Best Barcode Printers in India – Buyers Guide

A Barcode Printer is an electronic device that prints barcode labels easily & quickly. Now transmitting the data is a lot easier with the help of a barcode. And it is a convenient, fast and reliable way. Barcodes include the full datasheet for the product they represent. Like the dimension, weight, costing, price, and else.

Similarly, barcodes also interpret the data for services. Such as when was the service rendered, the total price, and the itemization of the services. Well, barcodes are indeed a convenience. And the barcode printers are a blessing. You cannot print a barcode on a product pack or a paper receipt without a barcode printer. The first barcode printers were huge, massive, and quite expensive.

Today, we call them industrial barcode printers. Well, there are also desktop barcode printers, a solution to print our own barcodes on paper. In this article, we are providing you best barcode printers along wth a proper buying guide. Also, check the buyer’s guide for the best wireless printers, Photo Printers, Thermal printers, Barcode printers, Thermal Printers, Lamination Machines, Heat sealing machines, Paper shredders, Staple Pins, staple guns, Tape Dispensers in India.

Top 10 Barcode Printers in India

List of the barcode printers
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1. Infinity Infocom Barcode Printer  Infinity-Infocom-Thermal
2. Everycom 80mm Thermal Printing  Everycom-80mm-Thermal
3. TSC TTP Thermal Transfer Desktop  TSC-Thermal-Transfer
4. TSC TE Barcode Printer Thermal  TSC-TE-244
5. JT Xprinter Barcode Printer  JT-Xprinter-thermal
6. TVS Barcode Label Printer  Tvs-LP-45-Barcode
7. Kores Endura Barcode Printer  Kores-2801-Transfer
8. Honeywell Barcode Printer  Honeywell-PC42t-Barcode
9. Postek EM210+ Barcode Printer WAGTAIL-Postek
10. WeP i Label Pro Printer WeP-i-Label-Barcode

Buyers Guide – Barcode Printer

The popularity of barcode printers is because of the ease they brought to the business community. Every size and type of business needs barcode printers. And getting the exact printer needed is always a challenge.

Making a checklist of needed features can help you get the right printer as mentioned below:

Type of Printer:

  • The barcode printers are available mainly in two types. Those are thermal barcode printers and thermal transfer printers.
  • Both of them offer a great application to businesses. The thermal barcode label printers are easy to maintain.
  • But these printers’ maintenance costs more than the direct thermal printers.
  • You can find more details in the types of barcode printers section in this article.


  • Various sizes of barcode printers have varied printing features.
  • The small desktop barcode printers get smaller reels and are slower than the bigger ones.
  • You may notice the print speed and other features mentioned in the package.
  • Choose accordingly! However, the bigger the printer the higher the price.


  • This is one of the major concerns for every organization.
  • Some prefer wired connections but most businesses love to string no wires.
  • Well, carefully read the specifications and get the right connection.

Cutters & Peelers:

  • Cutters and peelers are always needed if there is a higher printing need.
  • You surely need a machine because you cannot cut so many tags and cannot cut them in time.
  • So instead of getting a separate machine look for the barcode printers with cutters and peelers.

Features of Barcode Printer: 

The Barcode printer is mainly designed to produce the bar codes for a product or packages or any other materials. The barcode printers are different than conventional printers.

Let’s find the main features of Barcode Printers:

  • Thermal printing is one of the major features that differentiate the barcode printer from standard desk printers.
  • These are indeed the special printers that use a slightly different process of printing that is not commonly used.
  • Further, these are high-speed printers. They can print double the time of a standard printer.
  • As the feed and flow in the barcode printer are small and thin.
  • Thus, barcode printers require less mechanism to print.
  • Ahead of that, barcode printers feature thermistors. This is a key component of the barcode printers.
  • Instead, it is also found in other thermal printers.

Types of Barcode Printers

The barcode printers are generally divided into two types. Thermal Transfer Printers use a carbon-based ribbon that contains wax-based ink. When the heat is applied these printers transfer the ink to the paper and print the required information.

Well, the direct thermal barcode printers do not use the ribbon. Instead, they print on the heat-sensitive labels. When the label passes the print head it turns black. Ahead of that, The thermal transfer barcode printers create the image on the label. The print head melts the ribbon to print.

Generally, both of the printers are acceptable to use. But there are a few things to consider before buying any of these, just check the below few points.

1. Thermal Transfer Printer: Thermal transfer barcode printers have no threat to the environment. But these printers cost is more and maintenance is a tough task. These printers have no threat to the environment.

2. Thermal Barcode Printer: The thermal barcode printers print a chemically reactive tag. Such printers are only suitable if your environment can manage chemical emissions. Further, these are cheap and easy to maintain.

Top 10 List of Barcode Printers in India Buyers Guide

Till now you have checked the different types and features of barcode printers. Now its time to check the top and high-quality printers that are available at affordable price ranges. We made the below list of 10 products upon considering the features, pros, and cons.

1. Infinity Infocom Thermal Printer 58mm Thermal Receipt Printer:

The maintenance of the printers is too expensive. It takes away a lot of budgets that could be allocated to business development. Well, with Infinity Infocom 58mm, thermal barcode printer all such expenses could be put at rest. It is a maintenance-free printer, which means it requires nothing to maintain its quality. Use it for as long as you can, and it will perform the same. Further, it is a compact printer and can be placed anywhere you want.Infinity Infocom Barcode Printer 58mm Thermal Receipt Printer


  • Infinity Infocom Thermal Barcode Printer has a lightweight and compact design.
  • In a way, it is a portable barcode label printer. Also, you will get a barcode label roll along with the product.
  • It can be taken at the exact spot where the labels are needed. Also, it prints barcodes as well as labels.
  • And this printer doesn’t require Ribbon or Cartridge or Ink.
  • The Infocom 58mm barcode label printer does not require a dedicated placement space.


  • The Infocom 58mm barcode printer offers limited barcode printing features.

Infinity Infocom Printer

2. Everycom Thermal Printer 80mm Printing with Auto Cutter & USB + LAN Interface:

This machine offers plenty of practical barcodes and label printing solutions. And this is another excellent product that has received high ratings from the users. It brings plenty of features that come in handy when printing the barcodes. And its fast printing speed with enhanced reliability makes it sit among the best.Everycom Barcode Printer 80mm Thermal Printing


  • Everycom Barcode Printer comes with a powerful user-friendly design and good printing performance.
  • It also comes with an adjustable baffle design. And the supported paper sizes are 58mm & 80mm.
  • This thermal printer is a high-efficiency machine.
  • The fast speed and label capacity are indeed exceptional.
  • It is quite easy to install the drivers for Everycom 800mm printer. Along with that, it is easy to use.


  • If it supported color printing, it would have been the best barcode printer ever.

Everycom Thermal Printer

3. TSC TTP Barcode Printer Thermal Transfer Desktop with 300 DPI Resolution:

TSC has another good solution available for barcode printing. It is the TTP 345 barcode printer, a thermal transfer printer. This is fast, reliable and one of the most convenient barcode printers in the market. Further, the printing options bring fun to work. Work and play with TSC Printer at the same time. As it features plenty of amazing printing options that are indeed uncommon.TSC TTP Barcode Printer


  • TSC Barcode Printer has a powerful mechanism design & comes with a fast printing speed, larger ribbon capacity, and richer features.
  • You can print the bar codes and fonts in 4 directions with the help of build-in true type fonts and 8 different alphanumeric bitmap fonts.
  • The features available with this printer are even not available with many common laser printers.
  • Such as a grand loading capacity of 300 meters reel, which is hard to find.
  • It is small in size, but strong in functionality.


  • It is too much costly. Usually, people do not afford a printer at that price.

TSC Transfer Desktop

4. TSC TE Barcode Printer Thermal with 203 DPI Resolution:

The TSC TE 224 Printer includes nearly every feature that is needed to meet the day-to-day label printing. It is an advanced thermal printer with dual print techniques. TSC has crafted this barcode printer to fall within a budgeted price range with the maximum features possible. Well, it is easier to place this printer. And a lot easy to use it. Further, it supports USB 2.0 and RS 232 connectivity. Ahead of that, it has a printing speed of 6-inches per second.TSC TE Barcode Printer


  • TSC Barcode Printer has a dual-motor gear-driven design which is a high-performance & affordable desktop-class label printer.
  • The dual printing tech lets the user print both the heat-sensitive and standard labels.
  • It features a rigid construction and can go on for long even when roughly used.
  • This is ideal for those who are looking for high-quality bar code printers.


  • There is no color option available. It can only print in black or in other words monochrome.

TSC TE Barcode Printer

5. JT Xprinter Barcode Label Printer 4 Inch Direct Thermal Barcode Label Printer with USB Interface:

This is a heavy-duty barcode printer. You can expect continuous performance from this printer, even in harsh conditions. Further, it works with MS Windows and is connected using a USB interface. Ahead of that, the package of this barcode printer includes special software. Using that software, you can create your own labels.JT Xprinter Barcode Printer


  • JT XPrinter Thermal Barcode Printer is a direct thermal heavy-duty 4-inch barcode label printer. It works for a long with heating up.
  • This product is designed with user-friendly clamshell and no losable parts.
  • So that it allows users to open the cover and drop labels into the media tray easily.
  • Works well with the MS Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems.
  • Also, you will get 6 months replacement warranty along with the product.


  • It does not work with Mac or any other OS besides Windows.

JT Xprinter Barcode Printer

6. TVS Barcode Label Printer LP 45 Thermal Transfer:

Every printer has one special feature. The TVS LP45 Printer features a black mark sensor. It maneuvers for adaptability and better printing. The black mark movement makes printing easy. And this printer can print nearly everything ranging from barcodes to labels and receipts to tickets.TVS Barcode Label Printer


  • TVS Barcode Printer is a thermal transfer bar code printer and has a closed top cover which ensures low maintenance & reduced dust accumulation.
  • This printer comes with dual motor gear and it allows media and ribbon to run on independent motors for trouble-free operation.
  • It has a fast printing speed so that it can print up to 6-inches every second.
  • Also, it comes with 4 MB flash memory & 8 MB SDRAM for efficiency and large data processing.
  • The printer features a 4-bit high-speed processor for optimized performance.


  • This barcode printer is more expensive than the other options available with similar features.

TVS Barcode Label Printer

7. Kores Endura Barcode Printer with Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer Technologies:

This is another multi-featured barcode label printer that makes your work easy. Just like the other products, this printer is indeed a blessing for every business. This is a direct thermal and thermal transfer barcode printer with plenty of handy features. Such as large printing volumes and double sensors. Further, this device has an auto label detection function.Kores Endura Barcode Printer


  • Kores Endura Barcode Printer works with both direct thermal/thermal transfer technologies.
  • It is bundled with Seagull Windows Driver and Bartender Label Design Software
  • This printer’s printing resolution is 203 dpi (8 dots/mm) and supports a 300mm thermal transfer ribbon.
  • Also, this device supports a broad range of labels.
  • Two Bi-color LEDs are included for READY and STATUS indications and support large printing volumes.


  • This is a little bit expensive product compared to other barcode printers.

Kores Barcode Printer

8. Honeywell Barcode Printer PC 42T Plus Printer & Scanner:

Thermal transfer printers are environmentally friendly barcode printers. Though, they are more expensive than direct thermal printers. But some options like the Honeywell PC42T barcode printer, are reasonably priced. It is a simple barcode printer that just prints the barcodes. Also, it has nothing more than that. Further, it can only be connected using USB 2.0.Honeywell Barcode Printer


  • Honeywell Barcode Printer comes with a quick-opening design for media replenishment which is easy to use.
  • It has an industry-standard connectivity feature that includes a USB host and device. And options for Ethernet, parallel, and serial communications.
  • This is one of the cheapest thermal transfer printers available on the market. Also, this is much like an entry-level thermal transfer barcode printer.
  • Honeywell PC42T is a good option that needs a robust thermal transfer barcode printer.
  • This device supports Direct Protocol (DP), ZSim (ZPL-II), and ESim (EPL) print languages for maximum compatibility.


  • There is only a single connectivity feature available with this product.

Honeywell Barcode Printer

9. Postek Barcode Printer EM210+ with Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer Technology:

Dual barcode printing options are like increasing your media and production flexibility. The barcode printers that feature direct thermal and thermal transfer printing at the same time are quite convenient for businesses. Especially, the manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers need them. The Postek EM210+ barcode printer features the dual printing option. Print the direct thermal labels for long-lasting impressions. Or simply go with the thermal transfer print to protect the environment.Postek Barcode Printer


  • Postek Barcode Printer is a multifunction monochrome printer that supports both direct thermal and thermal transfer printing features.
  • It is a high-quality and efficient printer. Also, it comes with 16MB RAM and a processor for an optimal printing experience.
  • This printer’s printing resolution is 203 dpi, max printing length is 4000 mm & width is 108 mm and maximum printing speed is 101.6 mm/s.
  • Postek EM210+ is not limited to a wired connection. You can also connect this using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


  • It does not feature an auto label cutter.

Postek Barcode Printer

10. WeP i Label Pro Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer Printer:

This is a multi-featured barcode label printer. It has plenty of features that make barcode printing a walk in the park. Like a fast printing speed, that allows users to print barcodes and labels in a very short time. Further, it features a dual printing mode. This printer is suitable for every business, whether it be a retail store or a wholesaler.WeP Barcode Printer


  • WeP Pro Printer is one printer and has both direct thermal printing and thermal transfer printing modes.
  • So that you can use your preferred printing materials like coated paper, plastic paper, thermal paper, plain paper, silver paper, etc
  • It can be connected using a USB, parallel, or serial port. The variation of connectivity options is indeed a great advantage.
  • And this device supports OCR-A & OCR-B fonts, 5 different size bitmap fonts with a higher print resolution of 203dpi
  • You can make your barcode printing job easy with this fast and advanced printer.


  • Though WeP i-Label Pro is full of features. But a printer with similar features is half of its price.

WeP Barcode Label Printer


At the present moment, you have successfully checked the list of the best 10 barcode printers. So, it should be easy for you to determine which barcode maker or barcode printer best suits your requirements.

Now you are familiar with the features of the most popular barcode printers which are available in the market along with a good buying guide. All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of barcode printer along with valuable benefits.