Best Reciprocating Saws in India Buyers Guide

A reciprocating saw is a model of machine powered by either electricity or lithium-ion batteries for it to operate. The machine works through the mechanism of push and pull. It is also referred to as a recipe saw or hognose.

The blade of the reciprocating saw moves in a push and pull motion to cut material—the tool commonly used in the construction and demolition of projects. Manufacturers designed afoot at the base of the saw’s blade similar to the jigsaw model.

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The operator holds the reciprocating saw, resting the foot on the surface of the material. The foot or shoe facilitates the saw blade to push away from the material and pull back towards the surface cut. So, the movement of the saw blade counters.

Top 8 Reciprocating Saws to Buy Online in India

List of the reciprocating saws

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1. Makita ReciprocatingSaw  Makita-JR3050T-Reciprocating
2. DEWALT DWE305PK ReciprocatingSaw  DWE305PK-DEWALT
3. Bosch Professional Sabre Saw  Bosch-1100-Professional
4. TOOLSCENTRE ReciprocatingSaw  ToolsCentre-Professional
5. Makita Li-ion CXT ReciprocatingSaw  JR103DWAE-Reciprocating
6. Bosch GSA 1300 PCE Professional Saws  Bosch-060164E200-Professional
7. DONGCHHENG ReciprocatingSaw Dongcheng-DJF30-Reciprocating
8. Reciprocating Air Saw Reciprociating-Output

Buyers Guide – Reciprocating Saw

A reciprocating saw has a similar appearance to the jigsaw but, the saw blade is lengthy compared to the jigsaw. The saw blade moves in a push and pulls or up and down motion. If you are interested in purchasing a saw, here are some of the things you should consider before heading to the store.

  • First, you need to familiarise yourself with what a reciprocating saw is.
  • The tool is powerful and cut through hard materials like hardwood, fiberglass, metals, concrete, and much more. Also, referred to as a Sawzall.
  • Determine between a corded and a cordless saw.
  • Corded saws are light, and sturdy, and do not require recharging.
  • The main limitation of the corded saw, it reduces mobility and can only operate in areas with a power supply outlet.
  • While a cordless saw works by the use of batteries, therefore, heavy, the cordless saw is easy to maneuver and can be used anywhere, thus portable.
  • The major challenge is: that they are less powerful, and the batteries require regular recharging.

Identify various features of a reciprocating saw:

Variable Speed

  • The saw is used in a wide variety of projects
  • Therefore, the tool has to have the ability to change the speed of the saw.

Orbital Action

  • Primary saws move in up, and down motion, however, the orbital allows the saw to move side by side and in an up and down action.
  • The tool becomes aggressive and with increased cutting power.

Adjustable Shoe

  • The shoe is a metal guard fitted around the base of the saw blade. The flexible shoe offers excellent control and support when using the machine. Also, it allows the operator to make different precise cuts.
  • Check on the accessibility and availability of the saw blade since they get worn out after long-term use.
  • When purchasing the saw blades determine the pitch, length, and texture of the saw blade teeth.


  • Choose comfortable grip handles, mostly those made out of rubber to offer comfort when using the tool.
  • The high-end reciprocating saws have a vibration reduction mechanism.
  • Vibration reduction offers better control of the machine providing smooth cuts.
  • If you decided on buying cordless reciprocating saws, identify the different types of batteries to power your tool.
  • Therefore, go for long-lasting and light battery cells such as lithium-ion batteries.


  • If you prefer the corded saws, consider cords made of rubber since they are more flexible compared to the plastic cords, hence, safer.
  • Consider reciprocating saws with a metal housing rather than plastic since they help dissipate heat, therefore, convenient for more extended periods of use.
  • The auto-stop brush is a significant feature that increases the lifespan of the saw blade and safety.
  • Identify the length of stroking for the saw according to your project requirements.
  • Long strokes equal fast cutting while short strokes, take more time, however, precise.

Carry Case

  • A carrying case or toolbox is convenient when you need to travel with your gadget to the workplace.
  • Finally, research the best brands for a quality saw such as the Makita, DeWalt, or Bosch.

Features of Reciprocating Saw

The Reciprocating saw is designed with a large blade similar to the jigsaw and an oriented handle to provide a comfortable grip and handling of the machine. The handle oriented in the saw offers convenient operations on vertical surfaces.

Just consider the below-mentioned features while choosing a reciprocating saw:

First, read about the reciprocating saw. If you are familiar with similar model tools like the jigsaw, then the saw will not be unfamiliar to you.

Some of the primary features you may look at are:

Brushless Reciprocating Saws

  • These saws have a brushless electric motor.
  • Therefore, the machine has no physical contact between the armature and the rotor; thus, providing high efficiency.
  • The brushless saw utilizes less power lost through friction; hence, the motor emits less heat.
  • Since the saw is brushless, less maintenance is required.

Orbital Reciprocating Saw

  • The tool offers a unique motion from the ordinary reciprocating saw, moves with an up-down motion, and the push and pulls motion.
  • The movement facilitates cutting soft materials faster and removes debris or chips from the blade preventing the saw from choking the saw blade gullet.

Stroke Length of a Reciprocating Saw

  • Determine the depth that the saw blade can make in each cycle.
  • A reciprocating tool with a long stroke length is fast and cuts through the materials aggressively.
  • However, a saw with a short stroke length has better control compared to a longer stroke length.

Reciprocating Saw with Adjustable Shoe

  • The adjustable shoe helps in keeping the blade in a perpendicular position to the surface cut.
  • However, the shoe has additional functions on the saw
  • It evenly distributes the wear and tear of the saw blade, adjusts the depth of cuts, and provides better control of the blade when making angular cuts.

Type of Motor of the Reciprocating Saw

  • Reciprocating saws come in either direct current motor or alternate current motor
  • Also, the universal motor utilizes both direct current and alternating current.
  • The compact saw is convenient for tight spaces.
  • The reciprocating saw has no cord for extra maneuverability.
  • Designed for portability and suitable with limited power. However, the tool uses only small blades.

Reciprocating Saw High-speed Setting

  • The high-speed setting on the reciprocating saw offers quick cuts to soft materials like wood or plastic.
  • However, low speed is convenient in preserving the saw blade life and emits less heat compared to the high-speed abrasive machine.

Types of Reciprocating Saws

The rapid push and pull motion of the reciprocating saw helps it to cut through the materials roughly and quickly. Some of the materials the saw can cut are wood, concrete, metal pipes, plastic, brick, and drywall.

There are six different types of reciprocating saws used in both construction and demolition projects. The main difference varies with their size, value, and power.

Corded Reciprocating Saw

  • The saw has an outlet extension cord to power the machine.
  • The tool will always be running due to the constant power supply; therefore, limitations such as changing batteries are not a challenge.
  • The engine uses 7 to 10 amps in completing small projects and 11 amps or more for heavy-duty projects.

Cordless Reciprocating Saw

  • These saws are powered by lithium-ion batteries, however not as powerful as the corded saws.
  • Cordless reciprocating saws make portability convenient.

Compact Reciprocating Saw

  • The tool is also referred to as a one-handed saw due to its small size design.
  • And the machine is lighter and suitable to be used in tightly enclosed spaces.

Pneumatic Reciprocating Saw

  • Another name of the tool is air saws.
  • It operates through the compression of air to get it powered.
  • Used in industrial applications such as chemical plants, refining, and gas utilities
  • The pneumatic saw rates as cubic feet per minute (CFM).
  • Mini reciprocating saws come in various sizes with an optimum 12-inch blade.

HVAC and Plumbing Reciprocating Saw

  • Plumbing areas have incredibly tight spaces such as pipes.
  • Therefore, use the plumbing saw blade by placing it in the required position.
  • The HVAC reciprocating tool is convenient in the crawl space and useful in trimming down materials and cutting drywall.

How Does a Reciprocating Saw Work?

Generally, the reciprocating saw is machine-powered that operates in a push and pull motion. However, the movement can reciprocate the use of a crank. Factor out the easy-to-use and quick blade replacement that does not require tools in attaching the blade to the saw.

  1. The only limitation of the crank requires an offsetting balance from counterweights to reduce vibrations of the tool when in use.
  2. Vibrations cause ragged cuts due to the uncontrollable movement of the saw.
  3. A swashplate is better compared to the crank since it reduces the oscillations to almost zero
  4. Thus, natural balancing, and control of the saw.
  5. The linkage between the shaft and swash plate allows the saw blade to move up and down plus back and forth, making the tool convenient for angular cuts.

List of Top 10 Reciprocating Saws to Buy online in India

Most saws manufacturers focus on their effectiveness in completing tasks such as construction and demolition. As a new buyer of reciprocating saw, familiarise yourself with the critical features of the tool.

1. Makita Reciprocating Saw JR3050T

This machine has a powerful motor that provides high cutting efficiency. The tool is dustproof through air emitted from inside, preventing dust from sticking. Designed with an adjustable shoe and has an input power of 1,010 watts. Makita Reciprocating Saw JR3050T


  • Makita Reciprocating Saw is a well-built and well-balanced middle-class tool.
  • It comes with a saw blade that cuts 2 inches and strokes 2800 per minute.
  • This is a strong and sturdy tool
  • It is a quality product
  • Also, it has a comfortable grip


  • Quite expensive repair parts
  • Noisy

Makita Reciprocating Saw

2. DEWALT DWE305PK Reciprocating Saw BY ASMASTORE

This has a variable speed switch that produces 2800 strokes per minute and a 29 mm stroke length. Designed with a keyless, lever-action with a blade clamp for quick and easy blade change. The tool can use in flush cutting.DEWALT DWE305PK Reciprocating Saw BY ASMASTORE


  • Dewalt Reciprocating Saw has a powerful motor that utilizes 1100 watts
  • This is a quality product
  • It comes with a robust saw
  • Also, it has an easy blade change system


  • Poor quality saw
  • Quite expensive

DEWALT Reciprocating Saw

3. Bosch Professional Sabre Saw GSA 1100 E with 1100 Watts

The Bosch was designed to provide a wide range of operations with a saw no load of 2700 strokes per minute and 28 mm stroke length.Bosch Professional Sabre Saw GSA 1100 E with 1100 Watts


  • Bosch Reciprocating Saw has a 0-2700 SPM no-load stroke rate.
  • This is a quality product
  • It is a durable & easy to use device.


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty
  • Inaccessible repair parts

Bosch Sabre watts

4. TOOLSCENTRE Reciprocating Saw with Medium Metal Professional Sabre Saw in Orange

The machine has a max-cutting depth of 115mm for wood and 8mm for steel. And the saw blade has a speed of 900-3300rpm. This machine cuts wood, metal, and pipe.TOOLSCENTRE Reciprocating Saw with Medium Metal Professional Sabre Saw in Orange


  • Toolscentre Reciprocating Saw is of metal with an input power of 750 watts.
  • This product has good quality
  • A quite affordable one
  • It has optimum visibility


  • High vibrations
  • Un-precise cuts

ToolsCentre Reciprocating Saw

5. Makita Li-ion CXT Reciprocating Saw Complete JR103DWAE with 10.8 V, 2 x 2.0 Ah Li-ion Batteries & Charger in a Carry Case

The motor has a variable speed of 3300 SPM and a stroke length of 13mm. Easy to use due to the dual-position switch trigger. The machine requires no tools in changing the saw blade. Makita Li-ion CXT Reciprocating Saw Complete JR103DWAE with 10.8 V, 2 x 2.0 Ah Li-ion Batteries & Charger in a Carry Case


  • Makita CXT Reciprocating Saw has a 12-volt lithium-ion battery that powers it.
  • It has a soft grip that offers comfort for the operator when in use.
  • This product has perfect quality
  • It is portable & easy to use the device


  • Quite expensive
  • Noisy

JR103DWAE Reciprocating Saw

6. Bosch 060164E200 GSA 1300 PCE Professional Saws with Bosch 2608653132 Sabre Saw Endurance for Vehicle Rescue 1157 CHM

The Bosch has an anti-vibration handle, thus, reducing fatigue. Convenient for robust operations.  Comfortable in changing the saw blade system and with and led light to illuminate the dark area.

And the grip is rubber-coated to provide comfort for the user. The saw blade teeth are made of carbide offering stability and rigidity for a lifetime. Bosch 060164E200 GSA 1300 PCE Professional Saws with Bosch 2608653132 Sabre Saw Endurance for Vehicle Rescue 1157 CHM


  • Bosch Professional Reciprocating Saw made with a high-performance 1300 watts motor.
  • This is a quality product
  • Fitted with a pendulum stroke for fast saw progress.
  • It is durable and easy to use.
  • The reciprocating tool is optimized for cutting stainless steel.


  • Quite expensive
  • Inaccessible repair parts.

Bosch Professional Endurance

7. DONGCHHENG Reciprocating Saw DJF30 with 90mm & 590W

The Dongcheng is a sturdy and durable reciprocating saw with an input power of 590 watts. The saw blade has a speed of 2300rpm. The tool is built with a light body but with strong potential.DONGCHHENG Reciprocating Saw DJF30 with 90mm & 590W


  • Dongcheng Reciprocating Saw made with 590W motor & 90mm blade.
  • This is a durable product
  • It has a strong power
  • Also, it is lightweight


  • Overheats
  • Noisy

Dongcheng Reciprocating Saw

8. Reciprocating Air Saw with 14 Mini Alloy, High Output Power Pneumatic File Reciprocating Body Saw Cutting Tool

This is designed with a soft grip that offers the comfort and stability of the machine for the operator. Also cuts a variety of different materials like fibreglass, metal, or wood. Made with a light material convenient for easy cuttings in challenging positions. The machine has a high output power and low air consumption.Reciprociating Air Saw with 14 Mini Alloy, High Output Power Pneumatic File Reciprocating Body Saw Cutting Tool


  • Walfou Reciprocating Saw is designed with a bumper for the safety of the operator & a pressure-plate safety trigger
  • That prevents damage caused by accidental touch.
  • It is convenient for heavy-duty jobs
  • The tool is flexible and used in automotive body repair or exhaust work.
  • This durable product has great comfort
  • It has an alloy shell that protects the motor.


  • Quite expensive
  • Noisy

Reciprociating Pneumatic Cutting


Finding the right reciprocating saw is hard, but with the right guide, it’s always easier. I hope this guide helps you to find a perfect band saw for your works.

All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the best reciprocating saw machine for your requirement along with valuable benefits.


What can a reciprocating saw be used for?

The reciprocating saw is used in demolition and construction.

Which reciprocating saw is best?

Orbital reciprocating saws are convenient in a wide variety of projects and deliver precise-angular cuts.

Why is it called a reciprocating saw?

The tool is known as a reciprocating saw due to its push and pulls mechanism in moving the saw blade.

Can a reciprocating saw cut plywood?

The saw can definitely cut through plywood and nails embedded in the wood.

How thick metal can a reciprocating saw cut?

The saw can cut metals over 3mm thick and more.

Can I use a reciprocating saw to cut metal?

By the use of a recommended blade, the saw can cut metal.