Best Baking Papers in India-Buyers Guide

One of the challenges that bakers face is that of the baked foods sticking to baking trays/pans. It is the main problem that baking paper resolves. All you have to do is wrap whatever you are baking in baking paper. Or apply baking paper to the baking surfaces. At the end of the baking process, you would be able to remove the baked food easily. The food wouldn’t stick. Baking paper is also useful when reheating foods. It prevents the foods that are being reheated from drying up. It can similarly preserve the freshness of products that are being put into a fridge.

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Top 10 Best Baking Papers in India

List of Baking Papers

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1. Oddy Ecobake Parchment Paper Oddy-Uniwraps-Baking- Oddy-Uniwraps-Baking-
2. Kitchenette Baking and Cooking Parchment Paper Kitchenette Baking and Cooking Kitchenette Baking and Cooking
3. Katbite Heavy Duty Parchment Paper Katbite Heavy Duty Parchment Paper  
4. INFRAOVENS Parchment Paper INFRAOVENS Parchment Paper
5. SMARTAKE Unbleached Parchment Paper SMARTAKE Unbleached  
6. Magicook Paper Roll Magicook Paper Roll Magicook Paper Roll
7. Fasmov Parchment Paper Fasmov Parchment Paper
8. Clazkit Baking and Cooking Parchment Paper Clazkit Baking and Cooking
9. Perfect Price parchment Paper Cups Cake Perfect Price parchment Paper Cups Cake
10. Fairmart Ultimo Parchment Paper Roll Fairmart Ultimo Fairmart Ultimo

Features of a Baking Paper

  • The best parchment papers are genuinely grease-proof. They don’t allow grease to pass from the wrapped food products to the ovens in which they are cooked Or to the fridges in which they are stored/microwaves in which they are reheated.
  • Another important feature of the paper is the ability to retain moisture. With this, you can heat or freeze wrapped foodstuffs while maintaining freshness.
  • The best papers are oven-safe. They are also microwave and freezer safe.
  • Obviously, food safety is also important in baking paper. They should be made from food-grade paper: so that people who eat foods wrapped in them don’t get ill.
  • And the best baking papers don’t affect the taste of wrapped foodstuffs.

Types of Baking Papers

  • Some parchment papers come in the pre-cut form. Others come in rolls: which means that they have to be cut into pieces before use.
  • Some parchment papers are of single-use type. Others are suitable for reuse.
  • Parchment papers are made from natural materials, like wood pulp. Others are made from synthetic materials.

How to use a Baking Paper?

  • The first step is to cut the parchment paper into sheets of appropriate size.
  • This is only necessary if the parchment is in uncut roll form.
  • The second step is to wrap the foodstuff fully in the baking paper.
  • The third step is to subject the wrapped foodstuff to baking (or whichever other cooking process).
  • Alternatively, you can store the wrapped foodstuff in a fridge or heat it through a microwave.
  • In the case of cooking/baking, the parchment paper will ensure that the foodstuff doesn’t stick.
  • In microwaving situations, the parchment paper will ensure that the wrapped foodstuff doesn’t dry up during heating.
  • And where you wrap the foodstuff before keeping it in the fridge, the paper will maintain the foodstuff’s freshness all through.
  • After the cooking/microwaving/refrigeration, all you have to do is remove the baking paper.
  • You can throw it if it is of single-use variety. Or you can wash it and reuse it (if it is reusable).

Buying guide for Baking Paper

  • When shopping for parchment paper, it is important to look at the width. Ensure that it is wide enough for the purpose you have in mind.
  • It is also important to ensure that the parchment paper you buy has genuine grease-proof capabilities.
  • The parchment paper you buy should have passed the necessary food safety tests. It should be easy to apply on foodstuffs, and easy to remove as the need arises.
  • You need to research, to get a better picture of the average parchment paper price. Then ensure that you don’t buy unjustifiably expensive paper.

List of Top 10 Best Baking Papers in India-Buyers Guide

1. Oddy Ecobake Parchment Paper

What you get here is a 10 inches wide, 20 meters long paper roll. Oddy paper is of the variety that may be reused.

Oddy Ecobake Parchment Paper


  • Oven, microwave, and freezer safe
  • The baking paper is reusable
  • Sold at reasonable price


  • Comes in roll form (not pre-cut)
  • Can mostly only be re-used once


2. Kitchenette Baking and Cooking Parchment Paper

Kitcheette paper is a 20 meter long, 11-inch wide roll of parchment paper. Its price is reasonable and usage is easy.

Kitchenette Baking and Cooking Parchment Paper


  • This paper is biodegradable
  • Can be used for other bakery processes like decoration and piping
  • Convenient to use


  • 11-inch width is inadequate for some trays
  • Cutting paper rolls can be painstaking work


3. Katbite Heavy Duty Parchment Paper

Katbite is one of the baking papers that come already pre-cut. So what you get are 100 sheets: each 16 by 24 inches.

Katbite Heavy Duty Parchment Paper


  • Eliminates the need for painstaking cutting (as it is pre-cut)
  • This paper is strong
  • Versatile (for many applications)


  • Not easy to reuse
  • Price relatively higher


4. INFRAOVENS Parchment Paper

Here are smaller baking papers, for people who have more modest needs. The baking papers are perforated for better performance.

INFRAOVENS Parchment Paper


  • Easy to use baking papers
  • Genuinely grease-resistant
  • Perforated for better aeration


  • Size too modest for many uses
  • Not very versatile (unsuitable for most other uses, besides wrapping)


5. SMARTAKE Unbleached Parchment Paper

SAMARTAKE papers are in the category of unbleached baking papers. The sheets are round in shape: ideal for those who need such.

SMARTAKE Unbleached Parchment Paper


  • Pre-cut parchment paper sheets
  • Can withstand very high temperatures
  • Edges are clean cut


  • Non-bleached baking papers
  • 8-inch width inadequate for some trays


6. Magicook Baking Paper Roll

magicooke paper is another baking paper that comes as an uncut roll. It is 12 inches wide and 10 meters long.

Magicook Baking Paper Roll


  • 12-inch width adequate for most baking trays
  • Very low price
  • Versatile (for many other uses, besides baking)


  • Harder to use (as it is not precut)
  • Hard to reuse as it sometimes turns brown after first use


7. Fasmov Parchment Paper

Here is one of the wider baking papers: at 15 inches. The package contains 500 sheets: adequate for most people’s needs.

Fasmov Parchment Paper


  • Wide enough for most baking trays
  • Made from natural wood pulp
  • The packing box is thin/compact


  • Packaging a bit hard to open
  • Slightly higher price


8. Clazkit Baking and Cooking Parchment Paper

Clazkit paper is a standard 20-meter roll of baking paper. The roll is also in the standard 11-inch width.

Clazkit Baking and Cooking Parchment Paper


  • Relatively low price
  • Quite sturdy material
  • Can be used for many things (versatile)


  • Has to be cut to size before use (it is an uncut roll)
  • Non-perforated (hence limited airflow)


9. Perfect Price Baking Paper Cups Cake

The perfect price paper product here comes in the form of paper cups. The package contains 100 of those.

Perfect Price Baking Paper Cups Cake


  • Paper cups come in attractive colors
  • Easy to use
  • Considerably lower price


  • Limited to baking use only
  • Size too modest for some


10. Fairmart Ultimo Parchment Paper Roll

At 22 meters, this is longer than the average baking paper roll. It is also one of the cheapest.

Fairmart Ultimo Parchment Paper Roll


  • Very affordable roll
  • Longer size (at 22 meters)
  • Versatile for multiple uses


  • Not precut (hence has to be cut before use)
  • Packaging can be hard to undo



Baking paper can make your baking process less tiring and more effective. It can also help preserve moisture in reheated food and freshness in refrigerated food. This guide should be useful to you when shopping for baking paper online.


Which paper is best for baking?

The best baking paper needs to be truly grease-proof. It should also be oven, freezer, and microwave safe. And it should be easy to use and truly effective.

What is the price of baking paper?

The baking paper price mostly ranges from 160 to 300 Indian rupees, depending on size and other things.

What is a substitute for baking paper?

Alternatives include waxed paper, aluminum foil, and Silpat paper.