Best Barbie doll in India-Buyers Guide

Barbie doll is a fashion doll that every girl loves in her childhood. She is a pretty cartoon character having a pretty smile and long hair. Little girls love her and she is their inspiration. Girls love to make new dresses for her, change the dresses, make different hairstyles, and spend time with her. If you are thinking to give a gift to your little princess, you will not regret buying it. We have discussed important information about a Barbie doll in this article so keep reading it. Also check the buyer’s guide for the best teddy bears, dolls for girls, soft toys, kitchen sets, remote control cars, toy trains, doctors set in India.

List of Top 10 Best Barbie dolls in India

List of Barbie Dolls

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1. Barbie – DJP92   Barbie-DJP92-Doll-and-Playset
2. Barbie Doll Rainbow Sparkle Style Barbie Doll Rainbow Sparkle Style
3. Barbie Doll and Horse Barbie Doll and Horse
4. Barbie Dream House Adventure Barbie Dream House Adventure Doll
5. Barbie Long Hair Play Princess Barbie Long Hair Play Princess Doll
6. Barbie Dreamtopia Fairy  Barbie Dreamtopia Fairy Doll
7. Barbie Glitz  Barbie Glitz Doll 
8. Barbie Glitz 2 Barbie Glitz Doll 
10. Barbie Doll & Fashions Accessories Barbie Doll & Fashions Accessories

Features of Barbie doll

  • The full name of Barbie is Barbara Millicent Roberts.
  • She was named after the daughter of Ruth Handler, Barbara. Her birthday is 9 March 1959.
  • A real Barbie is 11 and a half inches tall.
  • The best Barbie was total hair Barbie which was the top-selling doll in 1992 and had very long hair.
  • The original Barbie dolls are very pretty and have a perfect body figure and are sold at high prices.

Types of Barbie dolls

  • Barbie is a doll that doesn’t have any specific types.
  • From the time of its generation in 1959 by an American company, different people alter different features and form different barbies.
  • But after the researches, it was found that the real Barbie image put a negative effect on young girls regarding their weight, skin color, and other features.
  • So Mattel introduced different barbies having different skin tones, heights, body shapes, hair types, etc. now, based on body shapes the types of barbies are tall, curvy, petite, and original.
  • In the same way, black Barbie dolls are also available in the market now.
  • Now different barbies also have black curly hair so here are diverse types of Barbie dolls.

Buyer’s guide for Barbie doll

  • Original Barbie dolls is an expensive toy and many companies have made their copies. So, to buy an original Barbie doll it is recommended to buy the doll from an authentic online page, store, or brand.
  • Buy the doll according to the age of your girl.
  • It is good to buy Barbie dolls that have accessories with them so that you won’t buy them separately.
  • Don’t just buy the pretty dolls for your girl. Try to buy different skin tones and different body shapes Barbie dolls. This will help her to accept herself and stop imagining the “ideal standards” of beauty.
  • The material of the Barbie must be good and soft.
  • Don’t go out of your budget. You can buy a good Barbie at a reasonable price too.

How to use a Barbie doll

  • Your kid can play with her Barbie dolls and spend a good time with her. Buy her some new clothes, shoes, and other doll accessories. She will change the dress, comb her hair. Your daughter will learn to make new hairstyles, she will learn to style herself by contrasting different things.
  • She will doll up the Barbie and take pictures of the Barbie with your daughter.
  • Make and decorate a Barbie dollhouse with your daughter.
  • Ask her to wash the Barbie and clean her clothes and shoes etc. it will tell her the importance of cleanliness.
  • Let her spend the time with the Barbie, her imagination will improve and she will make new stories.

List of Top 10 Best Barbie dolls in India-Buyers Guide

1. Barbie – DJP92 Doll & Playset with Hair Styling Accessories

A set of beautiful Barbie with accessories including a hairbrush, extensions, other accessories, and a dryer for hair styling. It is a plastic Barbie doll that your girl will love to spend time with. It enhances your child’s imagination and creativity in making hairstyles. The doll is wearing a beautiful shimmery party skirt with a polka-dotted shirt and stylish shoes on her feet.

Barbie - DJP92 Doll & Playset with Hair Styling Accessories


  • The material of its body and accessories is very good.
  • It has beautiful, soft, and long golden hair.
  • This is a good option at such a reasonable Barbie doll price.


  • Some accessories that are shown in the picture are missing.
  • Its packaging is not very good.


2. Barbie Doll Rainbow Sparkle Style

It is a beautiful Barbie doll having long golden hair. She has rainbow colors long hair hidden under the golden hair that your girl will love while styling the Barbie. The hair sparkle on combing, and are washable too. Her dress is also very colorful that is complementing the shimmery colorful sparkle of the hair. Some hairstyling accessories and clips are also available in the package.

Barbie Doll Rainbow Sparkle Style


  • A beautiful doll to enhance the creativity of your child.
  • It is an original Barbie doll having great quality.


  • Its price is a little higher.
  • Some customers didn’t like its quality.


3. Barbie Doll and Horse

A beautiful tall Barbie wearing pants and a dotted denim top with long boots. The Barbie has a horse to start the adventurous horse riding. A light brown horse with a brown saddle and a removable bridle will attract your girl. Barbie’s legs can bend to help her sit on the horse and also has a helmet. It enhances the importance of playtime in your child and makes imagination.

Barbie Doll and Horse


  • A beautiful Barbie that introduces the importance of outdoor playing and also wearing fashion accessories.


  • It is not a very good doll at such Barbie a doll price.


4. Barbie Dream House Adventure Dolls

Barbie doll comes wearing her unique look, a charming denim dress with a white and pink belt. In easy-going shoes with a sweet pink stripe, she can go anyplace children’s minds take them. Kids from 3 to 7 years of age will cherish investigating most loved stories and thinking up new experiences since when your little doll plays with this Barbie.

Barbie Dream House Adventure Doll


  • She is a pretty smiling face Barbie having green eyes.
  • It is available at a very reasonable Barbie doll price.


  • Its quality is not very good and the arms are stiff.


5. Barbie Long Hair Play Princess Dolls

This Barbie doll has a strong hair game because the hair is long, colorful, and beautiful. If your daughter loves to make hairstyles it is the best option for you. The doll is wearing a colorful shimmery skirt and star-printed shirt with blue shoes.

Barbie Long Hair Play Princess Doll 1


  • It has extra-long hair that your daughter will love.
  • The hair is beautiful and shaded having golden streaks in it.


  • Its top is plastic-made and fixed and you cannot change it.


6. Barbie Dreamtopia Fairy Dolls

A beautiful doll from Barbie Dreamtopia having colorful and different patterns wings. Its dress and hair accessories are removable. Different dolls are wearing different patterns and color dresses that are inspired by their homelands.

Barbie Dreamtopia Fairy Doll


  • The looks and story-telling of the doll are amazing.
  • The color combination of dress, wings, and shoes is very good.


  • The quality is not up to the mark.
  • Its price is high.


7. Barbie Glitz Dolls (Pink Stripe Party Dress)

This is the most beautiful dressed Barbie doll on our list. She is wearing a stylish, night-out pink and white striped party dress. The dress has vibrant colors and one shoulder-off and the Barbie is wearing matching shoes on their feet.

Barbie Glitz Doll


  • It is a very charming and fashionable Barbie doll.
  • The quality and design of the dress are very good.


  • Its packaging is not good.


8. Barbie Glitz Dolls (Black/White Stripe Dress)

Barbie doll makes the beautiful-dressed rundown in this fun and fashionable look. The dresses are ideally suited for a wide range of story-telling, from easygoing for girl’s night or an excessive debut party. With emotional contacts like a shoulder-off dress and a major unsettle, brilliant shadings and intense lines make a cutting-edge style explanation.

Barbie Glitz Doll


  • The doll’s face is pretty and has cute expressions.
  • Its quality is also good.


  • Its price is slightly higher.



This Barbie doll has many revealing features that will surprise your little one. A very interesting feature is that the ponytail changes its color when you wash it with ice-cold water. Every time she will wash it, she will find a new color. The doll has got many mysteries when you open the outer package by pulling off the package, you will find a tube. Inside the tube, you will find a doll and other surprise accessories. Remove the doll from the tube and fill it with warm water and place the doll in it and swirl, the doll will change its color.



  • The mysterious revealing features are attractive and fun-loving for the kid.
  • The quality of the dress, hair, and body is very good.


  • It is very expensive compared to its accessories and features.


10. Barbie Doll & Fashions Accessories

This Barbie doll comes with accessories and four different looks that tell different stories of different occasions. This Barbie doll package has 4 different vibrant dresses, shoes, purses, and glasses. This enhances the imagination and creativity of your girl when she mixes and matches different things to make a new look.

Barbie Doll & Fashions Accessories


  • The body material’s quality is very good.
  • The length of the doll is also suitable for playing with.


  • It is an expensive Barbie doll.



Gift your little one with a Barbie because it will be the thing she will always remember about her childhood. Select the best Barbie doll from our list and let her increase her creations and imaginations.


What is Barbie’s full name?

Its full name is Barbara Millicent Robert.

Who invented the Barbie doll?

It is a fashion doll that was manufactured by the American toy company Mattel in 1959.

Which is the most beautiful Barbie in the world?

Different manufacturers make Barbie dolls pretty in their way. Here is a list of beautiful Barbie dolls that you can see in this article.