Best Lawn Mower Machines in India-Buyers Guide

A lawn mower is a machine for cutting the grass to an even height in your yard. It contains the blades that rotate at a certain speed & cut the grass evenly. The lawnmowers showed up in the 19th century in England.

This machine is also called a grass-cutting machine. In the beginning, it was intended for cutting the grass on the sports field and big gardens. These machines changed over time. From very simple ones becoming the great ones.

Without the lawnmower, people couldn’t imagine their lives today, especially the ones who have big yards and lawns around their homes. Today, there is a lawn robot mower that does the job quite well and doesn’t require people’s time. Drip Irrigation Kits in India, water Sprinklers, Spray Guns & Best Watering cans.

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You can find many different lawn mowers on the market, and which one to choose depends on your needs. We bring you some of the best lawn mowers through this article along with a comprehensive buying guide.

Best 10 Lawn Mower Machines in India

List of the lawnmowers

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1. Agricom Falcon Hand Lawn Mower  Agricom-Falcon-Mower
2. Sharpex Electric Lawn Mower  Sharpex-16-Inch-Electric
3. BKR Electric Lawn Mower  Electric-Mower-Induction
4. Bosch Electric Lawn Mower  Bosch-ARM-32-1200-Watt
5. MAKITA JAPAN Electrical Lawn Mower  MAKITA-JAPAN-Steel
6. Sharpex Push Manual Lawn Mower  Sharpex-Classic-Manual
7. Black+Decker Electric Lawn Mower Black-Decker-Electric-1200
8. Kisan Kraft Manual Lawn Mower  Kisan-Kraft-KK-LMM
10. Falcon Premium Hand Lawn Mower  Falcon-Premium-300mm

Buyers Guide – Lawn Mower

Now so many brands produce lawnmowers but only a few have useful features. Also, you need to select the lawn mower out of 3 main types Electrical Gasoline or Battery powered.

Here is a simple rule about lawnmowers; the more money you spend, the better is the mower. So, if you are about to buy a high-quality long-lasting lawn mower, you shouldn’t save on money.

You should also consider some other features & factors while choosing the mower like below:

  • If you are not sure how to choose the right lawnmower, here are a few tips.
  • At first, you should know do you need a walk-behind or riding mower.
  • It depends on the type of field you have.
  • If you have a field with obstacles, you should choose a front-wheel drive.
  • This allows you to easily maneuver in and out of corners.
  • If you have rough terrain, uphill and downhill you may need to choose rear-wheel drive.
  • Pushing down the handle while going up a hill will not make the front wheels lose traction, and this way it will be easier for mowing.
  • You may also consider choosing the mower that cuts the grass and leaves it aside, or that contains a bag that takes the grass in.
  • The bags have different capacities and can be produced in different materials.
  • There is a lawnmower that has all of these functions, and those are the most expensive.
  • Choosing between the mowers can be quite challenging, but if you are not sure you can consult the seller in order to help you pick the right one suitable to your needs.

Features of a Lawn Mower: 

The lawnmower is available in many shapes, sizes, and colors on the market. One of the best features of this machine is it uses blades to cut the grass at a certain height.

Let’s find out the more features of a lawnmower:

  • In basic, all the lawnmowers have the same purpose.
  • The difference between them is in the power they use to work, the size of the blades they have, and the material they are made of.
  • Some of them can work by remote managing, some need the people to push it to work.
  • About the grass cutting machines, there are also those for cutting the grass at the edges, around the plants, and other places that are hard to reach.
  • You need to hold machines like this in your hand and move them where you want.
  • They are smaller and usually work on batteries.
  • Most of the lawnmowers allow you to adjust the cutting height, but some have a fixed height.

Types of Lawn Mower:

There are many types of grass-cutting machines. They are mostly divided by the power source, so we can find those that work on batteries, electricity, and fuel.

The three main types are:


  • A lot of lawn mowers works on electricity, using different strength.
  • This is an eco-friendly type of machine, but you need to be careful while using it.
  • Due to the possibility that the cable goes under the knife and causes the electrical shock.


  • These lawnmowers use petrol or any other liquid fuel to work.
  • The engine usually requires pulling the crank manually to start the mower.
  • These mowers are a bit better than the electrical ones, due to their greater power and possibility to work without the fear of cutting the cables.
  • Gasoline mowers require some maintenance such as cleaning the air filter and occasionally changing the engine oil.


  • Some mowers work on batteries of 12 V, 56 V, and 80 V.
  • The batteries are rechargeable and the more batteries mean the mower is stronger and works longer.

How Does a Lawn Mower Work?

The lawnmower needs a power source to work. It can be gasoline, electricity, batteries or it can work on the remote control.

  1. Lawnmowers contain blades that are spinning at a certain speed and cut the grass equally.
  2. There is a part of the lawnmower called the deck, which provides grass or other obstacles not to fly in all directions while the mower is working.
  3. Some walk-behind mowers have a bag that is there to collect the grass, so it doesn’t go on the sides while mowing.
  4. While mowing you should be careful about the cable at the electrical mower, so you don’t cut it and cause an electrical shock.
  5. With a mower that works on the fuel, takes care of cleaning the air filter, and controls the level of motor oil.
  6. Also, remember to clean the mower after using, it so it is safe from rustling and to be ready for use next time.

List of Top 10 Best Lawn Mowers in India Buyers Guide

When the season of mowing lawns comes, many people start with work. This is a great time for making your space nicer and enjoying nature. But when it comes to mowing it can be a nightmare.

So, before the season come, you should buy a lawnmower if you don’t have one yet. The winter is great for buying it, due to the lower prices.

It’s very difficult to find the proper lawnmower according to your needs. Also, you need to select the size of this machine based on your lawn size. That’s why here we have listed out the top 10 lawnmowers along with their features, pros, and cons.

1. Agricom Falcon Hand Lawn Mower with 300 mm Blades in Yellow & Black:

This product is coming in different colors and it fits well for cutting grass on small lawns. It has rotating blades and one fixed blade, so the cutting can be done well.Agricom Falcon Hand Lawn Mower with 300 mm Blades in Yellow & Black


  • Power: Manual Machine
  • Weight: 2.64 KGs
  • Blade Size: 300 mm


  • Agricom Falcon Lawn Mower comes with a lightweight system that makes it easy to drive.
  • The finest cutting of grass is possible with the help of a lightweight cylinder mower.
  • And the item is not expensive, almost everyone can afford it.
  • It is easy to cut the grass with this machine.
  • Eco-friendly mower, that works when the user pushes it.


  • The item fits for cutting shorter grass only.
  • And the best results are on smaller yards.

Agricom Falcon Lawn Mower

2. Sharpex Electric Lawn Mower with 1800 Watt Single Phase 2.5 HP Motor, Folding Handle, Detachable Collection Box & Adjustable Height:

This is an electrical lawnmower with a power of 1800 Watts. The product includes 16-inch sharp blades and a plastic box for picking the grass in the moment of cutting. This package includes an extra blade, an orange cable 100 feet long, and tools for cleaning the machine.Sharpex Electric Lawn Mower with 1800 Watt Single Phase 2.5 HP Mottor, Folding Handle, Detachable Collection Box & Adjustable Height


  • Power: 1800 Watts
  • Blade Size: 16 inches
  • Weight: 25.00 KGs


  • Sharpex Electric Lawn Mower is made with high-quality durable material and blades made with heat-treated alloy steel.
  • It comes with a 2800 RPM Electric Motor, 55 Liters Grass box, and Folding Handle.
  • This machine has adjustable height and comes with durable wheels along with a metal gear rim inside.
  • The greatness of this product is that it includes a cleaning cloth, an extra blade, long visible cable.
  • Very easy to assemble this product and you will get a cleaning cloth & brush.
  • And included an adjustable handle makes it great to use.


  • The product is quite expensive.
  • Some customers complied with the wheels saying that they are low on quality.

Sharpex Electric Grass Cutter

3. BKR® Electric Lawn Mower with 25 L Grass box & 1000 Watt Induction Motor by Jagan Hardware:

This grass cutting machine works on an electrical power source with a strength of 1000 Watts. It contains a grass box and handles that you can adjust to your needs. There are three levels for adjusting the cutting height.BKR Electric Lawn Mower with 25 L Grass box & 1000 Watt Induction Motor by Jagan Hardware


  • Power: 1000 Watts
  • Blade Size: 300 mm


  • BKR Electric Lawn Mower is a manual push grass cutting grass machine for lawns and gardens.
  • It comes with 1000 watt induction motor, 25L capacity grass box, and 3 levels of height adjustments.
  • The mower is lightweight and cuts the grass evenly.
  • And the blade is quite easy to change.
  • It doesn’t take much space, so you can store it almost anywhere.


  • The grass box can pick up to 25L of grass which is a small capacity.
  • Not a very strong product, costumers think that it needs to be improved.

BKR Electric Lawn Mower

4. Bosch Electric Lawn Mower ARM-32 with 1200-Watt Motor:

This is a grass-cutting machine that works on a 1200-watt power source. It is made up of super quality materials. The item is great for cutting the grass in areas that are hard to reach.Bosch Electric Lawn Mower ARM-32 with 1200-Watt Motor


  • Dimensions: 60 cm x 40 cm x 602 cm
  • Power: 1200 Watts
  • Weight: 6.80 KGs


  • Bosch Electric Lawn Mower comes with 1000 watts power drive motor, 31-litre grassbox, 13 Nm torque, and 32cm cutting width.
  • This is easy to tackle long grass with this and doesn’t make it hard for your arms.
  • It has a rotary blade cutting system.
  • This is a lightweight machine that cuts grass up to 30 cm long & cuts width of 32 cm
  • The pollution that this machine is producing is extremely low.


  • Some of the sellers don’t accomplish what they say about the return of money.
  • Due to irresponsible sellers, some customers received parts that don’t fit the machine.

Bosch Lawn Mower

5. MAKITA JAPAN Electrical Lawn Mower with 1810 Steel 37 cm 1400W Grass Cutting Machine:

This is an electric lawn mower that contains a bag for collecting the grass. Its power is 1400 watts, and it has a frame and handles that you can adjust.MAKITA JAPAN Electrical Lawn Mower with 1810 Steel 37 cm 1400W Grass Cutting Machine


  • Dimensions: 65 cm x 49 cm x 35 cm
  • Power: 1400 Watts
  • Blade Size: 5 inches
  • Weight: 14.20 KGs


  • MAKITA Electrical Lawn Mower is made with strong UV-resistant plastic material.
  • It uses a rotary cutting system and comes with an adjustable handle.
  • The item has three levels of cutting heights.
  • Manufacturers use high-quality materials for producing this item.
  • The product is super easy to assemble.


  • The mower is making the noise.
  • It is quite heavy at 14,2kg containing.

MAKITA Electrical Lawn Mower

6. Sharpex Push Manual Lawn Mower 16-Inch Reel with Classic Push Reel & Grass Catcher:

This machine comes with an adjustable handle and a box for collecting the grass. It has steel blades that allow you to work quite fast and efficiently. This is an eco-friendly product that keeps our environment clean and without any pollution.Sharpex Push Manual Lawn Mower 16-Inch Reel with Classic Push Reel & Grass Catcher


  • Power: Manual Machine
  • Blade Size: 16 inches
  • Weight: 12.80 KGs


  • Sharpex Push Manual Lawn Mower is made with durable & high-quality material.
  • It has quality and heat-treated alloy steel blades.
  • You can use this comfortably with the help of included Detachable Grass Collector, Well-Built Handles, and Durable Wheels.
  • This is quite an affordable product for everyone.
  • It is easy to assemble as well as very easy to work with.


  • The customers comply with using the product on the carpet grass, saying that it is not efficient.
  • Some parts are not made of high-quality materials, so they break up after use a few times.

Sharpex Manual Lawn Mower

7. Black+Decker Electric Lawn Mower with 1200-Watt Motor, 35L Grassbox, 12 Inch Winged Blade & Bike Handle:

This lawnmower is powered by electricity and uses the power of 1200 Watts. It is great for smaller yards up to 300 square meters. There is a blade of 14 inches which provides perfect grass cutting and collecting too, and a box for grass. You can adjust the cutting height at three levels, and the handle as well.Black+Decker Electric Lawn Mower with 1200-Watt Motor, 35L Grassbox, 12 Inch Winged Blade & Bike Handle


  • Dimensions: 63.7 cm x 35.6 cm x 34.5 cm
  • Power: 1200 Watts
  • Blade Size: 12 inches
  • Weight: 9.35 KGs


  • Black + Decker Electric Lawn Mower comes with a bike handle for comfortable grip & 14 inches winged blade for improved cutting.
  • Manufacturers use high-quality materials to produce the item.
  • It is ideal for small to medium-sized gardens and comes with a 45L capacity grassbox.
  • This package includes 6-months of guarantee.
  • The seller allows you free calls if there is any question about the item.


  • The item suits for cutting the grass just in the small gardens.
  • Cutting height adjustment doesn’t work very well and it needs improving.

Black Decker Electric Lawn Mower

8. Kisan Kraft Manual Lawn Mower KK-LMM-400r:

This is a lightweight lawnmower that works on the strength of the user who pushes it. It is coming in the combinations of yellow and black color and contains a plastic box for grass.Kisan Kraft Manual Lawn Mower KK-LMM-400


  • Dimensions: 58 cm x 38 cm x 33 cm
  • Power: Manual Machine
  • Weight: 9.50 KGs


  • Kisan Kraft Lawn Mower is made with plastic material.
  • It’s a manual mower that comes with an attachable grass-catching bag.
  • This is lightweight and easy to assemble.
  • Super easy to work with this machine.
  • The item is quite affordable for everyone.


  • Fits only for cutting short grass on a flat field.
  • It doesn’t cut in a fine way, so your lawn may not look as you imagine.

Kisan Kraft Manual Lawn Mower

9. SERENE-LIFE Cordless Lawn Mower PSLGTM30 with Handheld Grass Cutter Shears:

This item is perfect for cutting the grass in places that are hard to reach such as edges or places around the trees. It fits well for trimming around your plants in the garden as well. The machine works on batteries and the package includes a charger that suits the US standards of 110V – 120V.SERENE-LIFE Cordless Lawn Mower PSLGTM30 with Handheld Grass Cutter Shears


  • Dimensions: 15 cm x 62.2 cm x 8.6 cm
  • Blade Size: 70 mm
  • Weight: 1.22 KGs


  • SERENE-LIFE Lawn Mower is a cordless handheld manual grass cutting machine.
  • It comes with glide-cut technology that is easy to use.
  • This is a lightweight product that allows you easy access to hardly reachable spaces.
  • It’s an eco-friendly item & a very affordable one.


  • The item works on the batteries that have a charger that suits only the US standards.
  • And the maximum that the machine cover before batteries run out is 100 square feet.

SERENE LIFE Handheld- Grass Cutter

10. Falcon Premium Hand Lawn Mower with 300mm Blades:

This push-lawn mower doesn’t use any source of power, it works as the user pushes it. It contains rotating blades and a plastic box to pick up the grass at the moment of cutting it. And its design includes yellow and black color.Falcon Premium Hand Lawn Mower with 300mm Blades


  • Power: Manual Machine
  • Blade Size: 300 mm
  • Weight: 12.00 KGs


  • Falcon Hand Lawn Mower is designed with a four-parted pipe handle & rubber tires.
  • It comes with a set of six 300mm fixed blades that give your lawn a well-groomed look.
  • The rotating cylinder included in this machine when it rotates pushes the grass against the blades to leave the lawn well-trimmed.
  • Its handle has a fine powder-coated finish for great control.
  • The item includes a three-year guarantee.
  • Easy to maneuver and work with this lawnmower.


  • Costumers complied by slipping the blades.
  • It doesn’t fit for cutting the large grass.

Falcon Premium Lawn Mower


Choosing the best grass-cutting machine can be quite challenging, but you can always ask for advice from the seller. When buying a lawnmower, try to consider all the factors.

Besides the budget, think about the size and shape of your yard and what you need for finishing this job efficiently and fast. Many different land mowers are available online, so this list helps you to find one according to your needs, and your yard will look great!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best lawn mower?

The best lawn mower is one that suits your needs and budget. Depending on the size of the field you are going to work on, you need to consider choosing the right size. Also, if there are uphill and downhills, or obstacles, you may need to choose the fitting one.

So, the best lawn mower, in that case, is one with a front-wheel ride and rear-wheel drive for uphill and downhills. If you have a large field, the best is to choose a riding mower. Most people say that the best choice is the mower which works on fuel.

What is the cost of a good lawn mower?

Here is a simple rule about the cost of the lawnmowers. The more you play, the better lawnmower is. The average cost of a good lawnmower is in the range of 600$ to 1000$. But it still depends on what features a machine has, and on your budget too.

What is the best time of year to buy a lawnmower?

Some reports from sales agencies say that the best time of year to buy a lawnmower is when the mowing season finishes. So, you may consider buying a machine in the spring, in April or May, and in the autumn, September, or October. The prices fall down in this period, so you may pay less for a high-quality machine.

How do lawnmowers work?

The lawnmowers work in a simple way. They contain blades that are rotating fast and cut the grass at equal height. The lawnmowers have different power sources, such as electricity, batteries, or fuel. Some machines are made for manual managing, and have the same purpose but cut the grass in places that are hard to reach.

How many years does the lawnmower last?

The lawnmower lasts on average between 8 and 10 years. It depends on how quality is the machine and how often you use it. The important rule in the lasting of the lawnmower has the maintenance of the machine. If you clean it and maintain it regularly, it will last longer. Some manufacturers are counting the machine’s lifetime in the hours of use.

Is a self-propelled mower worth it?

These mowers are easy to manoeuvre with, and not so hard on your arms as a push-mower. The self-propelled mower doesn’t need you to push it to work. These mowers usually have a fuel power source and are not usually strong. They are quite noisy, so you should think about it before buying.

Which is a good cheap lawn mower?

A good, cheap lawn mower is a self-propelled mower that works on fuel. It is great for mowing fields that are tough and sloping. This kind of mower is twice cheaper as the same one with an electrical power source. You are about to pay around 450$ for a product like this, which is quite affordable if you compare it to the electrical self-propelled mower which costs in the range of 800$ and up.

Are lawn mowers cheaper in winter?

Yes, the lawnmowers are cheaper in winter. Basically, it’s cheaper when the season of mowing is finished. As simple as that, the season is a time when the lawnmowers are the most expensive, and later you can buy them in sales or at lower prices.

Can lawnmowers explode?

Like many other machines, the lawnmower can explode too. But it doesn’t happen often. You shouldn’t expect it to explode at any moment, but remember that regular maintenance and cleaning is a must in order to keep lawnmowers working properly. Although it is rare, it can explode when there is a problem inside the engine and in the fuel system.

How do you mow a lawn?

The most common lawn mowers are those that work on gasoline. It is important to have a clean and sharp blade. You should set the mowing height, check the fuel and oil level in the engine, and you can start. Firstly, you should mow around the obstacles and perimeters. On the sloppy field, you should side to side, and back and forth in straight lines with slightly overlapping.

How do I choose a lawnmower?

Choosing the right law mower can be quite challenging. You should choose one according to your needs and budget. The best advice about choosing a lawnmower you can get directly from the seller. While choosing the mower, think about the size and type of the yard.

Are battery lawn mowers any good?

These mowers are quite good. The main characteristics are that these mowers are lightweight, don’t produce much noise, and are eco-friendly. Due to its lightweight, it allows you to use it easily without much strength needed.

Should I buy a new or used riding mower?

Buying a used riding mower can save you a certain amount of money. Before buying it make sure to check when it was bought firstly, how much used, and does it works properly. You sure don’t want to buy a mower that is broken and doesn’t work well.

What is the number one zero turn mower?

The best zero turn mower is one that provides you with these aspects: durable steel frame, adjustable to the grass height, good engine with twin-cylinder, comfortable to ride, and that supports wide tires. These mowers are best for the large lawns and yards, so make sure that it provides you with all features we have just mentioned.

Which is a better rear or front-propelled lawn mower?

Front-propelled mowers are better for rough terrain. The front wheels are allowing you easier turning than other systems of a drive.

Rear-propelled mowers are better for uphill and downhill field mowing. More traction is provided at the center of the mower so this is a great choice.

Which is better self-propelled or push mower?

A push mower is better for smaller and flat yards and provides you with quick and efficient work. The self-propelled lawn mower is one that pushes itself and you should just walk behind it to control its path.

So, both of them are good, just the push mower needs you to push it.