Best Exercise Bench in India-Buyers Guide

A weight bench is a versatile piece of equipment that enables you to tackle excellent weightlifting exercises. Bent-over rows and bench presses are some of the basic weight-lifting exercises performed on a weight bench. They can help level up your favourite bodyweight workouts, such as crunches and pushups. From this one piece of equipment, you can execute a variety of bench routines that target your chest, back, and legs.

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Top 10 Best Exercise Benches in India- Buyers Guide

List of Benches

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1. Protoner FLTBNCH Fitness Benches Protoner FLTBNCH Fitness Bench
2. Kore Heavy Duty Multipurpose Home Gym Benches Kore Heavy Duty Multipurpose Home Gym Bench
3. ALLYSON FITNESS Foldable Benches ALLYSON FITNESS Foldable Bench
4. NATIONAL BODYLINE Adjustable weight benches NATIONAL BODYLINE Adjustable weight bench
5. SX Fitness Benches SX Fitness Bench
6. Allyson Fitness Adjustable Benches Allyson Fitness Adjustable Bench
7. SNOWA Foldable benches SNOWA Foldable bench
8. IBS Heavy Duty 3in 1 bench IBS Heavy Duty 3in 1 bench
9. Kobo EB-1006Steel Workout Benches Kobo EB-1006Steel Workout Bench
10. Bodyfit Weightlifting Adjustable Benches Bodyfit Weightlifting Adjustable Bench

Features of Exercise Bench

  • One feature that stands out when checking for good weight benches is the safety and sturdiness of the equipment.
  • This feature goes in hand with the quality of the material used.
  • Heavy-duty steel is known to ensure optimal durability.
  • Another critical feature is the weight capacity.
  • How much weight can the benches hold? A small-capacity bar won’t work for you if you’re a big strong guy who’ll be lifting a lot of weight. Worse, it will be exceedingly unsafe.
  • Yet another critical feature is adjustable vs. fixed benches.
  • An adjustable bar will allow you to do a large variety of exercises like seated shoulder press, chest flys, and incline benches press.
  • Flat benches are also not as heavy hence easily portable.

Types of Fitness Benches

  • The popular types of weight benches include; flat benches, adjustable benches, Olympic benches, and folding benches.
  • Flat benches are pretty standard and do not have a lot of features like decline, incline, or any other unique feature.
  • An adjustable workbench allows you to set it to any degree you feel comfortable when you work out.
  • Olympic benches are high-weight lifting benches carrying extreme weights.
  • It is mainly found in most commercial gyms since they are durable and can handle abuse.
  • A folding bench comes with more gears to provide the extra support needed during the day-to-day workouts.
  • It requires a lot of space hence less popular for home use.

How to use Exercise Bench?

  • First, you’ll need to adjust your benches to the desired position.
  • If not adjusted properly, it may hurt your muscles.
  • Decide the weight you intend to use.
  • This may be either interested in using dumbells or a barbell.
  • Pay attention to all contact points through the exercise.
  • Contact points are points where your body should always be in contact with the benches.
  • The last step is now to begin the exercise.
  • Before mastering all the movements, do not go hard on yourself.
  • Always start with a lightweight and gradually increase as the need arises.

Buyers Guide for Exercise or Fitness Bench

  • One key thing to consider is the thickness of the bench’s frame.
  • When lifting weights, you are usually pressing yourself against the edge.
  • A thick layer frame will ensure comfortability and prevent you from getting injured from pushing against the hard benches.
  • The frame should also match your body type.
  • Individuals with broad shoulders should opt for benches with a wider backrest, while those with a smaller one should opt for a smaller backrest.
  • The workout bench’s warranty is also a key aspect when making a purchase.
  • You don’t want to end up where your equipment is rendered unusable due to manufacturing errors.
  • Always check the length of the warranty and also what it covers.

List of Top 10 Best Benches in India-Buyers Guide

1. Protoner FLTBNCH Fitness Benches

Protoner fitness bench is an adjustable weight lifting bench explicitly designed for home use. It supports 250kg, including the user’s weight.

Protoner FLTBNCH Weight Training Fitness Bench


  • Detachable leg roller
  • Have a stable safety plug
  • Reasonable price


  • Some customers find it hard to assemble
  • Requires a wider space


2. Kore Heavy Duty Multipurpose Home Gym Bench

This is a multi-purpose bench designed for home use. It provides numerous strength training and workouts.

Kore Heavy Duty Multipurpose Home Gym Bench for Multiple Workouts and Strength Training


  • Provide incline and decline variations to your workouts
  • It doesn’t need much space requires 5ft by 4 ft
  • Have thick padding to ensure comfort.


  • It’s an excellent option for shorter and medium-sized people. Taller people find it uncomfortable to use.
  • Some find it hard to assemble but the manual will guide you through it.


3. ALLYSON FITNESS Foldable Bench

This is a flat bench holding up to 500kg capacity. It is a multi-purpose fitness exercise bench for home and Gym use.

ALLYSON FITNESS Foldable Flat Bench


  • Don’t take much of your home space
  • Made of high-quality material capable of holding 500kg weight
  • Offers excellent stability and balance


  • No decline or incline position
  • Capable of performing fewer exercises


4. NATIONAL BODYLINE Adjustable weight bench

This is a full-body workout adjustable weight bench. Its seat and backrest are made of quality leather filled with soft foam padding.

NATIONAL BODYLINE Adjustable Weight Bench Full Body Workout Machine


  • The leather coating is straightforward to wipe and clean after every workout.
  • Ergonomic, comfortable, and fully adjustable design
  • Performs a wide range of body workouts


  • Some customers complain of wobbliness, but if the nuts are tightened correctly, the problem is eliminated.
  • Can lose its unique comfort if misused


5. SX Fitness Bench

This is a multi-purpose exercise flat bench holding a net capacity of 290kg. It is coated with heavy padded cushioned seats to make it feel more comfortable.

SX Fitness Flat Gym Bench Home Workout Multipurpose Exercise Bench Press Weight Strength Training


  • Available and relatively low prices
  • You don’t need to assemble
  • Lightweight hence easily movable during transport


  • Not comfortable for more experienced persons.
  • No, resell value during an upgrade.


6. Allyson Fitness Adjustable Bench

This is a full decline incline and flat bench with a weight capacity of 200kg.

Allyson Fitness Adjustable Incline, Decline, and Flat Bench


  • Works well in small spaces
  • Easy to assemble
  • Offers good value for the price.


  • Built for just small weights
  • Less durable if misused


7. SNOWA Foldable bench

This is a multi-purpose fitness workout flat bench especially great for home use.

SNOWA Foldable Flat Travel Weight Bench


  • It offers excellent stability and balance
  • Have a powder coating that provides more durability.
  • Heavier than other home benches


  • Limited to the number of exercises you can perform
  • A wide frame makes it less comfortable for small-bodied persons.


8. IBS Heavy Duty 3in 1 bench

This is a multi-purpose incline, decline, and flat bench designed to reach your body fitness goals.

IBS Multipurpose Heavy Duty 3 in 1 Adjustable Incline, Decline, and Flat Bench Utility Exercise Bench


  • With it, you can perform a large number of workouts
  • Excellent firmness and pad thickness
  • The unit also folds up


  • The leg support is not that strong hence spoils if misused.
  • Requires more space compared to other similar products.


9. Kobo EB-1006Steel Workout Bench

Kobo EB-1006Steel Workout Bench is built with high-quality steel material to enhance its durability.

Kobo EB-1006Steel Exercise Bench


  • Excellent for dumbbell presses
  • Can perform full-body workouts
  • Made using quality and durable materials


  • Some people find it difficult to assemble.
  • A little bit pricey compared to similar benches.


10. Bodyfit Weightlifting Adjustable Bench

Bodyfit Weightlifting Adjustable Bench combines all gym equipment to provide users with the perfect workout exercise. It offers incline, flat, decline, and situp options.

Bodyfit Weight Lifting Multi Purpose Adjustable Multi Bench


  • A multi-purpose workout bench provides variations for your workout.
  • Good value for its price
  • Stable and comfortable enough to ensure perfect workout exercise



  • Lower maximum weight capacity.
  • Durability can be reduced if misused



A good quality workout bench can enable you to get the best body fitness results. While shopping for the best bench you will find this informative guide highly useful.


Which is the best bench? 

One that is durable, reasonably priced, offers comfortability and fits your personal needs.

What is the price of the bench?

The price of a bench varies depending on its type, material used, and weight capacity. A weight bench can cost anything from $50 to $1,000 or more. Benches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including flat, adjustable, and folding models.