Best Asics Running Shoes in India-Buyers Guide

A multinational brand in Japan, Asics is internationally known to produce high-quality sports equipment. The brand puts great emphasis on fitness and physical health. The name of the brand, taken from Latin, also represents their concern, in this regard. The name is derived as an acronym of the Latin phrase ‘anima sana in corpore sano’, which is translated ‘as a sound mind is a sound body. Asics uses the modern and latest technology and brings innovation to their products. The brand is widely praised for its variety of products designed for different sports. Asics produces running shoes and clothing for men, women, and kids hence serving the whole society.

The brand’s running shoes are among their famous and best-seller products. The running shoes of Asics are known for their quality, comfort, cushioning, grip, adhesion, and lightweight. In short, the running shoes of the brand contain all the characteristics that make any running shoes an appropriate and wise choice for running. This once again reiterates their focus on physical fitness.

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Top 10 Asics Running Shoes in India- Buyers Guide

List of Asics Running Shoes

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1. ASICS Patriot 10 Shoes ASICS Patriot 10 Shoes
2. ASICS Nitrofuze Shoes ASICS Nitrofuze Shoes
3. The ASICS Men’s Shoes ASICS Men's Shoes
4. ASICS Gel-Contend 4B Shoes ASICS Gel-Contend 4B Shoes
5. ASICS Jolt 3 Shoes ASICS Jolt 3 Running Shoes
6. The ASICS Standard Black Shoes ASICS Standard Black Shoes
7. ASICS Road Hawk Shoes ASICS Road hawk Running Shoes
8. ASICS Gel Trainers ASICS Gel Trainers
9. The ASICS Gel-Scram Walking Shoes ASICS Gel-Scram Walking Shoes
10. ASICS Gel-Venture Shoes ASICS Gel-Venture Running Shoes

Buyers Guide for Asics Running Shoes

The factors which make running shoes a desirable choice are listed below.

  • A key factor that makes running shoes practical and comfortable is cushioning.
  • Asics shoes give high cushioning due to the layer of foam at the sole.
  • This cushioning results in more comfortable walks without getting tired by decreasing the pressure on the feet.
  • The ability of shoes to walk effectively over a variety of different surfaces is adhesion.
  • Asics running shoes provide adhesion at each point of the sole.
  • Another essential factor to consider is the ability of shoes to protect feet from injury.
  • Asics running shoes serve this purpose effectively with technologies such as core gel and Flyte foam which result in making the sole more durable.
  • These layers of foam increase the durability of the shoes.
  • Thus, the feet enjoy greater and better protection.
  • A factor that is related to the level of comfort provided by the shoes is their lightweight.
  • So, it is important to look for shoes that are light in weight as they allow the runner to walk naturally.

List of Top 10 Asics Running Shoes in India-Buyers Guide

1- ASICS Patriot 10 Shoes

These Asics running shoes are available in 3 different and attractive colors. The brand offers a 90 days warranty period. The shoes provide cushioning and adhesion. Being lightweight the shoes are also comfortable.

ASICS Patriot 10 Shoes


  • Good for casual wear and road tracking
  • Have a warranty period of 90 days
  • Comfortable and allow free movement of feet, hence maintaining a natural stride


  • Most people do not find these shoes long-lasting
  • Some people may not think the price is worth it


2-ASICS Nitrofuze Shoes

The Asics Nitrofuze shoes facilitate buyers by providing a warranty period. They also offer a variety because they are available in 6 different and vibrant colors. And the quality of the product is not comprised due to the good looks. The shoes offer extreme comfort and protection.

ASICS Nitrofuze Shoes


  • Have a warranty period against manufacturing defects of 90 days
  • Provides maximum and accurate grip
  • Protects the feet from injury


  • Some people may find the price high
  • Some of the users complain about ventilation issues


3- ASICS Men’s Shoes

These Asics shoes are made up of leather. They offer great durability and reduce pressure, preventing the feet from injuries due to rocks. These are present in different colors to fulfill the need of different age groups. They also have a round toe that keeps front injuries at bay.

ASICS Men's Shoes


  • Protects the feet from injuries
  • Have a warranty period of 90 days
  • Durable and comfortable due to cushioning


  • Some people may think that the price is too high
  • Some users do not find the sizing suitable


4- ASICS Gel-Contend 4B Shoes

These shows are an example of gel-cored Asics running shoes. These shoes are made with the latest technology and provide exceptional cushioning. Moreover, they offer a good grip and retain the feet’ natural shape.

ASICS Gel-Contend 4B Shoes


  • Provides maximum grip
  • the shoes have a warranty period of 90 days, in case of manufacturing flaws
  • Available in more than ten different colors


  • These shoes are not suitable for people with flat feet
  • Some find the sole of these shoes hard


5- ASICS Jolt 3 Running Shoes

This pair of running shoes are designed to achieve high performance. They have a rubber sole that makes them more durable and reduces the chances of injuries. Also, the synthetic rubber sole provides flexibility.

ASICS Jolt 3 Running Shoes


  • Suitable for excessive running and walking
  • Synthetic rubber sole increases the level of protection
  • Stylish and trendy, available in different bright colors


  • Some people may find the shoes expensive
  • Some users feel that these shoes are not lightweight


6- ASICS Standard Black Shoes 

These Asics running shoes are one of the signature products. These Asics running shoes provide high performance and excellence. These shoes have a strong and sturdy sole that allows the user to run with ease on all sorts of surfaces.

ASICS Standard Black Shoes 


  • Suitable for rough tracking or vigorous exercise
  • The shoes adjust themselves according to the size of the feet and provide maximum grip
  • It is possible to use as casual wear due to its fashionable looks


  • Some people may not find the shoes affordable
  • Some people may not find the shoes lightweight


7- ASICS Road hawk Running Shoes

The road hawk Asics running shoes provide speed and versatility along with comfort. These shoes have a stylish and comfortable upper sole that makes running fun without getting exhausted. These shoes are available in different colors and have a longer warranty period.

ASICS Road hawk Running Shoes


  • Have a warranty period of 180 days for manufacturing problems
  • Created with the modern technology
  • Provides accurate grip and maximum adhesion


  • Some people find the price of shoes high
  • These shoes are not waterproof, so not suitable for wearing in the rainy season


8- ASICS Gel Trainers

These Asics running shoes are an example of innovation in walking or running shoes. These running shoes are the best option for those who want to attain their running or fitness goals. The Flyte foam technology present in the middle of the sole allows a quick response and thus fastens your stride.

ASICS Gel Trainers


  • Comfortable and very lightweight
  • Provides a great fit due to the specialized inner panels
  • Very stylish looking, available in 4 unusual colors


  • The price of these shoes is high
  • Some users complain that the shoes are not long-lasting


9- ASICS Gel-Scram Walking Shoes

These shoes protect the feet. In addition, they have a specially structured toe that doubles the amount of protection given to the toes. The upper mesh of these Asics running shoes complements the outdoor environment.

ASICS Gel-Scram Walking Shoes


  • Allows high speed due to the use of technology
  • Have a warranty period of 90 days
  • Available in three different vibrant colors


  • The price is not affordable for everyone
  • These shoes are not waterproof


10- ASICS Gel-Venture Running Shoes

These Asics Men shoes exhibit excellent shock-resistant properties due to great cushioning. They contain a synthetic sole that makes them an excellent choice for off-road tracking. They provide a good fit and have a warranty period for manufacturing defects.

ASICS Gel-Venture Running Shoes


  • Have a sturdy sole
  • Available in distinct colors
  • Created with modern gel technology


  • Not suitable for everyday wear
  • These shoes are expensive



Anyone who wants to keep himself fit will need a good pair of running shoes. Some of the best shoes of Japanese Brand Asics are listed above. Anyone who is interested in buying Asics running shoes will hopefully find the above guide helpful.


Are Asics shoes best for running?

Yes, Asics running shoes are one the best shoes for running.

Which is the best Asics running shoes? 

Asics produces many great running shoes. However, some of the best shoes from the brand, available in India, are listed above.

How much cost is Asics running shoes?

The price of Asics running shoes ranges from ₹2100 to ₹7000.