Best Bicycle Fat Tyre In India Buyers Guide

The flat tyre is a particular type of bicycle tire used for offroad terrains. It is wider than normal bicycle tires measuring up to 96mm with frames of up to 66mm or wider. The size allows for better distribution of the weight of the rider and the bicycle over a larger surface area than a normal bike. This makes it excellent for offroad terrains like mud, deep snow, gravel, potholes, and desert lands.

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Top 5 Best Bicycle Fat Tyres in India

List of Bicycle Fat Tyres

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1. Ralson Mountain Bicycle Nylon Black Tyre Ralson Mountain Bicycle Nylon Black Tyre
2. Fat Bike Tyre 26 * 4.0 Fat Bike Tyre 26 * 4.0
3. MARLIN Chaoyang 26×4.9 inches Fat Tyre MARLIN Chaoyang 26x4.9 inches Fat Tyre
4. SPEEDWAYS Hulk Nylon Fat Tire SPEEDWAYS Hulk Nylon Fat Tire
5. Limitless Shopping Bicycle Tyre Limitless Shopping Bicycle Tyre

Features of Bicycle Fat Tyre

  • The fat tire has a wide build of 96mm with a low air pressure of 5-14psi.
  • They provide extra traction and grip with a multitude of terrain.
  • They can mould around bumps and portholes as are not typically fully inflated. this allows them to fold around obstacles like rocks and potholes.
  • Their low air pressure keeps them from going too high when they are bounced off the ground.

Types of Bicycle Fat Tyre

  • There are different sizes of tyres used for different types of fat bikes.
  • From tyres and wheels between 26 diameters to newer models of 27 diameters, or 3.5in. to 5.7in.(inches).
  • The rim size for the tyres ranges from 50mm to 100mm(millimetres).
  • Air pressure within each tyre is at a basic 12psi (pounds per square inch) for most tyres but no more than 15psi for perfect safe balance.

How to use Bicycle Fat Tyre?

  • Fat tyres only work for fat bikes or fat bicycles.
  • The rim necessary is not compatible with normal bikes or even mountain bikes.
  • As such fat bikes are fitted with the appropriate rims (50-100mm) that can fit the different fat tyre sizes.
  • Simply install the appropriate fat tyre, matched with the right-sized rim on a fat bike.
  • Once done it will ride smoothly through off/on roads with smooth/rough terrain.

Buyers Guide for Bicycle Fat Tyre

  • The main thing to focus on is the type of fat bicycle the fat tyre is needed for.
  • This will determine the size you buy as there are different types of fat bikes (electric, mountain, hunting, folding, and basic fat bikes).
  • Generic fat tyres are made to fit a wide variety of fat bikes but it is better to find the size and build that suits the bike you have.

List of Top 5 Best Bicycle Fat Tyres in India Buyers Guide

1. Ralson Mountain Bicycle Nylon Black Tyre

Ralson provides a strong mountain bike tyre for easy rough terrain progression. with prominent features like excellent drainage performance, and ease of water seeping in its make. It allows for better uphill and downhill control with its high-performance grip style and superb support from its block patterns for rough road conditions. Additionally, it comes with an easy handle for installation and maintenance.

Ralson Mountain Bicycle Nylon Black Tyre


  • Made with excellent weight and quality
  • Sturdy quality with a good grip on the ground and balanced psi (pound per square inch) for better weight distribution
  • The Block pattern in the middle provides excellent control, support, and balance on uphill and downhill terrain.


  • Depending on the type of fat bike intended, installation may not be easy for beginner
  • buyers may see the price for this product as high

Ralson Mountain Bicycle Nylon Black Tyre

2. Fat Bike Tyre 26 * 4.0

This is a generally compatible heavy-duty tyre for fat bicycles. With a 30x 30x 30x cm dimensions, black colour finishing, and heavy-duty capabilities, it is suitable for both mountain fat bikes and road bikes. Sports apparel created this to be a top-ranking tyre for the 2021 series with a perfect balance in load capacity and a smooth balanced riding experience.

Fat Bike Tyre 26 * 4.0


  • The height, weight, and durability make it a highly sought-after product
  • It is one of the very few fat tyres with a quality heavy load capacity
  • It has a very good price for the quality of the product


  • No improvement can be made to this base design
  • Its excellent weight capacity however means it is not the best pick for speed purposes

Fat Bike Tyre 26 * 4.0

3. MARLIN Chaoyang 26×4.9 inches Fat Tyre

This is a tabular fat tyre with 26 inches wheel size and black rubber made. It has three rows of block patterns in the threads and a direction V design for better control of angle dip. It has strong support for running in soft mud or snow-ridden terrain and a heavy reduction in rolling resistance. Strong stability and traction are provided by the triangular arrangement nail.

MARLIN Chaoyang 26x4.9 inches Fat Tyre


  • It sports high durability and grip performance
  • Can fit fat bicycle rims ranging from 26×4 to 26×4.9
  • Very affordable for the product


  • Tube, when needed must be purchased separately
  • This product is not compatible with all bikes

MARLIN Chaoyang 26x4.9 inches Fat Tyre

4. SPEEDWAYS Hulk Nylon Fat Tire

Speedways tyre limited presents The hulk, a 26-inch fat tyre for awesome offroad use. With dimensions of 60x60x11 (representing length, width, and height) it has a tabular make, knobby grips, and nylon casting. composed with materials made of expert compounds for the best performance and durability. Its body design offers optimal traction on offroad terrain, especially around sharp corners. The numerous patterns on the body provide superior grip on various terrains, providing a very smooth ride for the rider.

SPEEDWAYS Hulk Nylon Fat Tire


  • The nylon cord and high volume casing give the product a high performance and durability threshold
  • Its solid grip control gives the best traction performance on rough terrains, especially around corners
  • Smooth levelled feel even on rough terrain and rocky tracks


  • There are only basic components in the manufacture of the product
  • This particular product can be hard to find in stock

SPEEDWAYS Hulk Nylon Fat Tire

5. Limitless Shopping Bicycle Tyre

The Hindustan 20 X 3.0 Fat/Tire also known as limitless shopping bike tyre, is a generally compatible tyre made for all 20t fat bicycles with 20×300 measurements. Made with grade-A rubber, with a 25x25x15 centimetres dimension it is suitable for a wide range of fat bicycles. the sporting perfect balance in its features, it has a length and width of 53 centimetres respectively and a weight of 1390 grams. It boasts high performance and manoeuvrability with a grip of 1.4 bar and tensile strength of 20psi.

Limitless Shopping Bicycle Tyre


  • It is highly sought because it is generally compatible with 20t bicycles across the board of fat tyres,
  • Its strong grip and powerful tensile strength make it easy to manoeuvre around sharp corners and ride with the perfect balance
  • Good rubber materials are used to ensure it is sturdy and durable on any terrain.


  • Having a generic manufacturer means the product quality is basic or low for this particular product
  • There are no special upgrades or stats to make it stand out among the competition

Limitless Shopping Bicycle Tyre


The enjoyment of a ride on any offroad terrain depends solely on the bicycle chosen. This is where the importance of the fat tyre comes. For smooth riding through rough, uneven grounds, the fat tyre allows for better control and smooth riding. This is particularly true for new riders to offroad tracks as unlike normal bikes or even mountain bikes, the flat tyre on a fat bicycle is the best choice.


How Good are Fat Tyres?

Fat tyres are perfect for riding in rough or uneven terrain. They do this by increasing the contact surface between the bicycle and the ground by reducing the cumulated pressure of the bicycle and rider. This increases grip, manipulation around turns, balance on unbalanced terrain, and smooth flow of riding with little discomfort to the rider. Normal bicycles are good with normal roads, but fat tyres on the appropriate bicycles can best even mountain bikes.

Which is the best Fat Tyre?

As always the best depends on a myriad of factors. The make, the ps1 (pound per square inch), the ridges or designs on the tire body (that increase its grip factor, as well as the actual size of the tyre. All these add to the decision-making for the best fat tyre. Also, the price of the tyre is a major feature as its affordability decides If the purchase is worth it.

What is the price of a bicycle Fat Tyre?

The prices range from 700 to 2000 rupees.

As always the pricing depends on the fat tyre brand. Established brands like Speedway Tyres Limited, Marlin (Chaoyang), and Ralson have the most stable prices that may be on the high side. This is because they have speciality products that garner higher prices. But generic brands like limitless and fat tyres (on this list) have the most basic products which give them lower prices.

These prices may also change with the availability of the tyres. But the price range should remain mostly unaffected.