Best Acer laptop batteries in India-Buyers Guide

The laptops work best on their original batteries because they are compatible with them. Sometimes the battery can get damaged due to any reason. So you need a new battery because buying a new laptop will be expensive. Many laptop batteries are available in the market but it is necessary to choose a good one. Bad quality and an incompatible battery can ruin your laptop. So here, in this article, we have talked about the Acer laptop battery if you want to replace one.  You can buy the battery for any model laptop from Amazon and we also have compiled a list for you so you can find them easily.

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Top 10 Best Acer laptop batteries in India

List of Acer Laptop Batteries

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1. Lapcare Aspire Laptop Battery Lapcare-Aspire-Compatible
2. Fugen Battery  Fugen Battery for Acer Travelmate
3. Lap Gadgets Battery  Lap Gadgets Battery
4. Lapcare Battery Lapcare Battery
5. LAPLIFE Laptop Battery LAPLIFE Laptop Battery
6. Lapgrade Battery compatible Lapgrade Battery
7. Maxelon™ Laptop Battery  Maxelon™ Laptop Battery
8. Laptrix Laptop Battery  Laptrix Laptop Battery
9. Techie Battery  Techie Battery
10. SellZone Battery SellZone Battery for ACER Aspire

Types of Acer laptop batteries

Nickel-cadmium (NiCad)

  • Of the multitude of battery-powered sorts of shopper hardware battery, the NiCad is the most seasoned.
  • It’s disliked now, generally because it experienced frightfully The Dreaded Memory Effect.
  • All things considered, NiCads offer incredible performance, and they overwhelmed the compact force storing market until the better battery advances went along.

Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH)

  • This kind of battery was one of the principal effective options in contrast to the NiCad.
  • A NiMH battery is longer enduring than a NiCad, at the same time, unfortunately, it experiences The Dreaded Memory Effect similarly as seriously as the NiCad.

Lithium-ion battery

  •  This is the best of all batteries and everyone prefers to have it on his laptop.
  • It is a lightweight battery and its performance is best and efficient.
  • In contrast to NiCad or NiMH batteries, lithium-particle batteries don’t have The Dreaded Memory Effect, which means you don’t have a need to completely utilize the battery before recharging.
  • At last, lithium-ion battery is more harmless to the ecosystem than different kinds.

Buyer’s guide for Acer laptop batteries

  • As it is not the original battery so it must be compatible with your laptop.
  • Check out the capacity and voltage of the laptop battery.
  • Compare the prices from different stores and then buy them.
  • Make sure that it is from a reliable manufacturer to avoid any damage.
  • The battery must have some warranty period.
  • Also, check the type of the battery, i.e., what material is present inside. A lithium-ion battery is the best amongst all to buy.

List of Top 10 Best Acer laptop batteries in India-Buyers Guide

1. Lapcare Acer Aspire Laptop Battery

Lapcare offers a wide scope of Li-ion quality PC batteries that are TUV, RoHS, and CE guaranteed. This battery is determined by an entire year substitution guarantee. 100% viable with the determined model. Lapcare batteries are tried for security, longer life, and intended for elite yield. Lapcare high limit batteries work inconvenience-free flawlessly.

Lapcare Acer Aspire Laptop Battery


  • It has an amazing quality and performance.
  • The battery stand time is good.


  • The battery stops working after a few months of use.


2. Fugen Battery for Acer Travelmate

Fugen Battery is a lithium-ion battery having 4000 milli-ampere hours capacity. This Acer laptop battery price is low and is 100 percent compatible with your laptop. The battery has 6 cells and its weight is only 380 grams. It is compatible with Acer Travelmate 4750, 5340, 5335, 5742, 5740, 5735, 5744, 6495, 7340, 7750, 7740, 5760, 8473, 4370,  8572, 5542, 4740, 8573, 5344, AS10D51, and AS10D61.

Fugen Battery for Acer Travelmate


  • It is a good battery at a low price.
  • The battery has a 1-year replacement warranty.


  • The backup timing of the battery is very less.
  • It is not very durable. After some months of use, its battery timing decrease.


3. Lap Gadgets Battery compatible for Acer laptops

Lap Gadget is another 6-cells laptop battery by Acer. It is compatible with different laptops including Aspire W1 series including 421, 431, 451, 471, 531, 571, and Acer V3-571. The capacity of this battery is 4400 mAH.

Lap Gadgets Battery compatible for Acer laptops


  • The backup time of the battery is 3 to 4 hours that is good.
  • A good thing is that it is compatible with many laptops.


  • Some customers faced the problem of charging the battery.
  • The life of the battery is less.


4. Lapcare Battery for different ACER laptops

This is another good battery by Acer that is suitable for 4920G, 4720, 4710Z, 4710G, 4710, 4920, 4720G, 5516, 5536, 5332, 5535, 4530, 5738, 5735Z, and 4310 laptops. This lithium-ion battery also has 6-cells having a capacity of 4000mAH. It has great quality and it comes under the LPP program that ensures its high quality. And a great thing is you can get it at a low Acer laptop battery price.

Lapcare Battery for different ACER laptops


  • The battery is good for different laptops.
  • Its quality is very good and also has a 1-year warranty.


  • We didn’t find anything bad about this ACER battery.


5. LAPLIFE Laptop Battery

LAPLIFE battery is for different laptop models including L12A32, AL12A72, Acer Aspire V5, series of V5, E1, and many other models including in the E1 series. It is a lightweight battery available at a low ACER laptop battery price. Its capacity is 2000mAH and it accepts 4 cells.

LAPLIFE Laptop Battery


  • The charging time and working time of the battery are very good. It charges very fast.
  • This is a good laptop battery and is economical too.


  • Some customers complained that the battery is draining fast.


6. Lapgrade Battery compatible for Acer laptops

This ACER battery by Lapgrade is suitable for Acer Aspire 5738, 7715, 5735, 5732, 5737, 5734, 5740, and 5738 models of laptops. It is also compatible with other models, you can check the list from where you are buying. Its quality is very good and the cells are high grade that ensures high performance of the battery. The battery also has over-voltage protection and also controls current so it is safe to use. Its capacity is 4000mAH.

Lapgrade Battery compatible for Acer laptops


  • It is BIS certified product so no doubt about the quality and standard.
  • The battery backup time is very good.


  • Some people claimed that it is not a durable battery.


7. Maxelon™ Laptop Battery 

Maxelon battery is compatible with Lenovo IdeaPad Z50-70, Z50-80, G50-70, and G50-80. It has 4 cells and the capacity is 2000mAH. It has a fast-charging battery that takes up to 2.5 hours to fully charge. The battery lasts for 2.5 hours after continuous use. It is compatible with many other Lenovo IdeaPad models.

Maxelon™ Laptop Battery


  • Its performance and backup time are very good.


  • We didn’t find bad things about the battery.


8. Laptrix Laptop Battery Compatible for Acer

It is a 2200mAH battery suitable for different models of ACER Aspire laptops. This battery has different certifications about the quality and many features to meet your requirements. The battery is long-lasting and will not drain quickly.

Laptrix Laptop Battery Compatible for Acer


The battery has CB, CE, and ROHS certifications so no doubt about its performance and quality.

  • It has a 1-year warranty.


  • Nothing bad was found about the Laptrix laptop battery.


9. Techie Battery for Acer laptops

This battery is for Acer Aspire models E1-571, E5-411, E14 Touch, E15 Touch, E5-421G, E5-471, E5-511, E5-531, E5-421, E5-572G-593Y, V3-472, E5-471G, and V3-472G. It required 4 lithium-ion cells that are included in the package. Its capacity is 4000mAH.

Techie Battery for Acer laptops


  • It is a tested battery and the company ensures its good performance.
  • The battery has a promising backup time.


  • Nothing bad was found about this battery.


10. SellZone Battery for ACER Aspire

This is also a high-quality battery for ACER ASPIRE, laptop model, E1-570 Acer laptop battery price is very low. It is a good and high-performance laptop battery to meet your requirements.

SellZone Battery for ACER Aspire


  • If you use it with the compatible model, it will give an excellent performance.
  • Its quality is similar to the original ACER Aspire E1-570 Battery.


  • The battery has no bad points.



It is very important to choose a laptop’s battery wisely because it may affect the performance of the laptop. Always search for the best available options for your laptop and buy the best one for your laptop.


How much does an Acer laptop battery cost?

These batteries are not very expensive. Their price depends on the model of the laptop. Normally, its price starts from 1500 rupees.

How do I replace my Acer laptop battery?

Replacing a laptop battery is not difficult, nor a technical thing. But if you are a beginner, you can watch a video on YouTube about replacing a laptop battery.

Which is the best battery set for Acer Laptop?

Every battery is compatible with a different laptop so it is difficult to say which is good or bad. You can check our top 10 list, there are many good ACER battery suppliers.