Best Spike Guard & Surge Protectors in India-Buyers Guide

Serious damages can occur to the electric equipment due to the rapid fluctuations from the electricity main source. It can also occur from a natural event of light striking. Spike Guard or Surge Protector acts as a protective barrier between the electricity fluctuation from the outlet and electric devices.

The spike is a fluctuation of lower intensity while the surge is of high intensity. These fluctuations set the expensive electric appliances out of order. The best solution to these problems comes from the application of other electric devices. Many complications also occur owing to inappropriate electric wiring. These all result in the production of a series of issues like spike and surge. Also, check the buyers guide for Extension Box, calling bells & ceiling fan brands.

These devices guarantee the best protection of all the electric tools without any damage to their working system.

Top 10 Spike Guards in India

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1. Belkin 4-Socket Grey Surge Protector with 5ft Cable Belkin-Essential belkin-4-socket-surge
2. MX Spike Guard with 6 Universal Sockets Individual Switch Circuit Breaker MX-Protector mx-6-sockets-surge-protector
3. GM 3060 Master Switch with Power Strip and 4 international sockets GM-Modular-3060 gm-surge-protector
4. Gold medal Plastic Curve Plus LED Spike Guard Adaptor Goldmedal-Curve gold-medal-protector
5. Bajaj White 4-Way Surge Guard with 2m Wire Bajaj-4-Way-Spike bajaj-socket-protector
6. Anchor 6 Way Power Strip with Single Switch Anchor-Power-Strip anchor spike guard socket
7. Havells Four-Way White 6A Extension Board Havells Extension Board havells-4-socket-surge-protector
8. Eveready White Spike Guard Eveready Spike Guard eveready-superior-surge
9. Philips Ecolink White 6A Spike and Surge Guard Philips-4-Way-Spike philips-ecolink-spike
10. Syska 2 Metres 3 Way Grey Extension Board with USB Syska-Metres-Extension syska-usb-3-socket

Buyers Guide – Spike Guard

Before having your own extension board or spike guard or surge protector for multiple applications following points must be kept in mind.

  • Nature of Sockets

One who wants to buy an extension board must check at first glance its sockets nature. He/she should prefer that surge protector that contains international sockets.

  • Plugs

Many plugs are available in the market, so a buyer must specify the plug before buying this product.

  • Brand

The brand name is what reflects the standard of an extension board, surge protector. That is the case with the spike guard. So, only choose a trustworthy brand for this product.

  • Switches

More switches, more costly. This is the general policy of shopkeepers that they put in front of a buyer. So, be specific about the no. of switches in a spike guard and estimate its price before visiting a shop.

  • No of Ports

The number of ports also matters a lot. So, remain to relax by thinking about the final number of pots that you want.

  • Durability

The buyer should check the durability of the product. A buyer must point out the damaged area on the spot. A user should choose a spike guard with a single switch only.

  • Specifications

The buyer must go through the key specifications that contain all information like voltage and frequency.

Features of Spike Guard

The following are the features of a spike guard that make it unique in its applications

  • A single spike guard contains many add-ons like USB ports, switches, and indicators, etc. It provides a broad spectrum of the facility so it makes it an ideal choice for potential users.
  • As there are plugs of various types available in the market, the users search for one that fits all.
  • Other names of a spike guard are surge protector, spike board, and spike busters. A spike guard may have multiple sockets so they also used as power strips.
  • A user can connect many appliances with a single spike guard.
  • The extension in the form of an extra cable is also a super advantage.

Types of Spike Guard or Extension Board or Surge Protectors

Coming to Surge Protectors, these are divide into 3 types. Check the following types of Surge Protection Devices (SPD) now.

Type 1 SPD: It has a specific feature of discharging waveform 10/350 microsecond. Spark gap technology usually uses this type of surge protection device.

Type 2 SPD: Its work on metal oxide visitor (MOV) technology with an 8/20 microsecond discharging rate. It provides a great vicinity of protection to all the electric appliances attached to it.

Type 3 SPD: The discharge capacity of these types of surge protection devices is low. Due to low discharge capacity, the type three surge protection device or spike guards must use with the type 2 SPD. A user can attach it with appliances that are very sensitive to load variations. The voltage and current waves are 1.2/50 microseconds and 8/20 microseconds, respectively.

How do Spike Guard Work?

  • The basic component of the surge protector is a varistor.
  • That is a metal oxide specifically a zinc oxide, material that acts as a semiconductor.
  • It controls the surge from reaching the electric devices by diverting it into another way.
  • Its life limit is low but as it gets in touch with a high voltage, it undergoes degradation.
  • There is a negative correlation between the threshold voltage and the intensity of transition.
  • After facing many transitions of low intensity and one with high intensity, its threshold frequency becomes low.
  • A stage comes where its threshold frequency reduced to such an extent that the conduction of electrons increases. Due to the fast flow of high energetic electrons a bulk amount of energy in the form of heat releases.
  • This causes the melting of the spike guard and it undergoes damage.
  • In this way, by breaking the circuit the electric appliance becomes protected.

List of Top 10 Best Spike Guard Online in India-Buyers Guide

These are the top ten spike guards, winners of potential buyer’s attention. These are different from each other on the basis of various attributes and unique physical appearance.

1. Belkin 4-Socket Grey Surge Protector Universal Socket with 5ft Cable

This product has a high-ranking position among other devices due to its good design. Belkin surge protector can face a spike of 6500 Amperes. It has a cable with a length of 1.5 meters which can handle the heavy load. Also, gives protection to not only common home appliances but also to those who need heavy overvoltage.

Belkin 4-Socket Grey Surge Protector with 5ft Cable

  • Belkin Surge Protector has ground AC power with three lines of the earth, neutral and live wire.
  • It acts as a superior voltage stabilizing agent.
  • Also, this gives a good response that comes in Nanoseconds.
  • Highly durable design with an interesting warranty package that is 5 years.
  • A few reviews from the buyers say that is product fails to do its job when a heavy surge comes there.
  • Some say the information on the warranty cards is all fake.

Belkin Surge Protectorbelkin 4 socket spike guard

2. MX Spike Guard with 6 Universal Sockets Individual Switch Circuit Breaker and 1.5 Meters Power Cable

This spike guard has six sockets of an international brand. MX surge protector has a fuse for device protection. It also comes with 6 months service warranty. MX Spike Guard with 6 Universal Sockets Individual Switch Circuit Breaker

  • It provides protection against spike and surges.
  • This spike guard protects through a circuit breaker.
  • It is light in weight.
  • Some reviews say it’s a very costly product.
  • Few people said it is not a durable one.

MX Surge Protectormx universal protector

3. GM 3060 Power Strip with Master Switch & 4 International Sockets

This surge protector has four international sockets and a switch. Its sockets are compatible with all types of plugs that your electric appliances can have. The maker uses virgin plastic for its final binding. GM 3060 extension board can bear 10A current.GM 3060 Master Switch with Power Strip and 4 international sockets

  • It works as a barrier that prevents the electric shock to touch your children. For this purpose, it contains a safety shutter.
  • And the material is fire resistant.
  • Easy to use.
  • Some reviews say that it has an indicator bulb that radiates red light on connecting. But the trouble is it has a high intensity that can cause a lot of current loss.
  • The makers do not work on the socket’s distance. Some users found it difficult to attach many appliances at the same time with the available sockets.

GM Spike Guardgm spike guard 4 socket

4. Gold medal Plastic Curve Plus LED Spike Guard Adaptor

This product has a spike guard adaptor along 6 international sockets and a two-meter cord. You will get a 1-year warranty along with a Gold medal spike guard. Goldmedal Plastic Curve Plus LED Spike Guard Adaptor

  • It provides surge protection.
  • This adaptor offers short circuit protection.
  • Also, this gives overload protection too.
  • Some reviews say it can use for the short term.
  • Few people said that product buttons are not durable.

Goldmedal Spike Guardgold-medal-surge

5. Bajaj Spike & Surge Guard 4- way with 2m Wire White

This surge protector maker has set a fuse in its design. That is why it conveniently protects all electric appliances. It can stand 6A current and a good load of 1500VA. Bajaj surge protector can bear a load of the capacity of 220 volts. It works on the principle that reduces the surging intensity.Bajaj White 4-Way Surge Guard with 2m Wire

  • The material used for its formation is fire resistance. So, a user that wants to use a surge protector at a place of high temperature it is the best
  • It is very light in weight.
  • The wire length is suitable for many users that is 2 meters.
  • The warranty period is short.
  • Also, the number of sockets is less.

Bajaj Spike Guardbajaj-4-way-spike

6. Anchor 6 Way Extension board with Single Switch

Looking for a Spike Guard? Want to have such that you can use for a variety of electric appliances? Then for you, the best option is anchor power strip 6 way with a single switch. It provides a high-level shielding from the instantaneous surges in voltages. The good protection results from the circuit breaker, surge protector, and safety shutter. It contains universal sockets.

It entertains six electric devices at a time with a single product. For the indication of the presence of the current in the system, it contains a small red bulb electromagnetic interference filter. Also, this protector adorned with a radiofrequency interference filter and indicator. The length of its wire is 1.5 meters long.Anchor 6 Way Power Strip with Single Switch

  • It offers a good level of security from sudden surges.
  • The anchor extension board contains a fuse for children’s safety.
  • This product has a good warranty limit.
  • Some users said that the product did not contain proper earthing and a good plastic body.
  • Few people said it has no guarantee for the spike box.

Anchor surge protectoranchor-spike-guard

7. Havells Four-Way White Extension Board with 1.5-meter Wire

Havells extension board provides its users with a facility to connect four electric appliances at a time. The board contains four sockets with a constant distance and a 1.5-meter heavy-duty wire. This extension board hard-wearing is a blessing of an ergonomic design. Its selection is based on its rating number available with – 6A while it bears 240 V(1440VA). And the insulation is of high grade which assures protection at any cost.

Havells spike Guard has three plug tops but can vary in number that depends on the user’s demands. Its surge capacity is remarkable that is 6500. The board length is 8.7 cm with a width of 4.5 centimeters and Hight of 37.5 cm. A user can mount it on a wall or on a table according to his/her will.Havells Four Way White 6A Extension Board

  • The sockets maintain international level standards furnished with a shutter that ensures the protection of your children.
  • This extension board’s physical infrastructure is very resistant to chemical and environmental conditions like temperature variation, etc.
  • It faces drastic fluctuations because it has Robust inbuilt surge protection.
  • The number of sockets is less.
  • Its wire length is minimum if a user wants to use it for industrial work.


8. Eveready Spike Guard with Surge Protector

As a user what I expect from a surge protector is to be feasible with all the plugs. The above product has this feature. That is why it is the apple of many buyer’s eyes. It bears a current of 6amperes. Eveready extension board has four sockets with a constant distance. It provides a 2.5-meter-long wire with proper sealing.Eveready White Spike Guard

  • Eveready spike guard provides good protection against the surge.
  • This surge protector has a high resistance to fire.
  • Also, this has a good chord length feasible for all uses.
  • Few reviews from the user say that it works well for a short period. Once it has faced a drastic surge, its wire gets damage.
  • Some people said the Eveready board circuit breaker does not work properly.

Eveready Guard Whiteeveready-superior-surge-protection

9. Philips Ecolink 4 way Spike Guard and Surge Protector

This spike guard is a barrier to both the spike and a surge guard. It means It handles the fluctuation of any type safely. A user can use it with any type of appliances either expensive or comfortable such as HDTVs and computers. So, it is the best choice for both office and home uses as well.

Philips surge protector is trustworthy and durable. These depend on its ability to prevent a meeting of the electric appliance’s delicate system and surge/spike from the outlet. It contains international stocks, the preferable point of a buyer’s guide. Its good insulation and plastic bearing design make you protected from the current. The current protection is also assuring to their users by providing a shutter with this product.

And the wire extension has enough wire length of 1.5 meters and 15 A current. The design is interesting because it has a red switch as an indicator and a feasible rocket button.Philips Ecolink White 6A Spike and Surge Guard

  • This is best suitable for all the plugs.
  • Philips spike guard offers multiple sockets to provide many appliances safety simultaneously.
  • It is very easy to place anywhere. It does not need much room.
  • It cannot be used for the application where high wire length is the ultimate requirement.
  • No more than four electric appliances can attach with a single Philip Ecolink 6A 4-Way Spike and Surge guard.

Philips Surge Guardphilips spike guard

10. Syska 3 Way Extension Board with 2 Meters USB

This product has an AbS body. Syska extension board can bear 1500 Watts. It has three sockets and two USB ports. And you will get a 1-year warranty along with the product. Syska 2 Metres 3 Way Grey Extension Board with USB

  • Syska spike guard offers protection against spike and surges.
  • The wire length is 2.5 meters which is feasible for a different task.
  • It is a durable product.
  • Few reviews say its plastic material is not of a high standard.
  • And some people said it cannot be work for two electric appliances at a time.

Syska Extension Boardsyska usb 3 socket


At the present moment, you have successfully checked the list of the best 10 Spike Guard brands Online. So, it should be easy for you to determine which spike guard or surge protector meets your requirements.

Now you have familiar with the features of the most popular spike guards which are available in the market along with a good buying guide. All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the surge protectors along with valuable benefits.