Best Anjeer in India-Buyers Guide

Anjeer, known as the Ficus carica in the English language, is an Asian species. It is part of the flowering plant, named the mulberry family. The most common name of the Anjeer is fig.

It is a costly dried fruit, which has high demand in the market. There are 74 calories in one gram of Anjeer. It has carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that are essential for health. Also, check the buyer’s guide to buying the best Dryfruits, Walnuts, Pista, Badam Oil, Green Cardamom, Khus Khus, Black Cardamom, Cardamom, Elaichi or Green Cardamom, Cardamom Powder, Pepper Powder, Kalonji Seeds, Dry coconut, Cocoa Powder, Cumin powder, Cheese Powder, Turmeric Powder, mulethi powder, mulethi sticks, ginger powder, Dalchini Powder,Eliachi Powder,Dalchini sticks, Cloves, Elaichi, Peppercorns, Black Peppercorns, Cumin powder, masala tea powders, Amla Juice, Giloy Juice, Triphala Churna, Tulsi Drops, Aloe Vera Juice, Mishri, Ginger Powder, Anjeer, Mamra BadamWalnut, Dry dates, coconut powder, Kishmish, Pista, and Long Peppercorns in India.

Also, it is a great source of dietary fiber, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin K, potassium, and the essential mineral manganese. Since Fig is high in calories, you must eat it in moderation.

Otherwise, Anjeer can cause weight gain. Anjeer offers a great many health benefits such as the promotion of reproductive health, heart health, bone health, etc.

Top 10 Best Anjeer Brands in India

List of anjeer

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1. Tulsi Dry Figs Anjeer Tulsi-Dry
2. Happilo Premium Anjeer Premium-Afghan
3. Fruitri Premium Dry Fig 500g Fruitri-Premi
4. Carnival Anjeer Regular Anjeer-Regular
5. Ancy Dry Fruits Premium Ancy-Fruits
6. Ashoka Premium Dried Anjeer Dry-Fruits
7. Dryfruit Mart Turkish Figs
8. Nutraj Signature Dried Figs Signature-Dried
9. SPICY CARTE Dried Anjeer Straight-Farmer
10. D’nature Fresh Dried Figs Dnature-Fresh

Buyers Guide – Anjeer

Following are some of the factors that you must consider before buying the Anjeer:

High-Quality Figs

  • There are various varieties of figs.
  • The large and wide figs have great quality, taste, aroma, and flavour.

Fresh Figs

  • Green figs are usually eaten within two days.
  • So, you must buy fresh figs. Otherwise, they grow rotten and smelly.

Types of Figs

  • There are various types of figs available in the market.
  • Depending on your choice and budget, you may choose fig.

Sense of Smell and Touch

  • Colour is not an indicator of the quality of fig.
  • So, you have to use the sense of touch and smell to determine its quality.

Brand of the Figs

  • There are various brands offering top-quality figs in the market.
  • You should not choose a brand blindly.
  • Rather, you must go through the reviews and then choose the brand.

Price of the Figs

  • 1 gram of dried figs is sold for 1,000 INR so, you should not overpay the seller.
  • Though some figs may have better quality, it is the standard price for the top-quality figs.
  • If you are buying from a specific brand, it may be costlier then.

Features of Anjeer

There are different features of Anjeer. It is a dense and sweet dried fruit. It is an astringent fruit, which is very difficult to digest.

  • Doctors recommend consuming only a few Anjeer in a day.
  • Also, it has cooling power, which is good for overall health.
  • There are different types of figs. Each variety of figs has its own unique and amazing taste.
  • There are various price points of figs, which determine the quality.
  • Low-quality figs will not be as tasty and flavoured as high-quality figs.
  • Afghani figs have high demand in the market.
  • Manufacturers promise cleanliness and safety standards. They are pure, naturally sweet, and tasty.
  • No additive or preservative is added to enhance the taste.

Types of Anjeer

There are various varieties of figs.

The most famous types of figs are below:

Black Mission Fig

  • This was introduced in the year 1768.
  • It is a popular variety of the common fig.

Brown Turkey

  • It is the old variety of fig.
  • They are extremely large.
  • It has a sweet taste and dense red pulp.

Negara Gig ante

  • This is a good-quality fig.
  • It is a top-quality black juicy fig.


  • This is a good quality fig, which is green in colour.
  • It is a new variety of fig as it was recently introduced in 2006.

Cali Myrna

  • This is an original Turkish fig.
  • It has the taste of honey and butterscotch.


  • It is the most common fig, which has been known for thousands of years.

How to consume Anjeer?

You should handle the figs with great care. They are a delicate fruit. A buyer should clean the fresh fig with cool water and wipe it dry.

  1. Fresh figs are good to be eaten with the skin. The entire fig is edible.
  2. You can eat it raw as well as bake it, caramelize it, broil it or roast it.
  3. Most people consume the figs after soaking them in the water.
  4. Soaking is important because it aids in the digestion of the Anjeer as it is a difficult fruit to digest.
  5. There are many recipes for fresh figs.
  6. One of the favourite recipes of North Americans is the figs of flatbread.
  7. The recipe is simple you have to spread the figs on the flatbread with the spices and sauces.
  8. It tastes heavenly & good.
  9. You can also make the dried fig recipes by chopping them and adding them to the caramelized milk.

List of top 10 Best Anjeer in India Buyers Guide

1. Tulsi Dry Figs Anjeer Zaika 500g:

Tulsi offers a top-quality fig that has great taste and flavour.Tulsi Dry Figs Anjeer


  • This is full of essential dietary nutrients.
  • It comes packed in the finest quality and food-grade packaging.
  • The manufacturer promises fresh and natural Anjeer.


  • Buyers have reported that they received poor-quality fig.


2. Happilo Premium Afghani Anjeer, 200g:

The dry fruit of Afghanistan has high-quality packed. Happilo delivers the premium-quality Afghan Anjeer to your doorstep.Happilo Premium Anjeer


  • Happilo Anjeer does not contain any trans-fat as well as zero cholesterol.
  • This is a gluten-free and vegetarian fig.
  • Its package contains the Anjeer rich in fiber, potassium, and iron.


  • Reviewers have complained that the product has poor quality.


3. Fruitri Dry Fig 500g:

Directly sourced from the growers & it ensures the top-quality Anjeer with tight and hygienic packaging.Fruitri Premium Dry Fig 500g


  • Fruitfri Anjeers are cholesterol free.
  • It helps in building the immunity of the consumer.
  • These are naturally pure, flavoured, and aromatic.


  • It is an overpriced product.


4. Carnival Anjeer Regular 250 Grams:

Carnival sends you the Anjeer that are golden, high-quality, and rich in taste.Carnival Anjeer Regular


  • These are Afghani Anjeer.
  • Each fig is 3cm in diameter.
  • The product contains handpicked figs.


  • Buyers have said that the quality of Anjeer is reduced with every purchase.


5. Ancy Dry Fruits Premium Dried Afghani Anjeer:

This has packed the dried Afghani jeer, which is available at quite an affordable price.Ancy Dry Fruits Premium


  • Ancy Anjeer is vacuum-packed so that it retains its freshness and neutrality.
  • No preservative or artificial flavour has been added.
  • Its packaging meets the food-safety standards.


  • Consumers have said that they received small-sized figs.


6. Ashoka Dry Fruits Premium Dried Afghani Figs:

The brand offers the top-quality Anjeer that is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.Ashoka Premium Dried Anjeer


  • The product contains iron, fiber, and calcium.
  • It improves and promotes cardiovascular health.
  • These are 100% natural.


  • Consumers have said that the Anjeer had awful taste.


7. Dryfruit Mart Sundried Whole Turkish Figs:

This is a healthy packet by the DryFruit Mart. It is a well-known seller of Anjeer, with a good reputation in the market.Dryfruit Mart Turkish Figs


  • This augments weight loss and fights bad cholesterol.
  • Also, these are pure and clean.
  • It is a reasonably priced product.


  • Users have said that they received low-quality products.


8. Nutraj Signature Dried Figs Vacuum Pack:

This comes with vacuum-pack packaging that retains the naturalness and freshness of the Anjeer.Nutraj Signature Dried Figs


  • Nutraj anjeers are top-quality.
  • It boosts energy, aids in digestion, and reduces sexual weakness.
  • Manufacturers promise the cleanliness and purity of the angeers.


  • Some of the buyers have found the worms inside the anjeer.

Nutraj Figs

9. SPICY CARTE Premium Dried Figs 1 Kg:

Organically grown and produced, this packet of fig consists of the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that you are looking for.SPICY CARTE Dried Anjeer


  • The product is sorted according to its size so, you get what you order.
  • Fig has the jam-like consistency, which is the richness of an Anjeer.
  • They are safe to eat as they are cleaned according to the safety standards of the industry.


  • Users have said that the figs have inferior quality.


10. D’ Nature Fresh Fiber-Rich 100% Natural & Organic Dry Fig:

It is a 100% natural and organic fig product that has premium-quality and dried figs.D'nature Fresh Dried Figs


  • This is a value-for-money package.
  • It comes packed in good and airtight packaging.
  • This product is the best for your health.


  • Users have said that this is a poor-quality product.

Dnature Anjeer


Anjeer is the best fruit that offers a great many health benefits. From improving hemoglobin levels to the promotion of cardiovascular health, figs do wonders for you.

If you are intending to buy the best-quality dried figs, you can go through the above guideline and products to purchase the best product.


How many figs need to eat daily?

The recommended portion of the figs is 2-3 figs daily.

How should a fig be eaten?

The entire fig is edible with the skin. You can also dry it and eat it.

How Anjeer is dried?

First of all, you should wash them, wipe them dry and cut them into pieces. Then, you may spread the Anjeer on the drying rack. Leave it there for three days, and then enjoy the dried fig.

Is Fig good for hemoglobin?

Many studies show that Fig is good for increasing the levels of hemoglobin.

Can we drink milk with Anjeer?

Anjeer prevents constipation when it is added to the milk.

Can we eat fig at night?

Fig is high in calories and sugars. So, you should avoid eating them at night.