Best Bicycle Helmets in India-Buyers Guide

Everyone knows that wearing a bicycle helmet when you cycle is a must. Safety is a priority regardless of whether you are exercising or just having fun. It can be difficult finding the right design of helmet for your cycling needs.

They are all different with different features and deciding without any facts is not the easiest thing to do. You will likely be unhappy with the product that you bought and think that it is not a good product if you don’t do your research and buy the right kind. Also check the list of Helmet locks, Atlas cycles, Racing cycles, Hero Ranger CyclesHero Electric Bicycles, Electric Battery Cycles, Lady BicyclesFirefox cycles, Jaguar Bikes, BMW Cycles, Hercules Cycles, Hero Cycles, Gear Cycles, Montra CyclesUrban Terrain Cycles, Kids cyclesCycle Tyres, Cycle Air PumpsTubeless Tyres, Tubeless Tyre Puncture repair kits, car puncture repair kits, Bicycle Puncture repair Kits, Tyre Inflators, Vaccum Pumps, Bike Tyres, Michelin Tyres, Ceat Tyres, MRF Tyres, Bicycle Lights, Bicycle HelmetsBicycle Tyres, Bicycle Air pumps, scooters for Kids, Jaguar bikes, tricycles for kids, best ladies’ helmets, Men’s helmets & helmet cameras online in India.

The truth is, all cycling helmets are great, they are just not all made for everyone. For this reason, we decided to make your life easier and give you all the facts to help you make your decision.

Top 10 Best Bicycle Helmets in India-Buyers Guide

List of bicycle helmets

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1. Cockatoo CPH Polypropylene Bicycle Helmet Cockatoo-Profe
2. Strauss Bicycle Helmet for Cycling Strauss-Cycling
3. Joovy Noodle Helmet X-Small Joovy-Noodle
4. jaspo Multi Utility Sports Helmet for Skateboarding, Cycling & Skating Jaspo-Sports-He
5. Nivia New Cycling Helmet Nivia-Medium
6. KUYOU Helmet for Cycling with Dry Slope Protective Gear KUYOU-Skateboard
7. Jaspo Secure Sports Helmet
Jaspo Pink
8. KAMACHI Cycling Helmet Colour May Vary Kamachi-MV21BHL
10. JERN 7 Pieces Kids Children for Roller Skating & Wrist Guard Set JERN-Kids-Protect

Buyers Guide – Bicycle Helmets

Choosing a great model for you is dependent on not only the size of your head but also where and when you will be cycling.

  • You want to choose the right size because tight helmets can be extremely uncomfortable and loose-fitting ones can easily fall off.
  • In both cases, it will not be doing the job it is intended to do and that is keeping you safe.
  • Deciding the design, you want is also important because some designs work better in certain situations than others might not.
  • You might want a built-in visor to protect your eyes from the sun if you like cycling during the day.
  • You may want more ventilation for added comfort.
  • Some helmets for mountain biking have the added option of protecting the whole face.
  • If you want to record your cycling session, you can even find models that have a mount where you can clip in cameras or even little lights.
  • Another important factor to consider is the material that is used to make the device.
  • Some materials, like plastic, are more brittle than others.
  • If you know you are likely to take a few hard falls, getting a helmet made of more durable material is advisable.

Features to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Bicycle Helmet

  • Besides preventing head injuries, helmets have other features to make cycling more comfortable.
  • Ventilation gaps make sure your head does not get sweaty when you ride around.
  • They are added purely for comfort, which is great because no one would want to use helmets if they were too uncomfortable.
  • However, the disadvantage of designs that have too many ventilation holes in them is that they can affect the strength of the structure.
  • Solid helmets tend to be stronger than those with holes in them.
  • These holes can also disrupt the airflow over your head, which can make smooth riding difficult.
  • Overall, bicycle helmets are designed to comfortably provide safety when you are doing what you love most.

Types of Bicycle Helmets

There is an abundance of types and styles to choose from when shopping for a bicycle helmet.

The main types are:

  • Recreational bicycle helmets are designed to give you very basic protection when cycling for fun.
  • Road bicycle helmets have the added feature of being lightweight as well as aerodynamic to give you some extra speed.
  • Mountain bicycle helmets focus most of their protection on the back of your head because there is more chance of a mountain biker falling backward than forwards
  • There are many other options in the market as well and these include commuter, endure youth, child, toddler, BMX, and Chrono helmets.
  • They all have their own advantages and disadvantages as well as safety features.

How Does a Bicycle Helmet Work?

Helmets are easily put on and taken off by placing them onto your head and clipping the straps together. This will make it fit snuggly on your head and prevent it from falling off during your training or leisure.

  1. These devices are designed to make sure that if you fall, you get away with only a few simple scrapes and bruises.
  2. The general design of these products is a hard-outer shell, a spongey inner lining, straps, ventilation openings, and a clip to secure the helmet on your head.
  3. The basic working mechanism of a bicycle helmet is the spreading of vibrations that are caused by impact.
  4. When your head hits the ground or any other surface with a helmet on, the hard outer layer of the helmet functions to spread the vibrations throughout the rest of the device.
  5. As these vibrations are being spread out, the softer inner part of the helmet works as a shock absorber to erase the vibrations.
  6. This works together to make sure that the minimal amount of impact vibration reaches your head, protecting it.

If you were not wearing a helmet, the impact would be focused on the part of your head that hits the ground which can easily result in brain-damaging injuries.

List of Top 10 Bicycle Helmets online in India-Buyers Guide

1. Cockatoo CPH Polypropylene Bicycle Helmet

The polypropylene design makes a great product that will keep your head safe in any situation.  The 21 ventilation holes will keep you cool, and a visor protects your eyes from the sun.Cockatoo CPH Polypropylene Bicycle Helmet


  • Cockatoo Bicycle Helmet comes in a variety of colors & adjustable for a proper fit.
  • 21 ventilation holes for comfortable, cool riding
  • Moisture control pads are included to keep your head dry


  • The plastic frame is not the most durable

Cockatoo Skatingcockatoo-adjustable

2. Strauss Bicycle Helmet for Cycling

This helmet can make cycling much safer without getting in the way. An aerodynamic design allows you to go fast with minimal resistance. The inner lining is designed to be breathable to keep you cool.Strauss Bicycle Helmet for Cycling


  • Strauss Helmet comes with a lightweight and adjustable design,
  • And that lightweight design makes it easy to use
  • 18 ventilation holes keep you cool and prevent sweating


  • The top plastic layer is quite thin

Strauss Helmetstrauss cycling

3. Joovy Noodle Helmet in X-Small Size

This design provides complete coverage for children aged one and older. It is vibrantly colored An extended visor will protect your child’s eyes from the sun during day rides.Joovy Noodle Helmet X-Small Size


  • Joovy Bicycle Helmet comes with an adjustable fit dial to tighten and loosen the helmet.
  • 14 ventilation holes keep you cool with good moisture control
  • An adjustment dial makes size adjustments quick and easy


  • The buckle can be fragile if you are not careful


4. Jaspo Multi Utility Sports Helmet for Skateboarding, Cycling & Skating

These helmets are designed for children and can come in a few different sizes. The aerodynamic design and breathable inner foam will give you one of the most comfortable rides of your life.jaspo Multi Utility Sports Helmet for Skating


  • Jaspo Multi Utility Helmet has great impact resistance to protect the entirety of the head.
  • Multiple vents keep you cool
  • A flexible strap makes it great for boys and girls


  • The inner lining is made of brittle material


5. Nivia New Cycling Helmet

This comes with an inner shell made of expanded polystyrene, shock absorption in this device is very good. Ventilation ducts provide adequate airflow to make riding as comfortable as possible.Nivia New Cycling Helmet


  • Nivia Bicycle Helmet made with good shock absorption materials
  • Good ventilation because of the ducts
  • Also, this is quite lightweight.


  • It is not adjustable in the way that other designs are

Nivia-Helmetnivia cycling

6. KUYOU Bicycle Helmet for Cycling with Dry Slope Protective Gear Suitable for 1-6 Years Old Boys

The lightweight design will keep your children safe when they are out and having fun. An adjustable chin strap allows you to tighten or loosen the helmet to fit properly.KUYOU Bicycle Helmet for Cycling with Dry Slope Protective


  • KUYOU Bicyle Helmet made with well ventilated along with vents throughout the model.
  • Adjustable chin straps make it easily adjustable to fit well
  • Ventilation ducts keep you cool when riding


  • Material is so lightweight it might not be durable enough


7. Jaspo Secure Sports Helmet:

This adjustable helmet is durable and flexible to protect every child. It is also lightweight and easy to put on and take off, so you don’t always have to help your child put it on.Jaspo Secure Sports Helmet


  • Jaspo Helmet comes with multiple ventilation holes make moisture control easy.
  • Also, these holes make cycling much more comfortable.
  • An aerodynamic design lets you speed past people using other brands
  • The lightweight design gives you added comfort


  • Thermocol is quite brittle and can break easily if a hard fall occurs


8. Kamachi MV21BHL Helmet:

This has many vents to provide good ventilation when riding. A bonus is that there is a mount for an LED light to be attached if you want to ride around in the dark.KAMACHI Cycling Helmet Colour May Vary


  • Kamachi Bicycle Helmet has a unique design that is both comfortable and strong.
  • LED lights can be attached to the mount
  • Good ventilation makes cycling much more comfortable


  • The outer layer is a little bit thin

Kamach -Skatinkamachi-cycling


Although the name suggests differently, this is a great helmet for cycling. It has good impact and moisture control to make sure that you stay safe while riding comfortably.KAMACHI SKATING SCOOTER HELMET


  • KAMACHI Skating Helmet is not only strong and compact but lightweight as well.
  • The lightweight design makes it seem as if you aren’t wearing a helmet at all
  • Ventilation ducts provide good moisture control


  • Thermocol, which is quite a brittle substance, is used to make this helmet


10. JERN 7 Pieces Helmet for Roller Skating, Cycling Knee Elbow Pad & Wrist Guard Set:

This helmet is durable and has lightweight. There is an abundance of ventilation ducts for good moisture control and cooling when riding on hot days.JERN 7 Pieces Kids Children Bicycle Helmet for Roller Skating


  • JERN Bicyle Helmet comes with knee and elbow pads as well as wrist guards.
  • Lightweight design for comfortable and smooth riding
  • It comes with a set of other safety gear


  • It might not be the most durable design



There is a lot to consider when buying cycling helmets and we hope that this makes it easier for you. Remember to never skimp on safety and always get the best helmet for your personal needs. Safety is a priority in this situation.


Which is the best cycle helmet brand?

It is difficult to choose the best brand because everyone has different opinions on what works best for them.

For some people, a durable brand is better than ones with good moisture control and ventilation. It all depends on the buyer’s preference.

What is the price of cycle helmets?

They can range in price from something affordable to prices you will need to save money for.

What are the types of cycle helmet?

Helmets come in all shapes and sizes, but the most common types are recreational, road, and mountain bicycle helmets. You can also get helmets for children and toddlers.