Best Bathroom Mirrors in India-Buyers Guide

A bathroom mirror hangs above the sink in the bathroom.  Typically, it is used while washing your face, combing your hair, or brushing your teeth. Men use it to see themselves when they are shaving.  Women use it when applying or removing makeup.  The mirrors are often decorative as well as functional.  They should always be clean to produce a clear and accurate image of the face.  Bathroom mirrors are necessary items in all bathrooms, whether public or private.

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Top 10 Best Bathroom Mirrors in India-Buyers Guide

List of Bathroom Mirrors

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1. Creative Art&Frames Creative Art&Frames

2. Seven Horses Glass Mirror

Seven Horses Glass Mirror
3. SDG Frameless Oval Mirror SDG Frameless Oval Mirror
4. Art Street FramelessWall Mirrors Art Street FramelessWall Mirrors
5. Reflectionz Frameless Decorative Mirror Reflectionz Frameless Decorative Mirror
6. Quality Glass Decorative Mirror Quality Glass Decorative Mirror
7. Kurtz Classic Antique-StyleWall Mirror Kurtz Classic Antique-StyleWall Mirror
8. 999 Store Printed Bath Mirror 999 Store Printed Bath Mirror
9. Seven Horses Glass Mirror Seven Horses Glass Mirror
10. Aarona Glass Make-Up Mirror Aarona Glass Make-Up Mirror

Features of Bathroom Mirror

  • An important feature is that the bathroom mirror has no chips or any imperfections that could distort the reflected image.
  • Another important feature is that the bathroom mirror is secured tightly on the wall.  This is important for safety, preventing the mirror from breaking. A bathroom is a particularly dangerous place for broken or shattered glass.
  • Yet another important feature is that the mirror is the proper size so that the person is comfortable while using it.

Types of Bathroom Mirror

  • There are many kinds of bathroom mirrors, which come in a variety of styles and shapes.  There are square ones, rectangular ones, round ones, and oval ones.
  • We have mirrors in a variety of sizes as well, so they can fit on any wall.
  • We also have mirrors that are decorative that can embellish the bathroom decor.

How to use Bathroom Mirror?

  • After choosing the proper mirror, based on size and appearance, you should find the place (typically over the sink) where to hang it.
  • The next step is to secure it to the wall.  Do not use wire and hang it from a hook.  This is not secure enough and can cause the mirror to move or even fall.
  • Once the mirror is secure, clean the mirror, removing any fingerprints that can blur the image or distract from it.
  • The mirror is now ready to use.

Buyer’s guide for Bathroom Mirror

When purchasing a mirror, there are several things to consider.

  • The size is important.  Is it going to fit properly on the wall?  Do you want a smaller one that will reflect just the face or something a little larger that can also reflect a portion of the torso?
  • Next, you should consider the shape and style.
  • A square one is usually more functional and common.
  • An oval or round one can be a little more unusual and decorative.
  • This consideration should be based on the kind of bathroom where you are placing the mirror.
  • A full bathroom normally would require a larger square or rectangular mirror.
  • For a smaller bathroom (a half bath for example), you might want to consider something a little smaller.
  • For a bathroom that has more stylized fixtures (sinks, toilets, tubs) or more stylized hardware (faucets), you might want to consider a more decorative mirror.
  • Finally, you must consider the price. Is it consistent with your choice of the mirror?  You need to investigate the various prices and figure out which one gets you all the features you need.

List of Top 10 Best Bathroom Mirrors in India-Buyers Guide

1. Creative Art & Frames

15 x 21 wall-mounted mirror, weighing 2.2 pounds.  The mirror with a classic design can also be used in other rooms.

Creative Art&Frames


  • This has a simple and sleek style.
  • Can be hung vertically or horizontally.
  • Versatile and can be used in other rooms if desired.


  • Might be awkward in some spaces.
  • The price is quite high.


2. Seven Horses Glass Mirror

18 x 24 Beveled Oval Mirror. The mirror has a classic design with polished glass.

Seven Horses Glass Mirror


  • Allows for easy installation.
  • It is the standard size and can fit in most spaces.
  • Do not fog up in bathroom humidity.


  • Perhaps a bit too modern for everyone’s taste.
  • The beveled edge might be distracting to some people.


3. SDG Frameless Oval Mirror

18 x 24 Oval Mirror Beveled mirror..The decorative beveled edge is .75 inches wide.

SDG Frameless Oval Mirror


  • Very sturdy with 5mm thickness.
  • Size allows for more of a reflected image.
  • Competitively priced for this type of mirror.


  • Might be unsuitable for a smaller space.
  • If placed horizontally, it can be distracting.


4. Art Street FramelessWall Mirrors

16 x 24 Beveled Rectangular Mirror. It weighs 2500 grams. The beveled edge is bright silver.

Art Street FramelessWall Mirrors


  • Suitable for any size bathroom.
  • Sturdy construction and easily installed.
  • Simultaneously classical and modern in design.


  • When placed horizontally it can limit the reflected image.
  • When placed vertically it can be a bit narrow.


5. Reflectionz Frameless Decorative Mirror

10 x 14 rectangle frameless mirror. The decorative mirror is also available in different sizes.

Reflectionz Frameless Decorative Mirror


  • The retro design has a nostalgic appeal.
  • All installation hardware is included.
  • Relatively inexpensive.


  • The size may limit where the mirror can be placed.
  • With a 4mm thickness, the mirror can be fragile.


6. Quality Glass Decorative Mirror

18 x 24 Oval Mirror. The mirror weighs 2000 lbs with a silver decorative beveled edge.

Quality Glass Decorative Mirror


  • A highly polished mirror that produces a crisp and clear reflection.
  • Easily installed with hardware included.
  • The silver rim adds an element of brightness.


  • This design might be more suited for a bedroom or dining room.
  • Priced on the high end for this type of mirror.


7. Kurtz Classic Antique-StyleWall Mirror

18.11 x 24 wood framed mirror.  The classically designed decorative frame is made from engineered wood.

Kurtz Classic Antique-StyleWall Mirror


  • Elegant, retro, antique-looking mirror.
  • The detailed frame displays one-of-a-kind craftsmanship.
  • The mirror is eye-catching and will add a dramatic element to the room.


  • The wooden frame may not stand up for bathroom humidity.
  • The design may be more suited for other placement in the home.


8. 999 Store Printed Bath Mirror

14 x 20 wood framed decorative mirror.  The wooden frame has a hand-painted design.  The mirror weighs 3 Kilograms.

999 Store Printed Bath Mirror


  • The frame is unique and intricately designed.
  • The mirror can be installed with ease.
  • The mirror is a perfect gift item.


  • Although the design is beautiful, it can prove to be a distraction.
  • The mirror itself is on the small side.


9. Seven Horses Glass Mirror

14 x 20 rectangle mirror.  The mirror is also available in other sizes to accommodate larger spaces.

Seven Horses Glass Mirror


  • The silver-backed glass prevents any kind of decay.
  • The beveled edge adds a classic touch.
  • All hardware and pasting silicon are included in the packaging.


  • The mirror is kind of small.
  • It is expensive, especially considering the size.


10. Aarona Glass Make-Up Mirror

12 x 12 antique style round mirror.  This small mirror has a nostalgic look.

Aarona Glass Make-Up Mirror


  • Compact and can fit easily in a small bathroom or powder room.
  • Has a classic antique look.
  • Easily cleaned with just a dry cloth.


  • The mirror is quite small and will only reflect the face.
  • It may be better suited over a woman’s vanity table than over a sink.



A bathroom mirror, like any other home furnishing, should serve its purpose, and be consistent with your taste and the rest of the decor in the home


Which is the best bathroom mirror?

One that is functional and decorative and adds to the look of the room.

What is the price of a bathroom mirror?

Prices range between 695 rupees and 2,099 rupees.  The price depends on the size, the quality, and the workmanship