Best Atta Dough Maker in India-Buyers Guide

Nowadays atta or dough maker plays a crucial role in the day to day life. Because doing all the chores by your hand is almost impossible. Everyone is so busy in their lives. Now women are also career-oriented and doing jobs. So they don’t have time to knead the flour with their hands.

The reality is this, young women hardly know how to make the dough. But in many countries, chapatti or roti is the most consumed food. They are made of wheat flour dough. So now you don’t have to worry about this task. Atta maker or dough maker is the solution to your problem.

You don’t have to hire helpers for making dough and waste money. There are many electronic devices that help you to knead flour. You can also chop vegetables in it. Please check the buyer’s guide for the best Bread Toasters, Sandwich makers, pizza makers, Best Roti Makers, deep fryers, Kitchen Cooking Tongs, Electric Tandoor, Wet grinder machines, Food Processors, bread toasters, Egg BoilersIdli Makers, Ice Cream Makers, barbecue grills, Water purifiers, Roti Makers & Microwave Oven, Cold Press Juicers & Air Fryers in India.

This article is all about the best atta maker and a description of that. We hope you will find the answer to every question about the dough maker through this article along with a proper buying guide.

Best 10 Atta Dough Makers in India

List of the atta dough makers
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1. Amazon Solimo Plastic Dough Maker  Amazon-Brand-Vegetable
2. Clearline Automatic Electric Dough Maker  Clearline-Automatic-Electric
3. Homeplus Dough Maker  Homeplus-Plastic-Vertical
4. Preethi Master Chef Dough Maker  Preethi-Master-MGA
5. KENT Dough Maker  KENT-Bread-Steel
6. Inalsa Food Processor Easy Prep 800W  Inalsa-Easy-Accessories
7. Slings Atta/Dough Maker  Slings-Dough-Kitchen
8. Floraware 3 In 1 Atta Maker  Floraware-Plastic-Vegetable-Cutter
9. Darkpyro 3 in 1 Dough Maker  Darkpyro-Plastic-Dough
10. Ritu Manual Dough Maker  Ritu-Dough-Vary

Buyers Guide – Atta Dough Maker

Chapati or roti is a traditional food item mostly taken as a meal in so many houses. Chapati is made with the help of mainly wheat and water. But it is a tough task for everyone to mix the flour and make chapatis. But now atta or dough makers implemented this kind of work.

Dough maker is nothing but it’s a hands-free atta maker that helps you to mix the hard chore of kneading flour into easy operation. That’s why we need to consider so many points to make a final decision on the best dough or atta maker.

Below we are listing some points, which will help you in buying the best Atta maker for you: 

  • Dough makers have different speed settings. As your Atta maker will help you in multiple tasks and every purpose will work on the different speed settings.
  • Go with that atta maker which has various speeds because that will be beneficial.
  • Mostly the body of dough makers is plastic-based. Some can be metallic. Always check the body of the machine.
  • Metallic body atta makers are not so user-friendly so it is wise to avoid them.
  • As you all know that different types of plastics are present. So always check the material of plastic. It should not be of cheap quality. Buy ABS plastic body, atta maker.
Also, Consider:
  • Different dough makers have different capacities for making the dough.
  • So always go with the atta maker which has a maximum capacity of the floor.
  • Your dough maker should be suitable for washing in the dishwasher.
  • Blades of dough maker can be of plastic or steel. Plastic blades are not very durable. Always buy that atta maker which has stainless steel blades.
  • For a beginner cook, it is difficult to measure ingredients while making the dough. Your dough maker should have extra attachments and cups for measuring the ingredients.
  • Choose that dough maker which makes less noise while operating.

Features of Dough Maker: 

The dough maker is a versatile kitchen appliance that can be used in homes, hotels, and many places. With the help of a high-quality dough maker, you can make parathas, roti, pooris, bread, etc.,

A good dough makes will have the following common features:

  • The best & useful atta maker has a glass jar for dough kneading.
  • This glass jar is non-stick and some are dishwasher safe too
  • The blades of a good dough maker are so sharp.
  • The dough makers also help in many other kitchen chores including chopping, blending, and whisking too.
  • Electric dough makers have different options. You can set the speed and timer on it. It also has an on/off button and a pause button too.
  • Also, the electric dough makers use very little amount of electric energy. For manual atta maker energy of your arms is required.

Types of Dough Maker

There are huge types of Atta makers that are available in the market. And some dough makers come with so many advanced features as discussed above. Dough makers are mainly two types that are mentioned below. So no need to confuse yourself by seeing other types.

Manual Dough Maker

  • This is a non-electronic device for kneading flour.
  • It has a handle, blades, and jar. You have to pour flour into a jar and after placing the lid rotate the blade with the help of the handle.
  • This will help you in making dough in a conventional way.

Electric Atta Maker

  • This dough maker uses electricity for kneading flour.
  • Measuring cups come with it. You just have to put the ingredients and press the start button.
  • It will make dough of dry flour within 1 minute.
  • This machine is slightly expensive but very beneficial for you.
  • This electric dough maker further has different types depending on the shape of the machine and placement of its parts.
  • The types are tilt-head design, spiral dough maker, planetary dough maker, vertical cutters maker, and bowl-lift design.

How Does Dough Maker Works?

As dough makers are of two types that are manual and electronic. Both have the same purpose as making dough or atta. But the major difference is you can make dough quickly compared to a manual dough maker. Because we need to rotate the handle with our hands in a manual dough maker.

Check the working mechanism of both manual and electric atta makers now:

  • For a manual dough maker, you have to measure the exact quantity of water, dry flour, and salt. Fix the blade in it and place the lid on.
  • Now rotate the handle with your hand. Keep rotating until you feel the dough has been prepared.
  • You have to put some effort into making dough in this dough maker.
  • But the resultant flour dough will be better than the dough made by hand.
  • For the electronic dough maker, here are measuring cups with it.
  • Pour the ingredients into the machine.
  • The percentage of flour and water for a perfect dough is 2:1. 2 portions of flour and one portion of water.
  • After doing that plug the cord into the switch.
  • Set the speed of the machine you want and the time. Then turn on the button.
  • You will get the kneaded dough in very little time. You don’t have to put any effort and will get the perfect dough for your chapatti.

Top 10 List of Best Dough Makers in India:

Till now you have checked the features and different types of atta dough makers. Atta maker is a perfect “Dough Kneading Machine” that helps you in preparing the atta to make paranthas and chapattis and much more. But it’s very difficult to choose the best bran din atta makers.

Here we have listed some best dough makers in India after considering the features and affordability:

1. Amazon Solimo Plastic Dough Maker and 500 ml Vegetable Chopper with 3 Blades Combo:

This product of amazon is used for making any kind of dough. This combo pack consists of two products, those are 1 plastic container with 3 blades & 3 measuring cups and Handy vegetable & fruit chopper. It is manufactured with plastic material.Amazon Solimo Plastic Dough Maker and 500 ml Vegetable Chopper with 3 Blades Combo

  • Dimensions: 13.5 cm x 13.5 cm x 9 cm
  • Machine Type: Manual
  • Amazon Brand Solimo Dough Maker is made with 100 % food-grade and BPA-free plastic material. So this is safe to use.
  • It has more than 1 function that can knead the dough, you can also cut onions, etc in it along with these functions you can also use it to make milkshakes.
  • Product contents include 1 vegetable & fruit chopper, 1 plastic container, 3 blades, and 3 measuring cups.
  • Easy to clean and can work without electricity.
  • It has the ability to make atta for 2 people.
  • This product is not comfortable for kneading the dough for roti.
  • No instructions are there for the process.

Amazon Solimo Plastic Dough Maker

2. Clearline Automatic Electric Dough Maker with Non-Stick Bowl 3 L:

This product is manufactured with steel material. It has a powerful 650 watts motor and comes with a 3-liter large capacity non-stick coated bowl. The bowl of this atta maker is nonstick in which all the process of kneading is done. You can 1-year warranty along with this product.Clearline Automatic Electric Dough Maker with Non Stick Bowl 3 L

  • Dimensions: 38 cm x 22 cm x 24 cm
  • Power: 650 Watts
  • Weight: 3.2 KGs
  • Clearline Dough Maker has an attractive design that aids in the beauty of your kitchen.
  • The most beneficial part of this product is the nonstick bowl which cleans the whole dough from the container without creating any mess.
  • This product has a double lid, as a result, you can add your ingredients to a bowl without opening the lid even during the process.
  • The machine has an automatic timer function which is about 15 minutes.
  • The lid of the product becomes loose easily.
  • And the locking system of the product is not proper.

Clearline Electric Dough Kneader

3. Homeplus Dough Maker Plastic Vertical Atta Kneader:

This is not only a dough maker but also a 4 in one machine. It comes with an unbreakable bowl, a food-grade blade, and a unique stainless steel chopping blade. Also, you will get 1 year of warranty on this product.Homeplus Dough Maker Plastic Vertical Atta Kneader

  • Power: 350 Watts
  • Weight: 4 KGs
  • Homeplus Dough Maker has a powerful & intense motor that supports kneading & chopping.
  • It comes with an internal circuit breaker feature for total product safety.
  • You can knead up to 1/2kg attain only 30 seconds, by the help of lots of chopping you can make numerous shakes & juices easily.
  • With an additional attachment, you can even make vegetable juices.
  • Included an unbreakable bowl for kneading & chopping and the food-grade blade is for peas peeling & kneading.
  • Most of the people complained about the quality of this product.

Homeplus Dough kneader

4. Preethi Master Chef Dough Maker 2.1-Litre Atta Kneader:

This product comes with a 2.1 liters capacity jar, kneading blade, and measuring cup. It is available in white color. This product is best compatible with Preethi Blue Leaf Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Preethi Daisy mixer grinders. As per Francis Kanoi, this is India’s no 1 Mixer-Grinder brand.Preethi Master Chef Dough Maker 2.1-Litre Atta Kneader

  • Dimensions: 18 cm x 16 cm x 25 cm
  • Weight: 898 Grams
  • Preethi Dough Maker is a very time-saving machine and atta kneading takes only 1 minute.
  • This product makes a super soft dough.
  • The warranty of this product is one year. So you can get a replacement if there are any manufacturing defects.
  • Just add ½ cup of water & 1 cup of atta gradually, then atta starts getting kneaded.
  • You can use this easily and works efficiently.
  • This product is not compatible with all the mixers and grinders.
  • And this is a little bit noisy product.

Preethi Dough maker

5. KENT Dough Maker Steel Grey 550-Watt for Making Atta and Bread:

This product comes with a user-friendly design and makes it easy to operate & clean as well. It is in silver steal color and 19 program menus are included in the machine for various operations. The power supply for this product is of a single phase. This product comes with a warranty of 1 year.KENT Dough Maker Steel Grey 550-Watt for Making Atta and Bread

  • Dimensions: 36 cm x 24.5 cm x 30 cm
  • Power: 550 Watts
  • Weight: 11 KGs
  • KENT Dough Maker is a convenient Atta Maker to make puris, rottis, and chapattis by kneading & mixing automatically.
  • The most important benefit of this product is that it is automatic and intelligent.
  • It mixes and kneads the dough so nicely that aids in the easy making of chapatis.
  • This product has 19 pre-set menus to make bread, fruit cake or jam, pizza dough, chapatti atta, cake, etc
  • The nonstick coating of this product is thin.
  • Dent can easily form on this product.

KENT Bread Maker

6. Inalsa Food Processor Easy Prep 800W with 7 Accessories Includes Chopping, Atta Kneading Blades, Egg Whisker & Processing Bowl:

This is a multi-functional 800 W Food Processor and comes with 7 Accessories including Chopping, Atta Kneading Blade, etc. It comes with pulse function and 2-speed settings, choose between two different speed settings to control your shredding, grating, and chopping.

You can also use this machine for many purposes like dough kneading, shredding, chopping, slicing, and emulsifying food items.Inalsa Food Processor Easy Prep 800W with 7 Accessories Includes Chopping, Atta Kneading Blades, Egg Whisker & Processing Bowl

  • Dimensions: 23.4 cm x 21 cm x 40.2 cm
  • Power: 800 Watts
  • Weight: 3 KGs
  • Inalsa Easy Prep Food Processor is also used for dough making and atta shredding with the help of Atta Kneading Blade.
  • Product contents include a kneading blade, egg whisker, french-fry cutter, processing bowl, chopping blade, slicer cutter, and shredder cutter.
  • The capacity of the main bowl is 1.4 ltr so it is ideal for mixing & knead large amounts of dough and preparing large meals.
  • It is used for multi-purposes like kneading bread dough, beating cake batter, egg whites and grinding meat too.
  • The main problem is there is no container provided to keep sharp blades.

Inalsa Food Processor Atta

7. Slings One-Stop-Shop Dough Maker Must for Every Kitchen Multicolor:

The material of the product is ABS plastic and has a transparent lid. The complete package consists of 1 atta maker, 3 measuring cups, and a handle. This product is available in multiple colors like blue, green, etc.Slings One Stop Shop Dough Maker Must for Every Kitchen Multicolor

  • Machine Type: Manual
  • Weight: 254 Grams
  • Slings Dough/Atta Maker made with totally 100% food-grade plastic which is dishwasher safe and BPA free.
  • This product is easy to handle grip of the product is heat resistant.
  • It is easy to wash and dishwasher safe too.
  • Food does not get dirty to remain healthy and clean.
  • The capacity of this product is very small. Only a small amount of dough can be prepared in it.
  • It requires hard work to rotate the handle
  • The dough can stick to plastic parts creating a messy environment.

Slings Dough Maker

8. Floraware 3 In 1 Dough Maker With 6 Attachments Vegetable Cutter, Beater or Churaner and 3 Blades+3 Measuring Cups:

This atta maker is made with unbreakable ABS plastic material that has 7 different components. This is a good choice for you if you are looking for a low price atta maker for you. It comes with a mixing bowl, 3 measuring cups, 1 Aata Maker Blade, 1 Churner Blade, 1 Vegetable Cutter Blade, and a handle by which you can rotate it for kneading flour. This dough maker will also help you in making milkshakes.Floraware 3 In 1 Dough Maker With 6 Attchments Vegetable Cutter, Beater or Churaner and 3 Blades+3 Measuring Cups

  • Dimensions: 19 cm x 24 cm x 24 cm
  • Machine Type: Manual
  • Weight: 499 Grams
  • Floraware Dough Maker Set is best for multiple works like making dough, cutting vegetables to prepare a salad of cobias or tomato, beating, etc.
  • It is a manual plastic atta/dough-making machine.
  • Used plastic material is good and safe for food and health.
  • Also, this is the best product for making buttermilk and milkshakes.
  • It has plastic blades that are not durable.

Floraware Plastic Atta

9. Darkpyro 3 in 1 Dough Maker With 6 Attachments Atta Maker + Scoop (Blue):

This product is blue in color and the material is plastic. It is multifunctional and acts as an atta Maker, Vegetable cutter, and beater churner. The whole product is consists of 1 piece of the bowl, 1 dough kneader blade, 1 piece of vegetable cutting blades, 1 piece of churner blades, 3 measuring cups, and 1 scoop.Darkpyro 3 in 1 Dough Maker With 6 Attchments Atta Maker + Scoop (Blue)

  • Machine Type: Manual
  • Weight: 400 Grams
  • The product is convenient to handle grip is very comfortable.
  • The surface of the product is made from dust-free material, as a result, it does not get dirty.
  • Darkpyro Dough Maker is a multi-functional and 3 in 1 machine. This means you can prepare the dough, cut the vegetables as well as act as a beater.
  • This product comes with a warranty of 5 years long period.
  • This product is a hassle to clean.
  • Assembling the blades for use of a cutter takes time and is difficult.
  • It needs the force of the body. You need to apply pressure by hand while operating it.

Darkpyro Plastic Dough Maker

10. Ritu Manual Atta Maker Plastic Detachable & Multicolour:

This product is available in many different colors. You can select any of your desired available colors. The whole product is consist of 1 Mixture, 1 atta maker, 3 measuring cups for flour, water, oil, and 1 handle.Ritu Manual Dough Maker Plastic Detachable & Multicolour

  • Dimensions: 20.7 cm x 12.8 cm x 20.3 cm
  • Machine Type: Manual
  • Weight: 540 Grams
  • Ritu Dough or Atta Maker is a manual atta making machine and time-saving product too.
  • It efficiently kneads the dough so that you can get the perfect and flocculent chapatis.
  • Operating this product is very easy without creating any mess
  • It is very convenient to clean and you can also dish wash it.
  • The transparent lid is included for visibility.
  • It has plastic blades that are not durable.
  • This product comes with no warranty
  • It is a manual product.

Ritu Dough Maker

At the present moment, you have successfully checked the list of the best 10 dough makers. So, it should be easy for you to determine which dough or atta maker will meet your requirements.

Now you are familiar with the features of the most popular dough makers which are available in the market along with a good buying guide. All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of dough maker along with valuable benefits.