Best Acoustic Guitars in India Buyers Guide

An acoustic guitar produces sound by the amplification of vibrations due to the guitar’s body. These guitars are classics and most musicians, old and new, start their guitar playing career with an acoustic guitar.

It is commonly known that music is food for the soul and its therapeutic value cannot be denied. Therefore, learning how to play an instrument is bound to make you feel good about yourself and give you some sort of peace. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best Guitar Wall Hangers, Electric Guitars, Guitar Strings, Guitar Capos, Guitar Stand, Casio Keyboards, Electronic Drum pads, drum sets, Snare Drum, Flutes, Dholaks, Damru, Mouth organs, Chimatas, Ghungroo, Keyboard Pianos, MIDI Keyboards, Harmoniums, Karaoke Mics, Karaoke Systems in India.

However, if you are a beginner, choosing the right guitar may be nerve-wreaking. But don’t worry, this article will provide all the information you need to make buying an acoustic guitar an easy task.

Top 12 Best Acoustic Guitars in India

List of Acoustic guitars

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1. Juârez Acoustic with Strings Juarez-Acoustic
2. Intern Acoustic Kit INT-38C with Strings Intern-INT-38C
3. Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar  Yamaha-F310
4. Photron Acoustic Guitar  Photron-Cutaway
5. Breve Acoustic Guitar  Breve-BRE-38C
6. Kadence Frontier Series Guitar  Kadence Acoustic
7. Fender 971110421 Guitar 
8. Photron Guitar PH38CTBS  Photron PH38CTBS
9. Ibanez MD39C Acoustic Guitar Ibanez-MD39C-NT
10. Blueberry 38 Inch Guitar Kit  Blueberry-B-D38
11. Fender Acoustic Guitar SA 135C Fender-String-Cut
12. Givsun Venus Right Hand Guitar  Givsun-Natural-6

Buyers Guide – Acoustic Guitars

Some guitars are small and you can take them anywhere while jumbo guitars and dreadnoughts are harder to carry around. In the same way, the shape of the body is also important.

It will affect tonal prominence and sound projection of a guitar. Some guitars have single cutaway and some have double. All these features are very important and produce different musical outputs.

  • Acoustic guitars come in a wide variety depending on the size and shape.
  • Study the types well before purchasing.
  • Some guitars don’t have amplifiers to boost the music.
  • While some come with built-in amplifiers, microphones, tuners, EQ, and piezo pickups.
  • It is better to buy the one that has all the things.
  • The thickness of the guitar’s neck must be suitable for your hand.
  • The number of frets in the neck is also important.
  • The type of wood in the guitar is also a key point.

Also, consider:

  • A guitar can be made of rosewood, cedar, linden wood, ebony, spruce, mahogany, and maple.
  • Choose the type wisely after proper research.
  • A tuning machine is another thing to look at.
  • It is important to hold the pitch and fine-tune the audio.
  • Check the material of the bridge and the fingerboard.
  • It will also slightly affect the sound production.

Features of Acoustic Guitar

An acoustic guitar primarily consists of a head, neck, body. The parts also include tuning keys, nut, frets, soundhole, strings, string pegs, among others. The amplifying sound chamber amplifies the sound.

The back of the guitar normally consists of two or three pieces of wood. The back holds the sides of the guitar.

Just consider the below features while choosing an acoustic guitar:

  • On the body of the guitar, the bridge is present & it can be a wooden plate or plastic.
  • The bridge anchors the strings of the guitar to the body.
  • A fingerboard is a flat piece of wood present over the neck where the musician holds it with the left hand while striking the strings.
  • You can also call it the fretboard & the frets are present on the fretboard.
  • These are thin metallic wires & attached perpendicular to the strings to reduce the vibration of the string.
  • They are also helpful in producing sounds of different pitches.
  • Then comes the neck, which joins the body to the head.
  • The Head is the portion that holds the tuning machine of the guitar.
  • Nuts are present at the junction of the neck and the body to stop the vibration of strings in the neck portion.
  • Strings or thin wires are present that are six in number. There can be metallic and nylon strings. Striking the strings with fingers produce musical sounds.
  • The strings are wrapped over the tuning machine and they reduce or heighten the tension in the strings.

Types of Acoustic Guitars

Here are the various types of acoustic guitars.

Nylon String

  • Nylon guitars are very old classics and the best guitars for beginners.
  • These guitars produce different music styles.
  • The nylon strings are not sharp so there is no chance of fingers getting cut making it suitable for beginners and children.


  • This type of acoustic guitar is also common these days.
  • It can play every genre of music including pop, rock, folk, and country, etc.
  • Steel-string guitars produce a clearer, deeper, and louder sound.

Electro-acoustic Guitars

  • These are steel-string guitars but their sound can be amplified without the use of microphones.
  • Professional musicians use these guitars and they plug them with an acoustic amplifier or PA system when performing on stage.

Hybrid Acoustic

  • These are an uncommon but interesting type of acoustic guitar.
  • You can use a single hybrid acoustic guitar like an electric guitar and a normal guitar also.
  • This guitar provides a large variety of music styles.


  • Musicians use these guitars to amplify the volume of the music.
  • They have built-in resonating cones present in the body in place of the soundhole.
  • The resonators not only increase the sound but also give a bright tone.

How Does an Acoustic Guitar Work?

  1. An acoustic guitar has different parts and all are important to make it work and produce sound.
  2. Pluck the string with a finger, it will produce vibration in it.
  3. The saddle picks this vibration and sends it towards the body.
  4. And the bridge transmits this vibration throughout the guitar and produces sound.
  5. Now the quality and amplification of the sounds depend on the type of material of the body.
  6. A soundhole is present in the body. It picks the sound and emits it in the surrounding.
  7. In this way, people will hear the music.

List of Top 12 Acoustic Guitars in India Buyers Guide

If you are a beginner and you have chosen to learn how to play the guitar, then chances are you have opted to get an acoustic guitar. Different types of wood produce different sounds in the same way, the type of wood will also determine the price of the guitar.

1. Juârez Acoustic Guitar with Strings, 38 Inch Cutaway, 038C, Bag, Pick & Strap:

This guitar comes with 18 frets. The package contains guitar straps, 2 picks, a guitar bag, and strings. It looks very stylish and produces great sound. Also, it contains 6 nylon strings.Juârez Acoustic Guitar with Strings, 38 Inch Cutaway


  • Juârez Acoustic Guitar fingerboard is linden wood material and the fretboard is ebony wood.
  • This is a great guitar at a very reasonable price
  • The build quality is great and it is very good for beginners


  • The strings are not of very good quality
  • It is difficult to produce loud sounds from strings because strings and the board are not close

Juarez Strings

2. Intern Acoustic Guitar Kit INT-38C with Strings, Pick Bag & Strap:

This is another highly recommended stylish guitar. It has a gloss finish and available in black color.
And it has 38 inches, cutaway design & 18 frets. The package contains a guitar with a strap, a bag, 3 picks, and a string set.Intern Acoustic Guitar Kit INT-38C with Strings


  • Intern Acoustic Guitar bridge made with plastic, the fingerboard made with linden wood & the fretboard made with ebony wood materials.
  • This is a good choice for beginners
  • Extra strings are also available with the kit so you can easily change if old ones get damaged


  • The quality of the guitar is not great
  • It is only suitable for beginners

Intern Acoustic Guitar

3. Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar with 6-Strings:

This 6-strings guitar is handcrafted and made with tonewood. It is a dreadnought style guitar. The total length of the guitar is 41 inches and it also has steel chords. The total weight is 2.4 kg and the manufacturer also provides a 1-year warranty.Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar with 6-Strings


  • Yamaha Acoustic Guitar neck has nato wood & the fingerboard’s material is rosewood.
  • This is a stable and durable product
  • It produces a bright and clear tone
  • Also, it is very light in weight and is easy to carry and play


  • The quality of steel in strings is not good

Yamaha Acoustic

4. Photron Acoustic Guitar PH38C/BK with 38 Inch Cutaway & Picks:

This is a black acoustic guitar with a glossy finishing. It has 18 frets and comes with 2 picks. The net weight of the guitar is only 1.9 kg. Overall, the product is great and has steel strings.Photron Acoustic Guitar PH38CBK with 38 Inch Cutaway & Picks


  • Photron PH38CBK Acoustic Guitar fretboard made with ebony wood & the fingerboard is linden wood.
  • This is a good budget-friendly guitar
  • Also, this is very good for beginners


  • The quality of the guitar and the strings is not good
  • And the bridge is made of plastic

Photron Guitar BK

5. Breve Acoustic Guitar BRE-38C-RD with Bag:

This is a 38-inch guitar weighing 2.5 kg. It is red in color and has six strings. This is not only has a stylish design but the sound production is also very good. It comes with a bag, a set of strings, a pick, and a smart strap.Breve Acoustic Guitar BRE-38C-RD with Bag


  • Breve Acoustic Guitar design is very good & it is easy to play music on it even on high frets.
  • It is budget-friendly, easy to use, and portable guitar


  • Build quality is not very good
  • This guitar is not ISO certified

Breve Acoustic Guitar

6. Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar Combo with Die Cast Keys, Truss Rod, Bag, 1 pack Strings, Strap & Picks:

This is a 39-inch acoustic guitar that comes with a bag, picks, straps, and a pack of strings. The material of bandage in this guitar is rosewood, the body material is spruce wood, and the fretboard material is rosewood.Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar Combo


  • Kadence Frontier Acoustic Guitar material is very good and durable
  • This is a good choice for you if you are searching for a good guitar.
  • Also, this guitar is ISO certified


  • The sound quality of this product is not very good
  • And the bag that comes with the package is of poor quality


7. Fender 971110421 Guitar FA-115 Dreadnought Pack:

This is a large dreadnought acoustic guitar that has a very good glossy look. The package contains a guitar, extra strings, strap, and picks.Fender 971110421 Guitar FA-115


  • Fender 971110421 Guitar fretboard has 20 frets and its material is rosewood.
  • The sound quality of this guitar is very good
  • It is a very economical guitar


  • The build quality of the guitar is bad
  • And the strings have very minute spaces in between them which makes it difficult to play

Fender Dreadnought

8. Photron Acoustic Guitar PH38CTBS with 38 Inch Cutaway & Picks in Blue Sunburst:

This blue guitar has a very stylish look and a good design. It produces a great quality sound. This is a 38-inch guitar and the package includes a guitar and 2 picks. It has steel strings and a cutaway design. The net weight of this guitar is 1.9kg.Photron Acoustic Guitar PH38CTBS with 38 Inch Cutaway


  • Photron Acoustic Guitar fingerboard made with linden wood, & the fretboard made with ebony wood.
  • It is a very pocket-friendly guitar for a beginner.
  • The design and finish of the product are great


  • No negative reviews by existing customers


9. Ibanez MD39C Acoustic Guitar with 39-inch Cutaway:

This is another good product in our top 12 list. The material of the fretboard is rosewood and it has 20 frets. Other parts of the guitar are made of spruce wood. And the total weight is 2.65kg.Ibanez MD39C Acoustic Guitar with 39 inch Cutaway


  • Ibanez Acoustic Guitar has a cutaway design and features six strings.
  • The kit bag comes with is of good quality
  • The guitar is water-resistant


  • It is a heavy guitar

Ibanez Cutaway Guitar

10. Blueberry 38 Inch Acoustic Guitar Kit with One Pack Strings, Inbuilt Truss Rod, Bag, Belt & Picks:

This is a 38-inch-long guitar & has an innovative cutaway design. And it produces a very good sound quality. Different types of woods are used in different parts of the guitar.Blueberry 38 Inch Acoustic Guitar Kit with One Pack Strings


  • Blueberry Acoustic Guitar made with pure wood.
  • The strings are very soft and easy to strike
  • It is a good choice for beginners


  • No negative reviews by existing customers

Blueberry Acoustic Guitar

11. Fender 39 Inch 6 String Cutaway Acoustic Guitar SA 135C with Hardwood Fretboard:

This is another good product for beginners to buy. The finish of the product is glossy. And the fingerboard is hardwood but the tuning machines have a plastic base. The weight of the guitar is 2.9 kg.Fender 39 Inch 6 String Cutaway Acoustic Guitar


  • Fender Acoustic Guitar top consists of hardboard material while the sides & back have laminated mahogany.
  • The sound quality of the guitar is awesome
  • This is a stylish guitar with soft strings


  • Picks and other accessories are not included in the package

Fender String Guitar

12. Givsun Venus 6-String Cut A Way Right Hand Guitar Semi-Electric with Bag, 1 Set Free String & 2 Picks:

This is a 40-inch semi-electric acoustic guitar that comes with 2 picks, 1 bag, and a set of strings. The material of the guitar is wood and weighs 1kg.Givsun Venus 6-String Cut A Way Right Hand Acoustic Guitar


  • Givsun Acoustic Guitar design is stylish and innovative & sound quality is great.
  • It is suitable for beginners as well as professionals.


  • Poor quality

Givsun String


This article has provided most of the important details you need to consider before buying an acoustic guitar and other relevant information about the guitar. If you want to learn to play the guitar, then what are you waiting for. These guitars are all easily available on Amazon.


What is the best acoustic guitar for beginners?

Most of the products we mentioned in the list above are suitable for beginners.

How much does an acoustic guitar cost?

It varies. You can easily find a beginner’s guitar for Rs 1500. Professional acoustic guitars are expensive.

Should I learn acoustic or electric guitar first?

The electric guitar is easy to play but the acoustic guitar will make your fingers get used to the strings. If you want to be a professional guitarist, start with this.

What is the bestselling acoustic guitar?

Yamaha guitars are the best-selling products. But other brands like Blueberry, Fender, Photron, and Ibanez are also very popular brands for guitars.

Is acoustic guitar harder than electric?

Yes, acoustic guitars are harder than electric guitars.