Best Angle Grinders in India Buyers Guide

An angle grinder is a very beneficial tool for grinding, smoothing, buffing, and polishing materials, especially metals, at construction sites and workshops. It does this with the help of round blades attached to it, which are operated by a motor.

The blades have different disc sizes used for various purposes. Angle grinders are useful in smoothing and cutting different materials including tiles, concrete, and much more.  Most people don’t use this tool at home and leave the handling of the device to professionals

Because the machine can be quite unsafe if not used properly, especially because of the sparks it emits while using it. In this article, we will discuss all the important details about the uses and advantages of angle grinders.

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Best 10 Angle Grinders in India

List of the angle grinders

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1. Bosch Professional Grinder GWS 600 Bosch-GWS
2. BLACK+DECKER G720 Angle Grinder 820W Black-Decker-G720R
3. DEWALT Small 100mm Angle Grinder
4. STANLEY 100mm Small Grinder STGS6100 Stanley-600
5. Generic 100Mm Grinder DW801 Heavy Duty Generic-11000Rpm
6. iBELL 4-INCH 850W 11000RPM Angle Grinder AG10-70 iBELL-Grinder
7. KROST 850W Angle Grinder Machine TOOLSCENTRE-Electric
8. Makita 100mm Grinder M9513B 850W Makita-M9513B
9. Hitachi G 10 SS2 Electric 4-inch Angle Grinder Hitachi-10-SS2
10. Inditrust 4 Inch 801 Powerful 850w Grinder Inditrust-Powerful

Buyers Guide – Angle Grinder

If you want to buy an angle grinder for your workshop, then you must know that given the number of choices available, the task can be quite difficult. You will have to do some research and keep some things in mind before deciding which angle grinder to invest in.

As mentioned below: 

  • As you know, some angle grinders have cords while some are cordless.
  • And different angle grinders have different input and output power capacities.
  • Power in cordless machines is measured in volts (V), in corded machines it is measured in amperes (amp)and pneumatic angle grinders, it is measured in cubic feet per minute(cu ft/min).
  • It is important to also check how much power they consume & if you don’t have any heavy work then it is useless to buy a more powerful machine.
  • The grinder speed is measured in rotations per minute or rpm.
  • The speed of these tools ranges from 5000rpm to 15000rpm and it depends on the diameters of the wheel.

Also, consider:

  • The more the diameter of the wheel the less will be the speed.
  • And this machine that has more speed will be more dangerous if you don’t use personal protection equipment.
  • The size of the wheel is also very important And its size can be from 4 inches to 9 inches.
  • The smaller the wheel the more will be the speed and it will be able to take on heavier tasks.
  • Your priority must be your safety so buy a good quality angle grinder having an anti-kickback clutch.
  • Also, check the safety guards in the tool while buying.

Features of an Angle Grinder

Angle grinders have discs or wheels for cutting different materials. The discs are of various types including grinding discs, wood discs, diamond discs, and speciality discs for polishing, grinding, and wire wheels.

A good angle grinder will have the following features:

  • The discs of angle grinders are of different diameters. Bigger wheels have a slower speed and are used for deep cutting.
  • While small diameter wheels are sharp and best for cutting hard materials such as metals.
  • They have handles that are adjustable for left- and right-hand users.
  • Many grinders have lockable triggers that allow comfortable use.
  • As it is used for various purposes so its discs are changeable. To promote easy change, a spindle lock is available.
  • Angle grinders have a security guard to protect the user from the sparks emitting from them.

Types of Angle Grinders

Electric Angle Grinders

  • The most common types of angle grinders are electric grinders.
  • Because they need an electric power source and thereby have a cord that needs to be plugged in, they are not portable.
  • However, you can easily use them for a long time unless the electric supply is disconnected.

Battery-powered Angle Grinders

  • These grinders have lithium-ion batteries or Ni-Cad batteries, so they are cordless.
  • Since they are operated by batteries, they are portable and can be carried to places where there is no supply of electricity.
  • Lithium-ion batteries are more long-lasting than the other kind and they are also rechargeable.
  • The problem with these portable grinders is that the batteries have a limited lifespan, and you will have to change them after some time.
  • Another problem is that they produce less power.

Pneumatic Angle Grinders

  • These are operated by air compressors that supply air pressure to work.
  • They are powerful angle grinders but you have to buy an air compressor with them which will increase their cost.
  • It is powerful but not a bulky angle grinder. You can attach safety guards to it easily.

Gas-powered Angle Grinders

  • This is a wireless angle grinder that uses gasoline to power it to work.
  • This is the most powerful type of angle grinder amongst all types and is suitable for doing all tough jobs.
  • These angle grinders are heavy and are expensive to maintain.
  • Another negative point about this angle grinder is that it emits harmful gases.

How Does an Angle Grinder Work?

Angle grinders are safe and useful for small construction and renovation works at home if we use them properly. The user will have to take some safety measures and use personal protective equipment when using it.

The speed of the discs of an angle grinder is so fast that it can easily cause some serious injuries. So, it is important to first learn how to use the tool properly.

  1. First of all, learn about all the different types of blades and their uses.
  2. Wear your safety care equipment that includes gloves, glasses, mask, and boots.
  3. If you have to change the disc, make sure you remove the cord from the plug first and then attach your desired disc to the machine.
  4. Hold the tool tightly and maintain your balance.
  5. Place it on the surface on which you have to work.
  6. It will create sparks so make sure you are wearing your protective gear.
  7. Don’t try to touch the wheel, keep it away from you.
  8. After use, clean the tool and the wheel with a brush, and place them in a safe place.

List of Top 10 Best Angle Grinders in India Buyers Guide

When an angle grinder works, it produces dust which can weaken the interior of the machine. So, buy the angle grinder that has a dustproof system. Also, check the quality of the machine and also the warranty period before buying an angle grinder.

1. Bosch Professional Angle Grinder GWS 600:

This tool manufacturer is Bosch, & it is one of the most well-known tool manufacturers in India. The diameter of the disc is 100mm and the rotational speed is 12000rpm.

It is light in weight and the design is comfortable to use and it has a guard which reduces the risk of any injury. The company provides 6 monthly warranty in case of a manufacturing fault.Bosch Professional Angle Grinder GWS 600


  • Bosch Angle Grinder works smoothly and has a powerful motor
  • It is a high-quality grinder that comes with a powerful motor of 660W.
  • It has a side switch and a lock for the switch too which makes it easy and safe for use


  • It heats up fast
  • The speed is very fast and the user has no control over the speed
  • The machine is noisy

Bosch Professional

2. BLACK+DECKER G720 Grinder 820W in 4inch 100mm Size:

This is a small and very efficient tool that has a very powerful motor of 820W. The blade has a rotating capacity of 11000rpm and it gives a very smooth finishing. It has a spindle lock mechanism which fixes the wheel in its place while working. The manufacturer provides 6 monthly warranty for the product.BLACK+DECKER G720 Angle Grinder 820W


  • BLACK + DECKER Angle Grinder has an ergonomic design which makes it possible to get a good grip
  • The cutting wheel has a diameter of about 4 inches and it works best on metals.
  • And the cord is long so the machine works smoothly
  • Also, this is a durable grinder used for many purposes


  • The switch is not so smooth because it gets stuck sometimes

Black+Decker Grinder

3. DEWALT Small 100mm Grinder Heavy Duty DW801 850Watt:

This is a small angle grinder designed for heavy-duty work. It is, therefore, powerful having a power of 850Watt. The disc has a diameter of 100mm that is equal to 4 inches and weighs 2.32kg. The company gives a 2-year warranty.DEWALT Small 100mm Angle Grinder


  • Dewalt Angle Grinder made with plastic material
  • This machine is very powerful
  • Also, it works flawlessly


  • The handle is not included in the package
  • The switch button is not in the right place


4. STANLEY 100mm Small Grinder STGS6100 with 600W in Yellow & Black:

This tool has a powerful motor that can carry out the tasks of grinding and cutting very well. The design is ergonomic and provides a good grip. It also has a spindle lock that provides protection and easy changing of accessories. Gears are also very good and have spiral bevels which reduce the vibration in the machine.STANLEY 100mm Small Angle Grinder STGS6100


  • Stanley Angle Grinder can carry out several functions from cutting PVC, wood, steel, marble, & metals to grinding, polishing, and cleaning
  • The machine also has air vents that prevent the machine from heating up.
  • This is easy to use
  • Also, this is durable


  • The on/Off switch does not work properly

Stanley Small Grinder

5. Generic 100Mm DW801 Heavy Duty with 850W & 11000Rpm along with Bosch Grinding and Cutting Wheel:

This is a heavy-duty angle grinder that comes with a 11000rpm speed. A spindle lock button is also present for safe changing of the disc. It has an extra feature of shock resistance, which protects you from any accident. Also, it has a fan for airflow that increases the life of the motor.Generic 100Mm Angle Grinder DW801 Heavy Duty


  • Generic Angle Grinder has good quality and works well.
  • And this tool has an 850W motor
  • The package contains an extra Bosch wheel for cutting and grinding.
  • also, this is an affordable product


  • It produces a lot of vibration
  • The switch button is at the bottom, which is not convenient when the machine is working

Generic Grinder

6. iBELL 4-INCH 850W 11000RPM AG10-70 with Back Switch, Wheel Guard, Grinding Wheel & 6 Months Warranty:

This is another amazing and powerful product on our list that is used for heavy-duty tasks. The motor power of this grinder is 850W and works at 11000 pm. The package contains a grinding disc, spanner, wheel guard, auxiliary handle, a warranty card, and a user manual.iBELL 4-INCH 850W 11000RPM Angle Grinder AG10-70


  • iBELL Angle Grinder has an ergonomic design that allows a comfortable grip and is easy to use.
  • Build quality of the product is great
  • It is a lightweight & gives an amazing polishing look


  • It is only for household use
  • Also, it heats up after some time of use


7. ToolsCentre TC-10A 10mm Electric Drill with 850W Angle Grinder Machine:

This is an electric drill machine that comes with an angle grinder. It is suitable for home as well as professional tasks. The grinder is a disc that is 100mm in diameter and works on 11000 rpm while the chuck capacity is 2600rpm.KROST 850W Angle Grinder Machine


  • ToolCentre Angle Grinder is the best for household duties
  • You will get 2 products at an economical price


  • Blades get stuck while working


8. Makita 100mm Angle Grinder M9513B 850W:

This machine has an ergonomic design and is slim and lightweight(1.8kg). The rotating power of the wheel is 11000rpm. It can be used for sheet cutting and grinding of metals, and polishing of stones and granite. The machine also has a 6-months warranty period.Makita 100mm Angle Grinder M9513B 850W


  • Makita Angle Grinder is a powerful tool that comes with a motor power of 850W.
  • This product is easy to use
  • It works very efficiently without heating up


  • The speed is high and has an invariable speed setting

Makita Angle Grinder

9. Hitachi G 10 SS2 Electric 4-inch Angle Grinder:

This plastic angle grinder is available in green colour and has dimensions of 300mm x 140mm x 120mm. The package includes a machine, 1 wrench, 6 months warranty card, and a slide handle. And the diameter of the wheel is 4 inches, weighs 1.7 kg and the speed is 12000rpm.Hitachi G 10 SS2 Electric 4-inch Angle Grinder


  • Hitachi Angle Grinder motor has 600W power.
  • It is suitable for grinding and gives a finished look to the metals.
  • Also, it is a lightweight machine
  • The speed of the machine is high which is suitable for grinding tasks


  • No negative reviews by existing customers

Hitachi Electric

10. Inditrust 4 Inch 801 Powerful 850w Angle Grinder Combo with 8 Wheels for Grinding. Cutting Buffing & Polishing:

This is one of the best and most powerful angle grinders available online. It features a motor of 850W and a 4-inch wheel. It has different wheels and blades that come in the package – one for metal grinding, metal cutting, metal polishing, steel grinding, woodcutting, buffing, marble cutting, and a flap disc.Inditrust 4 Inch 801 Powerful 850w Angle Grinder


  • Inditrust Angle Grinder blades are strong and the machine is good.
  • It has a separate wheel for every task
  • The package contains a grinder and a lot of accessories for various purposes.


  • No negative reviews by existing customers



What can you do with an angle grinder?

Angle grinders are used for cutting, grinding, and polishing metals. They are also used for grinding steel, marble, stone, and concrete. It can also be used to cut tiles and sanding metals.

What is the price of an angle grinder?

The price varies depending on the quality, power usage, type, and the number of tasks it can perform. Their price starts at Rs 1000. Expensive grinders are also available for professional use.

What is the best brand of an angle grinder?

The best brands for the angle grinders are Bosch, DEWALT, Black + Decker, Hitachi, and Makita.

Can an angle grinder be used as a sander?

Yes, it can easily be used as a sander provided you change the disc and replace the grinder disc with a sander disc.

Can an angle grinder be used as a cut off tool?

Yes, you can use it as a cut off tool. An angle grinder is a more powerful and versatile machine as compared to a cut off tool.

Can an angle grinder cut steel?

Cutting steel with an angle grinder is difficult and only professionals can do it. But, if it has a steel cutting blade in the package, you can cut steel easily.

Can an angle grinder cut wood?

No, they are not made to cut wood. They are mainly for grinding and cutting metals. However, some brands provide a wood cutting blade that you can use.

Can you use a smaller disc on an angle grinder?

No, you cannot use a smaller disc. You have to select the disc according to the size of an angle grinder.

Can I use an angle grinder as a polisher?

If the speed of your angle grinder is adjustable then you can use it as a polisher by adjusting the speed.

Can I use a saw blade on an angle grinder?

Yes, you can use it if the saw blade is compatible with the angle grinder.

Can you use a metal grinding disc on wood?

Yes, you can use the metal grinding disc on wood but flap discs are specifically designed to use wood.