Best 4K TV online in India-Buyers Guide

You probably must have heard about 4K TV sets and maybe intending to buy one.  Above all, you want to know about the best 4K TV in India. TVs with an approximate horizontal resolution of 4000 pixels are termed “4K”.

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The resolution here, explains the number of pixels in a picture. So, the more number pixels, the higher the resolution and the sharper it’s quality. That is to say, 4K TV offers these benefits by displaying its images in very high quality, looking lifelike.  A standard 4K TV set has a resolution of 3840 horizontal pixels by 2160 vertical pixels. So, These TVs are mostly called Ultra HD (ultra high definition).

Top 10 Best 4K TV in India

List of 4k Smart TVs

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1. Samsung 49 Inches Ultra HD Smart QLED TV Samsung 49 Inches Ultra HD Smart QLED TV
2. TCL 43 inches AI UHD Certified Android Smart LED TV TCL 43 inches
3. Kevin 49 inches Ultra HD Smart LED TV PRO Kevin 49 inches
4. Sony Bravia Ultra HD Certified Android LED TV Sony Bravia Ultra HD
5. Hisense Ultra HD Smart Certified Android LED TV Hisense Ultra HD
6. LG 65 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV LG 65 inches 4K
7. LG 139cm (55 inches) 4K UHD Smart LED TV LG 139cm (55 inches) 4K UHD Smart LED TV
8. Samsung 124cm (49 Inches) UHD LED Smart TV Samsung 124cm
9. LG 139 cm (55 inches) UHD Smart TV LG 139 cm (55 inches) UHD Smart TV
10. Sony Bravia 55 inches UHD Certified Android LED TV Sony Bravia 55 inches

Features of 4K TV

  • The features in 4K smart TV includes: Firstly, the Resolution that makes the images vivid and detailed. Secondly, the 4K Up scaling feature that allows lower-quality content to fit on the display panel of the 4K TV.
  • This is done by increasing, converting, and optimizing its resolution.
  • Thirdly, the bigger the size feature the better the view from a distance.
  • Fourthly, HDMI and USB port feature for connecting external devices.
  • Lastly, HDR(High Dynamic Range) feature generates higher contrast within the existing pixels.
  • As a result, the HDR functions at expanding the contrast and color.
  • This is done, by enabling the image to be more natural, accurate, and adept.
  • Hence, the HDR makes color in the image remain true to form.
  • In that case, without HDR, a TV would not reproduce certain colors.

Types of 4K TV

  • LCD, LED, Curved, and Plasma television are common types of TV, For instance. But, in 4K Television, the type can depend on various factors. The Resolution, For example.
  • The 3840 x 2160 resolution is mainly used in consumer media and display industries.
  • The 4096 x 2160 resolution is mainly designed for cinema production.
  • The 4096 × 2560 resolution is for reviewing cinema footage in post-production.
  • Next, the TV display – First, is the LED display that provides good colour combinations and brightness.
  • Secondly, the QLED display provides also a better viewing experience.
  • LED display also, provides a better viewing angle and greater brightness.

Buyers guide for 4K TV

When buying a TV, there are several factors to put into considerations:

  • Firstly, you should determine the size of TV you need.
  • Secondly, choose a brand that is suitable for you.
  • Thirdly, buy the right TV resolution.
  • Fourthly, is to consider HDR compatibilities.
  • Fifth, check the number of ports it has, as the more ports it has the better.
  • Finally, it is important to choose the preferred display technology either QLED, OLED or LED.
  • Also, remember, the size is different from the dimension and is measured diagonally. Understanding what sizes are the best fit for a room is important than ever in making a smart buying decision. This is achieved by measuring the distance between where you plan to mount the TV and where you sit.
  • If you are in India, you should choose from the list of TVs listed below. By now you should be familiar with the word “resolution” and what it stands for as well as its importance. So then, identifying a 4K TV from its resolution should be very easy.

How to use 4K TV?

  • Without delay, it’s time to set up the new 4K TV set.
  • TVs, for this reason, comes with remote control and an instruction manual which directs you on how to use them.
  •  It also comes with 1 tabletop Stand, 1 wall-mount bracket, and 1 warranty card. To wall mount, you should measure and mark out the exact spot on the wall, your TV should sit.
  • Do this by taking the horizontal and vertical measurements between the four holes at the back of your television. Therefore, large or heavy TV should go on a solid wall.
  • If you have a wooden wall, for instance. Use a stud finder to locate framing studs behind the wall.
  • Bolt your wall mount on the framing studs, for this reason, the TV stays firm. Since, smart TVs come with apps that enable them to stream services, like Prime, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.
  • For this reason, wire your TV to your router or other network devices via Ethernet cable. So as to, experience better streaming without interruptions. 4K TVs can also be used to view videos, pictures, and music from your phone, computer, etc.

List of Top 10 Best 4K TV in India-Buyers Guide

Hence, below are the top 10 affordable best 4K TV in India.

1. Samsung 123cm (49 Inches) Ultra HD Smart QLED TV

Samsung uses QLED display technology manufactured for Indian users with AI Upscaler. Therefore enhancing HD content to 4K content. More so, provides Smart viewing, Screencasting, One-touch connect, Photo-share.

Samsung 123cm (49 Inches) Ultra HD Smart QLED TV


  • Intelligent Mode which balances screen brightness and sound to meet any condition of the room.
  • Ambient mode
  • Virtual AI assistance.


  • Not a curved TV.
  • Doesn’t support Local-Dimming


  2. TCL 108cm (43 inches) AI UHD Certified Android Smart LED TV

TCL LED TV not only uses LED display technology. But also, in alliance with OOT partners brings, to your screen unlimited contents. Contents ranging from series, sports, Dramas, Live shows, and more.

TCL 108cm (43 inches) AI UHD Certified Android Smart LED TV


  • Micro-Dimming.
  • Google Assistance.
  • AI voice interactivity.


  • One USB port.


3. Kevin 124cm (49 inches) Ultra HD Smart LED TV PRO

Kevin also provides a high-resolution image. The Kevin LED TV is equipped with Screen Mirroring, enabling the Sharing of your screen with your mobile device. You can also watch your favourite program through E-share.

Kevin 124cm (49 inches) Ultra HD Smart LED TV PRO


  • The applications run fast.
  • High Display Clarity.
  • User-Friendly.


  • No Bluetooth.


4. Sony Bravia 138.8cm (55 inches) Ultra HD Certified Android LED TV

Experience a lot of fun with Sony-led TV. As they have over 5000 apps you can choose from with Google assistance, built-in chrome-cast, Voice control, etc. It provides smooth details in fast-moving sequences, all thanks to the Motionflow XR feature.

Sony Bravia 138.8cm (55 inches) Ultra HD Certified Android LED TV


  • Easy to use.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Good picture quality.


  • TV isn’t Ultra-slim.


  5. Hisense 108cm (43 inches) Ultra HD Smart Certified Android LED TV

Hisense uses Dolby’s vision and Atmos to bring the best viewing experience. It provides Google Assistant, Google play, and a voice remote. It has an inbuilt Chrome-cast.

Hisense 108cm (43 inches) Ultra HD Smart Certified Android LED TV


  • WiFi connectivity is very fast.
  • AI Upscaler works great.
  • Delay-free gaming experience.


  • Small screen size.
  • Not a curved Screen TV


  6. LG 164cm (65 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

This LG     OLED TV, as a matter of fact, enables you to dive into the world of colour with Dolby Vision and Atmos.

LG 164cm (65 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV


  • The screen size is great.
  • The image colours are excellent.
  • All the HDMI port has full bandwidth.


  • Risk of burn-in


  7. LG 139cm (55 inches) 4K UHD Smart LED TV

It has features like Google Assistant coupled with, Alexa, wireless sound, Apple Airplay, and more.

LG 139cm (55 inches) 4K UHD Smart LED TV


  • TV design is great.
  • The size is good.
  • Allows screen casting.


  • No Chrome-cast rather screen-cast is available.
  • It slightly shakes if mounted on the stand.


  8. Samsung 124cm (49 Inches) UHD LED Smart TV

It has Google Assistance, Apple Airplay, Two-way sharing, Live-cast, and Amazon Alexa. This TV also serves as a Personal computer thanks to Mirroring.

Samsung 124cm (49 Inches) UHD LED Smart TV


  • All features work perfectly.
  • TVs Slim design is great and complements room decor.
  • Excellent picture quality.


  • No touch-control on Remote
  • TV is thick (59.1mm)


9. LG 139 cm (55 inches) UHD Smart TV

LG uses Nano-cell display technology. It is a smart TV with Nano-display, Nano-accuracy, Wireless sound, Magic Remote, and more.

LG 139 cm (55 inches) UHD Smart TV


  • Quality image with Dolby vision.
  • Provides local-dimming.
  • In-Built apps and Games working smoothly.


  • No Chromecast but Screencast is available.

LG-inches10. Sony Bravia 138.8cm (55 inches) UHD Certified Android LED TV

Sony gives access to all popular apps like Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon prime for Indian users. These apps support Dolby-vision streaming. Sony has Chromecast, Google Play, Voice search, and more.

Sony Bravia 138.8cm (55 inches) UHD Certified Android LED TV


  • Excellent picture clarity for 4K, HD.SDR contents.
  • Smooth User Interface.
  • Looks good with the thin bezel.


  • Difficulty in accessing the HDMI port when mounted on the wall.



Finally, when choosing a 4K TV, know the display screen technology, the number of ports, and HDR compatibility. When all this is done, refer to the top 10 best 4K TV in India above.


Is it worth buying a 4K TV in India?

4K TVs are fast becoming the order of the day. Before, not much 4K content was available but, today a lot of 4K content is out there. You can also upgrade HD content to 4K. So, the answer is Yes.

Should I buy a 4k or Full HD TV?         

You should consider buying a 4k TV. It is four times the number of pixels current in Full HD. 4K is better than any HD TV.

What is the cheapest 4K TV?                                                                             

The cheapest are among the list of, top 10 best 4K TV in India.

Is OLED better than 4K TV?                           

OLED is a technology in 4K TVs used to create displays. Hence, we have 4K OLED TVs. Therefore, the 4K TV’s that are not OLED has a different display technology- LED or QLED. So, these three technologies offer great viewing experiences over Full HD TV.

Which is better between curved TV and a Flat TV?

There is not much difference between a curved and a flat TV. Aesthetically, Curved is preferred to Flat.