycle and has similar features. It is suitable for roads but also good for uneven terrain. High-quality material is used in the making of the bicycle.

Generic folding mountain bike


  • It has 26 inches tires, which makes it extremely easy to handle.
  • This has a foldable frame, making it portable and easy to transport and store.
  • It has a hydraulic suspension in addition to a mudguard and bottle holder


  • You must assemble it before use
  • It is also currently unavailable in the market


6. Generic Hitech foldable bike

These bicycles are best suited especially for kids’ usage and are foldable. It can run at high speeds and is suitable for roads

Generic Hitech foldable bike


  • It has a 1-year warranty
  • It has a robust frame and has the highest quality components
  • They are easy to balance and handle


  • They are relatively expensive as compared to other bicycles
  • They are only best suited for kids and may not be usable by adults.


7. BMW mountain bike

This is a 26-inch high mountain bike and you can even fold them for greater ease. It is available in white color and has various features.

BMW mountain bike


  • It has a weight of 150 kg and is extremely durable
  • It has double disc brakes
  • There is a 15-30 day right to return the product


  • You cannot pay cash on delivery and must pay in advance to the company.
  • Some people may find it very heavy and therefore difficult to handle



Therefore, you can say that BMW bicycles are perhaps one of the bicycles available in various types and features. When choosing between different brands, you must consider the pros and cons of each type of bicycle. You must consider various factors such as durability, material, quality, brand, etc before deciding which bicycle is best for you. You will find this article very helpful in getting this information.


Which is the best BMW bicycle?

Many factors determine which is the best BMW bicycle. If you are looking for race bicycles, then E-bikes are the best for you. Cruise bicycles on the other hand are perfect for people who have day-to-day traveling. Other than this, the price can also be a deciding factor amongst many customers about their opinion of the best BMW bicycle.

What is the price of a BMW bicycle?

The price of a BMW bicycle can vary from Rs 1200-2000 and depends on many factors such as quality, durability, brand, material, etc