Best Bar Stools in India-Buyers Guide

Bar stools are a kind of elevated stool featuring a footrest where one can rest their feet. Their height and confinement make them ideal for use at places like bars and pubs. The elevation and narrowness of bar stools are fixated on them being steady for usability as bar tallness tables at bars, lounges, and bars. Although they are exclusively built for bars, they can also be found in households. The normal height of bar stools is between twenty-nine to thirty inches from the ground.

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Top 10 Best Bar Stools in India

List of Bar Stools

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1. MBTC Rapid High Bar Chair MBTC Rapid High Bar Chair
2. SAVYA HOME® Curvy Bar Stools SAVYA HOME® Curvy Bar Stool
3. Da URBAN® Classic Bar Stools Da URBAN® Classic Height Adjustable Bar Stool
4. Amazon Basics Bar Stools Amazon Basics Height Adjustable Bar Stools
5. STC Metal Bar Stools STC Metal Bar Stool
6. Style base Furniture – Adjustable Stools Style base Furniture - Adjustable Stool
7. Inaya Decor Cadbury Bar Stools Inaya Decor Cadbury Bar Stool
8. Style base RBRN Bar Cafeteria Stools Style base RBRN Height Adjustable Bar Cafeteria Stool
9. Genuine Sheesham Wood Barstools Genuine Decor Sheesham Wood Bar stool
10. CHAIRWALE Bar Stools CHAIRWALE Armagh Swivel High Counter Bar Stool

Features of Bar Stool

  • A bar stool consists of a number of features depending on the variant.
  • Some of them have a hydraulic stack that enables a user to modify the seat up or down.
  • A useful feature if you are accompanying small children who may use it at different times.
  • Another feature is the swivel.
  • This mechanism enables the user to rotate from side to side without moving the actual stool.
  • It also has a reverse feature that allows the stool to swing back to its original position.
  • Some traditional variants feature ornate specs like carvings and bent legs. Built from dark wood.
  • Modern variants feature a molded wood, metal, or plastic finish.

Types of Bar Stools

  • There exists a variety of bar stools, they include the following.

Folding bar stools

These variants can be folded and kept away when not in use. This generates more additional space.

Revolving bar stools

Also known as rotating bar stools, feature a mechanism that enables the seat to rotate on either side. These kinds of stools are ideal for entertainment purposes because people can swing around the stools.

Adjustable highness bar stools

These kinds of stools allow the user to regulate the height which makes them adaptable.

Pedestal bar stools

These variants possess a singular support pole below the seat that is linked to a base.

Tripod bar stools

These have three legs at equivalent spots to hold the seat.

Four-legged bar stools

These are stools with four legs supporting the seat. The legs are arranged in a cubic fashion.

How to use Bar Stool?

  • The primary use of a bar stool is to provide a spot for people to sit on as they enjoy their drinks whether in pubs or bars.
  • However, there are other creative ways they can be of use.
  • The first way to use a bar stool would be as an added seating area in a family room.
  • For people who enjoy minimalism, rather than adding more sofas that will take up space.
  • You can have a bar stool or two in the living area for guests.
  • Another way to use a bar stool could be as a crafting space for kids.
  • Bar stools come in handy in this situation if space is hard to come by.
  • They can also be used as a side table in the household.

Buyer’s Guide for Bar Stool

  • When it comes to purchasing a bar stool, one of the first things to consider is tallness measurements.
  • If you are not the type that likes adjustable bar stools, then stools that much the height of the bar is your best bet.
  • Another factor to consider is whether the type of stool you pick matches your style.
  • Picking a bar stool that blends with the style of your home will ensure that it is a perfect addition.
  • Moreover, you also need to take into account the convenience parts of the bar stool.
  • To add on, you’ll also need to consider whether the bar stool of your picking provides backrest support and elegance.

List of Top 10 Best Bar Stools in India-Buyers Guide

1. MBTC Rapid High Bar Chair/Kitchen Stool

This is a modern stool that features a strong center metal frame. It has a massively enhanced chrome base

MBTC Rapid High Bar Chair


  • Provides ideal comfort
  • You can adjust the height of the stool
  • Comes with floor protection as a result of anti-slip padding


  • It is susceptible to dust
  • Difficult to disassemble


2. SAVYA HOME® Curvy Kitchen Stool/BAR Stool

An adjustable bar stool with a sturdy metal frame. Features an attractive chrome finish

SAVYA HOME® Curvy Kitchen Stool


  • The tallness of the stool can be adjusted
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Easy to assemble


  • The pushback tends to get jammed
  • Not very stern so it is easy to lose balance while getting off


3. Da URBAN® Classic Height Adjustable Bar Stool Chair

This is a versatile stool with a strong base. It features a footrest as well.

Da URBAN® Classic Height Adjustable Bar Stool


  • Attractive ergonomic design
  • Made with high-quality stainless steel
  • Acts as a rotating stool as well


  • The screws do not match the hole size during assembly
  • The product is not returnable after purchase


4. Amazon Basics Height Adjustable Office/Bar/Kitchen Stool

Fabricating stool together with black leather upholstery. Features a chrome finish base with wheels.

Amazon Basics Height Adjustable Office


  • It has backrest support
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Seamless to assemble


  • Not ideal for short people
  • Leather quality is not good long term


5. STC Metal Bar Stool

This is a height-adjustable, rotating stool. It features a strong base for steadiness purposes.

STC Metal Bar Stool


  • Rotates at a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree angle
  • Glossy chromium finish
  • Light and easy to carry


  • The quality of steel is lacking
  • Does not go down below 24 inches when adjusting


6. Style base Furniture – Adjustable Stool

This is a multifunctional stool that is lightweight in nature. It can hold up to a hundred kilograms.

Style base Furniture - Adjustable Stool


  • Effortless to set up
  • Modest and classy design
  • Sturdy and durable nature


  • It is not fully durable as it is fragile
  • You cannot lock the rotating mechanism


7. Inaya Decor Cadbury Bar Stool

This particular stool features a chrome finish with a leatherette cushion seat. Built with steadiness and mobility in mind.

Inaya Decor Cadbury Bar Stool


  • Has a chrome armrest
  • Ideal for offices, kitchens, showrooms, etc.
  • Attractive blueprint design


  • Some may find the backrest to be hard and stiff
  • The chair tends to slide forward as someone sits


8. Style base RBRN Height Adjustable Bar Cafeteria Stool

A cozy, elevation adjusting bar stool. Features an alloy lift handle and gas bar.

Style base RBRN Height Adjustable Bar


  • Features a top-notch chrome base and footrest
  • Has a rubber ring at the bottom to safeguard it from floor scratches
  • Robust and balanced


  • Does not come with a user manual on how to assemble
  • Some packages are shipped without all the necessary parts


9. Genuine Decor Sheesham Wood Barstool

This is a barstool made of genuine Sheesham wood. Features lengthy wooden legs with a footrest section.

Genuine Decor Sheesham Wood Bar stool


  • It comes pre-assembled so no assembly is required
  • Strong wooden legs to provide sturdiness
  • Ideal for furnishing


  • Not adjustable
  • Some people may receive variants where all legs are not balanced


10. CHAIRWALE Armagh Swivel High Counter Bar Stool

A bar stool featuring a rotating swivel. The base is made from polished chrome with a footrest.

CHAIRWALE Armagh Swivel High Counter Bar Stool


  • Cozy construct
  • Blends perfectly in areas like the kitchen and dining room
  • It can be adjusted in terms of height


  • It tends to wobble as a result of poor balance
  • The seating area is poorly padded



A bar stool is an ideal piece of furniture that can be used in any part of the household. The ones on this list are all ideal, the picking comes down to you.


Which is the best bar stool?

It largely depends on the type of bar stool you are looking for. The best bar stools could be in the category that are adjustable and can be folded.

What is the price of the bar stool?

The average price of bar stools ranges from one thousand, five hundred rupees to three thousand plus rupees.