Amazon best sellers rank – the complete guide

Have you ever wondered what Amazon’s best sellers rank is? And the importance of having good grades on Amazon? The Sales rank of Amazon will have a significant impact on your selling abilities. So, it is essential to understand the sales rank. So, let us know the most common doubts about BSR (Best Seller Rank)

Sales Rank in Amazon

The Amazon bestseller rank or Amazon sales rank is a rank provided by the Amazon to every product based on many criteria. The main factor which decides the BSR is the historical sales data of every product. This is the dynamic ranking system that changes hour to hour.

In short, it is a number assigned to most of the products once they start selling. Even if a particular product sells one time, it will be given a rank. So, for buyers, it is an easy indicator to check which product is performing well in each category.

You can find the sales rank of each product on many pages. It is shown on the product description page, category level best rank page, and best-selling product pages as well.

The other important aspect of BSR is one product can have different ranks. This is possible because many products come under separate categories. So, it can have a high position in one and comparatively low in another group.

How Amazon calculates Best Seller Rank?

Understanding the factors that affect the BSR is essential. However, Amazon has not revealed the completed calculation details of arriving the ranks. But here are some primary factors that positively impact the BSR.

The sales of the product are the main criteria. It includes current sales as well as actual sales.

Ranks and selling trends of other competitive products in the same category. If they perform well, your product rank will decline, and vice versa.

The promotions of the product and the price range. If your products give more value with less price, then it will climb the top position.

Is there any difference between organic ranking and BSR?

Yes, this is where many new sellers on amazon get confused. The BSR is how good your products rank based on sales and other factors where organic ranking depends on how well your product ranks for a particular keyword.

What is an organic ranking?

Organic ranking is based on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranks for any particular keyword. If your products appear on SERP more frequently, it will result in a good position in organic ranking.

Hence, there is no relation between the BSR and organic ranking. A product can be in lower best-selling rank on Amazon, but it may perform well in organic ranking. Paid ads can enhance SERP ranking. That means if a product has a high SERP ranking, that doesn’t mean it is making good sales on Amazon.

Is it essential to have good Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

There is no doubt that Amazon BSR plays a vital role in increasing the sales of your product. If the product bears a high ranking, let’s say it has the number one rank, then undoubtedly many customers tend to show interest in that product. It will help to increase overall sales.

But it is also essential to understand that mere great BSR won’t generate sales for a more extended period. It is a kind of vanity to have and an excellent tool to promote your brand.

Where to find the Amazon Best Sellers Rank on Amazon?

There are many pages you can find the BSR of most of the products. Most of the products mean only the products which have made at least one sale will get the ranking.

You can find the BSR just visiting a particular product page and scrolling down to the product description section. If you are visiting through a mobile device, then you need to click on the product description block. Alternatively, you can find it on bestselling product pages.

What are the things determining Amazon Best Seller Ranks?

The below-provided factors influence the BSR of every product. But the fact is Amazon has not revealed the specific factors that influence the rank. Indeed, sales are a critical factor. But as per the expert’s opinion, the below things will also have considerable influence.


Many products can fit into many categories. Hence the way you categorize your product important. For example, if you classify a power bank as an electronic category versus mobile and accessory, it will result in lower rankings. Hence depending on the number of products, your product ranking can get higher or lower ranks.


Like category subcategory also can influence the ranking. Since you can find the millions of products in each of the categories, it is hard to obtain the top spot. But if your product matches the subcategory, ultimately, you have the choice of getting the top positions.

Frequency of Sales

The frequency of sales will profoundly influence the BSR.  If your product selling very frequently, it increases the popularity of the product. The fast rate of buying from the customers will lower the BSR, and you have the best chance of climbing the rankings. Hence, it is vital to keep the momentum of sales. For the same reason, many companies provide discounts to increase sales and obtain good rankings.

Sales History

If a product has a consistent sales record, it has more chances of climbing the top charts. The BSR is not an overnight phenomenon (excluding the newly launched and popular product). Hence it is crucial to maintain the study sales record to get the top positions.

Sales Recency

Yet another critical influencing factor in BSR is sales recency. Indeed, it provides proper weightage for sales history, but recent sales can change the positions quickly. That is the reason we can see the brand-new products are in the top-selling position because of its vast popularity and more frequent recent sales.

The complete understanding of the Amazon Best Sellers Rank is essential for generating more revenue for your products.


What is Amazon Sales Rank?

It is a rank assigned to every sold product on amazon considering many factors.

Why sales rank remains the same after having a lot of sales?

The ranks are relative if your product is not increasing the rank means in the same category other products are also has increased the sales.

What is the best seller badge?

This badge is given to the product which gains the number one spot in that category.

What are the criteria to get the best seller badge?

To get the best seller badge, you have to get the number one spot in a particular category where it must have at least 100 products.

How to fix the issue with product images on the bestseller list pages?

To appear in the bestseller list, you need to have a medium resolution page. You can do that by using the self-serve media arrangement tool.

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