Best Pruning Saw Online In India Buyers Guide

Before discussing the details of a pruning saw, it is important to know what a pruning saw is. As its name indicates, it is a saw used to prune or implants. If you are a gardener, you might know the importance of pruning plants. It increases the health and appearance of plants. It can be difficult to prune your plants if you don’t have a proper tool for this.

A pruning saw is specially designed for shaping your plants and trees. In this article, you will get all the information about its uses, types, and best pruning saws available on Amazon.

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Best 10 Pruning Saw to Buy Online in India

List of the Pruning Saws

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1. Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saws Buy Corona RzorTooTH Amazon India
2. FLORA GUARD Folding Hand Saw Buy FLORA GUARD Saws Amazon India
3. Heavy Duty Pruning Saw by Tarvol Buy Heavy Duty Saws Amazon India
4. Lnchett Folding Saw Buy Lnchett Folding Saws Amazon India
5. Mossy Oak Folding Hand Saw Buy Mossy folding Hand Saw amazon india
6. KETSY Prune Chromium Steel Saw Buy Ketsy Prune Saw Amazon India
7. Wolf-Garten Saw Pro 70 Pruning Saw  Buy Wolf-Garten Saw Amazon india
8. WULF Pruning Saw Buy WULF Pruning Saw amazon india
9. TABOR TOOLS TTS32 Pruning Saw Buy TABOR TOOLS TTS32 Pruning Saw Amazon india
10. TABOR TOOLS TT13 Pruning Saw

Buy TABOR TOOLS TT13 Pruning Saw Amazon India

Features to keep in mind while choosing a pruning saw

A pruning saw is an absolute essential for all gardeners. Here are different features you should keep in mind before buying one.

First of all, are the blades of the pruning saw. Some saws have curved and some have straight blades. The length of these blades can vary in different saws. Also, the blade is made of different materials. The blades have teeth that help to cut the plant. The number and size of teeth on the blades are different. The efficacy of blades is dependent on the number of teeth per inch of the blade (TPI) and the size of the teeth.

Then there is the handle that provides a grip on the saw. The handles are made of different materials including rubber, wood, and plastic.

Types of pruning saws

Pruning saws are of the following types:

The pole pruning saws

These are long saws that can easily reach the upper branches of trees. They have long handles at the end of which the saw is attached. A good thing about these saws is that their heads can rotate, which makes it easy to cut branches at different angles.

Handheld pruning saws

These are small pruning saws that are used for small plants and shrubs.

Straight blade pruning saw

As the name suggests, they have straight blades. It makes it easy to cut thin branches of plants by moving them in a forward and backward motion.

Curved blade pruning saw

They have curved blades and this curve is suitable to cut thick branches of trees.

Best 10 Pruning Saw Online In India-Buyer Guide

If you are going to buy a pruning saw, choose the one that best suits you from the four types of saws mentioned above. These are the few things you need to keep in mind before buying them.

  • Check the length and capacity of the blade. Prune saws have different length blades – ranging from 5 inches to 20 inches. Long blades are good because they have more cutting capacity, therefore. take less time to cut the plant. For the long-length blades, you have to apply long strokes. Small blade pruning saws are easy to handle so if you are a beginner, it will suit you.
  • Check the handle of the prune saw because it will affect the cutting process. If the handle is not of good quality, or a suitable size, or is hurting you, it will hinder the pruning process. There are many types of handles made of either plastic, rubber, or wood. Choose the one which is comfortable, shock-absorbing, and non-slip.
  • Check the weight of the pruning saw. Heavy saws will be difficult to handle.
  • Also, check the material used in the pruning saw. It should be good and durable. Check reviews before buying it.
  • The teeth of the blades are also very important. Two things are considered important in the teeth. One is, how many teeth are present per inch of the blade, and the second is, what is the size of the tooth. Based on this, four different types of blades are available: extra-large, large, medium, and fine teeth. Large and extra-large teeth are sharp and more aggressive as compared to the others. So, choose them accordingly and handle them carefully.

How does a Pruning Saw work?

Many people might think that using a pruning saw is very easy, but this is far from the truth, especially if you are cutting hard branches. The blade of a pruning saw is thin and sharp so it needs extra care and professionalism. For using a pruning saw you have to follow these simple steps.

  • Always wear a thick glove while you are pruning your plants. And if you are using a pole pruner then it is very important to cover your head with a hard head to prevent any injury.
  • Set your position and go close to the branch you want to cut.
  • Check the place where you have to cut the branch. Always cut from the collar of the branch which is slightly bumpy because it can regrow easily from that point. Don’t cut it from the trunk side because it can allow insects to attack the plant.
  • Place the saw where you have to cut and hold the branch with the other hand. Pull it towards you and then cut with long strokes. As blades are thin, don’t put extra force because it can break the blade.
  • Keep applying strokes carefully without making cuts at different points on the branch. Stabilize your saw on the branch. Once it is more than halfway cut you can apply force with your hand to break it.
  • The branch will cut easily in this way.

List of Top 10 Best Pruning Saws in India Buyers Guide

1. Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning SawRS 7265D

This curved blade pruning saw has a 10-inch blade that is suitable for cutting medium and small branches that are 5 to 6 inches in diameter. It has 6 teeth per inch of the blade which makes the cutting process fast.

Corona Razor


  • The blade is chrome-plated which prevents it from corrosion
  • It has 3-sided razor teeth which make cutting easy
  • The handle is designed in such a way that it is comfortable to hold
  • The price is very less for this quality


  • The pivot point is weak

Corona-RazorTOOTH-Folding saw

2. FLORA GUARD Folding Hand Saw

This 7-inch folding pruning saw is best for cutting branches of trees. It has a triple-cut razor which is made of hard stainless steel making it easier to cut with. An ergonomic handle makes the grip easy.

FLORA GUARD Folding Hand Saw


  • suitable for cutting dried and hardwood
  • It is foldable so it can be carried easily
  • affordable


  • · Blades are thin so not suitable for thick branches

FLORA GUARD Folding saw

3. Heavy Duty Pruning Saw by Tarvol

This is a heavy-duty pruning saw that is best for trimming thin and thick branches of trees. It has a 14-inch curved blade. The handle of the saw is Japanese style. Overall, the saw is very good for gardeners.

Heavy Duty Pruning Saw by Tarvol


  • It cuts wood very smoothly and easily
  • Suitable for cutting thick branches


  •  It cannot be folded
  • The grip on the handle is not so good

heavy duty saw

4. Lnchett Folding Saw

It is a 10.5-inch foldable pruning saw best for trimming small to medium plants and big trees. It is also best for heavy-duty pruning of dry and hardwood. The blades are sharp and made of SK-5 steel 7 TPI, which is of very good quality. The teeth of this pruning saw are very sharp.

Lnchett folding saw utilityfolding hand saw
Lnchett folding saw utility folding hand saw


  • The handle is curvy and made of rubber which provides a good grip
  • After folding, this saw can easily fit and be stored anywhere
  • It is also very light


  • No negative reviews by existing customers

Lnchett Folding saw

5. Mossy Oak Folding Hand Saw

Mossy Oak prune saw is not only suitable for pruning plants, but it also comes with two other blades – one for cutting plastic and the other for cutting metals. These blades are easy to change according to need. A security lock is present to secure the blade when not in use. It comes with a handy sheath where you can keep the spare blades. The weight of this saw is only 259 grams.

Mossy Oak Folding Hand Saw


  •  Versatile – the package contains three blades suitable for cutting different materials
  • The teeth of the blades are sharp
  •  A nylon pouch also comes in the package, which makes it easy to carry
  • Great value for money


  • It is not stable if not used properly

Mossy Oak Folding Hand Saw

6. KETSY Prune Chromium Steel Saw

This pruning saw has dimensions of 10 x 6 x 32 cm and weighs 449 grams. It is suitable for cutting branches up to 3-4 inches.

Ketsy 800 Prune Saw 12 inch Blade with Three Edge Sharpen Teeth
Key 800 Prune Saw 12 inch Blade with Three Edge Sharpen Teeth


  • Very affordable and excellent prune saw
  • The handle is good and comfortable
  • The blade is strong and doesn’t bend


  • No negative reviews by existing customers

Ketsy Sharpe Plastic Blister saw


7.  Wolf-Garten Saw Pro 370 Power Cut Professional Pruning Saw

A very good pruning saw having dimensions 66 x 14 x 4 cm and weighing 540 grams. It is suitable for cutting thick woods of diameters up to 5 inches. Its blade is very sharp so you need to take extra care while using it. It is available on Amazon for 1700 rupees.

Wolf-Garten Saw Pro


  • You can attach it to a long pipe of about 15 feet to prune higher branches and it works great
  • Very beneficial saw with sharp teeth


  • No negative reviews by existing customers

Wolf Garten Saw Power Professional Pruning saw

8. WULF Pruning Saw

This green and black 12-inch pruning saw is another great product available on Amazon. It can cut wood of 2 to 3 inches in diameter. Its weight is 440 grams and it is also affordable.

WULF Pruning Saw


  • The blade is very sharp and cuts branches very neatly in very little time
  • The plastic used in the handle is also of very good quality and is comfortable


  • It cannot cut hard and thick plants

wulf pruning saw

9. TABOR TOOLS TTS32 Pruning Saw

This is an amazing pruning saw with a 10-inch blade and has angular teeth. It can cut wood of up to 4 inches in diameter. The blade is made of chrome-plated steel which prevents it from rusting.



  • The handle is very good and ergonomic
  • The blade is resistant to rust
  • Safety sheath is also present to prevent injury


  • The blade seems delicate


10. TABOR TOOLS TTS13 Pruning Saw

This is a professional pruning saw with a 13-inch-long blade of very good material. The blade has 3 angle teeth and is suitable for cutting branches up to 4 inches in diameter. It has a curved blade so can reach anywhere.

TABOR TOOLS TTS 13 Pruning Saw
TABOR TOOLS TTS 13 Pruning Saw with Sheath for Trimming Tree Branches & Clearing Forest Trail


  • The handle is very comfortable and has a thumb rest
  • The blade is of very high quality and sharp


  • Not suitable for left-handed people because it doesn’t have a holster for them



In the above article, we have provided you with the complete information about the pruning saw, It provides you with all details about the product so you can easily choose the product of your own choice.



What is a hand saw used for?

It is used for trimming and pruning plants. It is also helpful in cutting branches of trees. the hand saw is best for cutting wood having a width of 1.5 inches or more.

Which is the best hand saw?

This article has given you the list of best available hand saws under the heading – “Top 10 pruning saws”. You can refer to the same to find the one best suited to you.

What saw to use to cut tree branches?

You can use different saws for cutting the branches of trees. They are pruning saws, pole saws, bow saws, rope chain saws, and cross-cut saws.

Which garden tool is used for pruning?

Different types of tools are used for this purpose such as loppers, pruning saws, pruning shears that are secateurs or clippers, pole pruners, and hedge shears.