The market for Bluetooth speakers in India steadily growing. Bluetooth speakers are extremely popular especially among youth and are an excellent choice for listening to music anywhere on the go. These speakers are becoming technologically more advanced in the form of smart speakers which can be voice controlled for audio playback. The market for smart speakers grew by 43% in the second quarter of 2018. Due to the various choices available in the market, it becomes difficult for consumers to select the best speakers for themselves. This article provides details on the working of Bluetooth speakers, differences between Bluetooth and Wi-fi speakers, considerations for buying speakers, and the review of best Bluetooth speakers available in the Indian market.

How Bluetooth Speakers Work

Bluetooth speakers work on the same principle found in your car stereo system. The sound wirelessly transmitted from the source via waves and received by the Bluetooth earpiece. It uses short wavelength UHF radio waves which range in the ISM band of 2.4 to 2.485 GHz and builds a Personal Area Network (PAN). Once the speaker receives the data which sent either via cable or wirelessly, it converts the data to audio. After receiving and converting the data to audio, the inbuilt amplifiers in the Bluetooth speakers are used to playback the audio.

Wi-Fi Vs Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are coming with inbuilt wi-fi feature these days. The major difference between Bluetooth and wi-fi speakers that while Bluetooth speakers let you connect your devices to play music, wi-fi enabled speakers to allow you to stream music over the internet. Wi-fi enabled speakers can be controlled from your mobile phone provided you remain in the range of your router’s signal. Another advantage of such speakers that the music keeps playing even if you take a call on your phone which not the case with only Bluetooth speakers. Only Bluetooth enabled speakers to have a much shorter range which can go up to a maximum of 30 feet away from the receiver for playing audio. Overall, it a better choice to purchase wi-fi enabled speakers as it helps you get the most out of the speakers.

What to Look for While Buying Bluetooth Speakers

There are many different models of Bluetooth speakers available in the Indian market. Due to varying technical specifications and features, it generally becomes confusing to select the best speaker for an average customer. You can consider the following features before buying Bluetooth speakers:

Sound Quality

The most important factor which needs to be assessed before buying a Bluetooth speaker is its sound quality. You should check the sound quality and how the speaker is able to reproduce vocals, bass, and treble. You should purchase a Bluetooth speaker depending on your usage. If you plan to use it for parties and occasions then the sound should be loud and it should not deteriorate or crack when the volume is increased. Sound quality also depends on your perception so it is recommended to check the speaker performance and sound quality to your satisfaction before you buy it. You can check the power of the Bluetooth speaker which is measured in watts. The higher the power, the higher the loudness of the speaker.

Build Quality and Portability

You should check the build quality of the Bluetooth speaker before buying it. It should be sturdy and made of good quality material which will ensure its durability and longevity.  One of the most important factors when purchasing a Bluetooth speaker is to check its compactness and portability. It should ideally be lightweight and compact which can be carried along easily from one place to another. You can also carry it along during travel for enjoying your favorite music on the go. A Bluetooth speaker which is too bulky or heavy has very limited usage as it cannot be carried along.


Drivers are the key component for any speaker and require your attention before deciding which speaker to buy. You should check the drivers and try to buy the best possible drivers in your budget. Ideally, you should look for a decent sized driver which is also powerful to provide you the best results and sound quality with your Bluetooth speaker. Normally speakers will have driver sized between 30mm-40mm. However, if you are a music buff, then you should opt for bigger sized drivers. The number of drivers used and the placement of drivers inside a speaker also plays an important role in the final sound quality delivered by it. Speakers which have twin driver setup produce a loud and clear sound which ranks them ahead of the competitors.

Bluetooth Version

The Bluetooth version used and supported by a speaker greatly impacts its overall sound quality and performance. It plays a critical role in audio transmission. You should look for Bluetooth version which allows you to connect multiple devices to your speaker simultaneously. Always remember that the distance between your multimedia device and speakers also depend on the version of Bluetooth which the speaker supports. You should try to look for Bluetooth V 4.0 at the minimum which can allow you to connect your devices to the speakers up to a distance of 60 meters. Higher or the latest version of Bluetooth provides faster data transfer, longer range, easier pairing, and less power consumption.


The utility and convenience of a Bluetooth speaker also determined by its charging style and options. If you plan to carry your Bluetooth speakers outside, then a USB cable is important for charging it. Speakers these days also come with a micro USB charging port which allows you to charge them by using power banks.

Smart Speakers

Technology is making drastic changes to Bluetooth speakers and making them do things which were not possible a few years ago. Many Bluetooth speakers now are becoming smart speakers and can be voice controlled. You can control the speakers and their functioning through your voice by integrating it with assistants like Alexa or Google Home. Smart speakers minimize manual operations

Connectivity Options

Considering the different connectivity options provided by a Bluetooth speaker is important while evaluating different speakers for buying. In addition to the wireless connectivity, you should also look for wired connectivity option to make better use of your speakers. You can even connect devices which do not support Bluetooth technology to your speaker using the wired connectivity option. You should ensure that the Bluetooth speaker comes with an auxiliary input for wired connection. Some of the speakers also come with other wired connectivity options like HDMI and optical fiber. A wider range of connectivity options also provides you the flexibility of connecting more devices which ensures that you make the most of your Bluetooth speaker.

Water Resistance

Bluetooth speakers have evolved and become technologically sound over time. Some speakers now come with water resistant features which allows you to use it near water also. If you are planning to organize a poolside party or event then a speaker which is water resistant is a perfect choice. It provides you complete peace of mind to use your Bluetooth speakers in such a setting without worrying about it getting damaged due to water.

Frequency Response

The Frequency response is another important factor which you must pay attention to before buying the best Bluetooth speaker for yourself. Frequency response measured in Hertz and wider the frequency response, the better will be the sound quality and overall performance of a Bluetooth speaker. Wider frequency range allows you to listen to sounds with different frequency ranges thereby enriching your listening experience. The audible range for humans range between 10Hz-20,000Hz and you should ensure that your Bluetooth speakers take up this entire frequency range for you to get the best quality audio output. Frequency response also depends on the hearing abilities and age of the listener. Different persons have the different hearing ability and it depends on their age also. Hence, you must consider your age and listening ability while looking for the perfect frequency response.

Additional Features

Bluetooth speakers come with other additional features like remote control which lets you control it from a distance. It makes it convenient and ergonomic for you to control the speaker. They also come with a hands-free speakerphone feature. You can take your phone calls directly on the speaker with the help of Bluetooth. Hands-free speakerphone feature allows you to do your other tasks while listening to the music or being on the call. Wi-Fi models of speakers also provide you the flexibility of listening to online music services which makes listening to music more fun. Some Bluetooth speakers also come with visual effects to make your party more fun. They exhibit lighting or water dance effects on the outside which lets you party in this visual lighting effects.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Reviewed

You can consider buying any of the Bluetooth speakers discussed below:

1. JBL Flip 4 Portable Wireless Speaker

The JBL is a trusted name in the speaker industry. JBL Flip series Bluetooth speakers are very popular in the Indian market.

  • This speaker built using high-quality materials which is sturdy and also lightweight which make it a perfect and portable speaker.
  • The speaker works on 3.7 volts and ensures that you get the best and loud music for your parties.
  • It has a dual external passive radiator which provides you awesome bass experience.
  • It houses a powerful 3000mAh battery which can last easily for 12 hours of non-stop playback. The battery takes only 3.5 hours to get completely charged.
  • It comes with an echo canceling speakerphone which will give you crystal clear calling experience.
  • This speaker designed to be waterproof and comes with the IPX7 waterproof technology. You do not have to worry to use it on poolside and beach parties as it won’t get damaged from water.
  • Easily integrated with Siri or Google Assistant to enable voice recognition and control.
  • This Bluetooth speaker is available in the market for Rs 7,799."<yoastmark

2. Sony SRS-XB30/BC-IN5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sony is a world-renowned brand for audio equipment and speakers and is very popular in the Indian market. the Sony SRS-XB30/BC-IN5 Bluetooth speakers pack the following key features:

  • This speaker specially designed for people who love loud music and EDM.
  • It uses extremely powerful drivers which provide it with the exceptional and deep bass which is very punchy and the highlight of this speaker.
  • Speaker connected to different devices and comes with one-touch listening technology.
  • The speaker has an 8,800mAh battery which provides you 24-hours of non-stop audio playback. This is one of the highest playback time for any Bluetooth speaker in the Indian market.
  • The speaker aesthetically designed and comes in various colors.
  • It is available in the market for Rs 9,998.

    Sony SRS-XB30 BC-IN5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    Sony SRS-XB30 BC-IN5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

3. Bose SoundLink Mini II Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Bose is perhaps the most definitive name in the speaker industry. This speaker from Bose comes with the following features:

  • The sound quality is truly excellent with incredibly deep bass and vocals.
  • The sound is crystal clear and the speaker also features audio boost which is another advantage.
  • This speaker provides you a 9-meter range for listening to music from your connected devices. It also comes with volume altering keys.
  • It is lightweight and compact and can be easily carried along anywhere.
  • You get 10 hours of continuous play time with this speaker.
  • This is a premium Bluetooth speaker and is priced at Rs 12,960.



4. Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Bluetooth Speakers

The Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker comes with the following key features:

  • It is a very handy and portable speaker which is convenient to carry along anywhere.
  • The speaker provides you 360-degree sound which provides for an awesome audio experience.
  • This speaker has 15-hours of battery life and a range of 100 feet which is very good for Bluetooth speakers.
  • It also comes with the waterproof IPX7 technology which enhances its utility.
  • You can also search your favorite music online through voice control technology.
  • This speaker from Ultimate Ears is priced at Rs 10,990.
Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Bluetooth Speakers

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Bluetooth Speakers