Best Audio Mixers in India Buyers Guide

The music entertainment profession is one of the highest-grossing occupations in the world. Audio mixer Not only do you need to have a crisp, attractive, and enchanting voice, but you also need professional musical instruments to accompany the song. But even if you have all that, it is still not enough to cut a professional-sounding song.

When you have to publish your songs online or want to release an album, you need to give your songs a refined touch. For that, you need an audio mixer. The audio mixer or the sound mixer is one of the essentials to making a professional album. Apart from that, they serve as the DJ mixer at live parties as well. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the Best Bluetooth speakers, Amplifier Speakers, Ahuja Speakers, DJ Controllers, Karaoke Mic, Sony Home Theaters, Sound Bars, Public Address systems, Karaoke Systems, subwoofers, television, and mixing boards in India.

Top 10 Best  Audio Mixers Online in India

List of Audio Mixers

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1. Mackie ProFX-series compact mixer  Mackie ProFX-series
2. Yamaha MG10XU analog mixer Yamaha MG10XU analog mixer
3. Behringer XENYX 802 premium 8-input 2-bus mixer Behringer XENYX 802 premium
4.Notepad-8FX small-format analog mixing console  Notepad-8FX
5. Electronic traders Ahuja AMX-60 audio mixer Electronic traders Ahuja AMX-60
6. Medha D.J. Plus professional stereo echo audio mixer Medha D.J. Plus professional
7. Numark M4 sound mixer
Numark M4 sound mixer
8. Mackie Mix8 8-channel compact audio mixer  Mackie Mix8 8-channel compact audio mixer
9. Alto professional ZMX52 Alto professional ZMX52
10. Roland DJ-99 DJ mixer Roland DJ-99 DJ mixer

Features to keep in mind while choosing an audio mixer

Audio mixers have several features that enable musicians to enhance the quality of the audio. The input is one of the main features of a mixer. Input lets the user connect various source devices to the mixer. Further, modern sound mixers can connect to computers, smartphones, and tablets.

The next feature is equalization. Some songs require audio tuning. The audio mixer can equalize the audio levels. Various controls help in leveling the bass, tempo, and other effects of the audio. Along with that, sound mixers have audio dynamics enhancement features. Using those features the audio quality can be improved and given a fine new touch.

Types of audio mixer

Sound mixers are of three types. They are:

Analog audio mixer

This is one of the basic types that has been around for quite a while. They are notable for the live performance output. They are also good at recording.

Powered audio mixer

This is an extension of the analog audio mixer. The additional feature they have is extra power. Users can connect powerless speakers to this mixer and it will power them themselves.

Digital audio mixer

These are the latest sound mixers in the market. They have loads of features and plenty of convenient functions. Like the memory function, which stores the settings and saves them for later use.

Best audio mixers-Buyer’s guide

Buying an audio mixer is not a problem for professionals. But newbies always run into trouble when choosing a DJ mixer.

The first thing you should look for is the inputs. Pick a sound mixer with more inputs than your requirement. As later you might need more inputs that you may not have considered at the time of purchase.

Along with that, choose an audio mixer that has more output segments. That will help you expand your music profession easily. Additionally, there are certain features that you should look for. That includes pad, filters, connection ports, outputs and buses, visuals, equalizers, and dynamic controls.

Each of the features has its usability and benefits. Such as the pad, which is a great help during live performances. Some instruments have a higher signal flow that the mixers cannot control. Well, a mixer with a pad can lower the signals and bring them to a controllable level.

Similarly, the filters remove the inevitable bass throws from live mics. In the same way, they help in removing any undesirable audio signal. Moving further, the connection ports let you add more devices as the source. Modern sound mixers can connect to smartphones and laptops. That is a convenience feature.

How does an audio mixer work?

This all begins with the channels. The audio signals pass through the channels and then lay them onto the main console. Then comes the gain. Gain is on the top of the audio mixer on a strip below the input lines. On some mixers, it is known as trim, and on others, it is called Sens, but the common title is gain.

This is where the audio signals are adjusted. It has various basic controls and dynamics. Such as setting the sound level, temp, flow rate, and much more. Then comes the equalization. Here the unnecessary signals are removed. You must have used the equalizer on your computer or smartphone.

It is the same thing, but it is more practical. Further, there are auxiliary outputs. The professionals know it as AUX. The AUX sets the level at which you want the output to emit. This is where you finalize the audio signals.

List of Top 10 Best Audio Mixers in India Buyers Guide

1. Mackie ProFX-series compact mixer with USB and effects (ProFX 8v2)

The Mackie ProFX (ProFX 8v2) is a professional audio mixer, but it is compact, which means you can exhibit your music skills anywhere you go.

Mackie ProFX Series Compact Mixer with USB and effects
Mackie ProFX Series Compact Mixer with USB and effects


  • Its compact size is great and makes carrying it along is easy
  • The price is reasonable and it is cheaper than several competitive brands
  • Setting it up is easy, hence you can use it anywhere conveniently


  • Some professionals qualify this DJ mixer as a basic tool
  • Control channels are fewer in number compared to some other professional sound mixers

Mackie ProFX-series


2.Yamaha MG10XU analog mixer

Yamaha has recently updated the MG10XU audio mixer. The improvements made include a new microphone class and USB connectors through which it can be attached to computers and Apple products.

Yamaha MG10XU Analog Mixer
Yamaha MG10XU Analog Mixer


  • The improvements are fine and make this DJ mixer more usable
  • I/O improvement is a great move against its competitors
  • Built-in effects are nice


  • The sides are plastic, thus handle them carefully
  • Though USB connections have been added, no USB cable comes with it

Yamaha MG10XU analog mixer

3.Behringer XENYX 802 premium 8-input 2-bus mixer

Behringer XENYX 802 premium is a low-noise sound mixer. Further, it has a higher headroom. This is a professional audio mixer.

Behringer XENYX 802 Premium
Behringer XENYX 802 Premium


  • This DJ mixer weighs around a kilo, which means you can carry it along easily
  • The effects system is professional
  • Mixing the audio with this mixer is pretty easy compared to several other brands


  • It works with a power supply adapter, which if lost can be hard to replace
  • Some consumers report that the power cable design is not secure or safe

Behringer XENYX 802 premium

4.Notepad-8FX small-format analog mixing console with USB I/O and Lexicon effects

The Soundcraft Notepad-8FX audio mixer comes with 8 channels. Further, every channel has its dedicated equalizer. Additionally, this audio mixer has USB connectors as well as the master fader.

Notepad 8FX Small format analog mixing console
Notepad 8FX Small format analog mixing console


  • 8 channels in a mixer are indeed spectacular
  • The USB connection helps musicians to connect to their devices
  • Small in size and portable


  • Consumers report that USB connector is at times troubling
  • Some consumers even report that this DJ mixer causes trouble when connecting to the devices


5. Electronic traders Ahuja AMX-60 audio mixer

Ahuja AMX-60 audio mixer is a low-cost solution for musicians and DJs. It is a 6-channel mixer with stereo phone jacks.

Electronic trades ahuja AMX 60 Mixer
Electronic trades Ahuja AMX 60 Mixer


  • Low in price even when compared to entry-level variants of popular brands
  • 6-channels are good for professional entertainers
  • Mono and stereo input and output are available


  • No USB connections
  • Users report that sound quality is below average

Electronic traders Ahuja AMX-60

6. Medha D.J. Plus professional 9-channel stereo echo audio mixer

Medha DJ mixer is another low-cost solution on our list. This is a 9-channel mixer, bigger than the previous one. And it also has more features.

Electronic trades ahuja AMX 60 Mixer
Electronic trades Ahuja AMX 60 Mixer


  • 9 channels provide convenience for professionals
  • Plenty of input and output options
  • The effect level is fine


  • Some consumers report that it is an old-school audio mixer with very few features
  • Heavy, hence it is less portable

Medha D.J. Plus professional

7. Numark M4 sound mixer

Numark M4 is an extension for beginners. This audio mixer has more features and functions than the basic DJ mixers. It is in a way a step-up variant of an entry-level sound mixer.

Numark M4 3 channel Rack Mountable DJ Scratch Mixer
Numark M4 3 Channel Rack Mountable DJ Scratch Mixer


  • More features at a low price
  • 3-channels for a beginner are good enough to improve their performance
  • Equalizer for every channel


  • Some users say the sound mixer has an odd appearance
  • Experts say that the features are insufficient for someone to learn professional music

Numark M4 sound mixer

8. Mix8 8-channel compact audio mixer with low noise performance

Mackie Mix8 is an 8-channel audio mixer. This is a professional DJ mixer available in a compact size. It gives you the liberty to concert your music creation anywhere and build your fan following.

Mackie Mix 8 8 Channel Compact Mixer
Mackie Mix 8 8 Channel Compact Mixer


  • It is an affordable product
  • Compact in size, which is great for the mobile performers
  • Ease of usability


  • Over time, it begins to emit a humming sound
  • Some users even report that they hear a beep and even noiseMackie Mix8 8-channel


9. Alto professional ZMX52

Altro professional ZMX52 is a 5-channel audio mixer with 3-band EQ per channel. Further, it is a 2-bus sound mixer. Additionally, it has 6-inputs and 18V power.

Alto Professional ZMX52
Alto Professional ZMX52


  • ZMX52 DJ mixer is quite compact and moving it from place to place is pretty easy
  • Usability is easy
  • The sound quality is fine


  • More expensive than similar products
  • Less input connectivity options

Alto professional ZMX52

10. Roland DJ-99 DJ mixer

Roland is a reputable brand for professional musical instruments. However, it also creates instruments for beginners. DJ-99 is one such item suited for beginners.

Roland DJ 99 DJ Mixer
Roland DJ 99 DJ Mixer


  • Though a beginner tool, it covers every feature a DJ would need
  • It has a nice interface and a sturdy hardware
  • Appearance is neat


  • Some consumers complain that the crossfading action is poor
  • The appearance may not be cool enough for everyone

Roland DJ-99 DJ mixer


The audio mixer has everything that you need to enhance the quality of the audio. Mix multiple audio signals or improve single audio at the same time as the DJ mixer.


1. What is an audio mixer used for?

An audio mixer is used to improve the quality of the music tracks. It can combine multiple tracks and let the user enhance them dynamically.

2. Which is the best audio mixer?

It depends on what features are you looking for. If you need the larger connectivity, then those with USB connectors are indeed best. However, if you are looking for higher performance, then the ones with greater audio features are better. The list above includes the best audio mixers.

3. How does an audio mixer work?

An audio mixer is an electrical device. It receives the audio signals from the connected devices and lets the user enhance the audio. Once the adjustment is done, the audio signals are sent out to the speakers. It is more like a center point between the storage and the output device.

4. Does a mixer improve sound quality?

The principal benefit of the sound mixer is the improvement in sound quality. Every type of audio mixer improves the audio signals.

5. Should I get a mixer or audio interface?

A sound mixer is a must when you are planning to begin a professional music career.

6. What’s the difference between an audio interface and a mixer?

The audio or DJ mixer combines multiple audio signals and creates a new output. Comparatively, the interface is an interpreter converting analog signals to digital signals.

7. What is the difference between an equalizer and a mixer?

An equalizer is a part of a sound mixer. It is used to adjust the sound signals. Equalizers are also available standalone and can be attached to source devices.