Best Beard Growth Oil in India Buyers Guide

Beard oil consists of pure argan oil & unrefined jojoba that helps you to create the conditions for the healthy growth of a beard. Modern-day beard styles are pretty fascinating. Every boy and man can easily grow their beard with the help of good beard oil. Growing a beard does not require special knowledge, experience, or skills. And while style options are abundant, they all require good beard health. Without beard oil, it is only possible to flaunt a good beard if you are consuming a fancy diet.

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However, if you do not have access to that, and still want to be attractive, they go with the best beard growth oil. In this article, we are providing you with some of the best beard oils along with a comprehensive buying guide.

Top 12 Best Beard Oil Brands in India-Buyers Guide

List of the beard growth oil

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1. Beardhood Café Valentino Beard Growth Oil  Beardhood-Cafe
2. UrbanGabru Beard Oil  UrbanGabru-ml
3. Spruce Shave Club Oil 
4. Beardo Godfather Lite Moustache & Beard Oil  Beardo-Godfather
5. Ustraa Beard Growth Oil  Beard-Growth
6. The Man Company Beard Oil  Man-Company
7. Captain Thug Old World Growth Oil  Captain-Thug
8. TruMen Beard Growth Oil  TruMen-Beard
9. Bombay Shaving Vetiver & 4 Essential Oils  Bombay-Shaving
10. Grandeur Mooch And Beard Oil  Grandeur-Thicker
11. Ustraa Beard Growth Oil  Ustraa-Beard
12. Beardo Beard & Hair Growth Oil  Beardo-Beard

Buyers Guide – Beard Oil

Buying a beard oil is easy as long as you pick the one with the right ingredients. Ingredients are the main consideration when it comes to choosing a beard oil.

Along with that, it is necessary to verify that the oil brand is following the cosmetic regulations of the country. Ease of application is also an essential consideration when purchasing a beard oil.

Here are some things to keep in mind before buying a beard oil:


  • Beard oils made of several ingredients.
  • The natural oils contain natural ingredients and the chemical oils contain certain essential chemicals.
  • Before getting a beard oil, the user must verify that he is not allergic to any of the ingredients in the oil.
  • If not, the user may get an allergic reaction.

Cosmetic Regulations

  • Every country has its regulations for cosmetic products.
  • It would be wise to check if the beard oil you are getting is as per the regulations of your country.
  • Though the cosmetic products that are not following the regulation usually do not find a way into the market. But in some countries, they do.

Application Ease

  • Applying beard oil can be tricky.
  • Choose the oil based on your preference for application.
  • If you feel that dripping bottles are better, then go with them. Else, choose the brush droppers.

Features of a Beard Oil

beard oil usually made of natural ingredients and does not pose any harm to the beard hair or the skin underneath. It offers a bunch of features that are beneficial to both the hair and the skin beneath.

Just consider below features while choosing a beard oil:

Hydration and Moisture

  • Managing the beard with beard oil is way easier.
  • Beard oil hydrates and moisturizes the beard.
  • Additionally, the best beard growth oil also keeps the skin beneath the beard hydrated.

Prevents Dryness

  • Dryness causes dandruff and dandruff to cause itching.
  • Beard oil prevents dryness and, ultimately dandruff goes away and so does the itching.

Styling Becomes Easy

  • Beard hair is hard to manage.
  • They grow randomly in different directions.
  • Beard oil softens the hair, making it easier to style as per your choice.

Types of Beard Growth Oil

Applying the best beard oil regularly can make the beard soft, and smooth. Beard oils are generally classified into two types. The first type contains only natural ingredients, and the second type has some chemicals components.

Natural Ingredient Beard Oils

  • These are good for men who do not require any supplements.
  • Usually, people with healthier beard hair can use natural beard oils.
  • However, men who do not have healthy hair require chemical-based beard oil.

Chemical-based Beard Oils

  • These oils help you in strengthening and growing the hair
  • Some of the natural ingredients in beard oil include coconut, jojoba, grape seed, almond.
  • Chemical-based beard oil contains vitamins like A, D, and E.

How to use Beard Growth Oil?

Beard oil works just like the other hair oils. Wash your face before applying the beard oil. Then pour the oil onto your palm, based on the density and size of your beard.

  1. Applying less oil will leave the beard dry, whereas applying excessive oil will simply waste the oil.
  2. Next spread the oil into a beard and brush the beard with fingers.
  3. Taking these steps will ensure that the beard oil begins to perform.
  4. It travels down onto the skin and soaks inside.
  5. Some of the oil moisturizes the beard and hydrates it.
  6. Further, the oil on the skin removes any dryness and avoids dandruff.
  7. The oil that seeps into the skin strengthens the follicles.
  8. The proper volume of oil, as per the size and density of the beard, will even impact the lower portion of the strands.

List of Top 12 Best Beard Oils in India Buyers Guide

Now you know the features, the buyer’s guide, and the types of beard oils on the market. But you probably don’t want to spend all your day looking for a good one.

So, to make your selection easier, here you have a top 10 list of the best beard oils available in the Indian market along with their features, pros, and cons.

1. Beardhood Café Valentino Beard Growth Oil For Men in 30ml:

This oil available in three different fragrances. Café Valentino takes you to an Italian coffee shop, Subtle Citrus will make you imagine you are sitting in a tropical beach and Earthy Notes will leave you in a forest.Beardhood Café Valentino Beard 30ml


  • Beardhood beard oil refreshes the skin underneath the beard.
  • It comes with three amazing scents
  • Also, it smoothens the hair


  • Consumers report it cannot grow beard hair
  • Available only in a single size

Beardhood 30ml

2. UrbanGabru Beard Oil 100% Natural Softener & Conditioner in 30 ml:

The oil available in two different bottle sizes – 30 and 50 ml. The ingredients include menthol, jojoba, orange, sunflower, and almond oil.UrbanGabru Beard Oil 100% Natural


  • UrbanGabru Beard Oil is natural beard oil. It softens brittle and stiff hair
  • Application is easy
  • Also, it helps in natural growth


  • Consumers agree that this beard oil softens hair but does not help in beard growth
  • Can cause allergy – make sure to check with a dermatologist before getting this beard oil

UrbanGabru Beard Oil

3. Spruce Shave Club Beard Oil with 9 Natural Oils Cedarwood & Mandarin in 30ml:

The Spruce brand brings a couple of options in beard oil for its consumers. This helps consumers pick the option suitable for their skin. The choices include a combination of cedarwood and mandarin or bergamot and lavender.Spruce Shave Club Beard Oil with 9 Natural Oils


  • Spruce Shave Club Beard Oil helps nourish the roots of your beard to strengthen them & promote stronger beard growth.
  • It is available at a reasonable price
  • Two different choices are there like cedarwood & mandarin or bergamot & lavender
  • Both oils smell awesome


  • Both options can cause allergic reactions
  • Only suitable for beard

Spruce Beard

4. Beardo Godfather Lite Moustache & Beard Oil in 30 ml Made in India:

This oil made in India & made for India. It is a reputable beard oil brand that conforms to Indian standards. The ingredients include aloe vera and almond oil that helps in nourishing the beard and making it soft.Beardo Godfather Lite Moustache 30 ml


  • Beardo Godfather beard oil nourishes the beard with natural ingredients.
  • It contains a gentle scent smell.
  • This is a beard and moustache oil


  • Difficult to apply
  • May cause allergy


5. Ustraa Beard Growth Oil Advanced in 60 ml:

As the name suggests, this is the advanced version of the Ustraa beard oil. The advanced version comes with an improved formula and more ingredients that help in beard growth.Ustraa Beard Growth Advanced in 60 ml


  • Ustraa Beard Oil contains hair growth ingredient like Phyllanthus Emblica (Indian gooseberry)
  • This oil does not pose any harm
  • It moisturizes and hydrates beard


  • Application is somehow difficult
  • Poor packing

Beard Oil

6. The Man Company Beard Oil with Almond & Thyme For Men in 50ML:

Beard oil from The Man Company features an almond oil and thyme combination. It also contains argan oil that prevents fizziness.The Man Beard Oil with Almond & Thyme


  • The Man Company Beard Oil conditions beard hair & skin underneath
  • This oil prevents dryness
  • It is available in 3 different bottle sizes


  • Growth results are slow
  • Comparatively expensive


7. Captain Thug Old World Beard Oil Ultra Premium with 6 Essential Oils for Mustaches Growth in 30 ml:

A 30 ml bottle of Captain Thug Old World beard oil contains all-natural ingredients. It promises a fuller, thicker, and a well-conditioned beard.Captain Thug Old Beard Growth Oil Ultra Premium in 30 ml


  • Captain Thug Beard Oil makes beard smooth
  • It adds silky appearance to the beard
  • Also, it conditions the beard hair


  • Some consumers report it does not help in hair growth
  • May cause allergy


8. TruMen Beard Hair Growth Oil in 30 ml:

This oil combines rosehip, jojoba oil, grape seed, Moroccan argan, and coconut. On top of that, also includes mandarin and cedarwood oil.TruMen Beard Growth Oil 30 ml


  • TruMen beard oil makes the beard soft and smooth
  • And the scent is elegant
  • It makes beard management easy


  • Available only in a 30 ml bottle
  • Application is slightly difficult

TruMen Growth

9. Bombay Shaving Company Beard Oil infused with Vetiver & 4 Essential Oils for Men in 30 ml:

The Bombay Shaving Company, surprisingly, also has a beard oil. The brand known for its shaving products, however, given the latest trend in keeping beards. They have ventured into producing beard grooming products.Bombay Shaving Beard Oil infused with Vetiver & 4 Essential Oils


  • Bombay Shaving Company Beard Oil repairs damaged strands
  • It smoothens the beard
  • And adds shine to the beard


  • Consumers claim that it helps in managing the existing beard but do not help with patches
  • Available only in a single size

Bombay Shaving Growth

10. Grandeur Mooch And Beard Oil For Men For Longer & Thicker Beard with Argan Oil & Vitamin E in 100ml:

This is good if you wish to have a healthy and strong beard. It contains natural ingredients and is also made in IndiaGrandeur Mooch Oil For Men For Longer & Thicker


  • Grandeur Beard Oil is an absolute solution for your patchy beard
  • This makes the beard shiny.
  • Also, this oil prevents itchiness


  • Difficult to apply
  • Only comes in a 100 ml bottle

Grandeur Beard

11. Ustraa Beard Growth Oil for Men in 35ml:

This oil comes in a 35 ml packing. The packing looks like a medicated serum for beard growth. Inside there is a combination of chemicals and natural ingredients.Ustraa Beard Growth Oil for Men in 35ml


  • Ustraa Beard Oil is sulfate and paraben-free oil
  • It contains a handful of natural ingredients


  • Comparatively expensive
  • Can cause pimples to appear best to check with a dermatologist before getting this oil

Ustraa Growth Oil

12. Beardo Beard & Hair Growth Oil in 50 ml:

This is available only in a 50 ml bottle. It contains natural as well as chemical products. The natural ingredients include rose, sesame, and hibiscus.Beardo Beard & Hair Growth Oil in 50 ml


  • Beardo Beard Oil conditions the hair and makes it smooth
  • This hydrates and moisturizes the beard hair
  • And the scent is nice. Also, it contains vitamin B6.


  • Only available in a 50 ml bottle
  • The packaging is not good

Beardo Beard Oil


If you wish to follow the current rugged-look trend that seems all the rage, then growing a beard your best bet.

But growing a beard requires maintenance and that is where good beard oil comes handy. Hopefully, the information here will help you decide which beard oil to purchase.


Do beard growth oils work?

Beard growth oils do work provided you use the correct one. They have the ingredients that can make beard hair strong and smooth. However, some people may have a genetic predisposition that prevents beard hair growth.

Which beard oil is best?

Most of the beard oils promise to help in beard growth. It depends on you as a consumer to choose either oil with natural ingredients.

That promises certain unique benefits or ones with chemical ingredients that may aide hair growth in a different way. Besides, regardless of the type, hair growth usually depends on genetics.

Can beard oil grow facial hair?

The beard oils have two primary functions. First, it helps in maintaining the beard, and second, it helps in growth. Further, growth depends on the ingredients you choose, as well as body genetics.

Do beard vitamins work?

The vitamins in beard oil are often the essential elements that help with hair growth. Further, they make beard hair healthy and thick. However, if you are not getting any results, then it can be because of your genetics.

How do I fix my patchy beard?

One of the tested ways to fix a patchy beard to apply beard growth oil. The best oil leverage nutrients to the hair follicles inside the skin and enable them to grow. Ultimately, the patchy beard fills up.

Should I use beard oil every day?

Applying beard oil every day makes the beard healthy and manageable. Further, some experts suggest that applying this oil twice a day helps groom the beard and maintain its strength.

Does beard oil have side effects?

There are no real side effects of applying this oil. These oils can, however, cause an allergic reaction. The wrong ingredient may cause inflammation. It will better to consult a dermatologist before getting it.