Best Electric Toothbrushes in India Buyers Guide

An electric toothbrush functions with the support of a power supply, causing a rapid motion in the bristle. The bristle moves automatically in a reciprocating motion moving up and down and/or back and forth cleaning the teeth.

The average electric toothbrush is engineered with a motor that causes the bristle to move approximately 5,000-30,000 times in a minute. Compares to the manual toothbrush, the average electric toothbrush can help remove twice the amount of plaque from the teeth and gums. Also, check the buyer’s guide for Toothbrushes, Bamboo Toothbrushes, Toothbrush Holders, Toothpaste, mouth wash, Tongue Cleaner, Ear Cleaner, Soap Dispensers, Toothpaste dispensers, Scrub Pads, hairbrushes, Makeup brushes, Hair Wigs, Hairdryers, Hair Serums, Hair Straighteners, Hair Brushes, Hair creams, Hair packs, Hair spa creams, Hair Shampoos, Hair combs, and Hair Oils.

With the development and advancement in technology, there are many different types of electric toothbrushes available on the market. The product ranges from rotating, rotating-oscillating, counter-oscillating, pulsing, dual head, sonic, and ultra-electric toothbrushes.

Best 10 Electric Toothbrush Brands in India

List of the Electric toothbrushes

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1. Oral-B Pro-Health Jr. Kid’s Toothbrush Oral-Pro-Health
2. OralScape Sonicwhite Toothbrush  OralScape-Sonicwhite
3. Oral B Battery Powered Toothbrush 
4. Oral-B Kids Electric Toothbrush Electric-Rechargeable
5. Wurze Sonic Action Toothbrush ms Wurze-Toothbrush
6. Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush Philips-Sonicare
7. Colgate Battery Power Toothbrush  Colgate-Spiderman
8. JSB HF127 Electric Toothbrush  JSB-Toothbrush
9. Colgate PROCLINICAL Toothbrush Colgate-PROCLINICAL
10. JSB HF27 Electric Toothbrush JSB-HF27-Tooth

Buyers Guide – Electric Toothbrush

You need to consider several things while purchasing an electric toothbrush as there are many types available with different specifications and features. These include the head and brushing modes, smart functioning, and accessories.

  • The heads and brushing modes determine the cleaning complexity and intensity of the electric toothbrush.
  • And the brushing modes are divided into two major types, vibrating and rotating.
  • The types of smart functionality in electric toothbrushes are countless, however, most of them might not seem significant enough.
  • The smart toothbrushes are equipped with built-in sensors and Bluetooth, which give a real-time visual of your mouth on your smartphone.
  • Additionally, the expensive toothbrushes come with an automatic two minutes brushing timer and a pressure sensor that illuminates light or pulsates when too much pressure is applied.
  • Another important feature to consider is the cleaning modes available in the toothbrushes.
  • The most common and desired modes are clean, daily clean, gum care, whitening, sensitive, and tongue cleaning.
  • The modes differ based on the pressure and motion of the brush head it rotates in.
  • For modes like whitening and deep cleaning, the cleaning time is longer than two minutes, giving an overall efficient and effective cleansing.
  • For modes like gum care and sensitive cleaning, the pressure, and motion of the bristle function at a gentle pace.

Features of an Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are engineered to clean teeth efficiently and keep the gums healthier. Electric toothbrushes are designed with many great features.

Just consider the below features while choosing a toothbrush:

  • You can either purchase a brush that has a rotating bristle head or a vibrating bristle head.
  • Furthermore, expensive toothbrushes come with various modes such as sensitive mode, massage, deep clean, and whitening.
  • Some advanced electric toothbrushes can self-adjust their power and speed based on the part you are cleaning.
  • Pricier toothbrushes also have pressure sensors and interval timers.
  • In some options, if you apply too much pressure then the toothbrush will flash or beep and some might even pause.
  • The ones with an interval timer will either vibrate or pulsate after every 30 seconds to inform you to move towards the next section.

Types of Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes are categorized based on the mechanism of their head as well as the type of head. They range from rotating, pulsating, and oscillating technology, each functioning in a different way.

The different types of electric toothbrush heads are:

Rotating Head

  • These are the cheapest types of electric toothbrushes.
  • They are fitted with a circular bristle that rotates in motion.

Rotating-oscillating Heads

  • These are one of the most common electric brushes.
  • They have a small round head that rotates in all four directions one after the other, focusing its motion on one tooth.

Counter-oscillating Heads

  • The shape of this head is similar to the rotating-oscillating head
  • However, the tufts on the head rotate simultaneously in different directions.

Pulsing Heads

  • This head is more like an added feature to the rotating-oscillating brushes making it more expensive than normal electric brushes.
  • The head pulsates moving back and forth while the tufts are spinning against the teeth.

Dual Head

  • This head is designed with a two-in-one feature – one part of the head sweeps while the other rotates simultaneously.

Side to Side

  • This type of head is common in Philips electronic toothbrushes.
  • Instead of rotating, the head sweeps from side to side vibrating against the teeth.

Sonic and Ultrasonic

  • These heads were famous for vibrating at higher speeds and frequencies compared to the other electric toothbrushes.

How Does an Electric Toothbrush Work?

Electric toothbrushes operate with the support of a power source that causes the bristles on the head of the toothbrush to move rapidly to clean the teeth.

The average electric toothbrush can move to a frequency creating strokes ranging between 5,000–to 40,000 strokes per minute. At this speed, you can clean your teeth thoroughly within two minutes.

  1. To achieve maximum efficiency, one needs to follow the vital steps required to carry out the procedure for brushing.
  2. The mouth is divided into four parts – top right, top left, bottom right, and bottom left – and for each part, 30 seconds are spent on cleaning.
  3. Hold the brush at an angle of 45 degrees towards the gum line.
  4. Once you switch on the device, gently work your way from one tooth to the other starting from the front side then to the back, and finally to the biting surfaces.
  5. The application of cleaning teeth with a battery-operated toothbrush is similar to the electric toothbrushes
  6. However, manual assistance is required to move the brush forward and backward along the teeth and gum line.

List of Top 10 Electric Toothbrushes in India Buyers Guide

Most electric toothbrushes come with the option of an automatic two minutes brushing timer. All modern electric toothbrushes are fitted with a rechargeable battery charged through the charging induction base.

1. Oral-B Pro-Health Battery Powered Jr. Kid’s Toothbrush Soft:

This battery-operated toothbrush by Oral-B features characters from Disney’s famous animated movie, Frozen. Toothbrush engineered with a rotating head that cleans thoroughly between the teeth as well, extra soft bristles for gentle pressure, and an ergonomic handle for easy grip.Oral-B Pro Health Battery Powered Jr. Kid's Toothbrush Soft


  • Oral B Electric Toothbrush made with a durable rotating head
  • It has an ergonomic grip. The product is designed specifically for kids ages 3-7.


  • The Head is not replaceable

Oral B Electric Toothbrush

2. OralScape Sonicwhite Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable & Waterproof with UV Sanitizer, 3 Replacement Brush Heads, Free TUNG Brush:

It has a two-minute brushing timer and an interval timer of 30 seconds. The OralScape is a rechargeable toothbrush & comes with sonic technology that vibrates 40,000 strokes per minute.

Additionally, it comes with the option of customized cleaning offering four different modes – clean, whiten, massage, and soft. OralScape Sonicwhite Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable & Waterproof


  • OralScape Electric Toothbrush made with sonic technology.
  • It comes with a UV sanitizer that kills 99.9% of bacteria.
  • It has 4 modes – clean, whiten, massage, and soft


  • Expensive

OralScape Toothbrush

3. Oral B Battery Powered Toothbrush with Cross Action:

This cross-action battery-operated toothbrush product of Oral-B. It provides two cleaning actions – rotating head and crisscross bristles. The crisscross bristles featured to clean deeper between the teeth and the rotating head focuses on cleaning the teeth and gum line.Oral B Battery Powered Toothbrush with Cross Action


  • Oral B Electric Toothbrush operates on a single AA battery.
  • It has 2 cleaning actions rotating head & crisscrosses bristles
  • Also, it has a compact design


  • The Head is hard and not suitable for sensitive gums

Oral B Battery Toothbrush

4. Oral-B Kids Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Featuring Star Wars Characters:

This rechargeable toothbrush by Oral-B features characters from Disney’s famous movie, Star Wars. The product is designed with a small rotating head and soft bristles making it ideal for children.Oral-B Kids Electric Toothbrush Star Wars


  • Oral-B Kids Electric Toothbrush comes with a rotating head
  • It featured a rechargeable battery that can last up to five days on a full charge.


  • Not suitable for adults

Oral B Electric Featuring

5. Wurze 1902 Sonic Action Toothbrush for Healthy Gums & Efficient Plaque Removal with 22,000 Strokes:

The Wurze 1902 a battery-operated toothbrush features sonic technology that vibrates at 22,000 strokes per minute. The toothbrush is waterproof and equipped with a non-slippery rubber grip making it useable while taking showers.Wurze 1902 Sonic Action Toothbrush for Healthy Gums


  • Wurze Electric Toothbrush made with a strong head.
  • It has a high oscillation speed
  • Also, it is waterproof


  • Limited cleaning mode (1 mode)

Wurze Efficient Brush

6. Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush CleanCare+ Sonic Rechargeable:

The rechargeable Philips toothbrush comes with advanced design bristles, a brushing timer, an easy start program, and a clickable brush head that is compatible with other Philips models. Such as DailyClean handles, Essence+, CleanCare+, Elite+, and Sonicare PowerUpBattery.Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush


  • Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush made with sonic technology
  • Its soft bristles remove plaque & pulse the water between teeth giving an incomparable cleanse.
  • Lasts up to 14 days with a full charge


  • Limited cleaning mode -1 mode

Philips Toothbrush

7. Colgate Kids Battery Power Toothbrush Spiderman:

This battery-operated toothbrush for kids is a product of Colgate featuring DC’s character, Batman. The toothbrush is ideal for kids from ages 3-to 12. The product has a flat-lying body designed to prevent rollover.Colgate Kids Battery Power Toothbrush Spiderman


  • Colgate Kids Battery Power Toothbrush engineered with a small size oscillating head & extra soft bristles
  • This brush has a flat laying body


  • Non- replaceable head

Colgate Battery Toothbrush

8. JSB HF127 Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable with 2 Brush Heads:

This is a rechargeable & effective toothbrush packed with many features. The head rotates at 8,800 strokes per minute. It has a two-minute brushing timer and an interval timer of 30 seconds. The product is waterproof.JSB HF127 Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable


  • JSB HF127 Electric Toothbrush has a high rotating speed – 8,800 strokes per minute
  • Also, it has 2 modes – clean and sensitive


  • Replacement heads are not easily available

JSB HF127 Toothbrush

9. Colgate PROCLINICAL 150 Sonic Charcoal Battery Powered Toothbrush:

The Colgate 150 is a battery-operated sonic toothbrush, engineered with sonic technology that vibrates at 2,000 strokes per minute. The product is slim and light in weight and featured a 2 minutes timer and two AAA batteries.Colgate PROCLINICAL Battery Powered Toothbrush


  • Colgate Electric Toothbrush made with charcoal-infused thin bristles
  • It comes with 2 minutes brushing timer


  • No protection cap for head

Colgate Charcoal Battery

10. JSB HF27 Family Power Toothbrush:

This is from the JSB brand & it comes with soft bristles. And an oscillation head that rotates at 6,000 strokes per minute provides more thorough cleaning.JSB HF27 Electric Toothbrush with 4 Brush Heads


  • JSB Electric Toothbrush has four heads and a holding stand, making it ideal for a family of four.
  • It lasts up to 14 days with a full charge


  • Low oscillating speed

JSB HF27 Toothbrush


At the present moment, you have successfully reviewed the list of the top 10 best Electric Toothbrushes. So, it should be easy for you to determine which toothbrush is best for you.

All the above options make it easy for you to make a good choice of the best electric toothbrush.


Which is the best electric toothbrush to buy?

The Philips HX3214/01 with sonic technology is an ideal product for everyone to use. It cleans plaque 3 times more than a normal toothbrush, it has a brushing timer and the heads are compatible with many other Philips electric toothbrushes.

Is an electric toothbrush better?

An electric toothbrush cleans the teeth effectively and efficiently. Moreover, it makes brushing easier.

Which is better, battery or electric toothbrush?

Battery-operated toothbrushes require some manual assistance like moving them back and forth similar to the normal toothbrushes. Whereas electric toothbrushes do not require such assistance making them easier to use.

How do I choose an electric toothbrush?

Electric toothbrushes can be divided based on the technology and mechanism of their head. Some expensive products have all these three technologies combined as well as different modes for cleaning.

Furthermore, you need to consider the types of modes as well. Standard electric toothbrushes come with a single mode, however, many products offer more than one mode such as deep clean, sensitive, massage, and whitening.

Do dentists recommend electric toothbrushes?

Dentists do recommend electric toothbrushes over manual ones. However, it suggested that you should check with your dentist if they are suitable for your set of teeth or not.

Do electric toothbrushes damage teeth?

Electric toothbrushes are designed to improve your overall oral health. However, if you use these appropriately then your teeth and gums are damaged because it applies more pressure to sensitive parts.