Best Bed Table in India-Buyers Guide

It is a digital era and everyone uses laptops daily. During the pandemic period, people have started work from home due to which they spend hours on laptops in the same position. Children are taking their online classes and doing their school work at home.

Due to all these things, the posture and shoulder muscles are affected badly and people are having back pains. Will it not be amazing if you work easily by sitting on your bed without hurting your muscles? Are you one of the people who work from home? Then we have a great option for you to make you comfortable while working. And that option is you should buy a bed table. Also check the buyer’s guide for the best wooden beds, single bed mattresses, double bed mattresses, side tables, corner stools, bed center tables, etc online in India.

It will not only help you during work but you can also use it as a serving table for the ill person or elderly living there. We have combined all the necessary information about a bed table in this article.

Top 10 Best Bed Tables in India-Buyers Guide

List of Bed Tables

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1. MemeHo® Bed Table MemeHo® Bed Table
2. OFIXO Multi-Purpose Bed Table OFIXO Multi-Purpose Bed Table
3. LuvBells Smart Multi-Purpose Bed Table LuvBells Smart Multi-Purpose Bed Table
4. LAXIFY Generic Multipurpose Bed Table LAXIFY Generic Multipurpose Bed Table
5. Agirav Multipurpose Bed Table Agirav Multipurpose Bed Table
6. Gizga essentials Bed Table Gizga essentials Bed Table
7. BOVERTY Foldable Bed Table BOVERTY Foldable Bed Table
8. POKARI™ Foldable Bed Table POKARI™ Foldable Bed Table
9. YOYOW® Smart Bed Table YOYOW® Smart Bed Table
10. Floofy® Smart Bed Table Floofy® Smart Bed Table

Features of Bed Table

  • It is a small table with a small height that you can place on your bed.
  • Its dimensions may vary according to the size of the table.
  • These tables are also available in different materials.
  • Their feet are made in such a way to stand sturdy on the bed.
  • The tabletop is wide for placing the laptop or notebook on it.
  • Usually, the table-tops also have slots for cups, pens, and tablets, etc.

Types of Bed Tables

Fixed bed tables

  • As the name shows, these tables are fox and you cannot change their angles or height.
  • They are by design made in such a way that they are tilted and when you place them on the table, they are at your eye level.

Adjustable tables

  • You can adjust the height and angles of these tables according to your desire.

Buyer’s guide for Bed Table

  • The size of a bed table is very important. Its top will be wide enough to hold our laptop or even your kid feel comfortable doing his homework on it. You can also use it to serve food for an elderly or an ill person so it must have enough space.
  • Check the material of its legs as well as the top. The legs must be anti-skid, the top must be rut-free and stainless and scratch-resistant material.
  • It would be better if it is foldable because you can easily place a foldable table in any space.
  • It is a bed table which purpose is to make you work comfortably on your bed. So its height must be adjustable according to your choice. The angles of the board must also be adjustable.
  • The table must have some anti-skid substance on its legs to make it stable on your bed.
  • Pointes corners can be harmful to you and can hurt your kids too. So buy a table having round corners or they must have safety caps.
  • If the table has some extra features including a cup holder, paper clip, and tablet holder, etc.

How to use Bed Table?

  • Using a bed table is not a difficult thing.
  • These tables are pre-assembled so are ready to use.
  • You can place it on the bed, when you get tired you can change your posture and can place it on your lap.
  • The best thing is that you can adjust its angles and height according to your comfort zone.
  • Just adjust it at your eyes level so that you can make a correct posture and start working.

List of Top 10 Best Bed Tables in India-Buyers Guide

1. MemeHo® Laptop Table

A foldable, multi-purpose, and portable laptop table with so many good quality. It has a decent design with anti-slip feet and round edges for safety. You can also use it as a serving table on the bed and on the desk for office work or kids’ homework. It is a very useful product for every home member from kids to the elderly. The dimensions of this bed table are 55*45*7 centimeters.

MemeHo® Laptop Table


  • It has steel tubes that make it strong and sturdy.
  • Due to round edges, the table is safe for children too.
  • It can hold heavyweight and big laptops easily.


  • It is not a durable table.


2. OFIXO Multi-Purpose Laptop Table

It is another foldable, wooden laptop table that you can use for multi-purposes. This table will help you in doing so much work by sitting on your bed. This is a very attractive laptop table that is beneficial and comfortable to use too. The table has metallic legs that are coated with powder with a wood top. The edges of the legs are covered with sponges to make them slip-resistant.

OFIXO Multi-Purpose Laptop Table


  • Its top material is scratches and compression-resistant.
  • The table also has a bottle, phone, and cup holder.


  • You cannot adjust its height according to the need.


3. LuvBells Smart Multi-Purpose Laptop Table

This is a sturdy bed table having an ergonomic design. Its legs are metallic and the top is made from slotted wood with round edges. It is a multi-purpose table that also has a cup holder and tablet holder. Its legs are foldable and the size of this table is 60*40*27cm.

LuvBells Smart Multi-Purpose Laptop Table


  • It is a portable table so you can easily change your workspace.
  • Its surface is very smooth and anti-slip.
  • The tabletop is thick with a water-proof layer too.


  • Its edges are sharp.
  • The build quality is not very good.


4. LAXIFY Generic Multipurpose Laptop Table (LT-00004)

It is another amazing table for different uses. The ale has a strong aluminum frame on which wood board is placed. Its size and weight are 58*38*5cm and 3kg respectively. This table also has tablets and cup holders on the top.

LAXIFY Generic Multipurpose Laptop Table


  • The table is available at a reasonable bed table price.
  • The quality of its material is good.


  • The table cannot hold heavy laptops.
  • Some customers claimed that the bolts of the legs are loose.


5. Agirav Multipurpose Laptop Table

Another multi-purpose and foldable table has a decent design. This foldable makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere and start your work there. It is very beneficial for the people who spend more time on the laptop. You can buy this table with having a dock stand and round corner at an affordable bed table price. Its dimensions are 60*38*4 centimeters.

Agirav Multipurpose Laptop Table


  • It can easily hold a full-size laptop.
  • The finishing of the table is good.


  • The edges of its legs are round so there is a possibility that it ends and the things on it fall.
  • If you use the mouse with your laptop then the space will be less for you.


6. Gizga essentials Laptop Table

This small table by “Gizga essentials” is also one of the best choices that you may like. It is an aluminum table of 40*28*60cm. The table has a smooth finishing and is an easy-to-clean table. The table-top is ply material and has a tablet and cup holder. It is a very lightweight and portable table of 2.2kg.

Gizga essentials Laptop Table


  • Its MDF ply material is durable, explosion-proof, and fire-resistant.
  • The legs are strong and have anti-slip pads to make them stable and safe.
  • Its height is long enough that you can easily stretch your legs under it.


  • The joining points of the top and legs are plastic.
  • Some nuts are also missing.


7. BOVERTY Foldable Laptop Table

This is a wooden bed table that you can buy for many uses. It is black, foldable, portable, and a good quality table on our list. Its top is made up of MDF wood board while the legs are made from high-quality aluminum. The table-top is heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, and scratch-free. Its size is 23.7*15.7*11 inches.

BOVERTY Foldable Laptop Table


  • The table has holders for a cup and a tablet or smartphone.
  • Its quality and finishing are very good.


  • Due to the loose size of the legs’ sponge, it is not sturdy.


8. POKARI™ Foldable Laptop Table

This laptop table from POKARI is an awesome product with all the necessary accessories. It is a wooden table of 17*12*7cm dimensions. The table is compatible with laptops of about 17 inches and less. Its standing height is 11 inches that are perfect to keep your posture correct while working.

POKARI™ Foldable Laptop Table


  • Its table-top has a PVC sheet that protects it from scratches and dirt.
  • It is very lightweight and the smooth surface is perfect to work on.


  • Some customers got damaged products.
  • The finishing of the edges is not good.


9. YOYOW® Smart Laptop Table

It is a small table of 20*10*5 centimeters and has a weight of 499g that you can buy at a good bed table price. The materials used I its manufacturing are wood, aluminum, alloy steel, and engineered wood. The necessary holders are also available with the table.

YOYOW® Smart Laptop Table


  • This is an easy-to-fold table that can be placed anywhere.
  • It has good color and design that will calm your mind while stressful work.
  • It is a strong table with good quality material.


  • Its edges are sharp and can harm people.


10. Floofy® Smart Laptop Table

It is a decent black laptop table that is suitable for home as well as office use. Its legs and frame are made from aluminum while the table-top is of engineered wood of 25*10*5cm. it is an easy-to-fold table having an ergonomic and sturdy design.

Floofy® Smart Laptop Table


  • Its quality is very good.
  • It also has a cup holder to place the coffee or tea while doing work.


  • The screws at joining points become loose very quickly.



Don’t compromise on your comfort level and relax your neck muscles while working. So, buy the best bed table and improve the posture to stop the muscles from pain.


Which is the best bedtable?

Many bed tables are good depending on their special features. We have gathered a list of the best possible products that you can check in the article above.

What is the price of the bed table?

Its price starts from 500 rupees but varies depending on the build material.