Best Almirah online in India-Buyers Guide

If your house is small or big the common problem for everyone is to organize the stuff. Big houses have big wardrobes but for small houses where there is no attached cupboard or is small, it is a big tension. So if you are facing such kind of problem then don’t worry, we have a solution for you. You can buy fabric or plastic almirahs for your home. That will cover less space and will store a lot of things in it. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best Book Shelf, Slotted Angle Racks, Wall self in India.

Top 10 Best Almirahs in India- Buyers Guide

List of Almirahs

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1. Maison & Cuisine closet Maison-Cuisine-Portable-Collapsible
2. Amazon Brand, Solimo Wardrobe Amazon Brand, Solimo Wardrobe
3. FLIPZON Collapsible Fabric Wardrobe FLIPZON Collapsible Fabric Wardrobe
4. GTC Closet GTC Closet
5. KEEKOS Wardrobe Organizer KEEKOS Wardrobe Organizer
6. HNESS Multipurpose Wardrobe Organizer HNESS Multipurpose Wardrobe Organizer
7. Shopper collapsible wardrobe 88130A-BR Shopper collapsible wardrobe
8. KRISHYAM fabric wardrobe KRISHYAM fabric wardrobe
9. Whitecloud Foldable Wardrobe Whitecloud Foldable Wardrobe
10. Zemic Collapsible Wardrobe Organizer Zemic Collapsible Wardrobe Organizer

Features of Almirah

  • The almirahs have different sizes, the number of cabinets, shapes, and sizes of cabinets.
  • They usually have the plastic bodies in which shelves are present.
  • After buying, you have to assemble it by joining its shelves and rods.
  • It has a fabric covering and door which is closed with the help of a zipper.
  • Some almirahs also have space for hanging the clothes.

Types of Almirahs

  • Here are various types of almirah according to the size and the material used.
  • According to the size, the almirahs can be a single door, double door, triple door, and so on.
  • But, if we see according to the material, almirahs are of the following types.

Wooden almirah

  • These cupboards are made up of wood, hardboard, or ply sheet.
  • The user can make it according to their need from their carpenter.
  • Usually, these cupboards are attached to the walls.

Metallic cupboard

  • This is a heavy but portable cupboard made up of metal or alloy.
  • It is usually 2 door cupboard having different cabinets.
  • But you will need an extra closet with it if you are living with your partner because it has less space.

Fabric closet

  • This is a lightweight and portable cupboard having many benefits.
  • It is best for the person living in a hostel or sharing room.
  • These closets are suitable for small rooms or for organizing your newborn wardrobe.

Buyer’s guide for Almirah

  • Check the material of the cupboard, it must be strong.
  • If you buy a closet having different cabinets then it will be good for you to easily organize things.
  • Its storage space must be good.
  • Check the material of cloth, zipper, rods, and connectors.
  • Do check either it has a space for hanging the clothes or not.
  • And the last thing, do compare prices from different sellers then buy.

How to use Almirah?

  • When you buy a fabric closet, it comes in pieces.
  • You have to assemble it by yourself.
  • As it has many parts so it may take a long time.
  • The sellers send a manual with the product where the method of assembling is mentioned.
  • Make sure to see that first and assemble it carefully.
  • If you mishandle it or push it forcefully connector or pipes can break we recommend you to see a video on Youtube and assemble according to that.

List of Top 10 Best Almirahs in India-Buyers Guide

1. Maison & Cuisine closet

Maison & Cuisine almirah is made from high-quality, non-woven fabric with having iron and pp plastic pipes as connectors.  It is a portable cupboard that will solve your problem of storage. It has a beautiful design and color so can be placed in any room. The closet has a zipper opening and a lot of space inside.

Maison & Cuisine Fancy and Portable Foldable Collapsible Closet


  • This almirah takes less space.
  • It has 8 shelves, separate for hanged long dresses and separate for folded dresses.
  • Its pipes are strong enough to hold up to 50kg weight.


  • This is not very strong and durable.
  • It takes so much time for assembling.
  • Its fabric is not very good and the zipper cover is not enough to cover the whole closet.


2. Amazon Brand, Solimo Wardrobe

Solimo wordrobe is another wardrobe for your room to solve the storage problem of extra items. This is a foldable closet with 3 doors that is made up of corrosion-resistant steel and plastic materials.  The dimensions of the wardrobe are 53.5*17.5*5 inches having 10 racks. Each rack can hold about 10kg weight while the hanger’s capacity is 4kg. The almirah also has side pockets to store small things.

Amazon Brand - Solimo 3-Door Foldable Wardrobe


  • Its assembling is easy and a complete guide is in its manual.
  • The wardrobe is sturdy and its material is good.
  • The zipper cloth cover is of good material.


  • Its bottom has a large gap so dust and insects can easily enter the wardrobe.
  • It has 72 joining pieces that require a lot of time to assemble.


3. FLIPZON Collapsible Fabric Wardrobe

FlipZon fabric wardrobe is a small wardrobe for a small room having the dimensions 58*28*72 centimeters. It has metallic pipes and high-quality plastic material. It has small pockets too for storing small things. The cupboard has 4 layers that have enough space for storing clothes.

FLIPZON Collapsible Fabric Wardrobe


  • The material of pipes and body is very good and sturdy.


  • The cloth quality and stitching are not good.
  • You cannot place heavy material in it.


4. GTC Closet

GTC Closet is another portable closet made from iron pipes and plastic. A good quality fabric is also used for its covering. This is a lightweight closet having dimensions of 126*42.5*166cm. It is maroon color almirah that will look beautiful in the room. The load-holding capacity of 5kg so it can hold 50kg weight. GTC closet doesn’t have any side pocket.

GTC® 6+2 Layer Fancy and Portable Foldable Collapsible Closet


  • It is a very good closet for a small room and kitchen.
  • The cupboard is of multipurpose use.


  • Its quality is not very good.
  • It can easily trap dust and dirt.


5. KEEKOS Wardrobe Organizer

KEEKOS Wardrobe is another space-saving organizer that is very necessary for your home. You can place your shoes, clothes, files, toys, papers, and much more items in it. we have to assemble the wardrobe with high-quality steel pipes provides by the company. You can even add or remove a shelf from it according to the size of your items.

KEEKOS Multipurpose Metal and Non-Woven Fabric Collapsible Wardrobe


  • It is a 6 layers rack that can hold a lot of stuff.
  • Its cloth is water-proof and dust resistant.
  • You can buy it at a reasonable almirah price.


  • Its fabric is very thin and of bad quality.
  • The closet is not very durable.


6. HNESS Multipurpose Wardrobe Organizer

HNEss wardrobe is another amazing organizer for a small room and has the dimensions 45*130*175 centimeters. The main materials used in manufacturing are fabric, PP plastic, steel, and wrought iron. The closet has 8 wide racks with movable hanger rods.

HNESS Multipurpose Plastic Collapsible Wardrobe


  • It is a lightweight and sturdy product.
  • The cupboard has a lot of space for different items.


  • Its metallic rods are not very strong.


7. Shopper collapsible wardrobe 88130A-BR

A shopper collapsible wardrobe is a fancy closet for organizing your useful stuff including clothes, shoes, bags, and much more. This is an aluminum material cupboard having powder coating for finishing. The shelves are joined together with the help of plastic and steel connectors. Its dimensions are 130*45*175cm. It has 3 zipper doors of high-quality fabric. It has a total of 8 shelves and 2 of them have movable hanging rods.

shopper Fancy & Portable Fabric Collapsible Foldable Clothes Closet Wardrobe



  • It is light in weight so easily portable.
  • The assembling process of the closet is very easy.


  • Its quality must be improved.


8. KRISHYAM fabric wardrobe

KRISHYAM wardrobe is a 6-cabinets wardrobe organizer suitable to meet your needs. It is a good-sized almirah having the dimensions of 45*130*175 centimeters. 2 side cabinets of the wardrobe are long so suitable for hanging clothes, the middle portion has 3 square shape shelves for folded clothes and 3 lower shelves can be used to store shoes and other stuff.

KRISHYAM Fabric Fancy and Portable Foldable Almirah Wardrobe


  • It is a good choice for organizing the stuff of a small room.
  • Its color and design are also good.


  • Its material should be improved.
  • Assembling the cupboard is time taking and tricky.


9. Whitecloud Foldable Wardrobe

This wardrobe by Whitecloud is also a useful and beneficial product if you need extra storage. Its material is a good quality fabric with plastic connectors and steel rods. Its material is strong and the design is so sophisticated and stylish. Total 8 cabinets are present and 2 of them are for hanging sweaters and dresses.

Whitecloud® 6+2 Shelves (Layer) Foldable Wardrobe


  • It is a very good choice to place in our kids’ room.
  • It has a lot of storage to fit lightweight stuff in it.


  • The rods are weak.


10. Zemic Collapsible Wardrobe Organizer

It is the last closet on our list that you can see. This is a 6-shelves organizer that you can use as a book rack, shoe rack, file rack, toys rack for the kid’s room, for keeping the washroom stuff, and much more. It has a zip cover that will protect your stuff from dust and water. A good thing about the rack is that you can assemble the size and number of its cabinets according to your need by moving the rods.

Zemic Collapsible Wardrobe


  • It is a nice product to organize you’re a lot of mess.
  • This almirah price is very affordable.


  • It is not suitable for storing heavy books or many shoes etc.



An extra cupboard is a must-have thing for every house to store things. So if you are living anywhere temporary you must select an almirah from the list and buy it.


Which is the best Almirah?

We have compiled a list of the best almirahs in this article. You can check the list and can find the best according to your preferences.

How much does Almirah cost?

They are not very costly. Their price starts from 900 Indian rupees.