Best 3 Seater Sofa sets in India-Buyers Guide

A sofa, also known as a couch or futon is a fragment of furniture for accommodating numerous people. Commonly found in the shape of a bench with fixed armrests. It also features spring contraptions at the bottom and customized cushions and pillows. 3-seater sofas in this case are specifically designed to accommodate 3 people maximum. Although they are mainly used as a place to sit, they can also be used as a place to sleep. In the majority of households, couches are normally placed in the family room.

They can also be placed in the living room, den, or lounge. Sometimes you will also find them in non-residential areas like hotel receptions, lobbies of offices, waiting rooms of hospitals, and bars. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best Sofa sets, 5 seater sofa sets, Teak wood sofa sets, L shaped sofas, Sofa cum Bed, Recliner Sofas, Sofa Cushions, Sofa Cover sets, plastic chairs, plastic dining tables, Plastic Tables, Wing Chairs, Wooden chairs, Camping Tents, Garden Umbrellas, Executive Chairs, Rocking Chair, Rolling Chairs, Computer Chairs, Garden Chairs, Wheel Chairs, Cushion Covers, Pillows, Air Pillows, Air Mattresses,  Mattress Protectors, Mattress Toppers, Evok Furniture, Sliding wardrobe, Teapoy, Ekbote Furniture, Nilkamal Chair, console table, 4 seater dining tables, wooden beds, Plastic chairs, Bar stools, centre tables, chest of drawers, plastic stools, rocking chairs, wooden chairs, Dining Chairs, wooden stool, diwan set covers, Folding chair, coffee tables, Recliner Sofas, Quality waterproof Plywood brands in India.

Top 10 Best 3-Seater Sofas in India

List of 3 Seater Sofas

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1. Furney 3-Seater Fabric Sofas Furney 3-Seater Fabric Sofas
2. Home Centre 3-Seater Polyester Sofas Home Centre 3-Seater Polyester Sofas
3. Amazon Brand – Solimo 3-Seater Sofas Amazon Brand - Solimo 3-Seater Sofas
4. Arica Home 3-Seater sofas Arica Home 3-Seater sofas
5. Casa Style Diana 3-Seater Sofas Casa Style Diana 3-Seater Sofas
6. Adorn India Rio 3-Seater Sofas Adorn India Rio 3-Seater Sofas
7. Kendallwood Sheesham Wood Sofas Kendallwood Sheesham Wood Sofas
8. Sofa Architect Moris 3-Seater Fabric Sofas Sofa Architect Moris 3-Seater Fabric Sofas
9. S D FURNITURE 3-Seater Sofas S D FURNITURE 3-Seater Sofas
10. TG Furniture 3-Seater Sofas TG Furniture 3-Seater Sofas

Features of 3 Seater Sofa

  • A 3-seater couch comprises the casing, wadding, and covering. The casing is usually built from wood. However, it can also be constructed from steel, plastic, or laminated boards. Sofa padding is built from foam, feathers, fabric, or a culmination of all the mentioned materials.
  • Couch coverings comprise smooth leather, corduroy, or linen. Most 3-seater sofas also feature is an attractive design with top-notch frame joints to ensure sturdiness and longevity. Modern 3-seater sofas have about thirty percent more strengthening frame joint availability.
  • They also feature par cushion filling. Cushion filling is one of the key aspects for producing quality 3-seater sofas as well as providing ergonomic reinforcement for the users.
  • These kinds of sofas have suspension systems for comfort and resilience purposes. The purpose of the suspension aids the inner section of the seating area, conjoined with the cushion filling to offer comfortable sitting experiences.

Types of 3 Seater Sofa

  • There are a number of 3-seater variants. The first is fabric sofas. These sofas are well known to control the body’s temperature during different seasons and are budget-friendly. If you don’t have pets or kids running around the house, cleaning them will be a walk in the park.
  • The second type is leatherette 3-seater sofas. These types of sofas may appeal to you if you are the type that loves glossy items and anything glamorous. These sofas preach luxury living is water-resistant and easy to maintain. So, no need to worry about accidental spillages.
  • The third type of 3-seater sofas is real leather variants. While they are costly, they do a good job at absorbing liquids because they are porous.
  • They are quite durable but a word of caution. Do not expose them to direct sunlight for a long time. This will cause the color to fade out. The fourth variant is comprised of wood.

How to use 3 Seater Sofa?

  • A 3-seater couch is possible to use in a few ways. The first is as a place where people can sit and stretch depending on the type of 3-seater you have acquired.
  • If you have the reclining type, use it as a recliner where people can rest their necks and legs. There are also bed variants of the 3-seater sofa that can be used as a place where people can sleep.
  • 3-seater sofas are also is possible to use simply as a form of decoration for the given place, especially the common household. It will add a sense of home feeling in the air.

Buyer’s Guide for 3 Seater Sofa

  • There are five things to consider before buying a 3-seater couch. This goes for other sofa variants as well. The first is a procession.
  • The processing of a sofa set is important for the longevity of the furniture. When shopping for a 3-seater sofa, it is essential you pay attention to three things. The make of the upholstery, procession of the frame build, and the spring foundation.
  • This will enable you to spot the weak areas of the sofa quickly and efficiently before making a purchase. The second factor is build quality.
  • Quality shortcomings become noticeable after a short duration of use. In a premium build 3-seater sofa, the seams of the cover do not slip nor do the formation of piles occurs.  The third factor is sitting contentment.
  • The seating location should be assorted. This will ensure the surface of the sofa does not have seat hollows that are smoother than the rest of the sofa over time. This will enable the sofa to wear out equally.
  • The fourth factor is light and colorfastness. Sofas can get exposed to high-stress levels on a daily basis. Luminosity and colorfastness need to be ascertained. This is so that the colors do not lighten.
  • The fifth factor is cleaning. The choice of the cover should not only be based on your choice.  The substance properties should also be considered.

List of Top 10 Best 3 Seater Sofa sets in India-Buyers Guide

1. Furney Hero style 3-Seater Fabric Sofa Set

A 3-seater couch set consisting of timber wood as the primary material. The upholstery material consists of fabric. The top material is wood, footboard with fabric as top upholstery. It is light grey-black in color.

Furney Hero style 3-Seater Fabric Sofa Set


  • Features an attractive finish
  • Made from high-quality wood ensuring sturdiness
  • Does not take up a lot of space


  • The back part of the sofa is not straight but partly slanted
  • You need proper tools and experienced personnel to assemble it


2. Home Centre Emily Fabric 3-Seater Polyester Sofa

A 3-seater couch set made mainly of fabric. The upholstery build consists of polyester. It is brown in color.

Home Centre Emily Fabric 3-Seater Polyester Sofa


  • Made of pinewood which makes it stiff and shock-resistant
  • Features high tensile sturdiness and durability
  • It also has pocket springs and high toughness foam for comfort purposes


  • Only available in one color
  • Foam starts to degrade after thirty days


3. Amazon Brand – Solimo Victoria Fabric 3-Seater Sofa

A 3-seater sofa built from high-quality fabric. It comes with a three-year warranty against defects.

Amazon Brand - Solimo Victoria Fabric 3-Seater Sofa


  • Family-friendly, no toxins used during production.
  • It is light and has good ground separation for easy movement
  • Smooth and comfortable


  • Generates noise after a short period of time while sitting
  • Does not feature proper neck support


4. Arica Home Neem Wood 3-Seater sofa

This is a three-seater couch whose primary substance is Neem wood. The upholstery substance is of Jute fabric. It has wooden legs and is dark grey in color.

Arica Home Neem Wood 3-Seater sofa


  • Features premium hues of the grey color
  • Cozy and attractive appeal
  • Comes with six months of warranty


  • The wood used to make the sofas has micro bugs in it
  • A defect discovered past the warranty period, means it cannot be returned.


5. Casa Style Diana Fabric 3-Seater Sofa Set

This is a solid wood build three-seater couch. Also built from thirty-two density air foam with sturdy legs.

Casa Style Diana Fabric 3-Seater Sofa Set


  • Roomy with a big depth for broader seating
  • Features firm and cozy cushions
  • One year warranty


  • Spillage left on the couch for a duration of time will become difficult to remove
  • Only cleaned best with a dry cloth


6. Adorn India Rio High Back Leatherette 3-Seater Sofa

A three-seater couch from Adorn India made of wood. The secondary material comprises foam upholstery.

Adorn India Rio High Back Leatherette 3-Seater Sofa


  • Has a long two-year warranty
  • No need to assemble as it comes already assembled upon arrival
  • Constructed with high-quality leatherette


  • Warranty applies only under certain conditions outlined by the manufacturer
  • Some may find its extreme sturdiness to be a slight discomfort


7. Kendallwood Furniture Solid Sheesham Wood Sofa Set

Three-seater couch set constructed from Sheesham wood. It features natural teak color with cream cushions.

Kendallwood Furniture Solid Sheesham Wood Sofa Set


  • Assembly is done by a certified expert for free
  • It is a multifunctional sofa
  • Features a glossy wood finish


  • Small pillows sold separately
  • Some may not find the standard color of wood appealing


8. Sofa Architect Moris 3-Seater Fabric Sofa

A three-seater couch comprised of wood as the main material. The secondary material used in its making is foam and the couch is blue in color.

Sofa Architect Moris 3-Seater Fabric Sofa


  • Shipped pre-assembled with the exception being the legs
  • It has a lengthy three-year warranty
  • Features classy, attractive build.


  • Like the other 3-seater couch with a lengthy warranty. The warranty only covers certain conditions labeled by the manufacturer.
  • Does not have springs


9. S D FURNITURE Solid Wooden 3-Seater Sofa Set

This couch is constructed from Sheesham wood. The secondary material is called  MDF

S D FURNITURE Solid Wooden 3-Seater Sofa Set


  • It is portable as it does not take up a lot of space
  • Blends with other furniture in the household
  • Ideal for people with small homes


  • It has a short ten-day warranty
  • The quality of wood does not last long


10. TG Furniture Solid Sheesham Wood 3-Seater Sofa Cum Bed

The third variant of 3-seater couches on this list is made from Sheesham wood as well. It features a natural teak color.

TG Furniture Solid Sheesham Wood 3-Seater Sofa Cum Bed


  • It Can be used as a bed as well
  • Made by highly skilled artisans making it a long-term product
  • Assembled with ease and no hassle


  • Some areas don’t have good polish
  • Wooden frame tends to form cracks after a period of time



A three-seater couch is an ideal piece of furniture to add to your household. The ones listed here are all a good fit. Hopefully, you will be able to pick one that suits you best.


What is the size of the 3-seater sofa?

Most three-seater couches have an average size of 180cm in diameter, 78cm in width and 81cm in height.

Which is the best 3-seater sofa?

The best three-seater couch is the Amazon Brand – Solimo Victoria Fabric 3-Seater Sofa

What is the cost of the 3-seater sofa?

Most of these couches range from twelve thousand rupees to twenty thousand rupees