Best Bedside Table in India-Buyers Guide

The bedside table is a small-sized table. It usually consists of drawers. Users can store lots of items inside the table. There are different sizes and shapes. The style of the tables determines the usability and functionality. Bedside tables are made of different materials. Customers can choose a material that suits their needs to a greater extent.

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Top 10 Best Bedside Tables in India

List of Bedside Tables

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1. End table Engineered Side Table of Bed End table Engineered Side Table of Bed
2. Aaroora Bedside Tables Aaroora Bedside Table
3. Amazon Brand Solimo Bedside Tables Amazon Bedside Tables
4. VDIX Antique Bed Side Table Wooden Bedside Table
5. Modway Good-Quality Bedside tables Modway Good-Quality Bedside tables
6. Natural Honey Bedside Tables Natural Honey Bedside Tables
7. BlueWud Walnut Bedside Tables BlueWud Walnut Bedside Tables
8. Furniture Bedside Tables Furniture Bedside Tables
9. Country Multicolor Bedside Tables Country Multicolor Bedside Tables
10. Ikea Bedside Tables Ikea Bedside Tables

Features of Bedside Table

  • There are multiple features of the bedside tables.
  • They can have one drawer or many drawers.
  • There are also a few open-see designs.
  • The wooden bedside tables are high-quality, sturdy, and elegant.
  • Various finishes, colors, and patterns on the bedside tables decide the overall look.
  • As such, there is a large variety of bedsides available in the market.

Types of Bedside Tables

  • There are different types of bedside tables available.
  • From free size to drawers, you can choose among a plethora of designs, colors, shapes, and patterns.
  • The major categorization of the bedside tables can be made as per their material.
  • There are wooden as well as plastic tables available.

Buyer’s Guide for Bedside Table

  • There are many factors that you should consider while purchasing excellent-quality bedside tables.
  • First of all, you should choose the material of the table.
  • Then try to create an image of the table in your mind for your bed.
  • Likewise, connect the colors and style of the bedside tables with your bed.
  • Now, you can search and finalize bedside tables.
  • You must also consider the color, patterns, finish, and material.
  • The main choice is between plastic and wooden material.
  • We also recommend you to go for discounted tables.
  • The price of the table is quite higher.
  • So, try to seal the deal with tables on the sale.

How to use Bedside Table?

  • You can place the bedside tables next to your bed.
  • Some may come pre-installed.
  • You may have to install other beds.
  • So, you can use your DIY skills to join tables.

List of Top 10 Best Bedside Tables in India-Buyers Guide

1. End table Engineered Side Table of Bed with Drawers by DeckUp

There are lots of items that we want to stock beside the bed. DeckUp offers the super-quality engineered side table of beds.

DeckUp Bei Engineered Wood Bed Side Table


  • This is a matte finish engineered side table.
  • It has lots of space for the storage of different items.
  • It has a good-quality and engineered structure.


  • This is an average-quality bed drawer.


2. Aaroora Multipurpose Matte-Finish Best-Quality Bedside Tables

Aaroora is an A-Shape with three platforms multipurpose bedside tables. You can store a lot of things on the table that increase the comfort levels of your room.

AAROORA Multipurpose Storage Bedside End Table


  • It consists of the super-quality natural grain beside the table.
  • You can display lots of decorative items.
  • It increases the aesthetic value of your room.


  • Only professionals can assemble the bedside tables.


3. Amazon Bedside of Reliable and Durable Functional

Do you want to add useful and reliable bedside tables in your home? Amazon’s durable and reliable bedside tables is a fantastic choice.

Amazon Brand - Solimo Uno Engineered Wood Walnut Finish Contemporary Bedside Table


  • It is made of the best-quality EU standard board.
  • Amazon bedside tables feature a walnut color.
  • It resists humidity, hot water, and stains.


  • It may not fit well beside your bed.


4. VDIX Antique Bed Side Table

If you are looking for vintage bedside tables, you should go for the super-quality wooden brown vintage table. It adds a classic feel to your room.

VDIX Antique Bed Side Table


  • It is a tested and certified wooden table.
  • It does not contain any harmful elements.
  • The table has smooth edges.


  • It does not have many drawers.


5. Modway Good-Quality Wooden Brown Modway Brand

Modway presents a contemporary-styled wooden brown coffee table. It comes in a preassembled style.

Modway Contemporary Bed Side Table


  • It has an elegant and beautiful structure.
  • The Modway offers a super-quality sturdy side table.
  • It is an excellent-quality wooden brown table.



  • It is quite an expensive bedside table.


6. Natural Honey DriftingWood Solid Wood and Amazing Quality Bedside Tables

DriftingWood offers natural-looking wooden bedside tables. It increases the beauty of your room as it has a natural tone of wood.

DriftingWood Solid Wood Bedside Table for Bedroom


  • It is a lightweight and contemporary table.
  • The drawers have a beautiful design.
  • It adds to the overall beauty of the room.


  • It has a rugged and rough finish.


7. BlueWud Walnut Engineered Top-Quality Bedside Table

BlueWud offers an excellent-quality engineered bedside table, If you love to organize items, this is the best choice for you.

BLUEWUD Oliver Engineered Wood Side Table


  • It is a small bedside table, which takes up small space.
  • The walnut has a great-quality stained finish.
  • It is lightweight and easy to move around.


  • It does not feature any drawers.


8. Furniture 02 Drawers Bedside Table for People with Many Items

It is an end-table, which consists of rosewood. It has unique and beautiful bottom legs. So, it will add a funkier touch to your room.

FURNITUREWALLET Wood Bedside Table for Bedroom


  • It has an elegant and beautiful design.
  • It adds great comfort to your life.
  • The 02 drawers let you keep many items near you.


  • It is hard to fix the bedside table.


9. Country Multicolor Wooden High-Quality Bedside Table

If you have a multicolor wooden bed, this multicolor bedside table is made for you. It will blend with your furniture well.

Country Side Wood Bedside Table


  • It has a good quality finish.
  • The bedside table has happier colors.
  • It features three drawers, which are quite spacious.


  • Drawers cannot hold heavier things as they are lightweight.


10. Ikea Durable and Elegant Plastic Bedside Table

Ikea offers the best quality and elegant bedside table. It is an open-see table, which lets you access anything openly. So, you do not have to struggle with the table.

Ikea Durable and Elegant Plastic Bedside Table


  • You can reach and catch anything easily.
  • It gives you lots of space to store your things.
  • It is an easy-to-clean plastic bedside table.


  • It is a small-sized bedside table.



A bedside table is an important decision to make. It determines the usefulness and functionality of the bed and its side table. You need to prioritize your demands before making a final decision. So, go throw the buyer’s guide and top 10 list for getting the best-quality bedside table.


Q: What should be the height of the bedside table?

 A: The height of the bedside table should range between 24 and 26 inches.

Q: Which is the best bedside table?

A: The best side table is offered by the DeckUp brand.

Q: What is the price of a bedside table?

A: The average price of the bedside table ranges between 4000 INR and 8000 INR.