Best Drip Irrigation Kit in India Buyers Guide

Drip irrigation kit made with a micro-irrigation system that focuses on the conservation of water & saving nutrients. It provides an economical and smart means of saving water. The network system has valves used to regulate the flow and emission of water.

It allows water to slowly drip to the roots of the plants either from above the surface of the ground or buried beneath the soil. The kit drips water at low rates of 2 to 20 liters per hour, therefore, the soil will remain unsaturated by maintaining the rate of the capacity of soil infiltration. Also, check the buyer’s guide for a list of

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In this article, we are providing you with some of the best irrigation kits along with a comprehensive buying guide. Also, check the buyer’s guide of

Best 7 Drip Irrigation Kits in India

List of the drip irrigation kits

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1. CINAGRO Drip Irrigation  CINAGRO-Irrigation-Garden
2. V.K. Sarvottam Rain Pipe Irrigation Drip  Sarvottam-HDPE
3. M DripKit Drip Irrigation 
4. Ascension Agro Garden Drip System  Ascension-Watering-Adjustable
5. Rivulis Rivulite Aqua Drip Irrigation Kit  Rivulis-Rivulite-Aqua
6. Pepper Agro Irrigation Kit Garden Pepper-Agro-Irrigation
7. Drip Irrigation Garden Kit  Drip-Irrigation-Garden

Buyers Guide – Drip Irrigation Kit

The drip irrigation kits provide flexibility through the separation zones which enables the operator to distinguish plants that require different watering levels & methods. Also, learn how to operate a drip irrigation kit by following the manufacturer’s step-by-step instructions.

Before purchasing a drip irrigation kit, one has to first determine the reasons for using a drip irrigation system. This might be due to a low water supply or to conserve the rate of water evaporation.

  • First, you need to identify the different components found in the drip irrigation system.
  • Anti-siphon devices or backflow preventers prevent water from flowing back to the water supply.
  • Pressure regulators help to deliver the right amount of water discharged to the emitters.
  • Filters are very reliable in preventing the pipelines from clogging due to particles in the water.
  • Other components include emitters, timers, plugs, and kits.
  • The buyer should determine the flow rate of the drip irrigation kit depending on the purpose.
  • The flow rate is measured in gallons per minute, therefore, purchases as per your water consumption requirement.

Features of Drip Irrigation Kit

The purpose of the drip irrigation kit is to directly deliver water to the root zone and reduce evaporation. It also promotes the growth of crops and prevents diseases and fungus from affecting the plants.

A drip irrigation kit contains the following components:

Pump Unit

This is a machine used to take water from the source, like a river, through the mechanism of pressure and delivers the water to the pipe system.

Control Head

  • This comprises valves used to control the flow and discharge of water pumped through the pipe system.
  • The common types of filters include graded sand filters and screen filters used to remove the fine particles floating in the water.
  • Some of the control head systems are designed with nutrient and fertilizer tanks.
  • The tank evenly mixes a measured dose of the nutrients or fertilizer with the water during the irrigation process.

Main-Lines & Sub-Main Lines

  • This supplies water from the control head units to the fields.
  • The lines are made of polyethylene hose or PVCs similar to the laterals.
  • And the lines and laterals are placed below the ground since they easily degrade when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • The lateral pipes measure up to a diameter of 13 to 32 mm.

Drippers and Emitters

  • This equipment is used to regulate the discharge of water from the pipelines or lateral pipes to the plant roots.
  • The drippers spaced one meter apart from each other.
  • Therefore, the pipes have several emitters each dedicated to a single plant.
  • The concept design of the drippers depends on the constant discharge of water even when the pressure change varies.
  • Also, drippers and emitters do not block easily.

Types of Drip Irrigation Kits

There are various types of drip irrigation kits depending on the manner they discharge water. Some drip irrigation kits use emitters or sprinklers to discharge water in small areas while others utilize flexible tubing to drip water directly to the plant’s roots.

  • A porous soaker hose system made from recycled automobile tires and designed with numerous holes that act as drippers.
  • The tiny holes discharge water through a mechanism of sweating along the entire pipeline.
  • The system is durable and quite easy to operate.
  • The porous soaker hose is applicable in garden beds, rows of shrubs, and hedges. It is, however, difficult to install lawns.
  • And the emitter drip system is made of several hoses fitted with evenly spaced drippers about 15 inches apart.
  • This type of drip irrigation system is mainly used in landscapes because of its efficiency in discharging a small amount of water into the soil, preventing evaporation.
  • However, the major limitation of this system is that emitters clog easily if the system is not equipped with a filtration system.

Therefore, the system is not convenient during the winter seasons. Below two are 2 main types of drip irrigation systems.

Watermatic Drip System

  • This is the most preferred drip irrigation kit because of its efficiency in water conservation as it minimizes the scope of water evaporation.
  • The system is designed with devices like the micro-spray heads used in flower beds or trees.
  • The drip irrigation kit is convenient in areas with a low supply of water.
  • It is good for areas that depend on recycled water for irrigation purposes.

Micro Misting Sprinklers

  • These emit the water through the sprinkler devices, mostly used in orchards or vineyards.
  • This drip irrigation kit is designed to provide a misty environment for plants with shallow roots or flowers to stay cool and refreshed.
  • Hence, it prevents the flowers and buds from frosting during the spring season.
  • The micro misting sprinkler system conserves water and increases the yields of the plants.

How Does a Drip Irrigation Kit Works?

The system of drip irrigation kits is designed to distribute water through a network of pipes, emitters, or tubing. Compared to other modes of irrigation such as sprinkler or surface irrigation, drip irrigation is the most efficient.

To smoothly run a drip irrigation kit, there are certain guidelines that should be considered:

  1. To install the drip irrigation kit, follow the manufacturer’s manual provided.
  2. The drip irrigation kit does not operate effectively and efficiently if the tubing length and water pressure are not correctly fixed.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the number of emitters supported in the drip irrigation kit system, the spacing of the drippers, and if the emitters can be combined with various types.
  4. Clogged emitters or drippers can result in the shutting down of the drip irrigation system.
  5. Therefore, flush the laterals and lines to clear any debris after installing and before using the system.
  6. Also, remember to clean the filters regularly especially if the water supply contains minerals or particles.
  7. Understand the manufacturer’s instruction in winterizing and draining the drip irrigation kit before the winter or spring season arrives.
  8. Drippers or emitters with low water flow rates are convenient in areas with clay soil while emitters with a high flow rate are effective in areas with sandy soil.
  9. Therefore, the operator should consider the application rate depending on the soil type.

List of Top 7 Drip Irrigation Kits in India Buyers Guide

Drip irrigation kits are available in various lengths, therefore, we can use these in small-scale and large-scale projects. Some irrigation kits come with filtration systems to prevent clogging caused by small waterborne particles.

1. CINAGRO Drip Irrigation 100 Plants Kit Garden Watering Drip System:

This drip irrigation kit is made of plastic and reduces water consumption by 70%. As it focuses on water discharge directly to the plant roots. This high-quality kit is used for watering plants, flowers, and potted fruits.CINAGRO Drip Irrigation 100 Plants Kit Garden


  • CINAGRO Drip Irrigation Kit operates automatically, therefore, it is easy to use.
  • This is easy to assemble
  • Also, this is easy to use
  • Made with high-quality plastic material.
  • This is convenient for offices, hotels, and also homes.


  • Quite an expensive one
  • High drop rate emitters

CINAGRO Irrigation Kit

2. V.K. Sarvottam Rain Pipe Irrigation System for 500 Sqm:

The V.K. Sarvottam rain pipe irrigation system conserves up to 50% of the water used. With the appropriate pressure, the drip irrigation kit can spray water from 10 to 15 feet on both sides. The kit is UV coated which protects the pipe from degrading.V.K. Sarvottam Rain Pipe Irrigation


  • V.K. Sarvottam Drip Irrigation Kit made with HDPE fabric along with a multilayer woven laminated flat pipe.
  • This is a lightweight & good quality product
  • It can spray water up to 10 to 15 feet on both sides.
  • Also, this kit is easy to use


  • It is costly
  • Defective parts

V.K. Sarvottam Irrigation System

3. M DripKit Irrigation Kit Garden Watering 50 Plants System:

This system conserves water by 70% and also reduces pest infestation to the crops. It has 50 drip emitters with a line pipe of 25 meters. And it is useful for watering plants in terraces, garden spaces, and balconies.M DripKit Drip Irrigation Kit Garden Watering


  • M Dripkit Irrigation Kit is made with an easy installation mechanism.
  • This system is easy to install
  • Also, this kit is easy to use
  • The whole kit has good quality


  • The kit does not contain all gadgets as indicated
  • Feeder pipes have no uniform diameter

DripKit Irrigation Garden

4. Ascension Agro Garden Watering Plants Drip System Adjustable for 100 Plants:

The Ascension Agro Drip Irrigation system comes with a step-by-step guide on the installation of the kit. The kit operates automatically and you can customize this. It delivers accurate watering, saving 70% of the water used. The kit is generally made of plastic.Ascension Agro Drip Irrigation Garden Watering Plants System


  • Ascension Agro Drip Irrigation Kit made with plastic material.
  • The kit is easy to assemble
  • Also, it is affordable for everyone
  • And the kit comes with all necessary components


  • Leaking feeder joints
  • Missing parts

Ascension Drip Irrigation Watering

5. Rivulis Rivulite Aqua Irrigation Kit Automatic Home Garden System:

This irrigation system is from the Rivulis Rivulite brand & it is electronically programmable. The kit comes with an easy installation guide manual. It operates with a 9 volts battery and requires less maintenance.

Rivulis Rivulite Aqua Drip Irrigation Kit


  • Rivulis Rivulite Drip Irrigation Kit made with Israeli technology in ISO 9001:2008 certified factory.
  • This an automatically powered system
  • Also, this is a high-quality product
  • It is easy to use the system


  • Quite an expensive one
  • Defective parts

Rivulis Automatic Garden System

6. Pepper Agro Irrigation Garden Watering 250 Plants Drip System:

This irrigation kit is from the Pepper Agro brand and is easy to install and assemble. And it saves up to 70% of water and reduces the infestation of pests.Pepper Agro Irrigation Kit Garden


  • Pepper Agro Irrigation Kit works on low pressure. This kit comes with a step-by-step graphical guidance manual.
  • It is affordable for everyone.
  • This is a quality product.
  • Also, this is easy to assemble & use.


  • Blocked joiners
  • Leakage in the main pipe

Pepper Agro Drip Irrigation Garden

7. Drip Irrigation Garden Kit 20 Plants Watering System:

This drip kit is specially designed to water approximately 20 plants. The kit saves approximately 70% of water with the help of the drip irrigation method.Drip Irrigation Garden Kit 20 Plants Watering


  • Drip Irrigation Garden Watering is one of the simplest ways to water plants.
  • It is easy to use the system.
  • This kit easy to assemble
  • Also, this is affordable for everyone.


  • Small pipes
  • No uniform diameter

Drip Irrigation Watering


At the present moment, you have successfully reviewed the list of the top 10 best drip irrigation kits. So, it should be easy for you to determine which kit will be best for you.

All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the best irrigation system for your crop along with valuable benefits.


Which is the best drip irrigation system?

The emitter drip system is the best drip irrigation system due to its water conservation properties.

What is a drip kit?

A drip kit is a tool in a drip irrigation system that operates with gravity pressure.

What are the disadvantages of drip irrigation?

The cost of purchasing and maintaining the kit is high.

How do you install a drip system?

Familiarize with the drip system manual, make a plan for the irrigation system, lay the tubing, and connect the emitters. Finally, maintain the drip system to prevent clogging.

Which crops are suitable for drip irrigation?

Vegetables, cash crops like cotton, vine crops, and trees are suitable for drip irrigation.

How long should I water with drip irrigation?

Approximately 30 minutes of run time is usually ideal.

Do I need a pressure regulator for drip irrigation?

Drip irrigation works with low pressure; therefore, the pressure regulators are useful if the water pressure is high.

Why is drip irrigation not used by all farmers?

Drip irrigation is generally costly and requires regular maintenance for the pipes.

Why is drip irrigation bad?

Improper installation of the drip irrigation system leads to poor root development and may cause dieback.