Now everyone prefers to use a wireless keyboard and mouse for their work on a computer or a PC. The world of technology is changing astronomically as new inventions keep coming in. One such invention is the introduction of wireless technology.

It is worth noting that wires have been helping a lot in the journey towards technological advancement. Many of the electrical equipment work through wire connections. The only problem with wires is their vulnerability, they can easily be cut by pests such as rats.

The other drawback of using wires is that they take too much space people tend to trip on them a lot. For this reason, computer engineers have come up with a better way of controlling computers. The mouse and the keyboard are the most important hardware components in a computer.

This article will ease the decision-making process as it highlights some of the best wireless keyboards and mice. It will also highlight basic instructions on how to connect a wireless mouse to a computer. Also, check the buyer’s guide of wireless printers.

Best 10 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Brands in India

List of the wireless keyboard & mouse

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1. Lenovo GX30L66303 Wireless Keyboard Mouse 100 Combo LENOVO-WIRELESS-COMBO lenovo-combo-100-eng-laptop
2. Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse KM117 Dell-Km117-Wireless-Keyboard dell-km117-wireless-laptop
3. iBall Water Resistant Magical Duo iBall-Magical-Combo iball-magical-duo
4. Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 Keyboard & Mouse Combo Microsoft-M7J-00001-Wireless microsoft-desktop-2000-wireless
5. Logitech MK270r Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Windows Logitech-Wireless-mk270r logitech-mk270r-wireless-combo
6. HP 4SC12PA Multimedia Slim Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo HP-Multimedia-Wireless hp-multimedia-slim-wireless
7. Intex Grace Duo Keyboard and Mouse Combo Intex-Grace-Duo-Keyboard intex-grace-duo-wireless
8. Wireless Fly Remote Control Air Mouse with QWERTY Keyboard Wireless-QWERTY-Keyboard microware-air-mouse-c120
9. Frontech JIL-1676 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Frontech-JIL-1676-Wireless frontech-jil-1676-wireless-laptop
10. Kensington K72408US Pro Fit Wireless Media Desktop Set with Keyboard & Mouse Kensington-Wireless-Desktop kensington-keyboard-mouse-life


Buyer’s Guide – Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

When going for a wireless keyboard and mouse there are things that you must consider in order to get the best. Because there are so many models available in the market it can be exhausting picking the right combo that will meet all your needs.

Things to consider while buying a wireless keyboard & mouse: 

  • One of the things to consider when buying a wireless keyboard and mouse is to check if both are covered by warranty.
  • Most of these devices are very delicate and can develop complications at any moment.
  • In such a case a warranty can come in handy, you can use it to get a refund or make a trade-in.
  • Battery life is very important especially because these devices rely on an external power supply to function.
  • And in most cases, wireless connections tend to use up a lot of battery juice; therefore, it is good to buy one that has a long-life battery.
  • It is advisable that you only buy these peripherals from trusted suppliers to avoid counterfeits.
  • Always inquire about the instructions as they will help you know how to connect a wireless mouse to a computer.
  • It is also good to remember the reason why you are buying a wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • There are so many designs and each suit a specific task.
  • If you are a gamer it is advisable that you go for a design that fits that need.
  • Buying a wireless keyboard and mouse designed for office use may not give you good gaming experience.
  • It will also be unwise to go for equipment that is less sensitive.

Choose a combination that is sensitive and easily responds when making inputs to the computer.

History of Mouse & Keyboard

The first mouse was invented in 1964 and since then it has continuously been changing for the better, keyboards are not been left behind either.

  • Currently, manufacturers are focusing on making computers that support wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • With this new development, people can now operate computers remotely without any wire connections.
  • Because of this technology companies keep coming up with new models of wireless keyboards and mice.
  • All forms of input are sent through these devices and without them, computers would be no different from TV sets.
  • With the improvement in technology, the mouse and the keyboard are continuously evolving.
  • This has made it a bit difficult for customers to choose the best wireless keyboard and mouse.

How Does Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Work?

A good number of wireless keyboards and mice operate through radio transmissions, but some use infrared technology. Most wireless keyboards and mice run on 2.4 GHz radio frequency, this makes the transmissions in a span of seconds.

  1. With the help of Radio Frequency Technology, wireless keyboards and mice are able to deliver input to the computer through radio waves.
  2. The transmitter inside the keyboard sends electromagnetic messages to the receiver which then delivers the information to the computer.
  3. And the mouse also works by using the same principle, the movements made by the mouse are converted into input messages that the computer can read.
  4. The conversion of these messages is done in the receiver which communicates with the wireless software inside the computer.
  5. With this setup, everything you do with the wireless keyboard and mouse can be viewed on the monitor.
  6. And each movement made by the mouse or key pressed on the keyboard, one can see the real-time results.

How to connect Wireless Mouse (RF Mouse):

Connecting a wireless mouse to the computer is actually very easy. Most wireless mice come with 2.0 USB dongles that easily fit into USB ports. All you have to do is stick it into the port and depending on the type of wireless mouse you’ll see the light beneath the mouse blink.

This shows that the mouse has been successfully integrated with the wireless software on the computer. Depending on the technology used you can check on the user manual to know how to connect a wireless mouse.

Connecting Bluetooth Mouse:

Connecting a Bluetooth mouse is a bit different from connecting RF mouse. With Bluetooth, the mouse will readily connect with the Bluetooth receiver inside the computer. Simply turn on Bluetooth on your computer and pair it with the mouse. For more instructions, you can Google how to connect a wireless mouse.

Types of Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

The type of connectivity also matters depending on your needs you can either choose the infrared wireless keyboard and mouse or Bluetooth. Both wireless connections are good but differ in terms of range.

Bluetooth connections are known to effectively work even in a wide range, they are more powerful compared to the infrared dependent type.

Projection Keyboard and Mouse:

  • This type of wireless keyboard relies on light to communicate with the computer.
  • It is very small and this makes it easy to carry around.
  • The only hardware peripheral it has is the projector unit which casts light in the form of a keyboard image.
  • As you type your fingers break the flow of light beams and with each break, the system is able to make out the exact keys you are pressing.
  • Projection mice on the other hander work by projecting a holographic touchpad which when touched sends information to the computer.
  • They basically rely on breaking the beams of light produced.

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse:

  • Bluetooth technology has helped in making wireless communications easy, and through the years most wireless keyboards and mice have been relying on Bluetooth.
  • This type of keyboard can communicate with the computer through a Bluetooth connection.
  • A Bluetooth mouse also uses the same concept as the Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Because almost all computers support Bluetooth it is very easy to connect these keyboards and mice.

Infrared Keyboard and Mouse:

  • These keyboards and mice transfer informational data to the computer through the use of light waves.
  • Each key on the keyboard generates a specific wavelength which is then interpreted.
  • Movements made by the mouse also affect the red beam of light bellow the mouse generating a pattern of a wavelength that matches what you are doing.

Radio Frequency Keyboard and Mouse:

  • A majority of wireless keyboards and mice communicate to the computer through radio frequencies.
  • Each action made is recorded in the form of radio waves which are then decoded by the receiver.
  • These types of wireless keyboards and mice are usually very cheap.

Top 10 Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse in India

Some wireless keyboards and mice come in pairs so you can get both at a single price. In case you have been having a hard time choosing here is a list to help you. These are some of the best wireless keyboards and mice that you can buy and have a good user experience.

1. Lenovo GX30L66303 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse 100 Combo:

This is from the Lenovo brand and comes with a weight of 712 grams. Coming to the mouse it produces high clicking sounds which can be irritating.

Lenovo GX30L66303 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse 100 Combo

Lenovo 100 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo GX30L66303


  • Lenovo wireless keyboard and mouse is a perfect combo provided by the Lenovo Company.
  • This combo pack comes with a USB dongle.
  • The keys on the keyboard are resistant to spills which prevent damages that can result from coffee spills.
  • Both keyboard and mouse use AAA and AA batteries respectively and is available at a low cheap price.
  • The mouse has an ambidextrous design that allows the use of both right and left hand.

LENOVO WIRELESS KEYBOARD & MOUSElenovo kb wireless combo 100

2. Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse KM117:

The brand Dell has one of the most attractive wireless keyboards, the Km17 has a stylish slim design which saves a lot of space. This is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10 operating systems.



  • Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo pack compatible with almost all Windows machines.
  • The keyboard has useful multimedia shortcuts.
  • And the mouse has a 2.4GHz receiver which works very fast.
  • It comes with a USB wireless receiver as well.
  • Also, the mouse has a scrolling wheel which can help when reading pages.
  • The keyboard and mouse does do not have a num lock and there are complaints about the battery.

Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mousedell km117 wireless keyboard & mouse

3. iBall Water Resistant Magical Duo:

This is from the iBall brand and the included mouse has an ergonomic design which makes it very easy to handle. This combo only works when you are within a 10-meter range from your computer.

iBall Water Resistant Magical Duo

iBall Magical Duo Water resistance


  • iBall Wireless Keyboard and Mouse has soft keys that give you the silence required when typing.
  • The magical Duo by iBall is also another impressive combo that you can consider buying.
  • Both mouse & keyboard are water-resistant and the sealed membranes make it more reliable.
  • This combo pack comes with 2 AA Alkaline batteries and weight is about 476 grams.
  • And this package dimensions are 53.4 cm x 17.8 cm x 4.6 cm

iBall Magical KeyBoard & Mouseiball duo combo set

4. Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 Keyboard & Mouse Combo:

This brand Microsoft is known all over the world to be the best producer of computer hardware and software. The product dimensions are 53.6 cm x 19.3 cm x 4.6 cm & it comes with 4 AA batteries.

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000


  • Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo 2000 is a good example of a hardware component that Microsoft did impressive work on.
  • It comes with a 2.4 GHz radiofrequency & 1 USB port.
  • The keyboard has a beautiful design and the mouse has a good grip which makes it easy to handle.
  • Also, the keys on the keyboard are well spaced making it very efficient in fast typing.
  • Due to the impressive features and high-grade performance this combo is a bit costly.

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mousemicrosoft 2000 wireless keyboard mouse

5. Logitech MK270r Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Windows with 2.4 GHz Wireless, 8 Multimedia & Shortcut Keys:

This is from the Logitech brand & it uses 2.4GHz radio transmissions and experiences no dropouts when sending information to the computer. But this product has a wireless range of 10 meters distance only.



  • Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse both have a long-lasting battery which makes it very efficient to travel with.
  • The deep profile keys on this keyboard make it very easy to use when typing.
  • With each press, the fingers get a good grip on the keys preventing them from sliding off.
  • This has eight full-size shortcut keys which can help in performing various tasks in a single click.
  • Also, this has 762 grams weight & comes with 2 AA batteries.
  • Product dimensions are 7.1 cm x 15 cm x 6.8 cm

Logitech Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combologitech wireless combo keyboard mouse

6. HP 4SC12PA Multimedia Slim Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo:

This is from the HP brand & product design has a stylish brush metal finish which prevents it from breaking easily in case of a fall. It comes with 1 AAA battery & keyboard weight is 449 gms

HP 4SC12PA Multimedia Slim Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

HP Multimedia Slim Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo (4SC12PA)


  • HP Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo have an ultra-slim design which makes it easy to carry around and also saves a lot of desk space.
  • Both keyboard and mouse have seals at the membranes to protect it from external components such as dust.
  • The mouse a professional optical sensor and supports up to 2 million clicks.
  • Also, the mouse has no standby mode and this drains too much power from the battery.
  • This product supports Windows & MAC OS X operating systems.

HP Wireless Keyboard and Mousehp multimedia wireless keyboard mouse

7. Intex Grace Duo Keyboard and Mouse Combo:

This product is from the Intex brand and its dimensions are 51.7 cm x 16 cm x 3.9 cm. Like most wireless keyboards and mice it only has a wireless range of 10 meters.

Intex Grace Duo Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Intex Grace Duo Keyboard and Mouse Combo


  • Intex Duo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse uses 2.4GHz radio transmission, it has a nano receiver that is compatible with USB 2.0 ports.
  • The keyboard has 10 hotkeys and 113 standard keys, the mouse a total of 6 buttons which makes it perform multiple operations.
  • Despite having numerous function keys the Intex Grace Duo comes at a very low price.
  • This product uses a 2.4 GHz frequency.

Intex Duo Keyboard and Mouseintex grace wireless keyboard mouse

8. Wireless FlyRemote Control Air Mouse with QWERTY Keyboard:

This is from Wireless Fly brand & it is one of the most unique combos of wireless keyboard and mouse. Also, this looks almost like TV remote control but has outstanding features.



  • Wireless Fly Air Mouse Cum Air Keyboard has a power-saving mode that automatically activates when the device has not been used for a while.
  • Another interesting feature is the strong compatibility & it can work almost on all the major operating systems.
  • It uses 2.4 GHz wireless, DC 5V & it has 0.11 kgs of weight
  • The only issue with the keyboard is its size, it is too small and makes typing difficult.

Wireless Fly QWERTY Keyboardmicroware air mouse wireless

9. Frontech JIL-1676 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse:

This product is from the Frontech brand. Both the keyboard and mouse communicate with the computer via a nano receiver. The only issue with this combo is the size of the keyboard, it seems too large.



  • Frontech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse receiver converts the messages received at lightning speeds and sends the information to the computer for processing.
  • Keyboard has soft keys and is the spacing is good to give room for the fingers for fast typing.
  • And the mouse has a good grip and has a design that favors its handling.
  • Product has 762 grams weight & the dimensions are 50 cm x 16.2 cm x 4.4 cm
  • This product needs 4 AAA batteries

Frontech Wireless Keyboard and Mousefrontech jil 1676 wireless keyboard mouse

10. Kensington K72408US Pro Fit Wireless Media Desktop Set with Keyboard & Mouse:

This is a Pro-Fit Wireless Media Desktop Set by the Kensington brand. And this product is an impressive combo that has a long battery life of about 12 months. The only drawback of this is that the keys make a lot of noise and the mouse makes high clicking sounds.

Kensington K72408US Pro Fit Wireless Media Desktop Set with Keyboard & Mouse

Kensington K72408US Pro Fit Wireless Media Desktop Set with Keyboard & Mouse


  • Kensington Wireless Keyboard and Mouse come with customer-friendly so you won’t have to drain your pockets to get it.
  • Some of the hotkeys can also be useful when surfing the net, the height is adjustable to improve typing speed.
  • The keyboard has numerous shortcut keys that aid in multimedia control.
  • Also, the keyboard is spill-proof making it easy to operate as you sip a cup of coffee.
  • This product has 839 grams of weight & dimensions are 7 cm x 22.2 cm x 47 cm
  • Also, this combo product comes with 2 AAA batteries.

Kensington Wireless Keyboard and Mousekensington keyboard mouse desktopset


I hope the above list of wireless keyboard and mouse combos helped you to decide the best one for you based on the features & specifications. It provides you with all the necessary details of the products so you can easily choose the product of your own choice.