Best Hacksaws in India Buying Guide

A hacksaw is a small tool normally used for cutting metal. Sometimes people also use this equipment to cut PVC pipes and wood. Normally, hacksaws are used by professional plumbers, carpenters, etc., but some people like to keep them in their homes as well.

They are beneficial to keep at home to avoid unnecessarily calling professionals for small jobs that can easily be done by you. Some people also have hobbies that require them to work with PVC or metallic pipes to make creative things, and these saws are handy for such projects.

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This article will cover some points you must consider before buying a hacksaw and also recommend some good quality, trustworthy brands.

Best 10 Hacksaws in India

List of Hacksaws
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1. BLACK + DECKER 300mm Metal Hack saw  Black-Decker-Steel
2. Bosch Metal Compact Hack saw  Bosch-SR-1686-2608003031
3. JCB Tools saw  JCB-Tools-Frame
4. Real STF Steel Hack saw  Realstf-Steel-Plastic
5. JCB Tools 12 HACK SAW  JCB-steel-coating
6. STANLEY Mini Hack saw  Stanley-STA020807
7. Venus Hack saw  Venus-Hacksaw-Frame
8. Globus Mini Frame Plastic Handle &  Blades Globus-Plastic-Handle
9. Stanley 10 inch Hack saw  Stanley-Rubber-Grip
10. Goodyear Hack saw Frame  Goodyear-SI-12-Hacksaw

Features of Hacksaw

Hacksaws are used for cutting hard materials. It generally has 4 parts: frame, blade, handle, and screw.

Just consider the below-mentioned features while choosing a hacksaw:

  • The frame is the main part that supports the other two parts of the hacksaw.
  • It is usually made of metal and is sometimes coated with some other material like TRP, or any other compound.
  • The frame is ‘C’ or ‘D’ shaped with an open end where the blade is attached.
  • And the frame can either be adjustable or fixed.
  • The frame also has some screws in which the blade is placed.
  • Different sizes of blades can be attached by moving and fixing the screw.
  • On the back of the frame, there is a handle & it can be metallic, plastic, or rubber.
  • And the shape of the handle can be pistol-like, saw-like, or straight.
  • Then comes the blade in hacksaws & it is the part that is used for cutting.
  • Also, these are available in different sizes.
  • But blades can be changed only in hacksaws that have an adjustable frame.
  • The blade has sharp teeth that cut the material.

Types of Hacksaws

Usually, four different types of blades are used in hacksaws. They are bi-metallic steel, high carbon steel, high-speed steel, and low alloy steel.

Hacksaws are of the following types:

Full-size Hacksaw

  • These are large hack saws used for cutting heavy materials.
  • They have more teeth in their blades.
  • Also, these contain 8 to 32 teeth per inch of blade.

Junior Hacksaw

  • As the name indicates, it is small and used for more defined cutting of small material.
  • This is small so it can be carried anywhere.
  • However, it is not suitable for cutting heavy and thick things.

Mini Hacksaw

  • It has a delicate and soft blade normally used for cutting pipes etc. from narrow spaces where other hacksaws cannot reach.
  • But it cannot cut thick material.

Power Hacksaw

  • As the name indicates, it requires electricity for working.
  • It has an electric motor or engine that operates it.
  • And it is used professionally for cutting metals and trees.

List of Top 10 Hacksaws in India Buyers Guide

While the market is full of such tools, you must be cautious before buying them. Some low-quality hacksaws might have some defects in the material, size, design, and manufacturing.

Here are some top products you can easily buy online:

1. BLACK + DECKER 300mm Metal Hacksaw BDHT20344 Steel in Orange:

This hacksaw throat is deep which helps in better performance of the hacksaw. The blade of this product is replaceable and changing it is an easy task. These steel saws’ dimensions are 390mm x 23.0mm x 150.0mm.BLACK + DECKER 300mm Metal Hacksaw BDHT20344 Steel in Orange


  • BLACK+DECKER Hacksaw is made with steel material so that it can be used for cutting heavy materials.
  • It has a D-shaped guard that protects the hands while working.
  • The product quality is great
  • And the company also provides 6 months warranty for this product.


  • No negative reviews by existing customers

Black+Decker Hacksaw

2. Bosch Metal Compact Hacksaw Frame SR-1686 2608003031 with 24T Blade:

This blue metal hacksaw frame has a 24T blade. It is a very lightweight and compact product. The company is not offering any warranty for the product, but that has not deterred consumers from buying such a good product.Bosch Metal Compact Hacksaw Frame SR-1686 2608003031 with 24T Blade


  • Bosch Hacksaw is made with very good tubular steel material that guarantees a more robust tool for working.
  • It is suitable for cutting metals & wood.
  • The finishing of this product is great and the grip is also good.
  • The product has a lightweight, compact & resistant frame.


  • The price is slightly high
  • No warranty

Bosch Hacksaw

3. JCB Tools Hacksaw Fitted with 12 Chrome Alloy Steel BladeFrame Tubular & Die-Cast Handle:

JCB Hacksaw is specially designed for professional use. The handle is specially made to protect knuckles from injury or any discomfort. This JCBTools hacksaw has a chrome alloy steel blade about 12 inches in length. It is a heavyweight that weighs about 4.8 kg.JCB Tools Hacksaw Fitted with 12 Chrome Alloy Steel BladeFrame Tubular & Die Cast Handle


  • JCB Tools Hacksaw handle is made with aluminum material that provides a good grip.
  • It comes with a square section tubular frame for the perfect combination of rigidity & balance.
  • Also, it comes with a guarded grip design that protects knuckles from grazing.
  • The product is of good quality and it is best for cutting heavy metallic items.


  • It is a heavy hacksaw so sometimes difficult to carry
  • Some customers found rusted products in the package

JCB Tools Hacksaw

4. Real STF Steel Hacksaw Frame with 12300 mm Plastic Handle:

It is a 12-inch-long hacksaw used for cutting metals, plastic, wood, aluminum, and steel. The grip is made of plastic and designed nicely to protect knuckles while working. It is specially designed for professional users.Real stf Steel Hacksaw Frame with 12300 mm Plastic Handle


  • Realstf Hacksaw made with ergonomic die-cast plastic handle for a comfortable grip.
  • And the frame has a carbon steel pipe & is chrome plated.
  • Also, this product is durable & has a heavy-duty red plastic handle.
  • Very reasonable price for such an excellent product


  • No negative reviews so far.

Real stf Hacksaw

5. JCB Tools 12 HACKSAW with Steel Frame, PP & TPR Coating, HSS Blade 22025275:

JCB Hacksaw is a professional hacksaw from the JCB brand & designed for heavy-duty cutting. The blade is of very good quality and made up of bi-metal HSS which makes it suitable for cutting metals and is 12 inches long. The weight of this equipment is 4.5 kg.

JCB Tools 12 HACKSAW with Steel Frame, PP & TPR Coating, HSS Blade 22025275


  • JCB Hacksaw frame made of steel along with a TPR & polypropylene coating.
  • This product is great for professional use.
  • The handle has a rubber grip with a cushion which makes it comfortable for use.
  • Overall material of frame and grip is of high quality
  • Due to the cushion grip in the handle, it is very comfortable while using


  • Expensive one
  • It is a heavy product.


6. STANLEY Mini Hacksaw 0-20-807 in 10 inch 254mm:

This is a great hacksaw with 220mm throat depth and a 10-inch-long blade. It is specially designed to cut things where normal hacksaws cannot reach. It also has a backstop that makes it safe while using.

STANLEY Mini Hacksaw 0-20-807 in 10 inch 254mm


  • Stanley Mini Hacksaw is structurally designed for maximum durability & strength.
  • It has a strong hacksaw that is specially designed for cutting plastic & metal.
  • You can adjust its blade with a screw according to your needs.
  • It is a lightweight mini hacksaw


  • The blade jams and bends easily
  • Handle made of plastic and very light so you cannot use it for cutting big things
  • The blade not attached tightly so it easily slips off from its place

Stanley 254mm Hacksaw

7. Venus Hacksaw Frame with 5 Pieces Blades in Yellow:

This is another great quality hacksaw from the venus brand. The hacksaw was designed not for only cutting metals and pipes, but also suitable for cutting wood. The hacksaw’s dimensions are 20 x 5 x 10 cm and it weighs about 200 grams.Venus Hacksaw Frame with 5 Pieces Blades in Yellow


  • Venus Hacksaw comes with a durable carbon blade.
  • It has a handle with five different blades, so you don’t have to buy different size blades from the market.
  • The handle has a good grip too.
  • This hacksaw has a Bipico frame.


  • The blades of this hacksaw are thin and not good.
  • In some cases, customers complained it could not cut plywood of even half an inch

Venus Hacksaw

8. Globus Mini Hacksaw Frame with 6 Inch Plastic Handle & 3 150 mm Blades:

These red mini hacksaw blades are made with carbon steel. The main blade is 6-inches-long and it comes with three extra blades. The weight of this product is 90.7 grams.

Globus Mini Hacksaw Frame with 6 Inch Plastic Handle & 3 150 mm Blades


  • Globus Hacksaw is made with steel chrome and the handle is made with plastic.
  • It is a very convenient & easy to use tool for small household projects.
  • The grip on the handle is good.
  • You will get 3 FREE 150 MM blades along with the product.


  • Customers have had issues with the quality of blades.

Globus Hacksaw

9. Stanley 10 inch Hacksaw with Rubber Grip 15-265-23:

This is from the Stanley brand and it is an excellent quality 10-inches-long hacksaw. The grip is made with good quality rubber. The dimensions of the product are 48.3 x 15.2 x 12.7 cm and it weighs 748 grams.

Stanley 10 inch Hacksaw with Rubber Grip 15-265-23


  • Stanley Hacksaw frame is made with an alloy & is very comfortable to use.
  • The rubber handle gives you a good grip
  • This is a lightweight product so you can use this to cut various materials.


  • No negative reviews by existing customers

Stanley Rubber Hacksaw

10. Goodyear Hacksaw Frame with Stainless Steel in Grey:

This hacksaw is from the Goodyear brand & it is available in grey The size of the Goodyear stainless steel hacksaw is 43 x 12 x 2 cm. It is available at a low price in the market.

Goodyear Hacksaw Frame with Stainless Steel in Grey


  • Goodyear Hacksaw made with stainless steel material.
  • The quality of the product is good.
  • Very economical product


  • No bad reviews so far.

Goodyear Hacksaw


Finding the right hack saw can be hard, but with the right guide, it’s always easier. I hope this article helps you to find a perfect hacksaw for your works.

All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the best hacksaw for you along with valuable benefits.


Can a hacksaw cut steel?

Yes, it is a versatile cutting tool suitable for cutting metal, steel, wood, and plastic.

Why is it called a hacksaw?

The word “hacksaw” is a modification of the Middle English word “Hagge-saue”. The word Haggen means to chop or cut. But the reason behind its naming is not clear.

Can a hacksaw cut wood?

Yes, it can easily cut wood. Also, it is a multipurpose tool for cutting different materials.

What is the best hacksaw blade for cutting metal?

Usually, bi-metal blades are used for cutting metals. Two very good performance metals are used in their manufacturing – carbon and steel and other high-performance metals. Carbon steel is best for giving flexibility to the blade and high-performance metal improves the cutting performance of blades.

What can a hacksaw cut?

The main purpose of this saw is to cut metals. But people use it for cutting other materials too like wood, PVC pipes, stainless steel, etc.

Which way do the teeth go on a hacksaw?

The teeth of the blades should be away from the handle. Apply long forward and backward strokes while cutting.

What is the function of a hack saw?

This saw is used for cutting purposes. Also, many plumbers, electricians, and carpenters use it for cutting pipes, wood, etc. But people also like to keep them in their houses for cutting things.

What are the two types of hack saw blades?

Two main types of blades are flexible blades and hardened blades.