Best Blind Curtains in India-Buyers Guide

To make any home feel comfortable and cozy, choosing the perfect blind curtains is vital. Blind curtains have been a feature in homes and other buildings for centuries. Looking back into history, the ancient Egyptians invented an early form of blinds by taking individual reeds together with string. The ancient Chinese made their version of blinds out of bamboo. However, it was the Persians who finally brought blinds to Europe.

The term Venetian blinds come from Venice, where the first blinds became popularised. Today we have many different styles of blind curtains to suit any décor or lighting requirements. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best window Blinds in India.

Top 10 Best Blind Curtains in India

List of Blinds

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1. Kurtzy Roll-up Bamboo Curtain Kurtzy-Bamboo-Curtains Kurtzy-Bamboo-Curtains
2. Hippo Fabric Roller Blind Hippo Fabric Roller Blind Hippo Fabric Roller Blind
3. TCLPVC Bamboo Blind TCLPVC Bamboo Blind TCLPVC Bamboo Blind
4. Flora Bamboo Roll-up Blind Flora Bamboo Roll-up Blind Flora Bamboo Roll-up Blind
5. Moonga Polyester Curtains Moonga Polyester Curtains
6. Calcutta Vertical Blinds Calcutta Vertical Blinds
7. Bamboo Net Curtains Bamboo Net Curtains Bamboo Net Curtains
8. Avika Bamboo Chick Blind Avika Bamboo Chick Blind
9. Dhori Bamboo Roll-up Blind Dhori Bamboo Roll-up Blind
10. HeeMo Bamboo Roll-up Blind HeeMo Bamboo Roll-up Blind

Features of Blind Curtain

  • Blind curtains come in an assortment of materials, designs, and textures.
  • Each variation gives a different design aesthetic and function to suit any particular home.
  • Blind curtains can have a simple construction consisting of slats connected by a string or single fabric sheets.
  • Each blind has a wire or thread which lifts the whole blind and changes the position of the slats.
  • Moving the slats allows different amounts of sunlight to pass through.
  • Blind curtains may also have a waterproof and anti-dust coating to improve durability and easy cleaning.

Types of Blinds

  • There are many types of blind curtains.
  • The types of blinds available are the wooden variety produced from wood or bamboo.
  • Then, there are blinds with metal or plastic slats.
  • Other types of blinds feature a solid material blind, either knitted cotton or polyester.
  • Blind curtains also come in a variety of sizes to fit any window or door.
  • Additionally, the size can be customized or manufactured ready-made, depending on what your needs are.

Buyers Guide for Blind Curtains

  • When choosing the perfect blind curtains, you need to consider a few factors: firstly, you need to measure the windows or doors.
  • Then, you will need to decide if the blinds need to be customized.
  • Next, you should think about your privacy and light requirements.
  • Decide whether the blinds are purely functional, or is there a particular design you need? Another aspect to think about is if the blinds have any child protection features.
  • Lastly, consider cleaning and care and which blinds are the best to keep clean.

How to use Blind Curtain?

  • Blind curtains are easy to operate. Once you have found the right blinds, either gather the correct tools or hire a contractor.
  • Blind curtains stay in place by a frame at the top where the strings run through.
  • When you have measured a window or door for fitting, find the correct size or have a blind customized.
  • Then, to fit the blinds, figure out which way the blinds must roll open.
  • Next, drill holes where you want to fix the support bracket of the blind.
  • After you have installed the blind, open it by pulling down on the dedicated wire or thread.

List of Top 10 Best Blind Curtains in India-Buyers Guide

1. Kurtzy Roll-up Bamboo Curtain

The Kurtzy roll-up bamboo curtain is easy to operate blind with environmentally sustainable bamboo.

Kurtzy Roll-up Bamboo Curtain


  • It is made from naturally sustainable bamboo
  • This is easy to install
  • It can help keep a cool temperature inside


  • Kurtzy only produces read-made blinds
  • This blind is not suitable for outdoor use


2. Hippo Fabric Roller Blind

This Hippo roller blind has high-quality knitted fabric. It comes with a pre-fitted frame and locking system.

Hippo Fabric Roller Blind


  • It has a locking system
  • It consists of quality HDPE fabric
  • This is easy to mount and install


  • This blind does not diffuse sunlight
  • It is expensive compared to similar products


3. TCLPVC Bamboo Blind

This TCLPVC bamboo blind is perfect for all weather conditions.

TCLPVC Bamboo Blind


  • The rope and bamboo come from natural sources.
  • It is easy to install
  • The size of the blind is customizable


  • It has a bland design for the high price
  • It has no locking system


4. Flora Bamboo Roll-up Blind

The Flora roll-up blind comes from high-quality bamboo. It is waterproof and can withstand dust build-up.

Flora Bamboo Roll-up Blind


  • The materials used to make the blinds are environmentally friendly
  • It is dust resistant
  • This bamboo blind is waterproof


  •  It only comes in one piece per package
  • It can be tricky to install


5. Moonga Polyester Curtain

These Moonga curtains are 100% polyester and made from dust-resistant, waterproof fabric. It also has child protection with a chain connector.

Moonga Polyester Curtain


  • It has waterproof, dustproof, and anti-static fabric
  • It is easy to clean
  • There is a child safety feature


  • There are fewer color choices for this range of blinds
  • It will not suit all room types.


6. Calcutta Vertical Blinds

The Calcutta blinds corporation produces blinds made from lightweight polyester fabric. Also, these blinds offer UV light protection.

Calcutta Vertical Blinds


  • It has treated fabric for dust prevention
  • The blinds protect from UV light
  • It is easy to keep clean


  • Installation can be tricky without expert help
  • The price only includes one blind curtain


7. Bamboo Net Curtains

Here we have a functional bamboo net curtain perfect for providing shade and privacy.

Bamboo Net Curtains


  • It provides good shade from sunlight
  • It works both indoors and outdoors
  • This is built from quality bamboo


  • It is not easy to install
  • It has an expensive price tag


8. Avika Bamboo Chick Blind

The Avika bamboo chick blind curtain is easy to clean and made from the best bamboo. It is perfect for privacy and helps diffuse sunlight.

Avika Bamboo Chick Blind


  • It has quality-grade bamboo construction
  • This provides privacy and sunlight diffusion
  • It comes in a variety of sizes


  • It is only for indoor use
  • It does not have a locking system


9. Dhori Bamboo Roll-up Blind

Here we have a roll-up blind by Dhori made for outdoor use. It’s made from premium quality bamboo in a sleek design.

Dhori Bamboo Roll-up Blind


  • The roll-up blind has superb craftsmanship
  • It is waterproof
  • It is built purposely for outdoor use


  • This blind only works indoors
  • It is expensive


10. HeeMo Bamboo Roll-up Blind

The HeeMo bamboo blind has a simple design and is easy to install. The bamboo is sourced naturally and offers UV protection from sunlight.

HeeMo Bamboo Roll-up Blind


  • It offers UV protection and diffuses sunlight
  • The blind is easy to clean and control dust build-up
  • It is at an affordable price


  • This blind is not waterproof
  • It does have a locking system or child protection



No matter your tastes or requirements, there is a perfect blind curtain to suit your needs. They come in a variety of styles and materials and offer a range of privacy and shading. We have seen that bamboo blinds are popular and have many features. They come in various styles and textures, and they are easy to clean and maintain. Whether you are looking for functionality or a stylish, warm ambiance, there is a perfect blind for you.


What type of blinds is in style 2021?

Trends in blind curtain styles in 2021 vary depending on where you are in the world. Currently, the most in style blinds are the roller shades and drapery panels.

What is the cost of blinds?

Blinds can range from a low price to tremendously expensive. It depends on your tastes. Prices for blinds start at around 700 INR to over 3500 INR.

What are the best blinds?

The best blind curtains depend on your individual needs. However, the best value for money is the Avika Bamboo Chick blind.