Best Bike Tyre in India Buyers Guide

There are many tubeless tyres available online for motorbikes. The bike tyre has wider grooves and durable rubber or nylon. These bike tires let you drive the vehicle for many years without any worries about changing the tires. Also, these rubber tires transfer better mass and are safe for wet or dry roads. The higher NSD and continuous grooves at the center ensure safe driving. You can select from many brands. Most of the MRF tyres price is a little expensive because of the high quality. Thus, you can check our buying guide and top ten list for the best ideas. Also,

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Top 10 Best Bike Tyres in India-Buyer Guide

List of Bike Tyres

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1. Ceat Milaze Bike Tyre Ceat Milaze Bike Tyre
2. TVS Tyres ATT455R TVS Tyres ATT455R
3. apollo ALPHA Tyres apollo ALPHA
4. Metro Conti Go Tyres Metro Conti Go
5. Ceat Zoom XL Tyres Ceat Zoom XL
6. MRF Nylogrip Zapper Tyres MRF Nylogrip Zapper
7. Apollo Actizip S1 Tyres Apollo Actizip S1
8. MRF Zapper Tyres MRF Zapper
9. JK Tyre BLAZE BR31 Tyres JK Tyre BLAZE BR31

Features of Bike Tyre

  • You will find the bike tyre of many brands to be compatible with each other.
  • Some of the bike tyres are for the front and some for the rear.
  • Some tires can fit both. Also, there are wider grooves with more rubber mass.
  • The narrower tires are best for dry and wet roads.
  • These provide more fuel economy and handling.
  • Most of the tires manufacture in India.
  • So, you can be sure of warranties and local services if the brands offer them.
  • These tubeless tyre for motorbikes is stable and have better road grips.

Types of Bike Tyre

  • There are tires with wider grooves, innovative tread patterns, and nylon casings.
  • The tubeless bike tyre has more life because of minor wear and tear.
  • So, these have a better mass transfer.
  • Some of the bike tyres have thicker rubber.
  • There are tires with a higher NSD. Also, these use connected blocks.
  • The treads have unique patterns for better road stability and grip.
  • Plus, the MRF tyres price compensate for the quality it offers.
  • Other brands also produce wide or narrow tubeless tires with various grooves and tread structures.

Buyers Guide for Bike Tyre

  • The tubeless bike tyre comes from many brands.
  • Therefore, you can check the compatibility before buying the bike tyres.
  • There are tyres for the front and rear sides.
  • Hence, you can check if it is for the front or back end.
  • The thicker the rubber mass and broader the tire, the more fuel it will burn.
  • So, always go for a balance. When it comes to favored companies, MRF tyres price is high like all others.
  • So, you can buy from any other brand that seems economical.

How to set up a Bike Tyre?

  • Some tires can fit the rear and the front.
  • However, some bike tyres are only to use with either the front or rear rim.
  • So, you can check the compatibility first.
  • You will find tubeless tires costly because they have a longer life.
  • Also, these have better rubber mass and road grip.
  • If you cannot afford these, you can go for the tube ones.
  • The MRF tyres price is better when making the performance comparison.
  • Plus, there are many other good brands.

List of Top 10 Best Bike Tyres in India-Buyers Guide

1. Ceat Milaze Bike Tyre

The Milaze tire has a high NSD with blocks that connect each other. There is a center groove with continuing shape. It is why it transfers better mass. The size of these bike tyres is 61.7 x 8 x 61.7 centimeters.

Ceat Milaze Bike Tyre


  • CEAT Bike tyres are tubeless.
  • There are deep grooves for the shoulders.
  • The tire is durable.


  • It is for the rear.
  • The price is high.


2. TVS Tyres ATT455R

TVS Tyre is compatible with Honda Unicorn, Dazzler, and APACHE bikes. There is a high-quality compound for better road grip. Also, it has a durable casing for the best stability and handling.

TVS Tyres ATT455R


  • TVS Tyres are best for dry or wet roads.
  • There is a quality compound.
  • The shoulders have a rounded shape.


  • It is expensive because it is a tubeless tire.
  • You cannot use it with all bike models.


3. Apollo ALPHA Tyres

apollo ALPHA Tyre is a tubeless radial tire with a steel belt. You can fit it at the rear of the bikes. Also, the tire has a section width of 140mm. The size of the rim is 17 inches.

apollo ALPHA


  • It has a wide radius.
  • The tire has a better road grip.
  • There are unique treads and blocks.


  • It can make the vehicle consume more fuel.
  • The price is high.


4. Metro Conti Go Tyres

You can use it for Yamaha Fazer and Honda CBR bike models. The tire uses a new cross-ply for all-around performance. Also, it has an engaging tread structure.

Metro Conti Go


  • You can use it for all weather conditions.
  • It uses a new cross-ply.
  • There are attractive tread shapes.


  • It is not for all motorbikes.
  • The tire is pricey.


5. Ceat Zoom XL Tyres

Ceat Zoom XL Tyre has a lightning look for the tread designs. You can use these bike tyres for Yamaha bikes like Fazer, FZ, SZ, and YZF models. The tire provides control when speeding. Therefore, there is better handling and stability.

Ceat Zoom XL


  • It is best for high-speed bikes.
  • The tires have eye-catching tread shapes.
  • It provides balance when speeding.


  • You can use it with some bikes.
  • The price is high.


6. MRF Nylogrip Zapper Tyres

This tubeless bike tyre is for Royal Enfield Classic bikes. The tire has better traction and road grip. So, you can ride the bike on wet or dry roads. It has a 110mm wide section.

MRF Nylogrip Zapper


  • The tire has a 110mm section width.
  • It provides a better road grip.
  • There is more durability and life.


  • It is not for every motorbike.
  • The tire is expensive.


7. Apollo Actizip S1 Tyres

There is more steering control and stability when driving fast. So, it is best for high-speed bikes. The tire is tubeless and compatible with Honda Maestro and other models.

Apollo Actizip S1


  • There is high stability when speeding.
  • The tire is skid-resistant.
  • It manufactures in India.


  • It is not universally compatible.
  • The tire is a little pricey.


8. MRF Zapper Tyres

This MRF tyres price is high because of the high-quality materials. The tires use a tube and have a 110mm wide section. Also, it has wide lateral grooves.

MRF Zapper


  • The tire is 110mm wide.
  • There are durable materials.
  • It has more life.


  • You can use it for Royal Enfield bikes.
  • The cost is high.


9. JK Tyre BLAZE BR31

It is a tubeless bike tyre with a size of 40 x 40 x 10 centimeters. You can use it for urban and rural roads. Also, it provides better traction, braking, and driving comfort.



  • There is an Optimum Bridging Technology.
  • It has cross-over directions for the grooves.
  • The tire provides smooth cornering.


  • You cannot use it with all brands and bikes.
  • It is a bit pricey.



The RALCO bike tyres are tubeless and of high quality. There is high NSD, and all of the materials are nylon. Plus, there is a robust nylon casing. The tire has unique patterns for the treads.



  • It has reliable performance.
  • There is a nylon casing.
  • It is a tubeless tyre.
  • There are distinctive patterns for the threads.


  • It is expensive.
  • The tire is not for heavy bikes.



There are many bike tyres online to buy for the front or the rear. Also, there is a high-quality tubeless bike tyre. These have a long life because of enduring rubber and nylon materials. One of the famous brands MRF produces quality wheels for bikes and scooters. Plus, the tyre price depends on the type and quality of the tires. Other brands also offer premium tread and groove designs. Therefore, you can read the best ten recommendations in the top ten list.


How do I choose a bike TYRE?

You can refer to the size of the tire and its compatibility with the front or rear. Also, these have size information on the surface for checking.

Which Tyres are best for a bike?

The tubeless tires with a balance of width and rubber mass are the best choice.

What is the price of a bike TYRE?       

The price is between 1,000 INR to 4,000 INR.