Best Wheelbarrows in India Buyers Guide

A Wheelbarrow is an ancient tool designed to help people to carry loads from one place to the other. It is propelled with hands, it features a tray in which the load is placed and a wheel that helped the operator to move the materials.

These are designed to be pushed and controlled by one person using the two handles fitted at the rear. It is an ideal tool that has managed to stay relevant even today because of its functionality.

The weight of the load carried in the wheelbarrow is distributed evenly between the wheel and handles. And the design makes it convenient to carry bulky and heavier loads.

It is scientifically classified as a second-class lever, and can approximately carry a capacity of 100 litres or 3.53 cubic feet of material. Also, check the buyer’s guide on the

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Top 5 Wheelbarrows Available Online

List of the wheelbarrows

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2. Enotita Comfort Single Wheelbarrow
3. Sumo Trolley in 850x 450×300 mm Sumo-Wheel
4. TECHNICAL ENTERPEISES HANDY Drum Trolley with 300 Kg Capacity HANDY-Drum
5. Bigapple Dump Cart Ba2145 Bigapple-BA2145

Buyers Guide – Wheelbarrow

Before heading to the stores to purchase a wheelbarrow, research the type and features, you would like in a wheelbarrow. Identify the various types of wheelbarrows.

Hybrid wheelbarrows are designed with the classic concept, but they comprise either two or four wheels with multiple sizes of the tray.

  • The traditional wheelbarrow also referred to as a hill-use wheelbarrow, is the most commonly used since they handle heavy-duty work.
  • Electric wheelbarrows ease the carrying of the loads however, they are quite costly and require regular maintenance.
  • Familiarize yourself with the various features of this tool
  • The tray or load tub material can either be of wood, plastic, metal or fabric.
  • Choose a tray that can support everything you may want to carry.
  • Heavy wheelbarrows are sturdy and convenient for carrying heavy loads.

Also, consider

  • Identify the volume of cargo you may need to ferry regularly.
  • Also, identify the various types of wheels that are of high quality & durable.
  • They should also, be convenient to be manoeuvred in rough or smooth terrain.
  • Handles determine the ease of manoeuvrability of the wheelbarrow and offloading.
  • Some wheelbarrows come with a single handle.
  • The grips attached to the handles should provide a comfortable surface for the operator.
  • Identify a wheelbarrow made of durable rust-resistant material.

Finally, consider user limitations by identifying their needs and weaknesses in using the wheelbarrow.

Features of a Wheelbarrow

You can use wheelbarrows commonly in gardening and construction. Like every other gardening or construction tool, certain features are a key in their manufacture and design.

Below are several features of a wheelbarrow:


  • A wheelbarrow must have a barrow, also known as a tray or bed, made of either wood, plastic, or steel.
  • The tray is supported by steel beneath it, which connects the steel legs to the wheel.
  • Also, the tray carries the load meant for transport.
  • The barrow curve-shaped moulded upwards to hold firmly the material transported.
  • Also, the bed has longer sides than the ends, i.e., front and back.


  • The wheel is positioned on the front of the tray so that it provides effortless manoeuvrability & emptying of the materials carried.
  • The wheel is either made with synthetic or natural rubber that enables the wheelbarrow to manoeuvre through soft, muddy, and sandy surfaces.

There are various types of wheelbarrow tyres

  • Pneumatic wheelbarrow tyres are similar to bicycle tyres made with tubes inflated with air.
  • This type of tyre is designed to absorb shock, therefore, easily pushed through steps or rocks.
  • Semi-Pneumatic tyres are similar to pneumatic tyres with inflation and shock-absorbent properties.
  • The tyre is better compared to the pneumatic ones since it requires less maintenance.
  • non-pneumatic tyres are made with entirely solid rubber, therefore, they do not need to be inflated.
  • They are the best wheelbarrow tyres since they can never go flat making them, convenient for rough terrains.
  • However, due to lack of cushioning, they might be hard to move around compared to those made with solid polyurethane foam, which makes them bouncy and easy to control.

Types of Wheelbarrows

Through the changing times, manufacturers have come up with various alterations to the wheelbarrow designs. The traditional design comes with a single wheel that is convenient for easy manoeuvrability and unloading of materials.

However, it requires upper body strength to operate. Motorized wheelbarrows require less effort to operate, hence convenient for carrying a maximum load. However, they are costly and require maintenance.

Gasoline Wheelbarrows

  • These also known as powered wheelbarrows, are explicitly designed for transporting heavy loads.
  • It is designed with an engine, which operates through the mechanism of friction drive transmission.
  • The system moves the wheelbarrow forward and backwards; therefore, the operator manoeuvres it sideways.
  • The major limitation is the wheelbarrow uses gasoline; – it should, therefore, be carefully handled to avoid fire and explosion hazards.

Gas Propelled Wheelbarrows

  • These are equipped with gas engines and are of high quality.
  • Electric wheelbarrows operate with the use of batteries.
  • Also, it is quiet and convenient for domestic use.
  • Some are fitted with an electronic dumping mechanism, and the batteries can run for an extended period.

Two-wheeled Wheelbarrows

  • These are designed to offer extra stability.
  • They are convenient for heavy and unbalanced loads.
  • Some significant limitations of this type of tool are manoeuvrability & transporting load on inclined surfaces.

Folding Wheelbarrow

  • This is made with canvas material attached between the two handlebars.
  • Convenient to use in small yards since they occupy less space.
  • However, they cannot carry heavy loads.

Heavy-duty Wheelbarrows

  • These come with a high carrying capacity tray and are used to transport heavy loads.
  • And this is created with durable materials and is convenient for commercial & industrial use.

How to use Wheelbarrow?

If a person has certain physical limitations, consider purchasing a wheelbarrow easy to push or pull and requires less effort.

  1. The wheelbarrow consists of a lever, axle and wheel.
  2. At the lever, the operator applies effort by picking up or lifting the handlebars of the wheelbarrow.
  3. In turn, the lever applies an upward force toward the load.
  4. The increased power of the lever makes lifting the weight more manageable.
  5. The effort exerted is applied towards the wheel of the wheelbarrow by using or pushing the wheel to the ground.
  6. Also, the axle turns through the rolling of the wheel, increasing the force and making it easier to push and manoeuvre the load.

List of Top 5 Best Quality Wheelbarrows in India Buyers Guide

Today, there are wheelbarrows with two wheels that help in increasing stability and manoeuvrability. However, the single-wheeled one is easier to offload.

Consider a wheelbarrow made of lightweight material for easy manoeuvrability, well-lubricated ball bearings and hardwood handles with rubber grips.

1. TECHNICAL ENTERPRISES Handy Wheelbarrow 140L:

This is a two-wheeled wheelbarrow with a load capacity of 140 litres. It has a multifunctional purpose and is designed durable.TECHNICAL ENTERPEISES Handy Wheelbarrow 140L


  • TECHNICAL ENTERPRISES Wheelbarrow is multifunctional
  • Durable
  • It has quality wheels


  • Quite expensive
  • Heavy


2. Enotita Comfort Single Wheelbarrow:

The Enotita comfort barrow is a traditional single-wheeled specially designed for increased stability. This multipurpose product is used for gardening, construction or farming.Enotita Comfort Single Wheelbarrow


  • Enotita Comfort Single Wheelbarrow is multipurpose
  • Also, this is easy to offload
  • It is durable


  • Not 100% rust proof
  • Cannot use for heavier loads since it depends on the operators’ strength


3. Sumo Wheelbarrow in 850x 450×300 mm:

The traditionally-designed Sumo features a single wheel. And this quality product is convenient to unload quickly.Sumo Wheelbarrow


  • Sumo Wheelbarrow is sturdy
  • Easy offload
  • Also, it is affordable


  • Short handles
  • Not 100% rust proof

Sumo Wheelbarrow

4. TECHNICAL ENTERPRISES HANDY Drum Trolley with 300 Kg Capacity:

This handy drum trolley features a single wheel and can carry a load weight of 160 kilograms. It can be used in heavy-duty projects and is also ideal for gardening jobs.TECHNICAL ENTERPEISES 300 Kg


  • TECHNICAL ENTERPRISES Trolley is best for heavy-duty projects.
  • Product is sturdy
  • Affordable


  • Defective parts
  • Not 100% rust proof

HANDY Trolley

5. Bigapple Wheelbarrow Dump Cart Ba2145:

The Bigapple dump cart was designed with four rubber wheels. It can carry a load capacity of 250 to 300 kilograms. Also, it is a multipurpose trolley and can also carry water by covering the nut holes.Bigapple Wheelbarrow


  • Bigapple Wheelbarrow is easy to manoeuvre
  • It is a multipurpose product
  • Also, it is maintenance-free


  • Challenging to offload
  • Defective parts

Bigapple Wheelbarrow


At the present moment, you have successfully reviewed the list of the top 10 best wheelbarrows. So, it should be easy for you to determine which one will be best for you.

All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the best wheelbarrow for you along with valuable benefits.


What is the usage of a wheelbarrow?

You can use it in gardening, commercial, and industrial areas to move loads or materials.

Why do they call it a wheelbarrow?

The term wheelbarrow is a combination of two words – a wheel that manoeuvres the load & a barrow is to places the load.

How much weight can you carry in a wheelbarrow?

A basic wheelbarrow can carry a capacity of 460 pounds of liquid and 1,200 pounds of solid material.

How do I choose a wheelbarrow?

Choose the one that depends on the weight of the material, the type of wheel tyre and the grip handles.

How much concrete can a wheelbarrow carry?

Depending on the size of the wheelbarrow, it carries nine to fourteen full loads equal to one cubic yard.

What is the price of a wheelbarrow?

Wheelbarrows vary in price depending on their make. They range typically between Indian Rs 1000 to 10,000.