Best Digital Blood Pressure Monitors in India Buyers Guide

The BP Machine(Blood Pressure machine) is one such must-have device. It offers the benefit of keeping you conveniently updated on your blood pressure hence directly reduces the risk of fatal conditions like a stroke or a heart attack. Awareness of one’s blood pressure levels will, therefore, prompt immediate medical attention where necessary as well as provide a reliable monitoring system that can identify any changes in blood pressure whether minute or drastic.

It is also quite advisable to obtain at least two separate values in a single day that can be used to make comparisons. Here we have also listed the Glucometers in India, Treadmills, Yoga Mats, Ab rollers, foam rollers, Glucometers, skipping ropes, & its buyers’ guide.

6 Best BP Machines in India-Buyers Guide


List of the blood pressure machines

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1. Omron Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor HEM 7120 Omron-Automatic-Intellisense
2. HealthSense Fully Automatic Upper Arm Digital BP Monitor Health-Sense-Classic
3. Dr. Trust USA Digital Automatic Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Machine Dr-Trust-Language-Automatic
4. MCP BP115 Automatic Digital BP Monitor with USB Port MCP-Automatic-Digital
5. ELKO EL-510 Fully Automatic Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Machine ELKO-Automatic-Pressure
6. AccuSure Blood Pressure Machine BP Monitoring AccuSure-Blood-Pressure

Buyer’s Guide – Blood Pressure Machine

The perfect device should cater to each person’s needs without any compromises. For instance, the automated pressurization is definitely attractive for those afflicted with diseases such as arthritis since it requires no manual input.

  • Generally, however, the modern era demands automation for just about everyone on any device.
  • Additional features and accessories can also appeal to different individuals in different regions.
  • Such as power sources like rechargeable batteries, lower voltage demands, and of course the quality of the user interface.
  • The benefit of it, however, is that each device can be evaluated based on user experience by simply seeking out reviews from consumers who have actually used the product before.
  • The standard blood pressure monitoring device’s designs come with a few recommendations from health experts particularly concerning consistent usage to retain more accurate evaluation patterns.
  • Since the blood pressure readings can be distorted by eating, medication intake, and even regular showers.
  • Therefore, better to maintain a particular schedule before any of these activities to minimize the distortions, preferably in the morning or late in the evening.

Types of BP Machines

The introduction of electronic operation and monitoring also brings in additional features such as data tracking and history storage for users.

Blood pressure monitoring devices come in two main types:

Aneroid Type

  • The more accurate types are the aneroid which comes with a rubber squeeze, dial indicator, and a stethoscope for the observer.
  • In order to discern the heartbeat although their analog and manual nature is not always convenient for its users due to the required manual input.

Digital Type

  • The machines vary widely when it comes to measuring locations depending on the manufacturer’s design.
  • Although the upper arm region is considered to be the best location for precise readings.
  • And the digital varieties, however, provide more display accuracy which eliminates interpolation practices.
  • Automatic or semi-automated inflation is also convenient as it avoids aggravating the patient with manual operations and maneuvers.

Why We Need Blood Pressure Machine?

Awareness of one’s personal health is definitely critical in ensuring wellness. Having the correct devices to monitor health conditions and evaluate health indexes should, therefore, be a priority for every household. Contrary to common belief, this is necessary for both the elderly citizenry and younger individuals.

How to Use a BP Machine?

You need to have the knowledge of BP machines in order to get the proper results. The working process usually takes about a minute but more advanced devices can take much less time.

  1. The typical modern BP machine is quite simple to use.
  2. The sensing cuff attached to the appropriate body section such as the upper arm region depending on the design.
  3. The cuff must be secured properly to avoid false reading and distortions.
  4. The size of the cuff itself is also important in order to avoid any false readings.
  5. The user guide for each machine will properly detail the correct attachment procedure and conditions for usage depending on the manufacturer’s specifications.
  6. Once attached, the cuff inflated by a manual inflator on the aneroid BP Machine.
  7. And by an automatic pressurizer on the digital ones activated by a simple selection on the digital interface.
  8. The resulting reading displayed as soon as the device senses it and recorded or stored as desired.

List of Top 6 Digital Blood Pressure Monitors in India

Now you know the features, the buyer’s guide, and the types of bp machines on the market. But it’s difficult to find the proper one. So, to make your selection easier, here you have a top 6 list of the best blood pressure machines available in the market along with their features.

1. Omron Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor HEM 7120

This Omron BP Machine is specifically designed for home use rather than commercial. It comes with a 5-year warranty and quality guarantees are an indication of the sturdy nature of the device. This is testified by the thousands of users who have had first-hand interaction with the unique Omron products.

Omron Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor HEM 7120
Omron HEM 7120 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor


  • Omron Blood Pressure Machine featuring a very user-friendly interface.
  • And fully automated operation that yields the most accurate readings at any given time.
  • It is pretty handy when it comes to keeping track of blood pressure levels.
  • This blood machine is quite simple to operate.
  • Also, you can simply wrap the cuff to the upper arm snugly and prompt the reading to commence.
  • It has an impressive irregular heartbeat detector as well as a general cardiovascular condition detection feature which gives it an edge over other generic BP monitoring machines.

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

2. HealthSense Fully Automatic Upper Arm Digital BP Monitor

This bp machine is from the HealthSense brand. And it’s a digital blood pressure monitor. This machine comes with a warranty of 1 year.

HealthSense Fully Automatic Upper Arm Digital BP Monitor
HealthSense Heart-Mate Upper Arm Digital BP Monitor


  • HealthSense Blood Pressure Machine is a fully automated machine.
  • It comes with an efficient and accurate digital display that employs advanced sensing technology.
  • Also, it comes with a pretty convenient user manual that articulates the finer usage specifics.
  • It is fitted on the upper arm section for the best sensing efficiency and also used in a convenient 5-6V adapter.

Health Sense BP Monitor

3. Dr. Trust USA Digital Automatic Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Machine

This particular machine is from Dr. Trust’s brand & its a unique for its dual language and voice interaction features. It has thousands of reviews on amazon which makes it a tried and tested gadget from both local and abroad consumers.

Dr Trust USA Digital Automatic Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Machine
Dr. Trust USA Digital Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Machine


  • Dr. Trust Blood Pressure Monitor is not just digital and fully automatic but it also comes with smart technology capabilities.
  • It comes with complementing accessories like the digital thermometer, batteries, and alternate cuffs featuring portable 12cm by 10cm by 18.5cm dimensions.
  • Also, it comes with universal ports for USB and other microdevices.
  • Simply put, it can communicate via the digital networks to any other device interfaces or data servers.
  • The most attractive selling point of the device is the enhanced heart irregular beats detection which utilizes fuzzy algorithms.
  • The bp apparatus is quick-acting without compromising the readings in any way.

Dr.Trust Blood Pressure Machine

4. MCP BP115 Automatic Digital BP Monitor with USB Port

This is from the MCP brand & it is one of the most talked-about products on the market. It has quite a number of positive reviews on the market. As a final touch, the device designed to suit WHO system regulations for quality purposes.

The fairly priced model offers two varieties one talking and the other non-talking & it makes it convenient for the illiterate or visually impaired.

MCP BP115 Automatic Digital BP Monitor with USB Port
MCP BP115 Blood pressure measuring machine with USB Port


  • MCP BP is fully automated as implied by its designation with a precise and convenient digital display.
  • It comes with a top-of-the-range pumping mechanism which is noise-free and highly efficient in delivering the air pulses to the cuff for pressure and heart rate measuring.
  • This helps in both clear to read and quite easy on the eyes. The model also comes with USB connection ports which makes it quite versatile.
  • The device’s processor is also quick and efficient to deliver error-free measurements.
  • Also, the 2 user memory features enable its users to utilize the device without interfering with each other’s data.
  • Its blood pressure apparatus design of the attached cuff promises a comfy fit that requires less contact pressure to sense and deliver results without any compromises.

MCP Blood Pressure Monitor

5. ELKO EL-510 Fully Automatic Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Machine

ELKO 510 is also capable of picking up any anomalies such as a non-sequential heartbeat pattern as well as any involuntary disruptive body movements. These are immediately followed by a cautionary message to rectify and redo the assessment.

Also, this blood pressure monitoring device is modern awe that comes with the typical full automation and digital display features. It comes in a grey or white variation. The quite convenient dual user memory can take up to 120 data sets for each user.

ELKO EL-510 Fully Automatic Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Machine
ELKO EL-510 Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor


  • ELKO Blood Pressure Machine made with the traditional oscillometric technology which uses an impressive array of pressure sensors to detect the vibrations in the walls of the arteries.
  • It comes with a convenient universal cuff that can easily fit any arm-sizes without having to fit in a new one every time a different user wants to measure their blood pressure.
  • This is fitted on the upper arm regions, just above the elbow location.
  • It promotes more effective sensing abilities that minimize errors and sensing glitches.
  • The sensing and display process takes no more than a minute which ensures more accurate reading and fewer error chances.
  • It makes the machine both accurate and entirely reliable for domestic use too.
  • Also, it gives a very detailed range from optimal to hypertension.
  • The selected indication system for the device is fully WHO compliant.

ELKO Blood Pressure Machine

6. AccuSure Blood Pressure Machine BP Monitoring

This device is from the Accuser brand & it offers top-of-the-range performance with an automated interface and a clear accurate digital display system.

AccuSure Blood Pressure Machine BP Monitoring
AccuSure Blood Pressure Monitoring Machine


  • AccuSure Blood Pressure Machine is a classic example of innovative health equipment for domestic purposes.
  • It utilizes a quite large display monitor for easy interpretation.
  • Also, the device operated with an arm using heart rate sensors that can pick up the slightest flutter.
  • So that it improves the comfort characteristics of the attachment.
  • History tracking option to keep track of any outstanding changes in blood pressure levels.
  • And the memory feature offers ample storage for two users of up to 60 readings.

AccuSure Blood Pressure Machine


Finally, you have successfully reviewed the Top 6 Best Blood Pressure Machines available online. So, it should be easy for you to determine which one best suits your requirements. The quality always guarantees the usage of the product.

First of all, you need to check the features of the most popular blood pressure machine online before purchase. Above all options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the best bp machine along with valuable benefits.