A dustbin or waste bin or garbage bin is a waste container that is used to collect dust or garbage from your home. And almost everyone knows what a dustbin is used for. It is not something new or uncommon.

But despite its intrinsic place in our lives, most people do not consider it something that should be invested in. Needless to say, hygiene is one of the most important purposes of a dustbin. Check buyers guide for Garbage bags or Dustbin Bags

However, considering a dustbin is something that is placed in almost all rooms of a house. Most people do not concern themselves with its functionality or its aesthetic value. But perhaps it’s time to change that.

Best 10 Dustbin Models online

List of the Dustbins

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1. Signoraware Modern Lightweight Dustbin for Home & Office with 12Ltr Capacity Signoraware-Modern signoraware-bin
2. ARISTO Plastic Small Dustbin with Swing Lid Aristo-Swing aristo-vento-square
3. Jaypee Plus Plastic Dustbin & Garbin with 10 Litres Capacity
Jaypee-Plus-Plastic jaypee-plus-garbin
4. Sunshine Tidy Home Plastic Dustbin with 15 liters in Glass Finish Sunshine-Plastic sunshine-big-tidy-home
5. Aristo Swing Lid Dustbin for Garbage Waste with 32 Litre Capacity Aristo-Swing-Garbage aristo-plastic
6. Nayasa 2 in 1 Dustbin with Dry Waste & Wet Waste 33 Ltrs Capacity Nayasa-Stylish nayasa-plastic
7. Fuscia™ Plastic Dustbin for Home with 12L Capacity FusciaTM-Plastic
8. Cello Classic Plastic Pedal Dustbin with 12 Liters Capacity Cello-Classic cello-classic-pedal
9. Aristo Square Plastic Garbage Dustbin Trash Bucket with Swing Lid & 16 LTR Capacity Aristo-Square aristo-vento-dustbin
10. Kolorr Stitch Pedal Waste Bin Plastic Dustbin Modern Design Trash Can with 15L Capacity Kolorr-Stitch kolorr-stitch-series

Buyers Guide – Dustbin

Buying the right dustbin is relatively easy considering there are only a few basic factors that need to be kept in mind before investing in one. These include the size, material, and type of garbage bin.

Below is a list of key factors that should be considered when choosing a dustbin:


  • Dustbins are usually made of either plastic or metal.
  • Plastic garbage bins are widely used because they are relatively cheaper.
  • On the other hand, in commercial spaces and outdoor environments, metallic dustbins are preferred as they are durable.

Top Style

  • You may not need a dustbin with a lid in the bedroom
  • But you will need a covered dustbin on bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Waste bins with lids can stop the odour from coming out and also look aesthetically pleasing.


  • Dustbins are available in sizes ranging from 4 litres to 90 litres.
  • Further, some can even be larger than 90 litres. The size of the bin you need, of course, depends on the consumption.


  • Fancy-shaped and designed dustbins can be reserved for the rooms.
  • However, for kitchen and bathrooms, it is recommended you get a standard round- or square-shaped dustbin for ease of usage.

Features of Dustbin or Garbage bin

Kitchen and bathroom waste tend to rot faster thus emitting a foul smell, therefore garbage bins that are placed in these areas should ideally be covered.

Just consider below-mentioned features while choosing a dustbin:

  • Waste bins have several essential features that are often overlooked but are crucial to maintaining hygiene.
  • Like scent lock, which prevents the smell from coming out of the garbage bin.
  • It is quite necessary especially when placing a dustbin in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Another important feature is how easily the bin can be accessed or opened.
  • Some waste bins can open with a paddle, some with a finger touch, and some bins require manually lifting the lid.

Types of Dustbins

There are numerous types of dustbins. Every type has a different application. Some are good for kitchens and some are designed for rooms.

Here are the common types:

Open Top Dustbin

  • Open top dustbins are the simplest ones.
  • As the name suggests, it does not have a cover, all you need to do is directly throw the litter inside.

Semi-lid Dustbins

  • Semi or half lid dustbins are a good option for commercial spaces.
  • The user does not have to manually open the lid.
  • Instead, the user pushes one side down and the other part pops open for the garbage to be thrown in.

Hinged-lid Dustbin

  • The hinged-lid garbage bins that usually have a pedal to open, conceal the litter inside, and prevent the odour from escaping.

How to Use Dustbin?

Dustbins are an essential item, both indoors and outdoors. It’s a basic item that doesn’t require hardcore instructions to know how to use it. But strangely enough, some people refuse to take the time or effort to use this properly, especially outside homes.

  1. For an open-top dust bin, all that’s required is to get closer and throw the garbage inside.
  2. It is also recommended that you use a dustbin liner – either a plastic bag or newspapers
  3. So that it is easier to get rid of the garbage and the dustbin doesn’t need to be cleaned regularly.
  4. The semi-lid dustbins are also pretty easy to use -get close to the bin push the lid on either side and dump your waste into the side that opens up as a result.
  5. Such bins are good for commercial areas.
  6. Hinged-lid bins are best for homes, where the binning frequency is low and odour needs to be trapped inside the dustbin.

List of Top 10 Dustbin Models Available Online

Now you know the features, the buyer’s guide, and the types of glass paints on the market. But you probably don’t want to spend all your day looking for a good one.

So, to make your selection easier, here you have a top 10 list of the best glass paints available in the market along with their features, pros, and cons.

1. Signoraware Modern Lightweight Dustbin for Home & Office with 12Ltr Capacity

This is a hinged-lid bin with a pedal. It is available in four different colours and has a capacity of 12 litres. And it is best fo home & office usage.Signoraware Modern Lightweight Dustbin


  • Signoraware Dustbin made with a convertible style
  • It comes with the removable lid
  • Does not let the odour out of the garbage bin
  • The clutch pedal system instead of rod connection


  • Some consumer report that pedal is not durable

Signoraware Dustbinsignoraware plastic

2. ARISTO Plastic Small Dustbin with Swing Lid

The brand Aristo’s dustbin is good for homes and offices where there are more users. Its 28-litre size can take in a lot of garbage and lock-in odour.ARISTO Plastic Small Dustbin with Swing Lid


  • Aristo Square Dustbin made with space saver design.
  • It is available in a couple of light colours
  • This has lightweight, thus easy to pick
  • It comes with a swing lid so that no need to touch the bin.


  • The lid gets stuck when the garbage is full
  • No internal bucket so there is a need to add in a plastic bag

Aristo Swing Dustbinaristo vento dustbin

3. Jaypee Plus Plastic Dustbin & Garbin with 10 Litres Capacity

This is a plastic garbage bin that has a total capacity of 10 litres. Additionally, it has a swinging lid that takes in the garbage with minimal effort.Jaypee Plus Plastic Dustbin with 10 Litres Capcity


  • Jaypee Dustbin made with plastic material.
  • You can use this easily.
  • This is available in 4 pleasing colours
  • It has a lightweight composition


  • Size is small
  • Some consumers complain about the quality

Jaypee-Plus-Plasticjaypee dustbin

4. Sunshine Tidy Home Plastic Dustbin with 15 litres in Glass Finish

The Sunshine brings a decent looking garbage bin for homes. It has a total capacity of 15 litres. A great option for kitchens.Sunshine Tidy Home Plastic Dustbin in Glass Finish


  • Sunshine Dustbin made with high-quality virgin plastic material.
  • It has a nice design
  • Pedal-operated lid
  • Included metallic parts do not rust


  • Hard to maintain
  • No bucket inside

Sunshine Dustbinsunshine yellow

5. Aristo Swing Lid Dustbin for Garbage Waste with 32 Litre Capacity

This is a fine option for commercial spaces and open areas. You can place this in your office cafeteria as well as homes.Aristo Swing Lid Dustbin for Garbage Waste


  • Aristo Dustbin made with swing lids makes it easier to put in the garbage.
  • This has a capacity of 32-litres
  • It is available in cool colours
  • This is easy to operate.


  • Swing lid often gets stuck
  • Build quality is not great

Aristo Wastearisto swing

6. Nayasa 2 in 1 Dustbin with Dry Waste & Wet Waste 33 Ltrs Capacity

The Nayasa brand brings a commercially convenient garbage disposal solution. Further, it measures 35 litres, which is good enough for day-to-day use. It is suitable for small restaurants, clinics, and office cafeterias.Nayasa 2 in 1 Dustbin with Dry Waste & Wet Waste


  • Nayasa Dustbin made with a stylish design that is far better than the regular commercial bins.
  • It is good for professional use
  • Pedal opener with a frim lid.
  • This 2-in-1 dustbin allows users to put dry and wet waste separately.


  • A quite expensive one
  • Does not have wheels, which makes moving this large bin difficult

Nayasa Dustbinnayasa plastic bin

7. Fuscia™ Plastic Dustbin for Home with 12L Capacity

This is a 12-litre garbage bin that comes in a bucket-style bin. It is suitable for spaces where the garbage needs to be disposed of frequently, like a kitchen.Fuscia™ Plastic Dustbin for Home


  • Fuscia™ made with an easy functional foot pedal.
  • It is available in 5 attractive colours
  • This is easy to clean and maintain
  • No metal, just plastic, thus no rust


  • The capacity is sufficient but the dimensions are small
  • Comparatively expensive

Fuscia Plastic Dustbin

8. Cello Classic Plastic Pedal Dustbin with 12 Liters Capacity

The Cello plastic garbage bin has a classical design. This dustbin is available in 6 and 12 litres. It is suitable for both homes and offices.Cello Classic Dustbin with 12 Liters Capacity


  • Cello Dustbin made with a great design
  • It has a pedal lid
  • Cleaning and maintenance is easy


  • Smaller in size
  • Consumers claim that the bucket material is poor

Cello Classic Dustbincello dustbin

9. Aristo Square Plastic Garbage Bin with Swing Lid & 16 LTR Capacity

This is the perfect-sized domestic use bin. They are available in 9, 16, and 28 litres, which is good enough for kitchens and bathrooms.Aristo Square Plastic Garbage Dustbin with Swing Lid & 16 LTR Capacity


  • Aristo dustbin comes with various capacity options
  • It is available in multiple colours
  • Also, it has light in weight


  • Consumers report this product has a poor built and therefore less durable

Aristo Square Garbagearisto vento plastic

10. Kolorr Stitch Pedal Waste Bin Plastic Modern Design Trash Can with 15L Capacity

The Kolorr garbage bin is ideal for use in narrow spaces. It is available in 4, 7, and 15 litres capacities. And the colour options are available in brown, grey, and black.Kolorr Stitch Pedal Waste Bin with 15L Capacity


  • Kolorr Dustbin made with 100% durable & virgin strong plastic material.
  • This versatile pedal dustbin has a stylish look.
  • Also, it comes with a nice design
  • Cleaning is very easy.


  • Does not have a handle to lift
  • The lid does not hold steady when open

Kolorr Modern Dustbinkolorr series plastic


With these many options, it will become easier for you to choose a suitable dustbin. We have listed options for home, office, or commercial use. Garbage bins are an essential product in every home, office, or outdoors, so make sure you use it and keep the planet clean and safe.