Best Brush Cutter Machines in India-Buyers Guide

A beautiful garden with a well-mowed lawn enhances the look of any house. But only a gardener knows the labor that goes into maintaining a garden. Brush Cutter is the best option to maintain a beautiful Garden.

Sometimes weeds and tree branches grow in a manner that a normal lawnmower is not able to cut or reach & removing weeds from a large piece of land by hand is not possible.

That’s where a special apparatus called a brush cutter or brush mower comes in. They were designed for a range of functions from cutting grass, weeds, and even cutting small trees.

If you are fond of gardening and have a large space to fulfill this hobby then you definitely need a brush cutter. Also check the buyers guide for Lawn Mowers, Drip Irrigation Kits, water Sprinklers & Watering cans

If you have no idea what a brush cutter is, this article will provide all the information you will need to buy this handy tool.

Top 6 Best Brush cutter Machines in India

List of the Best Brush Cutters

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1. Aimex Petrol Brush, Grass Cutter Buy Aimex Petrol Brush amazon online India
2. Boston Brush Cutter Buy Boston Brush Cutter amazon india
3. Turner Tools 4 Stroke Brush Cutter Buy Turner Tools 4 Stroke Brush Cutter Amazon India
4. Labdhi International 4stroke Heavy Duty Petrol Operated Agriculture Brush Cutter Buy Labdhi brush cutters amazon India
5. Wolf-Garten Multi Star Push-Pull Weeder Buy Wolf-Garten Multi Star Push-Pull Weeder amazon india
6. Smarter KN Tools Pvt Ltd Buy Smarter KN Tools Pvt Ltd Amazon India

Features to keep in mind while choosing a brush cutter

A typical brush cutter has the following features and parts:


The handle is present to grip and control the cutter for performing the task. Some brush cutters have a single handle and some have double handles.


The blades attached at the end for cutting purposes. The blades are of different types and designed according to their function. Some designed just for mowing grass and cutting small weeds, while some specifically designed for larger tasks. The blades used for cutting trees usually stronger.

This is normally around the blade that moves anticlockwise. The diameter of the blades varies depending on the power of the machine.


The brush cutter has an engine that runs on power. The power is supplied by either petrol, gas, or electricity. The capacity of the fuel tank in various cutters is different.


The engine capacity of brush cutters also varies depending on the type.

Vibration damper

This is a device that reduces the amount of vibration the brush cutter produces.

Shoulder harness

Some brush cutters also have a shoulder harness to reduce the pressure on the hands.

Types of Brush Cutter Machines

Brush cutters are primarily of 3 types:

Handheld brush cutters

These cutters are light in weight and portable cutters are used to mow grass, small weeds, and plant sprouts. These cutters have a small engine and are not strong enough for heavy tasks.

Walk-behind brush cutters

These are large in size, heavy and also have a powerful engine. They are used for heavy-duty lawn tasks. You can attach different types of blades to it for different functions. It used mostly by professionals for larger gardens or fields.

Tow-behind brush cutters

This device doesn’t have an engine, rather it attached to some vehicle like a tractor. While the tractor moves the cutter attached to it cuts the crops or weeds.

Brush cutter Machine-Buyer’s Guide

If you are planning to buy a brush cutter, you must consider the following things before investing in one.

  1. The first thing you must consider the power of the cutter. This determines the tasks a cutter can do. Brush cutters get their power from three main sources- gas, electricity, or fuel. Gas brush cutters are more powerful so they are more efficient than electric cutters. However, for homes, it is better to buy electric brush cutters because gas cutters are expensive and costly to maintain. And they are more suited for commercial use and very large areas. Fuel cutters usually used because they are cordless and portable.
  2. The size of the blade or cutting diameter of a cutter also very important. Make note of the diameter the cutter can cut. This is important because based on this, you able to estimate the number of rounds it would take to get the job done. Buying large diameter blades will save time.
  3. Choosing the right handle of a cutter the third point to consider while buying a brush cutter. There are two types of handles: single handle and double handle. Double handle cutters provide more control while working. While single-handle cutters are very useful for small tasks and narrow spaces. The choice depends on the kind of work.
  4. Cutters vibrate while working because of the amount of power supplied. To reduce the vibration, a device installed in brush cutters known as a vibration damper.
  5. Also, it is advisable to buy brush cutters that have variable head attachments or blades for different tasks.
  6. The shoulder harness is another feature in brush cutters that reduces the load from the hands. This is a useful item that you can also buy this separately.

How to use a brush cutter?

  • The powerful engine of the cutter enables the blades to revolve at a high speed. It is, therefore, important to know how to operate the cutter to avoid any injuries.
  • Tightly hold the brush cutter by the handle. If it is single handled cutter then pick it with your dominant hand, while for a double-handled cutter, use both hands.
  • Maintain your balance and be attentive to avoid losing balance when the cutter starts.
  • Keep an eye out for any hard objects like stone, glass, or wood, etc. because they can hinder the work.
  • Switch on the power and start cutting carefully and avoiding hard objects from touching the cutter.
  • The cutters move anticlockwise, so move the cutter from right to left to cut the grass neatly and safely.
  • After mowing the grass and cutting weeds, clean the brush cutter and keep it in a safe place.

List of Top 6 Best Brush Cutter Machines in India

1. Aimex Petrol Brush, Grass Cutter

This machine good option for cutting grass and harvesting crops. It has a 3T metal blade and a grass trimmer made of nylon. It’s a small-sized cutter that can perform multiple functions. The engine is 2 strokes and it has a fuel holding capacity of 1200ml.



  • The working capacity of the cutter very good
  • The price is quite reasonable


  • Assembling of the parts difficult because the manual doesn’t provide full guidance
  • It makes a lot of noise while working

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2. Boston Brush Cutter

The engine of this Boston cutter is 4-stroke and the displacement of the cutter is BC139f. It’s a heavy-duty brushcutter and has a 3-point blade. The fuel capacity of the engine is 1litre.



  • This powerful machine cuts grass and weeds efficiently
  • It can cut small trees
  • It produces very little noise


  • Petrol consumption of the engine is high
  • Machine gets hot while working
  • The cutter vibrates a lot

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3. Turner Tools 4 Stroke Brush Cutter

This a 4-stroke brush cutter used mainly for cutting grass. The fuel capacity for this machine 1.1 litres. All the necessary attachments are included in the package. One liter of petrol is enough for 2 hours of working.



  • Turner Tools cutter machine produces very little noise
  • Fuel consumption is low
  • Efficiently works on heavy and large weeds


  • Manual is not provided for parts assembly

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4. Labdhi International 4stroke Heavy Duty Petrol Operated Agriculture Brush Cutter

This cutter has a 4-stroke GX35engine. The engine fueled by petrol and it has a power of 6500rpm. The package includes 40T TCT blade, 80T TCT blade, trimmer head, tool kits, funnel, bottle for petrol, safety guard, and collector set for collecting crop.

labdhi grass cutter
labdhi grass cutter


  • Labdhi cutter a multipurpose brush cutter
  • Petrol consumption is good
  • Not very noisy


  • Difficult to start

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5. Wolf-Garten Multi Star Push-Pull Weeder

This device is primarily used for mixing or milling soil, making it very useful in cultivation season to prepare the field. Along with soil mixing, the blade present in it also cuts weeds. The soil miller can mill about 15cm of soil at a time. It comes without a handle but you can attach the handle of any size to it. It’s the best choice for mixing fertilizers or manure in the soil.

Wolf-Garten Multi Star Push Pull Weeder
Wolf-Garten Multi Star Push-Pull Weeder



  • Wolf-Garten push-pull weeder works very well on wet soil
  • Removes small weeds and mixes the soil well


  • The handle is not available with it
  • It is an expensive machine
  • It doesn’t work on dry soil

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6. Smarter KN Tools Pvt Ltd

This has a 2-stroke air-cooled engine with a power of 52CC. KN tool grass cutting machine is a very good machine used for farming and gardening purposes. The working capacity of the machine is 8000rpm. The tank can hold 1.2 litres of fuel. The machine consumes 1 liter of petrol in 45 minutes. It as a three-face blade with 80 teeth. Allen keys, screwdriver, plug pana, safety guard, paddy guard, shoulder harness, gloves, and eyeglass are also included in the package.

Smarter KN Tool
Smarter KN Tool


  • KN tools Grass cutting machine Comes with a lot of good quality accessories
  • The blades are sharp


  • The fuel consumption is high
  • After 2 to 3 hours of continuous use, it starts heating ups

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Hope the above list of Brush cutters & their features really helps you in deciding & buying a brush cutter satisfying your needs.


What is the best brush cutter?

This article has provided you with a list of good brush cutters, you can pick one depending on your needs.

How does a brush cutter work?

Hold the handle of the cutter in the dominant hand and maintain your balance. Place the blade on grass or weeds. Turn the device on and move from right to left to cut.

Which is the best brush cutter in India?

All the top brush cutters that mentioned in the article easily available in India. You can buy them from Amazon.

What is a brush cutter used for?

The brush cutter used for cutting weeds and extra plants that grow in the garden. It is also used for mowing grass & also cut small trees with it.

How thick can a brush cutter cut?

The brush cutters are normally used to cut grass or weeds but they also can cut small trees having a diameter of 4 inches.

How much does a brush cutter cost?

It depends on the engine power, capacity, accessories, and the attachments with it, and also the type of brush cutter. The price range starts from Rs 9000. A powerful cutter expensive and priced up to Rs 40,000.

What is the difference between a grass cutter and a brush cutter?

The brush cutters used at a large level for cutting weeds, grass, and trees and can also do heavy-duty work, but grasscutters cannot handle such varied tasks. They are only suitable for domestic use.

Can you cut grass with a brush cutter?

Yes, it can easily cut grass. It can even cut overgrown bushes in lawns, which is difficult to cut by grass cutter or trimmers.

What size brush cutter do I need?

It depends on the type of work you desire from the brush cutter. If it is for a lawn for normal weeds and grass cutting then a small one is enough for you. But for large lands, you may have to buy a large width cutter with more power.