A watering can or pot is a portable container that used to water plants or flowers. It comes with a handle to grip the can and a funnel to dispel water into the plant. Watering cans have been around been since 79 A.D.

These handy devices have since then seen some design improvements but the essential features remain pretty much the same. In the old times, most watering cans made of ceramic, however, now they usually made of metal or plastic. Also, check the buyer’s guide of 7 best drip irrigation kits & 11 Best water sprinkler

The end of the spout of the watering can usually have a device called a rose that has tiny holes through which the water is dispelled onto the plant. In this article, we are providing you with some of the best watering cans along with a comprehensive buying guide.

10 Best Watering Can available Online in India

List of the watering cans

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1. Klassic KL-100 Watering Can in Plastic Green for Garden Klassic-Premium klassic-premium-5-l
2. Easy Gardening Plastic Watering Can with 5 Liters Capacity Easy-Gardening-Plastic vlog-bazar-plastic
3. SPARTAN Plastic Watering Can KG002 with 1.8 LTR Capacity
Klassic Premium Green live-alive-garden
4. Live with alive Plastic Can Live-Premium-High live-can-sprayer
5. Actionware Plastic Unbreakable Can with 5L Capacity for Plants Actionware-Plastic zb-watering-wand
6. Kisan Kraft Plastic Watering Can KK-MSP-6800 Kisan-Kraft-KK
7. Truphe Ttl2264 Plastic Rounded Watering with 5 Liters Premium-High-Grade truphe-premium-high
8. Nuha Rust Free 5 litres Watering Can Nuha-liters-Watering
9. Nuha 5 Liters Can with Embossed Design Nuha-Liters-Watering nuha-5-5-rust-free
10. Nuha Rust Free 3.5 litres Painted Metal Can Nuha-liters-Painted

Buyers Guide – Watering Can

Before heading to the store to purchase a watering can, it’s best to first familiarize yourself with the various types, the material they made of and the features you prefer to have in the watering can based on your requirements.

Below are some points to help you decide what kind of watering can is best for you:

Identify the Stream Style

There are two common forms of water streaming:

  • Targeted stream head designed with a single hole at the rose to discharge the water.
  • This helps the operator focus on the position they would want to pour the water.
  • The sprinkler head designed with multiple tiny holes at the rose, therefore, discharges water like a rainfall.
  • The stream style convenient for even distribution of water to the plants.
  • It is ideal for watering young plants due to the low-pressure discharge of water.

Length of the Spout

  • Watering cans come with different spout lengths.
  • Longer spouts help in precise targeting of the place you want to pour water.
  • It is appealing to look at and is also suitable for watering a high hanging plant.

Type of Material

  • The kind of material used is primary since it determines the durability of the watering vessel.
  • And the lifespan of a metal vessel might be shortened by rust or corrosion since it exposed to alkaline soil or fertilizers.
  • The preferred material is, therefore, plastic since it is non-corrosive, durable, and is often decorative.
  • You can also get ceramic watering cans.

Size of the Watering Vessel

  • This depends on the size of the garden or the number of plants you have.
  • Standard watering cans hold approximately one, two, or half a gallon of water.

Features of a Watering Can

The watering can generally comprise a long neck and is fitted with a rose at the end of the spout. These typically have a capacity of 0.5 litres to 10 litres and can be used either indoors or in the garden.

Just consider below features while choosing a watering can:

  • Plant Water cans have a handle on top and at the back for convenience.
  • The top handle makes carrying the can easier while the back handle used for tipping the can and watering the plant.
  • However, most Plant water can fit with only the back handle, which serves both the purposes.
  • The handles usually rounded to provide comfort to the user.
  • A spout is like a pipe that connects the container to the rose.

Also, consider:

  • The best water cans made with a detachable rose to help with cleaning out the clogging caused by the debris.
  • A good spout should be longer and on a higher plane than the container portioning so as to help with watering higher hanging plants.
  • The rose designed like a cap but with small holes to discharge the water while watering.
  • Some water cans have spouts fitted with filters to avoid debris from blocking the tiny holes of the rose.
  • If you want a can that will not rust or corrode, brass Plant watering cans is the best option.

Types of Plants Watering Can

The material used to make the can is what primarily distinguishes the various types of Plants watering can.
Plastic water cans are currently the most common in the market. This is because they are affordable and also look good.

  • Plastic watering cans are also convenient for indoor use since they are safe for both adults and children.
  • However, the main reason they are so popular is that they are durable and lightweight.
  • Galvanized steel water cans have a classic appearance and look good in both homes and garages.
  • The water can design focuses on sturdiness and durability.
  • Can made of materials that do not corrode or rust.
  • However, if they can come into contact with alkaline soil, it will rust.
  • The galvanized steel water can convenient for watering large gardens or flowerbeds.
  • Copper, brass, and tin water cans are come in different sizes and are quite decorative.
  • Also, there are metal water cans that are convenient in mixing soluble nutrients or fertilizers with water to increase the plants’ yields.
  • This helps in making an equal distribution of water and nutrients to the plants.

How to use Watering Can?

Generally, Plant watering can are very simple to use. Start with cleaning the watering vessel and the removed debris that might have clogged the rose through the spout. This will help deliver precise and equal water distribution.

  1. First, fill the water can with the amount of water required.
  2. Using the rose on the water can pour the water onto the soil.
  3. Remember not to over-water the plant.
  4. Depending on the material of your water can, you can dilute soluble fertilizer with the water and sprinkle over the soil and the plant.
  5. Water cans with a rose convenient for young plants or seedlings due to the low pressure of water discharged from the vessel.
  6. While a watering container with no rose is suitable for grown plants and the water flow can be easily controlled.

List of Best 10 Watering Cans online in India

Plant Watering Can rose can be removable and it facilitates the discharge of water in the form droplets, thus convenient for watering delicate plants and prevent excess water pressure on the soil.

1. Klassic KL-100 Plastic Green for Garden with Spray & 5 Liters Capacity:

This watering vessel is convenient for both indoor and outdoor use. The vessel comes with water level markings to identify the level of water in the water can. It made of high-grade plastic and has a detachable rose.Klassic KL-100 Watering Can in Plastic Green for Garden


  • Klassic KL Water Can made with high-grade plastic material.
  • It has two handles, one is on top and another one is at back.
  • And this is easy to use
  • This is a lightweight & durable product.


  • Poor quality
  • Nozzle leakages

Klassic Wateringklassic water cane

2. Easy Gardening Plastic Can with 5 Liters Capacity:

This comes ina green colour along with a capacity of 5 litres. It features a cap to avoid spillage and a rose for even distribution of water. The water can is suitable for homes and kitchen gardens.Easy Gardening Plastic Watering Can with 5 Liters Capacity


  • Easy Gardening Water Can made with durable plastic material
  • This is easy to use product
  • And the material is sturdy


  • Poor quality product
  • Has leakages

Easy Gardening Litervlog bazar sprinkler

3. SPARTAN Plastic Watering Can KG002 with 1.8 LTR Capacity:

This Water Can for Plant designed with a comfortable handle with a secure grip & easy to use the product. Also, it has an attached nozzle and a perforated spout. The water can used to water plants and seedlings.SPARTAN Plastic Watering Can KG002 with 1.8 LTR Capacity


  • Spartan Water Can made with durable plastic material
  • Its nozzle is convenient, easy & quick watering to the plants
  • Also, this is affordable for everyone


  • Small in size


4. Live with alive Plastic Can with 5-Liter Capacity & Mixed Vegetable Seeds:

This Water Can for plant hold a capacity of 5 litres. The plant water can designed for durability, is easy to clean, and lightweight.Live with alive Plastic Watering Can


  • Live with alive Water Can made with premium quality plastic material.
  • The product is lightweight
  • It is durable & easy to clean


  • Relatively expensive
  • Leakages

Live Premium Wateringlive-alive-garden

5. Actionware Plastic Unbreakable Watering Can with 5L Capacity for Plants:

It designed to hold a capacity of 5 litres. The watering vessel fitted with a rose that discharges water in low pressure.Actionware Plastic Unbreakable Watering Can with 5L Capacity for Plants


  • Actionware Water Can made with premium quality plastic material.
  • It is a durable product.
  • This is easy to use product
  • It is suitable for watering seedlings & young plants.


  • Expensive
  • Short spout

Actionware Plastic Canzb action ware

6. Kisan Kraft Plastic Watering Can KK-MSP-6800:

The design with two handles for efficient watering and carrying of the vessel. The plant water Can designed with markings to enable the user to determine the level of water.Kisan Kraft Plastic Watering Can KK-MSP-6800


  • Kisan Kraft Water Can made with plastic material.
  • This is a quality & durable product.
  • Also, this is easy to clean


  • Expensive
  • Short spout

Kisan Kraft Plastic Water

7. Truphe Ttl2264 Plastic Rounded Watering Can with 5 Liters:

This Can design holds water capacity of 5 litres. The vessel round in shape and has a rose that discharges water at low pressure.Truphe Ttl2264 Plastic Rounded Watering Can with 5 Liters


  • Truphe Water Can made with plastic material.
  • This is affordable for everyone.
  • Also, this is easy to clean.
  • And the material is sturdy


  • Poor quality
  • Not durable

Truphe Premium Cantruphe watering can

8. Nuha Rust Free 5 litres Watering Can:

The Plant water can coated with powder paint to prevent the material from rusting. And the vessel designed with a perfect grip for comfortable holding.Nuha Rust Free 5 liters Watering Can


  • Nuha Water Can made with leak-proof iron material.
  • The vessel is attractive to look at.
  • This is a premium quality product
  • The material is durable & rust resistance


  • Short spout
  • Quite expensive

Nuha 5 liters Watering Can

9. Nuha 5 Liters Watering Can with Embossed Design:

This can comes with easy to grip handle. The vessel coated with rust-resistant paint and designed to hold a capacity of 5 litres.Nuha 5 Liters Watering Can with Embossed Design


  • Nuha Embossed Water Can made with iron material
  • This is a premium quality product
  • It is Durable & easy to use


  • Quite expensive
  • Short spout

Nuha Embossed Gardeningnuha 5 liters can

10. Nuha Rust Free 3.5 litres Painted Metal Watering Can:

This coated with rust-resistant powder paint. The water can made with lightweight material and is durable.Nuha Rust Free 3.5 liters Painted Metal Watering Can


  • Nuha Painted Water Can made with a metal material.
  • This is a lightweight & attractive product.
  • Also, this is easy to use


  • Leakages
  • Short spout

Nuha Painted Watering


At the present moment, you have successfully reviewed the list of top 10 best watering cans. So, it should be easy for you to determine which water can is best for you.

All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the best watering can for you along with valuable benefits.


Why use watering can?

A watering can evenly distribute the flow of water as required by the user. It is also portable.

What do you call Plant’s water cans?

It is designed with a handle, a funnel, and is portable. Also called a watering pot.

How much water does Plant water can hold?

Water cans can hold approximately one to two gallons of water.

How do you maintain Plants water can?

Clean water can after use to prevent clogging, corrosion, or rusting. It should be stored safely.

Which metal used to make water cans?

Metals used in the making of the water cans galvanized steel, copper, brass, tin, or zinc.

How do I choose water can for plants?

Identify the type of material used to make the water can, the stream style, length of spout and size of the vessel.

Is rusty water can for plants bad?

No, since plants undergo the process of iron chelation, they require iron.

Is rust okay for plants?

In moderate amounts, rust can’t harm plants. The rust will break down in a couple of years and be useful for the plants.

What is a good source of iron for plants?

Blood powder proved to be the best source of iron for plants.